Business Telephone Example

A: Human Services Globe, switchboard. Who[m] do you wish to speak to?

C: This is John Marshal. I'd like to speak with Mr. Steven Brown.

O: Please hold. (on hold) He is not at his desk. May I take a message?

C: I wanted to confirm our appointment this afternoon.

O: Let me connect you with his receptionist. Please wait while I transfer you.

R: Engineering office, receptionist's desk. How may I help you?

C: Oh. Yes. I need to confirm an appointment with Mr. Steven Brown this afternoon.

R: Your name, please?

C: John Marshal. Do you know when he'll be in?

R: Your appointment is for three forty-five. He is in the building right now. Should I have him paged?

C: Please.

R: Please hold. (caller on hold, over the pbx:) Steven Brown, please pick up line seven.

M: (picking up line seven) Yes?

R: Your three forty-five appointment, a Mr. Marshal, to speak with you.

M: I'll take it. Please transfer him here.

R: Okay. (transfers call)

M: Mr. Marshal. This is Mr. Brown. How are you?

C: Not bad. I was going over the blueprints and had a question ... .