Investigations relevant to events
What is included in organizing an event?
Event details.
Real organizing.
Follow-up of event.

Should you approve all events that are proposed?

Should you participate in all events that have been approved by others?

What questions should you answer before the event?
Here are further guidelines.

What are Events?


Is there a difference between a meeting and an event?

What is the difference between a meeting and an event?



What is an event?
An event can be a scientific phenomenon (rainbow) or gathering of people.

What should happen before the event?
There should be a few orientation meetings with the organizers and main participants of the event.

What are other names for an event?

What are the types of events?
An observable occurrence, phenomenon, or an extraordinary occurrence, or a type of gathering.

What are examples of various events (gatherings)?
Academic discussions, presentations along with meals.

Who should usually organize an event in the state?
At least a state should sponsor, organize, and endorse an event.

How should you go ahead for an event?
Internet deliberations including communications like call, fax, or postal mail), then a meeting, then an event.

What questions should be answered before organizing a meeting or an event?

Will anyone be harmed by this meeting or event?
Who will be harmed by this meeting or event?
Is this a meeting or an event?
Do the participants know the purpose of the meeting or event?

What should you circulate before advertising any meeting or event?

How is your event or presentation better than existing presentations, guideliness or instructions?
Take a look at this.

If you show that your event, presentation, guidelines, and instructions are better than existing presentations, guidelines, or instructions, then others will attend the event you have organized.