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Event Organizer within and outside the State
Event Planning Questions
Events Office
Event presentation
Event Organizer within and outside the State
Meeting Guidelines
Invitees to the event within and outside the state.
Investigations relevant to events

Event Organizer within and outside the State
Can the deliberations proceed via the Internet?

Why should you first look at the Internet to resolve issues?
If issues can be resolved through the Internet, there is no need for an event.
If issues have not been uploaded to the Internet and Internet deliberations cannot proceed, an event may be required.

Invitees to the event within and outside the state.

Who should be invited to the event within and outside the state?
Do not invite anyone against whom there are complaints that have been publicly displayed or that you know of.
Do not invite a lying, badly behaved, or harmful individual.
Do not invite a person who collaborates with lying, badly behaved, or harmful individuals.
Do not get involved in criminal activities before, during, or after the event.
Do not violate anyone’s fidelity or conjugal rights.
Do not invite a person who has a conflict of interest.
Here are further guidelines.

What should every executive know about events within and outside the state?
An event can be relevant to essential departments in the state.
Take a look at the essential departments in the state www.qureshiuniversity.com/departments.html
An event can include a presentation or not within and outside the state.
Essential state departments’ events are more essential than recreational events.
At recreational events, do not get involved in criminal conspiracies or harms.
Before an event within or outside the state, make sure you resolve issues via the Internet.
Priority goes to essential departments in every state.
If harms have occurred before, during or after any event, complaints and punishments are justified.

Event presentation
Science, technology, and tricks.
I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party.
I have authored more than 40 books.
I can guide 45 essential departments in the state and outside the state.
I can guide 892 professions in the state and outside the state.
This includes teachers, lawyers, engineers, physicians.
I can guide 14 specific types of physicians serving in various healthcare settings.
I am a good investigator.
I can guide various professionals including teachers, lawyers, engineers, and physicians.

At this event I would like to elaborate on a few questions.

Why are we here at this point?
We are here for a discussion on the topic of science, technology, and tricks.

What is the topic of the event?
Science, technology, and tricks.

What is the difference among science, technology, and tricks?
Science is justified.
Technology is justified.
Tricks are not justified.
A trick is a cunning or deceitful action that is considered a criminal wrongdoing.
A trick is a criminal wrongdoing.
A technique is not a criminal wrongdoing.
A technique is a systematic procedure, formula, or routine by which a task is accomplished.

What is another word for trick?
Criminal act

Fraudulently placed administrators within and outside the state have not been utilizing justified political techniques; they have been utilizing tricks that are criminal wrongdoings.

Thank you for your participation.

Investigations relevant to events
What is included in organizing an event?
Event details.
Real organizing.
Follow-up of event.

Should you approve all events that are proposed?

Should you participate in all events that have been approved by others?

What questions should you answer before the event?
Here are further guidelines.

What are Events?


Is there a difference between a meeting and an event?

What is the difference between a meeting and an event?



What is an event?
An event can be a scientific phenomenon (rainbow) or gathering of people.



What should happen before the event?
There should be a few orientation meetings with the organizers and main participants of the event.

What are other names for an event?

What are the types of events?
An observable occurrence, phenomenon, or an extraordinary occurrence, or a type of gathering.

What are examples of various events (gatherings)?
Academic discussions, presentations along with meals.

Who should usually organize an event in the state?
At least a state should sponsor, organize, and endorse an event.

How should you go ahead for an event?
Internet deliberations including communications like call, fax, or postal mail), then a meeting, then an event.

What questions should be answered before organizing a meeting or an event?

Will anyone be harmed by this meeting or event?
Who will be harmed by this meeting or event?
Is this a meeting or an event?
Do the participants know the purpose of the meeting or event?

What should you circulate before advertising any meeting or event?

How is your event or presentation better than existing presentations, guideliness or instructions?
Take a look at this.

If you show that your event, presentation, guidelines, and instructions are better than existing presentations, guidelines, or instructions, then others will attend the event you have organized.

Last Updated: May 24, 2016