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Pest Control Worker
Pest professionals
What should you know about this profession?
Annotation or definition.
Area of service
Communication Skills
Department affiliation
English language relevant to this profession.
Equipment/resources (tools & technology).
General abilities
Job zone
Location of work
License for this profession
Number of professionals/workers required
Number of professionals/workers required outside the state
Profession-specific abilities
Related occupations/professions
Requirement for human resources
Resources for work
Scientific Skills
Sources of additional information
Tools and technology
Training program (medical residency program)
Work activities
Work context
Work credits
Work Environment
Work hours
Work styles
Work values
Annotation or definition.

What profession is been described in these guidelines?
The Pest Professionals.

What are other names for this profession?
Pest Control Workers.

Do you have questions about pests or pest control?

Did you know cockroaches trigger asthma?
Perhaps you weren't aware that rodents and ants contaminate food?
Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus, ticks and Lyme Disease… the threats that household pests cause are very real.

What should be the minimum department affiliation in the state for this profession or occupation?
State Department of Housing.
In this context, companies should not be encouraged.

What should a pest control worker do?
Analyze the situation properly.
Not misinterpret or exaggerate issues.
Unwanted phone calls, letters, emails or visits are considered to be harassment.

Answer relevant questions.

Is there a truly genuine pest infestation that needs pest control worker services?
What is causing the pest infestation that warrants pest control worker services?
What type of pest is it?
Does this type of pest cause any human medical conditions?
Is anyone trying to utilize pest control workers' services to harass residents?

These are basic questions; there are many more.

What should a pest control worker not do?
Create false work orders.
Exaggerate the presence of pests to create extra work orders.
Harass the resident or residents under the false excuse of pest infestation.

Others know about pests and pest control far better than you.

What are the various findings relevant to pest control?
False work orders.
Exaggeration and/or misinterpretation of pest infestation to create extra work orders.
Harassment of residents under the pretext of pest control.
Usually if harassment is detected, they will state another excuse for the harassment.
Fix the underlying cause of harassment.


Pesticides can be harmful to human health. Handle with care.

What is the standard of treatment for eradicating genuine pest infestations in the household?
There is currently no standard of treatment for eradicating genuine pest infestations in the household.

Various protocols have been utilized.
Utilize the best protocol to solve your issues without harming humans.
Here are further guidelines.

What kinds of products are available for pest control?
There are more than 300 approved products for pest control.
You need to verify with local resources the pest control products available.
Always take precautions.
Pest control products can be harmful to humans.


Is your type of treatment for eradicating genuine or assumed pest infestations in households helping or harming others?
Harming others.
Bed Bugs
Bedbug & Flea Killer
What's the difference between Bed Bugs and Fleas?
License for this profession

Who issues a license for this profession in the state?
What is being tested in any examination or tests relevant to this profession in the state?

Does passing an examination or test relevant to this profession mean the professional is competent?

What is expected of such professionals in the state?
Such professionals should be able to resolve issues and problems without harming, harassing, or being utilized by others to harass others.

What have been various findings relevant to individuals who claim to have licenses relevant to this profession?
Creating false work orders to enhance their business or pest control is a criminal offense.
    Here are further guidelines.
State housing and development
Last Updated: October 8, 2016