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Frequently Asked

  • Why is the=20 first-person-singular personal pronoun, I, always capitalized = in=20 English?

  • When = something happens=20 for the first time, but we plan on its happening every year = thereafter, can we=20 call it the "first annual" event?

  • What do you call the little = dot above=20 the letter "i"?

  • I = need help=20 with who and whom!

  • Which=20 article do I use with words beginning with "h"? =97 a history, an=20 historical?

  • I'm puzzled by acronyms=20
    1. = How=20 do I form the plural or possessive of an acronym?=20
    2. Which=20 article (a or an) do I use with an acronym?=20

  • H= ow do I=20 punctuate reported or silent speech?

  • What is the real name of the symbol @? See Michael Quinion's World Wide = Words. (The answer is "at" or "commercial at," but I prefer the = German=20 Klammeraffe, "spider monkey.")

  • How do you = punctuate=20 the following sentence(s) so it/they make(s) sense? HINT: = quotation marks=20 might be required and you might have to start a second sentence = somewhere in=20 the middle (Click on the question for the answer.)=20
    Chris, where = Ted had had=20 had had had had had had had had had the teacher's=20 approval.

  • What is the = third=20 English word (other than angry and hungry) that ends in=20 "-gry"?

  • What do you call a word that = is spelled=20 the same, forward or backward?

  • How do I=20 write a research paper? (How do I cite such-and-such a = resource?)=20

  • Is there a downloadable version of the Guide to Grammar and = Writing, or=20 can I buy a copy of it in hard-copy or CD-ROM=20 format?
        No. For a variety of technical = and=20 legalistic and rather boring reasons, no. The most important reason is = that we=20 have secured permission to cite and otherwise use several published = (and=20 highly regarded) resources as we create the various digital handouts = of the=20 Guide and for support as we write responses posted in the Grammarlogs. = We have=20 assured those authorities that we will use their material only in an = online,=20 free-to-the-public format. We must continue to honor that agreement. = But thank=20 you for asking.