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Emergencies relevant to public health in the state and outside the state.
Public Health Emergencies
What are examples of a public health emergency?
What types of incidents usually lead to many casualties?
Air crash.
Auto collision involving more than two persons.
A train crash with many individuals harmed.
Bus collisions.
Bombing(all harmful incidents subject to various independent investigations. Experience has shown people inflict harms, then reach out as saviors).
Biologic emergencies (deliberate or accidental)
    Small pox
    Pneumonic plague
Cold wave harms
Chemical emergencies(deliberate or accidental)
    May be in the form of a gas, solid, or liquid
    Household chemical
    Hazardous materials waste
Crowded tour boat.
Drinking water contamination
Disease Outbreaks
    Influenza outbreak
    West Nile virus
Earthquake or sabotage.
Food and Waterborne Disease
Heat wave harms
Hurricanes/tropical storms
Radiation emergencies
Radiological Threat
    Nuclear power plant emergency
Release of hazardous or toxic materials.
Sabotage and building collapses.
Severe weather: storms, heavy rains, lightning strikes
Ship Sinking.
Targeted mass shootings.
Vector-borne Disease Control
Waterborne Diseases
Winter storms
Here are further guidelines.

What are various public health issues?
Who has the duty relevant to public health emergencies in the state and outside the state?
Physicians in the state and outside the state.
Administrators in the state and outside the state.
In addition to individualized health care, physicians have to get involved in public health emergencies and public health nonemergencies.

Why was there need to elaborate on these issues?
After 26 days, physicians in Kashmir thought they had a duty regarding the public health emergency from floods September 3-19, 2014.

Fraudulent regimes have installed incompetent physicians and incompetent administrators, with fraud and deceit.
During the selection and promotion placement, they should have realized that they could bring embarrassment to the system sooner or later with harms.

They are not able to do any effective service in public health emergencies or individualized emergencies – or even prevent individualized emergencies.
Is this justified?

What should be done with incompetent, harmful physicians and administrators in the state and outside the state?
This must be recorded in the annual performance report and an annual confidential report.
Some options are:
Termination of services.
Directive for premature retirement.
Replacement with competent physicians and administrators in the state and outside the state.
Those involved in criminal offenses ranging from misdemeanor to felony should be punished accordingly.

Who is recording the annual performance report and annual confidential report of physicians in the state?
Replacement of the individual/individuals and supervisor is required.

What is a public health emergency?
A "public health emergency" may be defined as an event, either natural or manmade, that creates a health risk to the public.

A public health emergency is anything that can make lots of people really sick unexpectedly or quickly.

Steps For response

Assess the upcoming event and the possible key affected areas. Figure the resources needed to do target hardening steps to help prevent total destruction and help with quick recovery. An old adage states that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Pre-planning stages and paving effective communication lanes to obtain external aid is very important to the saving of lives. Using these pre-made venues saves precious time during an event. A big obstacle to this is to make the happy medium between a very specific detailed emergency plan and a flexible one to which many disaster events may apply. Up-to-date education and training are other key elements to making for a swift and effective response and recovery. Retaining infrastructure is a huge challenge to an emergency manager because intact infrastructure makes for easier use of communication and multiple routes for much needed resourced to enter the affected area. Without this communication to the external organizations, they will not know how to bring about the needed resources (by land, air, sea?).