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Air Defense Emergency Within or Outside the State
What are examples of air defense emergencies in various states around the world?
On Thursday, April 28, 2016, at 2:56 PM, air strikes were carried out on Aleppo Hospital, killing doctors and children.

What needs to be accomplished immediately?
Verification of the facts.

Can government departments from Syria, including police, military, health, and other departments, verify these facts?
What investigations have Syrian government departments accomplished relevant to these incidents?
What aircraft was utilized?
What are the origin, manufacturer, and specifications of this aircraft?
Who are the operators of this aircraft?
North American Air Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, 80914: How can you help in this situation?

Why is mentioning air defense emergencies within or outside the state essential?
The state adjunct general cannot ignore, neglect, or be derelict in his/her duties to the original state.
The adjunct general has many other subordinates within and outside the state.

Where exactly did the incident(s) happen?
Aleppo is an area in Syria.
Within 24 hours of 2:56 PM on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at least 61 people had been reported dead due to air strikes.

Where exactly is this area located in Syria, Asia?
Take a look at this.

Who is involved in these harms?
Bashar Assad has been blamed for the deadly air strikes on Aleppo.
The chief Syrian opposition negotiator Mohammed Alloush blamed Bashar Assad.
Others behind the scenes are equally involved to create a scenario of intentional harms and then come forward as saviors.

Who has duties relevant to such incidents within and outside the state?
Teams of first responders can attend the emergency site.
Syria’s adjunct general has a duty to investigate, prevent, seek further reinforcement, and punish those involved in air strikes.

Who must forward reinforcements?
North American Air Defense Command
In reference to the directives established more than 16 years ago, any inquiries related to air defense emergencies should be directed to North American Air Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, 80914.
The adjunct general of various states, including North American states.

Which state adjunct generals need to deliberate on these issues?
Here is a list of various states.

Who in the state has duties relevant to these services?
Adjunct general of the state.

What is an air defense emergency within or outside the state?
An emergency condition that exists when an attack on North America, including Greenland, by hostile aircraft or missiles is considered probable, is imminent, or is taking place.

Where should the inquiries be forwarded?
Inquiries regarding this plan may be addressed to
North American Air Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, 80914.

Henceforth, North American states include Colorado, Illinois Department of Defense adjunct general, California adjunct general, and similar state generals.

What is on the air defense emergency list of acronyms and abbreviations within or outside the state?
Take a look at this.

How should you proceed in a defense emergency?
Air defense identification zone
Air navigation aids (NAVAIDS)
Appropriate military authorities, like NORAD or state adjunct general
Defense area.
Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic (ESCAT) rules.
Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic
Installation of surface-to-air patriot missiles in every state for air defense.