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Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)
What job is available?
Can you do this job?
What is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)?
Tell me about yourself.
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?.
Why should we hire you?
Why do you want this job?
What is your current job title?
How did you hear about the position?
What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What are the duties and responsibilities of this job?
What are the skills and knowledge required for this job?
Is this job relevant to my abilities, research, and experience at the executive level?
For the last 15 years, what was I doing?
What are the daily activities of this job?
What are the weekly activities of this job?
What are the monthly activities of this job?
What are the project activities of this job?
What are the yearly activities of this job?
What home office activities can I complete for this job?
How should others answer these questions?
How will I collect my remuneration/salary?
What about the future?
Are there other jobs like this?
How do you develop an audience profile?
Where can you find more information?
Would you like to add anything?
What would I like to add?
Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS): What are similar jobs?
How are skills categorized?
Transferable skills: How many are there?
Transferable skills: What are various examples?
Job Skills: What are various examples?
What are examples of skill sets?
What are my skills?
What should others know?
How do you elaborate the profile of the client?
How many categories of skills are there?
What are the various categories of skills?
What recommendations were forwarded to the office of the governor relevant to the human resource department of Illinois?
What is the profile of the client? Answer

Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)
Who is circulating these guidelines?
Doctor Asif Qureshi
5042 N. Winthrop Ave. #237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

What are my unique insights gained through personal experience?
Most of the time harms are from others.
Fix the underlying cause.

Does a person experience intentional harms from others?
What describes intentional harms from others?

What job is available?
Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)

What is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)?
A Certified Recovery Support Specialist provides mental illness and substance use disorder recovery support to others. This professional should have problem-solving skills.

Persons with their CRSS infuse the mental health system with hope and empowerment, and improve opportunities for others to:
•Develop hope for recovery.
•Increase problem solving skills.
•Develop natural support networks.
•Participate fully in life in the community.

What are psychiatric disorders?


A total of 75 hours of training, broken out as follows:
Class #1: 22 hours – Legal and Professional Responsibility
6 hours – Ethics
2 hours – HIPAA/Confidentiality
4 hours – Cultural Competency
4 hours – Self-Care/Professional Development
6 hours – Electives related to legal and professional responsibility
Class #2: 13 hours – Reengagement, Crisis Support and Safety

6 hours – Risk/Crisis Management
3 hours – Domestic Violence
4 hours – Electives related to reengagement, crisis support and safety

Class #3: 13 hours – Resource Linkage/Follow-Up
6 hours – Active Care Coordination
3 hours – Documentation
4 hours – Electives related to resource linkage/follow-up

Class #4: 10 hours – Practical Living Skills/Social Development
6 hours – Social Development
4 hours – Electives related to practical living skills/social development

Class #5: 17 hours – Recovery Management
4 hours – Overview of Addiction/Stages of Recovery
3 hours – Addiction and Brain Chemistry / Pharmacology
2 hours – Recovery Management
4 hours – Co-occurring Disorders
2 hours – Lapse/Relapse Prevention
2 hours – Motivational Enhancement
Recommendations: 3 professional letters of recommendation for certification.
Code of Ethics: Must sign statement agreeing to follow the FCB’s Code of Ethics

Written Test: Recovery Support Specialist Exam
Renewal: 10 CEUs each year
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We’ve divided the disorders into three broad categories below: adult, childhood, and personality disorders; some disorders may fall under more than one category.



Last Updated: February 1, 2020