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Last Updated: January 13, 2016
Doctor Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University, the Global Democratic Party, and founder of United Continents of the World and United States of the World, forwards this message
dated January 13, 2016, from Chicago, Illinois, North America.
Department of health, United Continents, United States of planet earth.
Human health department of United Continents, United States of planet earth.

What should be the name of the human health department of United Continents, United States of planet earth?
Department of health, United Continents, United States of planet earth.
World health organization stands discarded due to various harms, and discrepancies.
We need to go ahead relevant to North American, Asian, African, South American, and Australian states.
Islands are dependencies of various continental states.

Every state must forward nominees to enhance healthcare in various states.

Who are nominees from states mentioned?
At least 10 nominees from each state.
They will be stationed in their native or parent state.
Regularly, they will get updated research about human healthcare so that other physicians, administrators, and public in the state and outside the state are reminded.
  1. AZ alphabetical listing of human health emergency symptoms and signs.

  2. AZ alphabetical listing of human health emergency diagnoses and treatment.

  3. All human symptoms and signs.

  4. All human diseases and medical conditions.

  5. Assessment of a patient by a physician.

  6. 20116 ICD-10-CM Codes

  7. Community health center in the state.

  8. Critical Care

  9. Death Certificates

  10. Nonemergency medical services (Primary care physician training program)

  11. Emergency Medical Services

  12. Emergency Medical Department in a hospital in the state.

  13. Hospitals by state, islands, continents.

  14. International classification of diseases

  15. On-the-spot emergency medical diagnosis and treatment

  16. Physician guide to physician or physicians

  17. Surgical Emergencies

  18. Traumatic Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment and Complications

  19. Testing for Human Blood

  20. Training programs for various physicians and their subordinates.

  21. State department of health administrative services.

  22. State department of public health.

  23. Allied health workers guidelines

  24. Pharmacist

  25. Internet guidelines for patient.

  26. Medical Supplies and Equipment

  27. Mental Health

  28. Weight Training Exercises

  29. Women's health

Physician types required in the state and outside the state.

What types of physicians are required in the state and outside the state at this point?
Take a look at this.


What is the name of the individual who can guide all types of physicians?
Doctor Asif Qureshi.
Doctor Asif Qureshi has to guide other 905 professions.
Take a look at this.

How is seniority of physician elaborated in the state and outside the state?
Guide to specific category of physician.
Head of the department, specific category of physician.
Consultant, specific category of physician.
Senior, specific category of physician.
Junior, specific category of physician.
Intern, specific category of physician.
Medical student, specific category of physician.

1. Physician primary care
2. Physician medical emergency room
3. Physician medical emergency responder
4. Physician intensive care unit
5. Physician surgeon medical emergency
6. Physician surgeon elective surgery
7. Physician anesthetist medical emergency
8. Physician guide to physician or physicians
9. Physician hospitalist (takes care of hospital ward patients)
10. Physician forensic psychiatry
11. Physician forensic pathology
12. Physician guide to other physicians through Internet

Here are further facts.


Previous classification of medical specialties.

How were medical specialties and physicians previously elaborated?
Take a look at this.