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Emergency News
Emergency News Reporting Within and Outside the State
Emergencies Within and Outside the State
Who must circulate emergency news reports from within or outside the state?
State emergency department.
State media department.
State attorney generalís office.
State adjunct general (in situations that need the adjunct generalís assistance).
Head of the concerned state departments.
Others who can be useful and helpful.

What should first responders within and outside the state know about the emergency?
The emergency is a big entity.
Within this big entity are medical emergencies.
An emergency can affect more than 50 essential departments within and outside the state.

What are examples of various essential departments in every state?
Here are further guidelines.

What questions should you ask regarding an emergency?

What has happened?
What is the category of this emergency among more than 50 categories, such as medical, fire, and police emergency?
In what location within or outside the state did the emergency occur?
What harms have occurred due to this emergency?
What best describes the harms: one location or many locations?
Who were the victims in this incident?
What best describes the incident, including whether it was a preplanned incident or not?

Here are further facts

Eight people were found dead on Friday, April 22, 2016, in Pike County, Ohio.
The incident was preplanned.
The shooting incidents apparently occurred at 4 different locations in Ohio.

Where must emergency news reports be immediately displayed within and outside the state?
Addresses of state emergency management departments.
All these departments have an Internet presence.
Make sure news about the emergency is immediately displayed through your departmentís Internet website.

For example, the state of Ohio has an Internet presence at http://ema.ohio.gov/.
On April 22, 2016, an emergency led to the deadly shootings of 8 persons in Ohio.
Visitors to http://ema.ohio.gov/ on April 22, 2016, should have seen an emergency news report displayed on the first page. Ohio Department of Emergency Management.
Ohioís media departments should have circulated the news via the Internet and other resources.
The Ohio Attorney General circulated the news. Ohioís media departments and media outside the state should have circulated this news.
Court reporters in Ohio: What do you think are your duties in this situation?

Categories of Emergency

What are the various categories of emergency within and outside the state?
There are more than 50 categories of emergency within and outside the state.
Medical emergency is prioritized among all categories of emergency.

Verification of emergency news within or outside the state.

What should be mentioned relevant to the verification of an emergency incident within or outside the state?
The emergency incident has been verified by the state emergency department.
The emergency incident has not yet been verified by the state emergency department.

Addresses of emergency departments within and outside the state.

What is on the list of addresses of emergency departments within and outside the state?
Take a look at this.
Last Updated: April 28, 2016