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Last Updated: March 12, 2016
Fire criminal issues.
State Fire Marshal's Office
Fire Safety
Smoke Alarms
Fire Fighting Jobs
Fire Extinguisher
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Fire Alarms
Fire Trucks
Example number 1.
Example number 2.
Example number 3.
Questions that need to be answered about fire criminal issues.

Questions that need to be answered about fire criminal issues.
What was the exact location of the incident?

What best describes this fire?
Fire in a house.
Fire in a building.
Road vehicle fire.
Aircraft fire.
Trees on fire.
If others, specify.

What caused the fire?
Electrical short circuit, intentional.
Electrical short circuit, unintentional.
Pouring flammable liquid on furniture, wall, or other location of structure, intentional.
Igniting flammable liquid on furniture, wall, or other location of structure, unintentional.
Flame thrower bombardment.
Liquid petroleum gas cylinder fire sabotage, intentional.
Liquid petroleum gas cylinder fire, unintentional.
Heating stove fire with harms to individuals or property intentional (Usually smoke detector prevents such fires).
If any other cause, please specify.

What are the details of the harms relevant to this fire?

What are the details of harms to individuals, property, or trees in case of tree fire?

When is fire not a criminal matter?
If there is no harm to individuals or property and fire was not intentional, this incident is not a criminal matter.

When is fire a criminal matter?

Example number 1.
What has happened?
On January 10, 2016, in Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia, 10 houses were gutted in fire.
The fire broke out around 8:30 am in a residential house at Dalal Mohalla, engulfing nine adjoining houses.

What was the cause of fire in this incident?
Cause of fire was reported as short circuit.

Was short circuit intentional so that 10 houses were gutted in fire?
If yes, then this is a criminal matter.

Why did not the fire truck reach the site in a timely manner and extinguish the fire?
Who is head of the fire extinguishing department in the area?
Who should be director of fire services in Kashmir, Asia?

In some regions, there are aerial helicopter fire fighters.

Example number 2.
What has happened?
On October 11, 2015, in Little Rock it was reported: Woman Arrested in McMath Library Fire/arson Investigation.
Published 10/11 2015 10:05 pm, updated 10/12 2015 08:04 am.

How did she start fire?
By pouring flammable liquid on furniture and a wall at the library.

What charges did she have?
Aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and reckless burning.

Questions that need to be answered.

What went through her mind while pouring flammable liquid on furniture and a wall at the library and starting the fire?

Why should the woman, Kisha Ilo, 38, start the fire the way reported?

Have findings been verified?

Was she under any duress, severe depression, or face any harms?

Did she have enough survival needs?

Prevention of fires in houses, building.

How can fires in houses and buildings be prevented?
Smoke detectors in every unit of building with kitchen usually prevent such fires.
Educating people about preventive measures of fire.

Example number 3.
Fire in a House
When and where did the fire in the house occur?
Gulistan e amin lalbazar Srinagar, Kashmir.

When did the fire start?
On Friday, March 11, 2016, at 12.30 p.m.

What were the damages?
Three rooms were damaged.

What needs to be repaired?
At the location of the fire, three rooms and the kitchen and bathrooms need to be re-constructed on the ground and first floors—a total of six rooms, including the kitchen and bathrooms.
More pillars need to be constructed to support the iron and concrete slab on the first floor.
A concrete and iron slab must be in place by June 1, 2016.
Smoke alarms must be installed as monitoring devices.

Who has the duty in Kashmir to re-construct the damaged structure immediately?
The Housing and Development Department of Kashmir.
The Roads & Buildings Department of Kashmir.

How did the fire start?
Further investigation is required.
No questions can remain unanswered.

Questions for those who first witnessed the fire at the mentioned location, date, and time.

Who first witnessed the fire?
What was the date, time, and exact location of the person who first witnessed the fire?
What did the person do after first witnessing the fire at the location?
Who reported the fire first to the fire trucks and crew that a fire occurred at this location?
Did you see the fire start? If so, describe everything that happened up until the fire began.
What did you see when you first encountered the fire?
What did you do when you saw the fire?
How did the fire behave? What color was the fire?
Was it very hot?
How quickly did it spread?
Was there a lot of smoke?
What color was the smoke?
Did the fire have a particular odor?
Describe the movement of the fire. Where did it start and how did it move?
What type of area did the fire start in? Was it a restricted area? A public area?
Did you observe anyone near the fire around the time it began?
What was that person doing?
What did they say?
Did you recognize them and if so who was it?
Did you observe anyone in the structure or near the structure? What were they doing?
Who had access to the area where the fire started?
Were there any chemicals or flammable materials near where the fire started?
What hazards or hazardous behavior do you know of that existed in the area of the fire?
How did you find out about the fire?
When did you first see the fire?
Who did you report the fire to and what did they do?
What did you observe at the fire scene?
Who did you see around the building at the time of the fire?
What were people doing around the building at the time of the fire?
Did you note any strange occurrences the day of the fire?
What time did these events happen? How can you be sure of the time?
What goes on at this building on a typical day?
Who is normally at this location and what do they do?
What do you know about the people who live/work here?
What, if any, different or suspicious activities have you seen lately?
What, if any, conversations have you had with people who live/work here?

Other questions that need to be answered.

How many fire trucks and firemen were present at the incident?
What are the profiles of these firemen who were on duty on March 11, 2016 at the Lalbazar Srinagar fire station?
What did these firemen report about the incident?
Where is the report by these firemen about the mentioned incident?
Do you believe that arson was involved in starting this fire?
What kind of arson and who might have started this fire?
Was the condition of the LPG gas cylinder at the location of the fire empty with its outlet open or not?
Exactly how was the fire extinguished?
How long did the fire truck take to reach the fire?
How long did the fire truck and firemen take after reaching the spot to extinguish the fire?
How did the fire spread so quickly?
What can start a fire in a house or a building?
What started the fire in this case?
Who was at the location within 24 hours of the start of the fire?

We stop here. Once we get answers to these questions, we proceed again.