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Individual emergencies.
Emergency Medical Services in the state.
Medical emergency (individual human emergency)
Individual emergencies inside and outside of the state.
What is an emergency?
Sudden, unexpected, or impending situation that may cause injury, harm to human health, loss of life, damage to the property, environment and/or interference with the normal activities of a person or department in the state or outside of the state and which, therefore, requires immediate attention and remedial action.

What are examples of emergencies inside or outside of the state?
A state can have an individual or public health emergencies.

What types of emergency services are required inside or outside of the state?
Fire service
Emergency Medical Service
Military airdrop operations (Militaries around the world, are you ready?)

Categories of emergencies inside and outside of the state.
Types of emergencies
What are categories of emergencies inside and outside of the state?
What various types of emergencies can a state have?
Aircraft Emergencies.
Building needs emergencies.
Communications emergencies.
Climate-specific emergencies.
Emergency Maintenance
Electricity emergencies.
Emergencies at sea
Fire emergencies
Farm animal emergencies
Food items emergencies.
Global emergencies that involve people outside the state.
Housing Emergencies
Medical emergencies (individual human emergencies)
Public health emergencies inside and outside of the state.
Police emergencies
Road Traffic Emergencies and Road Conditions
Security, administrative, and/or legal emergencies.
Water emergencies.

Individual emergencies.
Patient assessment
What are examples of individual emergencies inside and outside of the state?
Here are further facts.

What are the types of patient assessment?
Here are further facts.

Human Rights Violations