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International law
What is included in International law?
Admiralty law
International criminal law
Laws of war
International humanitarian law
International human rights law

Admiralty law
What is admiralty law?
Admiralty law historically focuses on oceanic issues.
Admiralty law or maritime law is a distinct body of law that governs maritime questions and offenses.

What are other names for admiralty law?
Admiralty law is also known as maritime law.

What issues are addressed by admiralty law?
Container ships
The rights of seamen
Navy issues (global military issues)
Criminal matters relevant to oceanic issues.
The construction or operation of wharves, piers, and docks
Maritime liens
Other issues

Ocean Freight Cargo Services

What is shipping?
The process of transporting an item, usually through the mail. Shipping is a very basic, common way of getting an item from one place to another, or from one person to another.

What is the meaning of the word cargo?
Products, goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or road (motor) vehicle.

What is another word for cargo?
Load freight

Cargo ship

What is a cargo ship?
A cargo ship or freighter is any sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials. from one port to another.

What is another word for cargo ship?
Container ship

What are examples of various cargo ships around the world?

What resources are provided to cargo ships at ports?
Cargo often being equipped with cranes and other mechanisms to load and unload; it comes in all sizes.

What materials are utilized to build cargo ships?
Today, they are almost always built of welded steel, and with some exceptions generally have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years before being scrapped.

What are the types of cargo ships?
1.General cargo vessels
2.Tankers (wet cargo)
3.Dry bulk carriers
4.Multipurpose vessels
5.Reefer ships

What are other names for international ocean shipping?
Ocean freight
Asia to North America ocean shipping
Africa to North America ocean shipping

Air freight
Ocean freight

What is considered in selecting air freight or ocean freight?
Resources required
Environmental impact

Is there a difference between air cargo and ocean cargo?

What is the difference between air cargo and ocean cargo?
Air cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo comprises air freight, air express, and airmail.

What are examples of various container ships?
Altamira Express
Emma Maersk
Malik Al Ashtar
MSC Amalft
MSC Hamburg
Yuan Zhen Hai
Size 300 x 54 m or more
Ship type container ship

Shipping Question: A ship Emma Maersk originates from Malaysia, Asia, and goes via the Suez Canal, Algeria, and Spain to reach North America. What seaport location should the ship Emma reach in North America?

What states get products contained in the ship Emma Maersk in North America?
All states have to get these products.

Shipping Question: Oil ship tanker originates from Asian region and has to reach North America. Who monitors these oil ship tankers from North American states?

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Basics in International law

Q: What is sherman act?

Q: Internationally, how are Antitrust law Violations enforced, and jurisdiction, Venue, of filing complaint from business, due to anti trust law violation by competitor or regulator?

Q: Internationally as well as Nationally, Federal time for gun crime, Correct? How the complaint is filed and laws enforced once executive branch of administration and regulator is implicated in such crime and when do they start their time?

Q:What is Foreign corrupt practices Act and how is the concept applicable to defense procurement and bribes?


Q: Are GATT panel deliberations open to public?

Q: An importer and distributor from USA gets into a dispute with european business, Why would the importer and distributor not take the case to International court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands? Where will plaintiff file complaint in case dispute isn't resolved outside court?

Q: What is difference between treble damages and triple talaq. A: Treble damages is applicable to Securities and exchange , Federal statutes on insider trading, United States of America. Triple talaq is, legal concept, applicable to Nikkah in muslim personal law.

Q: Taking into consideration scrutiny, while the courts are expected to be independent, distinguish levels of scrutiny used by the courts to determine the constitutionality of governmental action?

Q: Taking into consideration fairness of courts, distinguish levels of scruitny used by Media, public, to determine the fairness of courts, constitutionality of governmental action, once legal action, for remedies, solutions, damages is brought by independent plaintiff?

Q:Explain the difference between substantive and procedural due process?

Q:As per _________, Explain the duty of care that is imposed upon,
a) Adult
b) Children
c) Person with superior knowledge
d) person acting in an emergency.
e) person in administration who has duty and responsibility to serve.

Q: Identify the significant features of White collar Crime?


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