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Job appointment of aviation executive in the state.
Who should appoint an airport manager or air force base manager in the state?
State aviation director.
Office of governor in the state.
For example, nomination and appointment of LAX Los Angeles airport manager should go through the state aviation director, California, North America, office of the governor of California, North America.
Airport manager should be the job title instead of airport director for a specific airport in the state.
Forward profile of executive of aviation to this resource.

Aviation World.
World Aviation Administration.
Job Title
Aviation manufacturing workers
Aviation maintenance workers
Aviation transportation workers
Aviation ground workers
Aviation military workers
Aviation transportation security administration workers
Aircraft composites workers
Aviation investigators
Aviation manufacturing workers

Aviation manufacturing workers
Aerospace Engineer
Aviation Incidents Investigator
Airframe Mechanic
Aircraft Sheetmetal Mechanic
Aviation / Aerospace Program Manager
Aircraft Engine Mechanic Supervisor
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician
Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assembler
Avionics Technician
Avionics Installer
Avionics Lead
Avionics Bench Technician
Avionics Field Technician
Avionics Troubleshooter
Avionics Navy Technician
Avionics Lead Technician
Avionics with Airframe
Avionics Supervisor
Director of Aerospace Program Management
Aerospace Project Engineer
Aviation maintenance workers
Aircraft Maintenance Manager
Aircraft maintenance technician
Air Traffic Controller
Sky Marshal or Air Marshal
Aircraft Loadmaster
Air traffic controller(Terminal, enroute, sea, control towers)
Aviation medical examiner(aviation medicine)
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Painter
Aircraft Electrician
Interior Aircraft Mechanic
Airplane Inspector
Aircraft Inspectors
Aviation transportation workers.
Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot, Copilot or Flight Engineer
Flight Attendant
Flight Dispatcher
Air Export Agent
Air Freight Agent
Airline/Aviation Ground Attendant
Airline Security Screener
Airline/Aviation Baggage Handler
Airline Ticket Reservation Agent
Aircraft Fueler
Aircraft Dispatcher
Aviation military workers
Air Force Fighter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Sea Pilot
Aviation transportation security administration workers
Aviation Safety Inspectors
Electronics Technicians
Administrative occupations
Air Traffic Controllers
To coordinate domestic transportation, including aviation, rail, and other surface transportation, and maritime transportation (including port security).
Aviation ground workers
Airport Manager
Airport Operations Supervisor
Airport Operations Engineer
Airfield Maintenance Worker
Supervisor Ground Support Equipment
Aircraft Tow Tractors
Electric Lineman
Maintenance Worker

Job categories in every state.