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Airports in South Korea 15 airports
South Korea’s Top 10 Exports
2018 South Korea Military Strength

List of airports in South Korea

Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS/RKPK)
Cheongju International Airport (CJJ/RKTU)
Daegu International Airport (TAE/RKTN)
Gunsan Airport (KUV/RKJK)
Gwangju Airport (KWJ/RKJJ)
Jeju International Airport (CJU/RKPC)
Jinju Sacheon Airport (HIN/RKPS)
Muan International Airport (MWX/RKJB)
Pohang Airport (KPO/RKTH)
Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN/RKSI)
Seoul Gimpo International Airport (GMP/RKSS) Rating: 82%
Ulsan Airport (USN/RKPU)
Wonju Airport (WJU/RKNW)
Yangyang International Airport (YNY/RKNY)
Yeosu Airport (RSU/RKJY)

List of airports in South Korea

List of airports in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), grouped by type and sorted by location.

Civil Airports
Cheongju RKTU CJJ Cheongju International Airport
Daegu RKTN TAE Daegu International Airport
Pohang RKTH KPO Pohang International Airport
Busan/Gimhae RKPK PUS Gimhae International Airport
Seoul/Gimpo RKSS GMP Gimpo International Airport
Gwangju RKJJ KWJ Gwangju Airport
Seoul/Incheon RKSI ICN Incheon International Airport
Jeju RKPC CJU Jeju International Airport
Muan RKJB MWX Muan International Airport
Yangyang RKNY YNY Yangyang International Airport
Yeosu RKJY RSU Yeosu Airport
Ulsan RKPU USN Ulsan Airport
Wonju/Hoengseong RKNW WJU Wonju Airport
Civil Airfields
Gunsan RKJK KUV Gunsan Airport
Jinhae (Chinhae) RKPE CHF Jinhae Airport
Jeju/Jeongseok (Jungseok) RKPD JDG Jungseok Airport
Jeonju (Chonju) RKJU CHN Jeonju Airport
Mokpo RKJM MPK Mokpo Airport
Sokcho RKND SHO Sokcho Airport
Wonju/Hoengseong RKNW WJU Wonju Airport
Yechon RKTY YEC Yechon Airport
Military Airbases
Chungju RKTI   Jungwon Air Base (Choongwon Air Base)
Kangnung RKNN KAG Gangneung Air Base
Gunsan RKJK Kunsan Air Base
Pyeongtaek RKSO OSN Osan Air Base
Sacheon RKPS HIN Sacheon Airport
Seongmu RKTE   Seongmu Airport
Seosan RKTP HMY[1] Seosan Air Base
Seoul RKSM SSN Seoul Air Base
Suwon RKSW SWU Suwon Air Base
Yecheon County RKTY YEC Yecheon Air Base

South Korea’s Top 10 Exports
1.Electrical machinery, equipment
2.Machinery including computers
4.Ships, boats
5.Mineral fuels including oil
6.Plastics, plastic articles
7.Optical, technical, medical apparatus
8.Organic chemicals
9.Iron, steel
10.Articles of iron or steel

2018 South Korea Military Strength
Total Aircraft Strength 1,560
Fighter Aircraft 406
Attack Aircraft 466
Transport Aircraft 382
Trainer Aircraft 276
Total Helicopter Strength 748
Attack Helicopters 112
Combat Tanks 2,654
Armored Fighting Vehicles 3,480
Self-Propelled Artillery 1,890
Towed Artillery 3,854
Rocket Projectors 214
Total Naval Assets 166
Aircraft Carriers 1
Frigates 12
Destroyers 12
Corvettes 14
Submarines 16
Patrol Craft 69
Mine Warfare Vessels 11
Labor Force 27,470,000
Merchant Marine Strength 1,907
Major Ports / Terminals 8
Roadway Coverage (km) 103,029
Railway Coverage (km) 3,381
Serivecable Airports 111
Last Updated: April 9, 2018