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Where is Oregon?

The State of Oregon, shown in red on the adjacent map, is bounded by Washington on the north, by California on the south, and by Idaho on the east. Oregon is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to its west, and by Nevada to its southeast.

What should be included in the profile of the state?
Name of the state: Oregon, North America.
Area: 98,386 square miles
Area Codes: 503 541 971
Area of Oregon: 36 counties.
Aviation of Oregon: Who is who in aviation of Oregon?
Bird: Western Meadowlark
County Profile: Map of Oregon Counties
Oregon Abbreviation: OR
Oregon Capital: Salem. Nowadays, issues can get recommendations through the Internet.
Climate of Oregon: How is the climate in various areas of Oregon?
Departments in Oregon: Here are further facts.
Directories of Departments in Oregon, North America: Click here for further facts.
Directions in Oregon: From where to where are you looking for directions in Oregon?
Facilities in Oregon: What is on the list of facilities in Oregon?
Farms, Workshops, and Factories of Government of Oregon: All listed farms, workshops, and factories in Oregon belong to the government of Oregon.
Guidelines for various departments in the state: http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/departments.html
Governor and Subordinates in Oregon: Looking for a new governor and subordinates for Oregon as of April 7, 2016.
Housing resources in the state: Number of houses, buildings, apartments, etc.
Issues Relevant to Oregon: What are various issues relevant to Oregon at this point?
Largest county by population and area: Multnomah, 735,334 (2010); Harney, 10,135 sq mi.
Largest Cities: 10 largest cities (2010 est.): Portland, 583,776; Eugene, 156,185; Salem 154,637; Gresham, 105,594; Hillsboro, 91,611; Beaverton, 89,803; Bend, 76,639; Medford, 74,907; Springfield, 59,403; Corvallis, 54,462
Leaders of the people: Doctor Asif Qureshi. Others should forward your biodata/profile.
Lowest Point:
Name of the Residents: Oregonians
Nickname: Beaver State
Maps : Map of Oregon Counties
Products of Oregon: What is on the list of products of Oregon?
Timber, paper products, farming (wheat, cattle), mining (coal), computer equipment, electronics


Where do hazelnuts grow in Oregon?
Take a look at this.
Prominent Locations in Oregon: What are prominent locations in specific areas in Oregon?
Prominent Rivers in Oregon:
State Nickname: Beaver State
School Directory for Oregon: Here are further facts: http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/publicschooldirectory.html
Population (2015): 3,930,065 (as of 2013)
2015 resident population:
Universities, Colleges, Schools: www.qureshiuniversity.com should be circulated among educational resources.
White Pages: Oregon White Pages
Who’s who in Oregon?: Existing teachers, lawyers, engineers, physicians, and other professionals forward your profile.
I have received few profiles.
Water resources (sea, lake, river, tubwell, etc.): Here are further facts.

Map of Oregon
Oregon State Map
Oregon Outline Map
Oregon Rivers Map
Oregon Road Map
Oregon Rail Map
Oregon County Map
Oregon Topographic Map
Oregon Area Code Map
Oregon Zip Codes
Oregon Museums Map
Oregon Latitude and Longitude Map
Oregon National Parks Map
Map of Oregon Coast
Oregon-Mexico Connectivity Map
Oregon Fault Lines Map
Mountain ranges in Oregon
Oregon high speed rail Map

Oregon County Map with Names
  1. Baker

  2. Benton

  3. Clackamas

  4. Clatsop

  5. Columbia

  6. Coos

  7. Crook

  8. Curry

  9. Deschutes

  10. Douglas

  11. Gilliam

  12. Grant

  13. Harney

  14. Hood River

  15. Jackson

  16. Jefferson

  17. Josephine

  18. Klamath

  19. Lake

  20. Lane

  21. Lincoln

  22. Linn

  23. Malheur

  24. Marion

  25. Morrow

  26. Multnomah

  27. Polk

  28. Sherman

  29. Tillamook

  30. Umatilla

  31. Union

  32. Wallowa

  33. Wasco

  34. Washington

  35. Wheeler

  36. Yamhill

How many counties are there in Oregon?
36 counties

What is the largest county in the state of Oregon?
The smallest county in geographic size is the largest county in population (Multnomah). Many of the Eastern Oregon counties are larger in geographic size than several eastern states (Harney, Malheur, Lake).

Where do hazelnuts grow in Oregon?
There are more than 3,755,000 hazelnut trees in Oregon, worth $49.5 million, grown on 30,000 acres, mostly in western Oregon. Most of Oregon's hazelnuts are grown in the Willamette Valley from Eugene, north to Vancouver, Wash. Some are also grown in British Columbia.

Hazelnuts come from the hazel tree, but are also called filberts and sometimes cob nuts.

What are the health benefits of hazelnuts?
Hazelnuts (Filberts) Rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid), high in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E. Hazelnuts are good for your heart, help reduce the risk of cancer, and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health.

How big do hazelnut trees grow?
If planted in rows where equipment can be used, allow enough room to mow or cultivate for weed control. According to the 'Illinois Windbreak Manual', the matured height of hazelnut is usually three to eight feet, but may reach 15 feet and a spread of five to ten feet.

How long does it take for a hazelnut tree to produce fruit?
A first hazelnut crop can be expected within two to five years of planting the tree. The initial crops are usually small, but as the tree matures, the crops increase in size. A mature hazelnut tree can produce up to 25 pounds of nuts in a single year.

A newly planted hazelnut tree does not start producing a nut crop until the tree becomes established. A first hazelnut crop can be expected within two to five years of planting the tree. The initial crops are usually small, but as the tree matures, the crops increase in size. A mature hazelnut tree can produce up to 25 pounds of nuts in a single year. Once a tree begins to produce, you can expect a new crop of hazelnuts each year, up to 50 years.

Do hazelnuts grow on trees or bushes?
Hazelnut trees are grown as single trunk trees that can grow to 5 metres or more.

How do you eat a hazelnut?
Hazelnuts in their shells can be opened using a nut cracker. To remove the dark skin, place the nuts on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake on a medium heat for 10-12 minutes. They are ready when the skins begin to split and the kernels turn golden.

What Do Hazelnuts Look Like?

The hazelnut tree has heart-shaped leaves that alternate along the branches. The leaves are paler on the back than the front, with a pointed tip and doubly serrated edges that look like the edge of a bread knife.

How does hazelnut taste like?
Nut experts use many words to describe the flavor, aroma and texture of hazelnuts, including "sweet," "buttery" and "crunchy." Hazelnut's flavor has an advantage over other nuts because of its ability to stand up in recipes with many high-taste ingredients, especially those utilizing chocolate.

How many nuts should you eat in a day?
Why is the hazelnut the official state nut of Oregon?

Importing Plant Material into Oregon (2018)

Nutritional value Hazelnuts
Hazelnuts Nutritional value per 100 grams RDA
Energy 2959 kJ / 717 kcal
Protein 14.0 g
Carbohydrates 6.0 g
o.w. sugars 5.0 g
Fats 69.0 g
o.w. saturated 4.9 g
o.w. mono unsat. 53.4 g
o.w. poly unsat. 7.3 g
Dietary fiber 8.2 g
Sodium 2.0 mg
Calcium 200.0 mg 25.0%
Magnesium 154.0 mg 41.0%
Phosphorus 300.0 mg 43.0%
Iron 3.0 mg 21.0%
Zinc 2.1 mg 21.0%
Vitamin B1 0.4 mg 36.0%
Vitamin B2 0.1 mg 5.0%
Vitamin B3 2.0 mg 12.0%
Vitamin E 25.0 mg 208.0%
Folic acid 72.0 mcg 36.0%
RDA = Recommended Daily Amount
Warning: Small children can choke on nuts.
Last Updated: July 1, 2018