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School Profile
What is the name and mailing address of the public school in the state?
Who handles postal mail, emails, faxes, telephone calls, and other communications relevant to this public school?
When did this school come into existence?
What have been the different names for this school, from beginning until now, with any prominent developments?
What best describes this public schoolís elementary, middle, or high school from preschool/kindergarten to twelfth grade? Please elaborate?
How many total staff members are there at this school and what are their specific job titles?
Who have been the principals of this school from beginning until now? Where are they now, and what were the reasons for their replacement?
How many total students are enrolled in this school at this point?
What is the total student capacity per class for this public school?
What best describes studentsí Internet access at this public school?
What plans for professional career counseling (for example, teacher, lawyer, engineer, physician other professions) does this public school have for its students?
What textbooks have been recommended at this school based on studentsí age and for English language, math, science, and social studies courses?
Where are textbooks displayed on the Internet specific to studentsí age and grade relevant to English language, math, science, and social studies?
How many square feet of land does this public school occupy?
When was the building of this school constructed?
How many total floors with useable rooms are there in the building of the public school?
How many total rooms and wash rooms are there in this public school?
How many staff rooms with location are there in this public school?
What are your responses to www.qureshiuniversity.com/schoolworld.html resources?

What recommendations are there for existing public schools within and outside the state?
Do not change the name of the public school.
History of the public school in the state from its establishment until now must be truthfully elaborated.
If at any point in past the name of the public school changed, this must be mentioned, including the previous name, date, and reasons.
Reasons previous principals were replaced and where they are at this point.

Public School Directory by state around the world.

What is listed on the Public School Directory by state around the world?

Last Updated: December 17, 2016