2.Al Jawf
3.Hadhramaut (mainland) and Socotra (off-shore)
4.Al Mahrah
7.Al Mahwit
8.Amanat Al Asimah (Sana'a City)
11.Al Hudaydah
16.Al Baydav 17.Shabwah

Where is Yemen?
List of Airports in Yemen
26 airports found
Location Airport
Abbse Abbse Airport (EAB)
Aden Aden International Airport (ADE)
Al Ghaydah Al Ghaydah Airport (AAY)
Albuq Albuq Airport (BUK)
Aljouf Aljouf Airport (AJO)
Ataq Ataq Airport (AXK)
Beidah Beidah Airport (BYD)
Beihan Beihan Airport (BHN)
Dathina Dathina Airport (DAH)
Dhala Dhala Airport (DHL)
Dhamar Dhamar Airport (DMR)
Hodeidah Hodeidah Airport (HOD)
Kamaran Is Kamaran Is Airport (KAM)
Lodar Lodar Airport (LDR)
Mareb Mareb Airport (MYN)
Mukalla Mukalla Airport (MKX)
Mukeiras Mukeiras Airport (UKR)
Qishn Qishn Airport (IHN)
Raudha Raudha Airport (RXA)
Riyan Mukalla Riyan Mukalla Airport (RIY)
Sadah Sadah Airport (SYE)
Sanaa Sanaa International Airport (SAH)
Seiyun Seiyun Airport (GXF)
Socotra Socotra Airport (SCT)
Taiz Al Janad Airport (TAI)
Wadi Ain Wadi Ain Airport (WDA)

MANPOWER - Going beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military. Wars of attrition favor those with more.

Total Population: 26,737,317
Available Manpower: 11,040,000
Fit for Service: 8,175,000
Reaching Military Age Annually: 565,000
Active Frontline Personnel: 67,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 71,200

LAND SYSTEMS - Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyers, either wheeled or tracked. AFV value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

Tanks: 1,260
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 3,007
Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 25
Towed-Artillery: 280
Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs): 423

AIR POWER - Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

Total Aircraft: 170
Fighters/Interceptors: 77
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 77
Transport Aircraft: 56
Trainer Aircraft: 21
Helicopters: 63
Attack Helicopters: 14

NAVAL POWER - Aircraft Carrier value includes dedicated "helicopter carrier" vessels. Total naval strength includes all known auxiliaries as well.

Total Naval Strength: 30
Aircraft Carriers: 0
Frigates: 0
Destroyers: 0
Corvettes: 2
Submarines: 0
Coastal Defense Craft: 21
Mine Warfare: 3

RESOURCES (PETROLEUM) - Despite the advances made in battlefield technology, oil remains the lifeblood of any fighting force and supporting economy.

Oil Production: 288,500 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 177,000 bbl/day
Proven Oil Reserves: 3,000,000,000 bbl/day

LOGISTICAL - War is as much a battle of logistics - moving man and machine from / to points all over - as it is direct combat. Labor Force adds to available wartime industry strength.

Labor Force: 7,100,000
Major Ports and Terminals: 3
Roadway Coverage: 71,300
Railway Coverage: 0
Serviceable Airports: 57

GEOGRAPHY (in km) - Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion).

Square Land Area: 527,968 km
Coastline: 1,906 km
Shared Border: 1,601 km
Waterways: 0 km (minimum value not met)