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Customer Service Representative
Hello, This is ____ __________.

Who is calling?

How can I help you?

What are the issues?

Where are you now?

What is your first and last name?

Could you spell that for me?

How do you spell your last name?

What is your date of birth?

What is your mailing address?

What is your Email address?

What is your telephone number?

Would you mind holding for a moment?
Please hold.
Thank you for holding.

Take a look at this.

Does that answer your question?
Thank you.
Have a good day.

Customer Service
Customer Service Skills
What is customer service?
What is good customer service?
How do you measure good customer service?
How would you rate the helpfulness and courtesy of staff that greeted you?
How would you rate the professional knowledge of staff?
How would you rate the clarity of communication and the ability to answer your questions?
How would you rate the knowledge of services provided by staff?
How would you rate the timeliness of the services provided?
How would you rate the timeliness of completing the transaction?
How would you rate the timeliness of the availability of a supervisor?
How would you rate the degree to which sensitive information was handled?
Overall, how would you rate the service you received?

1 Poor
2 Fair
3 Average
4 Good
5 Excellent
Take a look at this.
What is customer service?
In today’s hyperconnected world, customer service is more than just the helpdesk agent that answers your questions when you call an 800 number for help.

It includes phone, email, chat, web forms, and social communications, as well as self-service support sites.

Today’s customers like to find their own answers, at their own speed. More than 90% will check a website for answers before emailing for help, so your website can make a huge difference in how you are perceived. Self-service could be existing information or information provided by fellow customers. Some of the most common types of self-service are FAQs and searchable knowledge bases, but user communities are also a cost-effective way to offer help while building relationships with customers. This is a must-have in today’s world.

Bad customer service can generate complaints.

Good customer service involves developing bonds with customers, hopefully leading to longterm relationships.

To achieve customer satisfaction, first direct sets and monitors service standards. For example, four out of five calls are answered within 20 seconds. On average a customer's call is answered in 13 seconds. Customer service representatives are available around the clock. This means that customers always get to talk to a real person not a machine and they never have to push buttons before they get to talk to someone.

Types of Customer Service

Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support.

Automated customer service

Examples of automated means are Internet sites. An advantage with automated means is an increased ability to provide service 24-hours a day, which can, at least, be a complement to customer service by persons.

Another example of automated customer service is by touch-tone phone, which usually involves a main menu, and the use of the keypad as options (i.e. "Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish", etc.)

Customer Service Skills
The Customer Service Skills that Matter

1. Patience
2. Attentiveness
3. Clear Communication Skills
4. Knowledge of the Product
5. Ability to Use "Positive Language"
6. ______ Skills
7. Time Management Skills
8. Ability to "Read" Customers
9. A Calming Presence
10. Goal Oriented Focus
11. Ability to Handle Surprises
12. Persuasion Skills
13. Closing Ability
14. Willingness to Learn!

Job Title: Customer Service (Technical Support)
Posting Date: 10/01/2015
City: ______ / State: _______

Customer Service (Technical Support)

Support representatives are responsible for assisting clients via email, live chat, and telephone. Support representatives are the first point of contact for clients. A positive, client-driven attitude is required.

Job Description

1. Support level I technical issues via live chat, email, and telephone.
2. Troubleshoot a variety of technical and non-technical issues.
3. Attend regular training as provided by your techncial support manager.
4. Utilize level I security access to the Little Oak Intranet to assist clients.
5. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Required Skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the English language.
A basic knowledge of web hosting, or experience with creating and hosting a website.
Ability to work in a team environment, and to learn technical skills from supervisors and senior colleagues.
Experience with customer support role preferred.
Compensation is in accordance with experience.

Do you enjoy interacting with people?
Are you a natural problem-solver?
Does working with technology excite you?

Carefully listen to and understand customer issues
Probe and isolate issue causes
Utilize available resources to identify appropriate solutions for customers
Explain product features and benefits, answering questions and setting proper expectations for customer inquiries
Ensure customer satisfaction through effective call resolution
Identify and escalate emerging product or customer dissatisfaction issues

Here are further guidelines.
Last Updated: February 1, 2020