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Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

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We need to have e-mail communication.

Can you provide professional training to people?

What type of professional training can you provide?

How would you provide it?

How would I provide it?

Which is better? Why?

What is the most expensive education?
Political science.

What is the second most expensive education?

What comes after that?

What is the least expensive education?
You answer that.

Would you like to have a password?
Do you need password?

Why is an e-mail communication better than telephone communication or a meeting?
E-mail can be sent twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
E-mail can transmit more details than possible over the telephone or a meeting.
E-mail doesn't need planning of venue, time, duration, and others parameters, like a meeting.
E-mail can transmit communication fast, resolve issues, and prevent conflict.
E-mail doesn't need to ensure whether the other party will be available as in a telephone conversation or meeting.
E-mail can maintain better records.
E-mail can resolve issues, problems, claims in a fast, easy, and timely manner.

Who may avoid e-mail use?
Monopolists, incompetent people.

Take a look at this.

Here are further guidelines.