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State Public Libraries
What should the governor of a state and office of the governor know about state public libraries?
Address for procuring these books: http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/booksworld.html
Questions that need to be answered.
Questions that must generally be answered by every state public library
Staff of state public libraries.
Public Libraries
Statistics relevant to Illinois state public libraries.
Issues relevant to state libraries
State libraries’ addresses and locations.

Address for procuring these books: http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/booksworld.html
Where should you communicate if state public libraries need to procure these books?
Doctor Asif Qureshi
5042 N. Winthrop Ave. #237
Chicago, Illinois 60640
North America

If there is change of postal address, it will be displayed.
We need to have e-mail communication.

Government of the world. United Continents United States have more than 330 state libraries.
What needs to be accomplished if a message or directive needs to be circulated to more than 330 state libraries?
This must proceed through the government of the world.
Discussions are required relevant to these issues.

Director of state public libraries.

What are the duties of the director of state public libraries?
What are the statistics of state public libraries, such as the total number of locations, employees, and books?
What are the duties of the director of Illinois libraries?
Who is in charge of or supervises regional libraries in Illinois?
What is the profile of the director of libraries of various states?
How do you make sure books http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/booksworld.html are in every public library?

Staff of Illinois Public Libraries last updated April 24, 2017.

Who is responsible for regularly circulating the list of staff of Illinois public libraries, including new job appointments?

What is on the list of the staff of Illinois public libraries last updated April 24, 2017?

Central office staff in the state.
Local area staff in the state.

State Libraries

Issues relevant to state libraries
Why does staff need to be replaced, from the director of state public libraries to procurement staff?
A monopoly has infiltrated state public libraries.
Books and resources that are not at all useful to the general public have been procured by state public libraries.

What types of books are required in state public libraries?
These books http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/booksworld.html must be available in all state public libraries relevant to school, college, and university resources as well as state government departments.

Questions that need to be answered.
Who is responsible for placing competent staff, including procurement staff, in state libraries?
Whom do I ask if I do not find these books http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/booksworld.html in my local public library?
What remuneration does the author of these books, Doctor Asif Qureshi, get when these books are procured by state public libraries?

Staff of state public libraries.
What is on the list of staff of state public libraries?
How many total employees work in state public libraries at this point?

Local public library facts

How many total staff with a job title work at this library?
What hours during the week is the library open?
What facilities are available at this local public library?
What events are planned at this local public library?

Questions that must generally be answered by every state public library
What questions must generally be answered by every state public library?

What types of resources should a library provide?
Educational resources relevant to school, college, and university education in the English language, preferably in question-and-answer format.

These are prerequisite resources for a public library: Internet, magazines, and newspapers that are relevant to school, college, and university education.

What have been the findings from various libraries?
Products and services are procured with vested interests with utter disregard for the genuine requirements for the community.

Existing public libraries do not have resources required of a library that are relevant to school, college, or university education in the English language, preferably in question-and-answer format.

Does your public library have such resources?
Does your public library have education materials relevant to school, college, or university education in the English language and preferably in question-and-answer format?

What is the difference between a librarian and an academic mentor?
A librarian can help you find a book in a library, issue a library card, or order materials from other libraries.

A librarian cannot guide others to become competent teachers, engineers, medical doctors, administrators, news editors, lawyers, judges, legislators, police officers, correctional officers, entrepreneurs, governors, or professionals in essential areas of the economy.

An academic mentor guides others in a specific subject or academic discipline.

I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University.
Take a look at this.

Take a look at this.

How many competent teachers do you need?
How many competent engineers do you need?
How many competent medical doctors do you need?
How many competent administrators do you need?
How many competent news editors do you need?
How many competent lawyers do you need?
How many competent judges do you need?
How many competent legislators do you need?
How many competent police officers do you need?
How many competent correctional officers do you need?
How many competent entrepreneurs do you need?
How many competent governors do you need?
How many competent professionals do you need in essential areas of the economy?

I can be a mentor to all of them.
You need to nominate students; I will educate them in a short period of time.
They need to fill out a form.
Take a look at this.

The following should be communicated to the students.
You need to e-mail and answer all relevant questions.
You need to call.
Once you e-mail regularly and answer all relevant questions, then a meeting can be arranged if it is required.
If you do not know an answer to a question, honestly declare, "I do not know." You will be taught.

If there is any deficiency of skills and knowledge, extra courses will be recommended.

Q: Who may procure these resources?
A: Department of Education, libraries, universities, schools, booksellers, others.

Q: Why should you procure them only from me?
A: The product and service is of highest quality, researched, perused, edited, copyrighted, sole source, and indispensable.

Q: What should be the remuneration?
A: You answer that.
Associate of Science in Library and Information Services
Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Services
Masters Degree in Library and Information Science
Are you interested in any one of these courses: Certificate Course, Refresher Course, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M. Phil, Master's Degree or a Ph.D. program?

Take a look at this.
Law College
Medical College
Engineering College
Police Training College
Defence College
Teacher Training College
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
College of Computer Science and Information Technology
College of Agriculture
Master of Business Administration
Master of Library and Information Science degree
College of Administrative Sciences
Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning
PhD in Counseling
PhD in English Language Learning
PhD in Criminal Justice
Veterinary College
Vocational Training College
Listed in alphabetical order

State libraries’ addresses and locations.
State Libraries
What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

North American States

  1. Alabama
    Alabama Department of Archives & History
    Alabama Public Library Service

  2. Alaska
    Alaska State Library

  3. Arizona
    Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records

  4. Arkansas
    Arkansas State Library

  5. California
    California State Library

  6. Colorado
    Colorado State Library and Adult Education Office
    Colorado Virtual Library

  7. Connecticut
    Connecticut State Library

  8. Delaware
    Delaware Library Catalog Consortium
    Delaware Division of Libraries

  9. Florida
    State Library and Archives of Florida

  10. Georgia
    Office of Public Library Services

  11. Hawaii
    Hawaii State Public Library System

  12. Idaho
    Idaho Commission for Libraries

  13. Illinois
    Illinois State Library

  14. Indiana
    Indiana State Library

  15. Iowa
    State Library of Iowa

  16. Kansas
    Kansas State Library
    Blue Skyways: A Service of the Kansas State Library

  17. Kentucky
    Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

  18. Louisiana
    State Library of Louisiana

  19. Maine
    Maine State Library

  20. Maryland
    Sailor: Maryland's Public Information Network
    District of Columbia
    District of Columbia Public Library

  21. Massachusetts
    Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

  22. Michigan
    Library of Michigan

  23. Minnesota
    State Government Libraries

  24. Mississippi
    Mississippi Library Commission

  25. Missouri
    Missouri State Library

  26. Montana
    Montana State Library

  27. Nebraska
    Nebraska Library Commission

  28. Nevada
    Nevada State Library and Archives

  29. New Hampshire
    New Hampshire State Library

  30. New Jersey
    The New Jersey State Library

  31. New Mexico
    New Mexico State Library

  32. New York
    The New York State Library
    New York State Archives

  33. North Carolina
    State Library of North Carolina

  34. North Dakota
    North Dakota State Library

  35. Ohio
    State Library of Ohio

  36. Oklahoma
    ODL Online: Oklahoma Department of Libraries

  37. Oregon
    Oregon State Library

  38. Pennsylvania
    State Library of Pennsylvania

  39. Rhode Island
    Office of Library and Information Services

  40. South Carolina
    South Carolina State Library

  41. South Dakota
    South Dakota State Library

  42. Tennessee
    Tennessee State Library & Archives

  43. Texas
    Texas State Library and Archives Commission

  44. Utah
    Utah State Library

  45. Vermont
    Vermont Department of Libraries

  46. Virginia
    The Library of Virginia

  47. Washington
    Washington State Library

  48. West Virginia
    West Virginia Library Commission
    West Virginia Archives and History

  49. Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning

  50. Wyoming
    Wyoming State Library
    Alberta (AB)

  51. British Columbia (BC)

  52. Manitoba (MB)

  53. Mexico (MX)

  54. New Brunswick (NB)

  55. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

  56. Northwest Territories (NT)

  57. Nova Scotia (NS)

  58. Nunavut (NU)

  59. Ontario (ON)

  60. Prince Edward Island (PE)

  61. Quebec (QC)

  62. Rhode Island (RI)

  63. Saskatchewan (SK)

  64. West Virginia (WV)

  65. Central America

  66. Cuba/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/Haiti

  67. Island

  68. Asian States

  69. Albania

  70. Andorra

  71. Armenia

  72. Austria

  73. Azerbaijan

  74. Arkhangelsk Oblast

  75. Anhui Province

  76. Afghanistan

  77. Assam

  78. Arunachal Pradesh

  79. Andhra Pradesh

  80. Andaman and Nicober Islands

  81. Balochistan

  82. Bahrain

  83. Bangladesh

  84. Belarus

  85. Belgium

  86. Bhutan

  87. Bihar

  88. Brunei

  89. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  90. Bulgaria

  91. Chechnya

  92. Croatia

  93. Cyprus

  94. Czech Republic

  95. Cambodia

  96. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

  97. Chhattisgarh

  98. Daman and Diu

  99. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  100. Dagestan

  101. Denmark

  102. Delhi/Haryana

  103. England

  104. Estonia

  105. East Timor

  106. Eastern Province (Dammam)

  107. Finland

  108. Fujian Province

  109. France

  110. Gujarat

  111. Goa

  112. Georgia

  113. Germany

  114. Gibraltar

  115. Greece

  116. Gansu Province

  117. Guangdong Province

  118. Guangxi Province

  119. Guizhou

  120. Heilongjiang

  121. Hong Kong

  122. Hubei

  123. Hainan Province

  124. Henan Province

  125. Hunan Province

  126. Himachal Pradesh

  127. Hungary

  128. Inner Mongolia

  129. Indonesia

  130. Iran

  131. Iraq

  132. Iceland

  133. Ireland

  134. Italy

  135. Japan

  136. Jeddah

  137. Jiangxi Province

  138. Jordan

  139. Jiangsu

  140. Jiangxi

  141. Jilin

  142. Jharkhand

  143. Kashmir

  144. Karnataka

  145. Kazakhstan

  146. Kerala

  147. Korea - North

  148. Korea - South

  149. Kyrgyzstan

  150. Kuwait

  151. Kaliningrad Oblast

  152. Lakshadweep

  153. Latvia

  154. Liechtenstein

  155. Lithuania

  156. Luxembourg

  157. Laos

  158. Lebanon

  159. Liaoning Province

  160. Liaoning

  161. Manipur

  162. Mizoram

  163. Maharashtra

  164. Madhya Pradesh

  165. Meghalaya

  166. Malaysia

  167. Magadan Oblast

  168. Mongolia

  169. Myanmar

  170. Macedonia

  171. Malta

  172. Medina

  173. Mecca

  174. Moldova

  175. Monaco

  176. Montenegro

  177. Nagaland

  178. Netherlands

  179. Northern Ireland

  180. Norway

  181. Ningxia

  182. Nepal

  183. Oman

  184. Orissa

  185. Puducherry

  186. Punjab

  187. Peshawar

  188. Philippines

  189. Poland

  190. Portugal

  191. Palestine

  192. Qinghai

  193. Qatar

  194. Rajasthan

  195. Riyadh

  196. Romania

  197. Sikkim

  198. Syria

  199. Sindh

  200. Singapore

  201. Sri Lanka

  202. Scotland

  203. Serbia

  204. Slovakia

  205. Slovenia

  206. Spain

  207. Sweden

  208. Switzerland

  209. Shaanxi Province

  210. Shandong

  211. Shanxi

  212. Sichuan

  213. Taiwan

  214. Tajikistan

  215. Thailand

  216. Tripura

  217. Tamil Nadu

  218. Turkey

  219. Turkmenistan

  220. Ukraine

  221. Uzbekistan

  222. Uttarakhand

  223. United Arab Emirates

  224. Uttar Pradesh

  225. Vietnam

  226. Vatican City

  227. Wales

  228. West Bengal

  229. Xinjiang

  230. Yunnan

  231. Yamalia

  232. Yemen

  233. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  234. Zhejiang

  235. Algeria

  236. Angola

  237. Burundi

  238. Benin

  239. Burkina Faso

  240. Botswana

  241. Cape Verde

  242. Côte d'Ivoire

  243. Comoros

  244. Cameroon

  245. Central African Republic

  246. Chad

  247. Canary Islands

  248. Ceuta

  249. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  250. Djibouti

  251. Egypt

  252. Eritrea

  253. Ethiopia

  254. Equatorial Guinea

  255. Gabon

  256. Gambia

  257. Ghana

  258. Guinea

  259. Guinea-Bissau

  260. Kenya

  261. Liberia

  262. Libya

  263. Lesotho

  264. Madagascar

  265. Malawi

  266. Mauritius

  267. Mayotte

  268. Mozambique

  269. Mali

  270. Mauritania

  271. Madeira

  272. Melilla

  273. Morocco

  274. Niger

  275. Nigeria

  276. Namibia

  277. Réunion

  278. Rwanda

  279. Republic of the Congo

  280. São Tomé and Príncipe

  281. Saint Helena

  282. Senegal

  283. Sierra Leone

  284. Seychelles

  285. Somalia

  286. South Africa

  287. Swaziland

  288. South Sudan

  289. Sudan

  290. Tanzania

  291. Togo

  292. Tunisia

  293. Uganda

  294. Western Sahara

  295. Zambia

  296. Zimbabwe

  297. Northern Territory

  298. South Australia

  299. Queensland

  300. New South Wales

  301. Victoria (Australia)

  302. Western Australian

  303. Tasmania

  304. New Zealand

  305. Acre (Asif Province)

  306. Alagoas

  307. Amapá

  308. Amazonas

  309. Bahia

  310. Buenos Aires Province

  311. Ceará

  312. Chubut Province

  313. Córdoba Province

  314. Goiás

  315. Bolivia

  316. Chile

  317. Colombia

  318. Ecuador

  319. Falkland Islands

  320. French Guiana

  321. Guyana

  322. Paraguay

  323. Peru

  324. Río Negro

  325. Santa Cruz

  326. Santa Fe Province

  327. Salta Province

  328. South Georgia

  329. Suriname

  330. Uruguay

  331. Venezuela

Statistics relevant to Illinois state public libraries.
How many libraries are in Illinois?
Facts last updated: April 24, 2017.
Public libraries: 642
Total branches and buildings: 799
College and university libraries: 198
School library media centers: 2,577
Special libraries (medical, law, religious, etc.): 476
Total: 3,893

What exact books and documents, like abilities, departments, occupations, products, states, and subjects, are available in this library and where exactly?
This should be available through the Internet.
These resources www.qureshiuniversity.org must be available through the Internet via your library.

What are the state libraries’ addresses and locations?
Illinois Public Libraries
State Area/CityLibraryAddressZipPhone
IllinoisAbingdonJohn Mosser Public Library District106 West Meek Street61410(309) 462-3129
IllinoisAddisonAddison Public Library2 Friendship Plaza60101(630) 543-3617
IllinoisAlbanyAlbany Public Library District302 South Main Street61230(309) 887-4193
IllinoisAlbionAlbion Public Library6 North Fourth Street62806(618) 445-3314
IllinoisAledoMercer Carnegie Public Library District200 North College Avenue61231(309) 582-2032
IllinoisAlexisAlexis Branch Library102 West Broadway(309) 482-6109
IllinoisAlgonquinAlgonquin Area Public Library District2600 Harnish Drive60102(847) 458-6060
IllinoisAlgonquinEastgate Branch115 Eastgate(847) 658-4343
IllinoisAlsipAlsip-Merrionette Park Library District11960 South Pulaski Road60803(708) 371-5666
IllinoisAltamontAltamont Public Library121 West Washington Avenue62411(618) 483-5457
IllinoisAlto PassAlto Pass Branch Library25 N. Elm St.(618) 893-4920
IllinoisAltonAlton Square Branch Library210 Alton Square(618) 463-1276
IllinoisAltonHayner Public Library District326 Belle Street62002(618) 462-0677
IllinoisAltonThe Hayner Public Library District326 Belle Street(618) 462-0651
IllinoisAltonYouth Library401 State Street(618) 462-0652
IllinoisAltonaRansom Memorial Public Library110 East Main Street61414(309) 484-6193
IllinoisAmboyPankhurst Memorial Library3 South Jefferson Avenue61310(815) 857-3925
IllinoisAndalusiaAndalusia Township Library503 Second Street West61232(309) 798-2542
IllinoisAnnaStinson Memorial Public Library District409 South Main Street62906(618) 833-2521
IllinoisAnnawanAnnawan-Alba Township Library320 West Front Street61234(309) 935-6483
IllinoisAntiochAntioch Public Library District757 Main Street60002(847) 395-0874
IllinoisArcolaArcola Public Library District407 East Main Street61910(217) 268-4477
IllinoisArgentaArgenta Public Library100 East Water Street62501(217) 795-2144
IllinoisArlington HeightsArlington Heights Memorial Library500 North Dunton Avenue60004(847) 392-0100
IllinoisArthurArthur Public Library District225 South Walnut Street61911(217) 543-2037
IllinoisAshlandAshland Public Library125 W. Editor(217) 476-3417
IllinoisAshlandPrairie Skies Public Library District125 West Editor Street62612(217) 476-3417
IllinoisAshleyAshley Public Library District70 North Second Street62808(618) 485-2295
IllinoisAshtonMills Petrie Memorial Library And Gymnasium704 North First Street61006(815) 453-2213
IllinoisAssumptionAssumption Public Library District205 North Oak Street62510(217) 226-3915
IllinoisAstoriaAstoria Public Library District220 West Broadway61501(309) 329-2423
IllinoisAthensAthens Municipal Library410 East Hargrave Street62613(217) 636-8047
IllinoisAtkinsonAtkinson Public Library District119 West Main Street61235(309) 936-7606
IllinoisAtlantaAtlanta Public Library District100 Race Street61723(217) 648-2112
IllinoisAtwoodAtwood-Hammond Public Library District123 North Main Street61913(217) 578-2727
IllinoisAuburnAuburn Public Library338 West Jefferson Street62615(217) 438-6211
IllinoisAugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 North Center Street62311(217) 392-2211
IllinoisAugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 Center St(217) 392-2211
IllinoisAuroraAurora Public Library1 East Benton Street60505(630) 264-4100
IllinoisAuroraEola Road Branch555 S. Eola Road(620) 264-3400
IllinoisAuroraWest Branch233 S. Constitution Drive(630) 264-3600
IllinoisAvonVillage Of Avon Public Library105 South Main Street61415(309) 465-3933
IllinoisBarringtonBarrington Public Library District505 North Northwest Highway60010(847) 382-1300
IllinoisBarryBarry Public Library880 Bainbridge Street62312(217) 335-2149
IllinoisBartlettBartlett Public Library District800 South Bartlett Road60103(630) 837-2855
IllinoisBartonvilleAlpha Park Public Library District3527 South Airport Road61607(309) 697-3822
IllinoisBataviaBatavia Public Library District10 South Batavia Avenue60510(630) 879-1393
IllinoisBeardstownBeardstown Houston Memorial Public Library13 Boulevard Road62618(217) 323-4204
IllinoisBedford ParkBedford Park Public Library District7816 West 65th Place60501(708) 458-6826
IllinoisBeecherBeecher Public Library District660 Penfield Street60401(708) 946-9090
IllinoisBeecher CityBeecher City Branch Library205 S. Sweazy St.
IllinoisBellevilleBelleville Public Library121 East Washington Street62220(618) 234-0441
IllinoisBellevilleWest Branch3414 West Main Street(618) 233-4366
IllinoisBellwoodBellwood Public Library600 Bohland Avenue60104(708) 547-7393
IllinoisBelvidereIda Public Library320 North State Street61008(815) 544-3838
IllinoisBementBement Public Library District349 South Macon Street61813(217) 678-7101
IllinoisBenldFrank Bertetti Benld Public Library308 East Central Avenue62009(217) 835-4045
IllinoisBensenvilleBensenville Community Public Library District200 South Church Road60106(630) 766-4642
IllinoisBentonBenton Public Library District502 South Main Street62812(618) 438-7511
IllinoisBerkeleyBerkeley Public Library1637 North Taft Avenue60163(708) 544-6017
IllinoisBerwynBerwyn Public Library2701 South Harlem Avenue60402(708) 795-8000
IllinoisBethaltoBethalto Public Library District321 South Prairie Street62010(618) 377-8141
IllinoisBethanyMarrowbone Public Library District216 West Main Street61914(217) 665-3014
IllinoisBiggsvilleHenderson County Public Library District110 Hill Crest Drive61418(309) 627-2450
IllinoisBlandinsvilleBlandinsville-Hire Library District130 South Main Street61420(309) 652-3166
IllinoisBloomingdaleBloomingdale Public Library101 Fairfield Way60108(630) 529-3120
IllinoisBloomingtonBloomington Public Library205 East Olive Street61701(309) 828-6091
IllinoisBlue IslandBlue Island Public Library2433 York Street60406(708) 388-1078
IllinoisBlue MoundBlue Mound Memorial Library District213 North Saint Marie Street62513(217) 692-2774
IllinoisBluffsBluffs Public Library110 North Bluff Street62621(217) 754-3804
IllinoisBolingbrookFountaindale Public Library District300 West Briarcliff Road60440(630) 759-2102
IllinoisBourbonnaisBourbonnais Public Library District250 West John Casey Road60914(815) 933-1727
IllinoisBowenBowen Branch116 Fifth St(217) 842-5573
IllinoisBradfordBradford Public Library District111 South Peoria Street61421(309) 897-8400
IllinoisBradleyBradley Public Library District296 North Fulton Avenue60915(815) 932-6245
IllinoisBraidwoodFossil Ridge Public Library District386 West Kennedy Road60408(815) 458-2187
IllinoisBreeseBreese Public Library530 North Third Street62230(618) 526-7361
IllinoisBridgeviewBridgeview Public Library7840 West 79th Street60455(708) 458-2880
IllinoisBrightonBrighton Memorial Public Library110 North Main Street62012(618) 372-8450
IllinoisBrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 South Galena Street61517(309) 446-9575
IllinoisBrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 S. Galena Street(309) 446-9575
IllinoisBroadviewBroadview Public Library District2226 South 16th Avenue60155(708) 345-1325
IllinoisBrookfieldBrookfield Public Library3609 Grand Boulevard60513(708) 485-6917
IllinoisBrusselsSouth County Public Library District106 West Main Street62013(618) 883-2522
IllinoisBudaMason Memorial Public Library104 West Main Street61314(309) 895-7701
IllinoisBunker HillBunker Hill Public Library District220 East Warren Street62014(618) 585-4736
IllinoisBurbankPrairie Trails Public Library District8449 South Moody Avenue60459(708) 430-3688
IllinoisBureauLeepertown Township Public Library201 East Nebraska Street61315(815) 659-3283
IllinoisBushnellBushnell Public Library District455 North Dean Street61422(309) 772-2060
IllinoisByronByron Public Library District109 North Franklin Street61010(815) 234-5107
IllinoisCahokiaCahokia Public Library District140 Cahokia Park Drive62206(618) 332-1491
IllinoisCairoCairo Public Library1609 Washington Avenue62914(618) 734-1840
IllinoisCalumet CityCalumet City Public Library660 Manistee Avenue60409(708) 862-6220
IllinoisCalumet ParkCalumet Park Public Library1500 West 127th Street60827(708) 385-5768
IllinoisCambridgeCambridge Public Library District212 West Center Street61238(309) 937-2233
IllinoisCamp PointCamp Point Public Library District206 East State Street62320(217) 593-7021
IllinoisCanaryvilleCanaryville Branch642 W. 43rd Street60609(312) 747-0644
IllinoisCantonParlin-Ingersoll Public Library205 West Chestnut Street61520(309) 647-0328
IllinoisCarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street(618) 457-0354
IllinoisCarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street62901(618) 457-0354
IllinoisCarlinvilleCarlinville Public Library510 North Broad Street62626(217) 854-3505
IllinoisCarlockCarlock Public Library District202 East Washington Street61725(309) 376-5651
IllinoisCarlockWhite Oak Township Public Library District202 E. Washington(309) 376-5651
IllinoisCarlyleCase-Halstead Public Library571 Franklin Street62231(618) 594-5210
IllinoisCarmiCarmi Public Library103 Slocumb Street62821(618) 382-5277
IllinoisCarol StreamCarol Stream Public Library616 Hiawatha Drive60188(630) 653-0755
IllinoisCarrier MillsCarrier Mills-Stonefort Public Library District109 Oak Street62917(618) 994-2011
IllinoisCarrolltonCarrollton Public Library509 South Main Street62016(217) 942-6715
IllinoisCartervilleAnne West Lindsey Carterville District Library And Nature Pa117 South Division Street62918(618) 985-3298
IllinoisCartervilleCarterville Public Library117 S. Division Street(618) 985-3298
IllinoisCarthageCarthage Public Library District500 Wabash Avenue62321(217) 357-3232
IllinoisCaryCary Area Public Library District1606 Three Oaks Road60013(847) 639-4210
IllinoisCaseyCasey Township Library307 East Main Street62420(217) 932-2105
IllinoisCaseyvilleCaseyville Public Library District419 South Second Street62232(618) 345-5848
IllinoisCatlinCatlin Public Library District101 Mapleleaf Drive61817(217) 427-2550
IllinoisCentraliaAllen Mccarthy Branch Library1500 Case(618) 533-9625
IllinoisCentraliaCentralia Regional Library District515 East Broadway Avenue62801(618) 532-5222
IllinoisCentrevilleCentreville Public Library701 South 47th Street62207(618) 271-2040
IllinoisCerro GordoHope Welty Public Library District100 South Madison Street61818(217) 763-5001
IllinoisChadwickChadwick Public Library District110 Main Street61014(815) 684-5215
IllinoisChampaignChampaign Public Library200 West Green Street61820(217) 403-2050
IllinoisChampaignDouglass Branch Library504 E. Grove St.(217) 403-2090
IllinoisChannahonThree Rivers Public Library District25207 West Channon Drive60410(815) 467-6200
IllinoisCharlestonCharleston Carnegie Public Library712 Sixth Street61920(217) 345-4913
IllinoisChathamChatham Area Public Library District600 East Spruce Street62629(217) 483-2713
IllinoisChatsworthChatsworth Township Library432 East Locust Street60921(815) 635-3004
IllinoisChenoaChenoa Public Library District211 South Division Street61726(815) 945-4253
IllinoisCherry ValleyCherry Valley Public Library District755 East State Street61016(815) 332-5161
IllinoisChesterChester Public Library733 State Street62233(618) 826-3711
IllinoisChicagoAlbany Park Branch5150 N. Kimball Avenue(312) 744-1933
IllinoisChicagoAltgeld Branch950 E. 132nd Place(312) 747-5952
IllinoisChicagoArcher Heights Branch5055 S. Archer Avenue(312) 747-9241
IllinoisChicagoAustin Branch5615 W. Race Avenue(312) 746-5038
IllinoisChicagoAustin-Irving Branch6100 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-6222
IllinoisChicagoAvalon Branch8828 S. Stony Island(312) 747-5234
IllinoisChicagoBack Of The Yards Branch4650 S. Damen Avenue(312) 747-8367
IllinoisChicagoBessie Coleman Branch731 E. 63rd Street(312) 747-7760
IllinoisChicagoBeverly Branch2121 W. 95th Street(312) 747-9673
IllinoisChicagoBezazian Branch1226 W. Ainslie Street(312) 744-0019
IllinoisChicagoBlackstone Branch4904 S. Lake Park Avenue(312) 747-0511
IllinoisChicagoBrainerd Branch1350 W. 89th Street(312) 747-6291
IllinoisChicagoBrighton Park Branch4314 Archer Avenue(312) 747-0666
IllinoisChicagoBucktown-Wicker Park Branch1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.(312) 744-6022
IllinoisChicagoBudlong Woods Branch5630 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 742-9590
IllinoisChicagoChicago Bee Branch3647 S. State Street60609(312) 747-6872
IllinoisChicagoChicago Lawn Branch6120 S. Kedzie Avenue60629(312) 747-0639
IllinoisChicagoChicago Public Library400 South State Street60605(312) 747-4999
IllinoisChicagoChitown Branch2353 S. Wentworth Avenue(312) 747-8013
IllinoisChicagoClearing Branch6423 W. 63rd Place(312) 747-5657
IllinoisChicagoDouglass Branch3353 W. 13th Street(312) 747-3725
IllinoisChicagoDunning Branch7455 W. Cornelia Avenue60634(312) 743-0480
IllinoisChicagoEckhart Park Branch1371 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 746-6069
IllinoisChicagoEdgebrook Branch5331 W. Devon Avenue(312) 744-8313
IllinoisChicagoEdgewater Branch1210 W. Elmdale Avenue(312) 744-0718
IllinoisChicagoGage Park Branch2807 W. 55th Street(312) 747-0032
IllinoisChicagoGalewood-Mont Clare Branch6969 W. Grand Avenue(312) 746-5032
IllinoisChicagoGarfield Ridge Branch6348 Archer Avenue(312) 747-6094
IllinoisChicagoGreater Grand Crossing Branch1000 East 73rd Street60619(312) 745-1608
IllinoisChicagoHall Branch4801 S. Michigan Avenue(312) 747-2541
IllinoisChicagoHarold Washington Library Center(Main Library)400 S. State Street(312) 747-4999
IllinoisChicagoHegewisch Branch3048 E. 130th Street(312) 747-0046
IllinoisChicagoHumboldt Park1605 N. Troy Street60647(312) 744-2244
IllinoisChicagoIndependence Branch3548 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-0900
IllinoisChicagoJefferson Park Branch5363 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1998
IllinoisChicagoJeffery Manor Branch2401 East 100th Street(312) 747-6479
IllinoisChicagoJohn Merlo Branch644 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-1139
IllinoisChicagoKelly Branch6151 S. Normal Boulvard(312) 747-8418
IllinoisChicagoLegler Branch (Marshall Square)115 S. Pulaski Road(312) 746-7730
IllinoisChicagoLincoln Belmont Branch1659 W. Melrose Avenue(312) 744-0166
IllinoisChicagoLincoln Park Branch1150 W. Fullerton Avenue(312) 744-1926
IllinoisChicagoLittle Village Branch2311 S. Kedzie60623
IllinoisChicagoLogan Square Branch3255 W. Altgeld Street(312) 744-5295
IllinoisChicagoMabel Manning Branch6 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 746-6800
IllinoisChicagoMartin Luther King, Jr. Branch3436 S. King Drive(312) 747-7543
IllinoisChicagoMayfair Branch4400 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1254
IllinoisChicagoMckinley Park Branch1915 W. 35th Street(312) 747-6082
IllinoisChicagoMidwest Branch2335 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 744-7788
IllinoisChicagoMount Greenwood Branch11010 S. Kedzie Avenue(312) 747-2805
IllinoisChicagoNear North Branch310 W. Division Street(312) 744-0991
IllinoisChicagoNorth Austin Branch5724 W. North Avenue(312) 746-4233
IllinoisChicagoNorth Pulaski Branch4300 W. North Avenue(312) 744-9573
IllinoisChicagoNorthtown Branch6435 N. California(312) 744-2292
IllinoisChicagoOriole Park Branch5201 N. Oketo Avenue(312) 744-1965
IllinoisChicagoPortage-Cragin Branch5108 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-0152
IllinoisChicagoPullman Branch11001 S. Indiana Avenue(312) 747-2033
IllinoisChicagoRichard J. Daley Branch3400 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-8990
IllinoisChicagoRichard M. Daley-W Humboldt Branch1605 N. Troy Street(312) 744-2244
IllinoisChicagoRoden Branch6083 Northwest Hwy. 60631(312) 744-1478
IllinoisChicagoRogers Park Branch6907 N. Clark Street(312) 744-0156
IllinoisChicagoRoosevelt Branch1101 W. Taylor Street(312) 746-5656
IllinoisChicagoRudy Lozano Branch1805 S. Loomis Street(312) 746-4329
IllinoisChicagoScottsdale Branch4101 W. 79th Street(312) 747-0193
IllinoisChicagoSherman Park Branch5440 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-0477
IllinoisChicagoSouth Chicago Branch9055 S. Houston Avenue(312) 747-8065
IllinoisChicagoSouth Shore Branch2505 E. 73rd Street(312) 747-5281
IllinoisChicagoSulzer Regional4455 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 744-7616
IllinoisChicagoThurgood Marshall Branch7506 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-5927
IllinoisChicagoToman Branch4005 W. 27th Street(312) 747-8114
IllinoisChicagoTuley Park Branch501 E. 90th Place(312) 747-7608
IllinoisChicagoUptown Branch929 W. Buena Avenue(312) 744-8400
IllinoisChicagoVodak East Side Branch10542 S. Ewing Avenue(312) 747-5500
IllinoisChicagoWalker Branch11071 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 747-1920
IllinoisChicagoWater Works Branch163 E. Pearson Street60611(312) 742-8811
IllinoisChicagoWest Addison Branch7536 W. Addison Street(312) 746-4704
IllinoisChicagoWest Belmont Branch3104 N. Narragansett Avenue(312) 746-5142
IllinoisChicagoWest Chicago Avenue Branch4856 W. Chicago Ave.(312) 743-0260
IllinoisChicagoWest Englewood Branch1745 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-3481
IllinoisChicagoWest Lawn Branch4020 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-7381
IllinoisChicagoWest Pullman Branch830 W. 119th Street(312) 747-1425
IllinoisChicagoWest Town Branch1625 W. Chicago Avenue60622(312) 743-0450
IllinoisChicagoWhitney M. Young, Jr. Branch7901 S. King Drive(312) 747-0039
IllinoisChicagoWoodson Regional Library9525 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-6900
IllinoisChicagoWrightwood-Ashburn Branch8530 S. Kedzie Avenue(321) 747-2696
IllinoisChicago HeightsChicago Heights Public Library25 West Fifteenth Street60411(708) 754-0323
IllinoisChicago RidgeChicago Ridge Public Library10400 South Oxford Avenue60415(708) 423-7753
IllinoisChillicotheChillicothe Public Library District430 North Bradley Avenue61523(309) 274-2719
IllinoisChrismanChrisman Public Library108 North Illinois Street61924(217) 269-3011
IllinoisChristopherChristopher Public Library202 East Market Street62822(618) 724-7534
IllinoisCiceroCicero Public Library5225 West Cermak Road60804(708) 652-8084
IllinoisCiceroCicero Public Library South Branch5444 W. 34th Street(708) 863-8440
IllinoisCiscoWillow Branch Township Library330 North Eldon Street61830(217) 669-2312
IllinoisCissna ParkCissna Park Community Library District511 North Second Street60924(815) 457-2452
IllinoisClarendon HillsClarendon Hills Public Library7 North Prospect Avenue60514(630) 323-8188
IllinoisClaytonClayton Public Library District211 East Main Street62324(217) 894-6519
IllinoisCliftonCentral Citizens Library District1134 East 3100 North Road60927(815) 694-2800
IllinoisCliftonClifton Public Library150 East Fourth Avenue60927(815) 694-2069
IllinoisClintonVespasian Warner Public Library District310 North Quincy Street61727(217) 935-5174
IllinoisCoal CityCoal City Public Library District85 North Garfield Street60416(815) 634-4552
IllinoisCoal ValleyRobert R. Jones Public Library District900 First Street61240(309) 799-3047
IllinoisCobdenCobden Branch Library100 S. Front St.(618) 893-4637
IllinoisColchesterColchester District Library203 Macomb Street62326(309) 776-4861
IllinoisColfaxMartin Township Public Library132 West Main Street61728(309) 723-2541
IllinoisCollinsvilleCollinsville Memorial Public Library408 West Main St.(618) 344-1112
IllinoisCollinsvilleMississippi Valley Public Library District408 West Main Street62234(618) 344-1112
IllinoisColonaColona District Public Library911 First Street61241(309) 792-0548
IllinoisColumbiaColumbia Public Library106 North Metter Avenue62236(618) 281-4237
IllinoisCordovaCordova District Library402 Main Avenue61242(309) 654-2330
IllinoisCornellAmity Township Public Library604 East Main Street61319(815) 358-2231
IllinoisCortlandCortland Community Library63 South Somonauk Road60112(815) 756-7274
IllinoisCoultervilleCoulterville Public Library103 South Fourth Street62237(618) 758-3013
IllinoisCowdenDry Point Township Librarypo box 27562422(217) 783-2616
IllinoisCrest HillCrest Hill Branch Library1298 Theodore Street(815) 725-0234
IllinoisCrestonCreston-Dement Public Library District107 South Main Street60113(815) 384-3111
IllinoisCrestwoodCrestwood Public Library District4955 West 135th Street60445(708) 371-4090
IllinoisCreteCrete Public Library District1177 North Main Street60417(708) 672-8017
IllinoisCreve CoeurCreve Coeur Public Library District311 North Highland Street61610(309) 699-7921
IllinoisCrystal LakeCrystal Lake Public Library126 Paddock Street60014(815) 459-1687
IllinoisCubaSpoon River Library District201 South Third Street61427(309) 785-5496
IllinoisCutlerCutler Public Library409 South Main Street62238(618) 497-2961
IllinoisDahlgrenDahlgren Public Librarypo box 23762828(618) 736-2652
IllinoisDanversDanvers Township Library105 South West Street61732(309) 963-4269
IllinoisDanvilleDanville Public Library319 North Vermilion Street61832(217) 477-5220
IllinoisDarienIndian Prairie Public Library District401 Plainfield Road60561(630) 887-8760
IllinoisDecaturDecatur Public Library130 North Franklin Street62523(217) 424-2900
IllinoisDeer CreekDeer Creek District Library205 East First Avenue61733(309) 447-6724
IllinoisDeerfieldDeerfield Public Library920 Waukegan Road60015(847) 945-3311
IllinoisDekalbDekalb Public Library309 Oak Street60115(815) 756-9568
IllinoisDelandGoose Creek Township Carnegie Library130 North Highway Avenue61839(217) 664-3572
IllinoisDelavanAyer Public Library District208 Locust Street61734(309) 244-8236
IllinoisDepueSelby Township Library District101 Depot Street61322(815) 447-2660
IllinoisDes PlainesDes Plaines Public Library1501 Ellinwood Street60016(847) 827-5551
IllinoisDivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second Street62530(217) 628-3813
IllinoisDivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second(217) 628-3813
IllinoisDixonDixon Public Library221 South Hennepin Avenue61021(815) 284-7261
IllinoisDoltonDolton Public Library District14037 Lincoln Avenue60419(708) 849-2385
IllinoisDongolaDongola Public Library District114 North East Front Street62926(618) 827-3622
IllinoisDowners GroveDowners Grove Public Library1050 Curtiss Street60515(630) 960-1200
IllinoisDu QuoinDu Quoin Public Library28 South Washington St.(618) 542-5045
IllinoisDunlapDunlap Public Library District302 South First Street61525(309) 243-5716
IllinoisDupoDaugherty Public Library District220 South Fifth Street62239(618) 286-4444
IllinoisDuquoinDuquoin Public Library28 South Washington Street62832(618) 542-5045
IllinoisDwightPrairie Creek Public Library District501 Carriage House Lane60420(815) 584-3061
IllinoisEarlvilleEarl Township Public Library205 Winthrop Street(815) 246-9543
IllinoisEarlvilleEarlville Public Library District205 Winthrop Street60518(815) 246-9543
IllinoisEast AltonEast Alton Public Library District250 Washington Avenue62024(618) 259-0787
IllinoisEast DubuqueEast Dubuque District Library350 Wall Street61025(815) 747-3052
IllinoisEast DundeeDundee Township Public Library District555 Barrington Avenue60118(847) 428-3661
IllinoisEast MolineEast Moline Public Library740 Sixteenth Avenue61244(309) 755-9614
IllinoisEast PeoriaFondulac Public Library District140 East Washington Street61611(309) 699-3917
IllinoisEast PeoriaSpring Bay Branch411 Illinois Street(309) 822-0444
IllinoisEast St LouisEast St. Louis Public Library5300 State Street62203(618) 397-0991
IllinoisEdwardsvilleEdwardsville Public Library112 South Kansas Street62025(618) 692-7556
IllinoisEffinghamHelen Matthes Library100 East Market Avenue62401(217) 342-2464
IllinoisEl PasoEl Paso Public Library149 West First Street61738(309) 527-4360
IllinoisElburnTown And Country Public Library District320 East North Street60119(630) 365-2244
IllinoisEldoradoEldorado Memorial Public Library District1001 Grant Street62930(618) 273-7922
IllinoisElginGail Borden Public Library District270 North Grove Avenue60120(847) 742-2411
IllinoisElizabethElizabeth Township Library210 East Myrtle Street61028(815) 858-2212
IllinoisElk Grove VillageElk Grove Village Public Library1001 Wellington Avenue60007(847) 439-0447
IllinoisElkhartElkhart Public Library District121 East Bohan Street62634(217) 947-2313
IllinoisElkvilleRick Warren Memorial Public Library District114 South Fourth Street62932(618) 568-1843
IllinoisElmhurstElmhurst Public Library125 South Prospect Avenue60126(630) 279-8696
IllinoisElmwoodMorrison Mary Wiley Library206 West Main Street61529(309) 742-2431
IllinoisElmwood ParkElmwood Park Public Library1 Conti Parkway60707(708) 453-7645
IllinoisEnfieldEnfield Reading Center111 E. Main St.(618) 963-2787
IllinoisErieErie Public Library District802 8th Avenue61250(309) 659-2707
IllinoisEurekaEureka Public Library District202 South Main Street61530(309) 467-2922
IllinoisEvanstonEvanston Public Library1703 Orrington Avenue60201(847) 448-8600
IllinoisEvanstonNorth Branch2026 Central Street(847) 866-0330
IllinoisEvanstonSouth Branch949 Chicago Avenue(847) 866-0333
IllinoisEvansvilleCentral Public Library District701 Oak Street A62242(618) 853-4081
IllinoisEvansvilleEvansville Public Library602 Public Street62242(618) 853-4067
IllinoisEvergreen ParkEvergreen Park Public Library9400 South Troy Avenue60805(708) 422-8522
IllinoisFairburyDominy Memorial Library201 South Third Street61739(815) 692-3231
IllinoisFairfieldFairfield Public Library300 South East Second Street62837(618) 842-4516
IllinoisFairmountVance Township Library107 South Main Street61841(217) 733-2164
IllinoisFairviewValley District Library515 Carter Street61432(309) 778-2240
IllinoisFairview HeightsFairview Heights Public Library10017 Bunkum Road62208(618) 489-2070
IllinoisFarmer CityFarmer City Public Library109 East Green Street61842(309) 928-9532
IllinoisFarmersvilleFarmersville-Waggoner Public Library District210 South Cleveland Street62533(217) 227-3711
IllinoisFarmingtonFarmington Area Library District266 East Fort Street61531(309) 245-2175
IllinoisFlat RockSusie Wesley Memorial Library105 South Main St.(618) 584-3636
IllinoisFloraFlora Public Library216 North Main Street62839(618) 662-6553
IllinoisFlossmoorFlossmoor Public Library1000 Sterling Avenue60422(708) 798-3600
IllinoisFord HeightsFord Heights Public Library District800 East 14th Street(708) 757-0551
IllinoisForest ParkForest Park Public Library7555 Jackson Boulevard60130(708) 366-7171
IllinoisForrestForrest Public Library District301 West James Street61741(815) 657-8805
IllinoisForrestonForreston Public Library204 First Avenue61030(815) 938-2624
IllinoisForsythForsyth Public Library268 South Elwood Street62535(217) 877-8174
IllinoisFox LakeFox Lake Public Library District255 East Grand Avenue60020(847) 587-0198
IllinoisFox River GroveFox River Grove Memorial Library407 Lincoln Avenue60021(847) 639-2274
IllinoisFrankfortFrankfort Public Library District21119 South Pfeiffer Road60423(815) 469-2423
IllinoisFranklin GroveFranklin Grove Public Library112 South Elm Street61031(815) 456-2823
IllinoisFranklin GroveWinifred Knox Memorial Library112 S. Elm St.(815) 456-2823
IllinoisFranklin ParkFranklin Park Public Library District10311 Grand Avenue60131(847) 455-6016
IllinoisFreeburgFreeburg Area Library District407 South Belleville Street62243(618) 539-5454
IllinoisFreeportFreeport Public Library100 East Douglas Street61032(815) 233-3000
IllinoisFultonSchmaling Memorial Public Library District501 Tenth Avenue61252(815) 589-2045
IllinoisGalatiaGalatia Public Library District217 South Main Cross Street62935(618) 268-9200
IllinoisGalenaGalena Public Library District601 South Bench Street61036(815) 777-0200
IllinoisGalesburgGalesburg Public Library40 East Simmons Street61401(309) 343-6118
IllinoisGalvaGalva Public Library District120 Northwest Third Avenue61434(309) 932-2180
IllinoisGeneseoGeneseo Public Library District218 South State Street61254(309) 944-6452
IllinoisGenevaGeneva Public Library District127 James Street60134(630) 232-0780
IllinoisGenoaGenoa Public Library District232 West Main Street60135(815) 784-2627
IllinoisGeorgetownGeorgetown Public Library102 West West Street61846(217) 662-2164
IllinoisGermantownGermantown Public Library District403 Munster Street62245(618) 523-4820
IllinoisGibson CityMoyer District Library307 North Sangamon Avenue60936(217) 784-5343
IllinoisGillespieGillespie Public Library201 West Chestnut Street62033(217) 839-3614
IllinoisGilmanGilman-Danforth District Library715 North Maple Street60938(815) 265-7522
IllinoisGilsonGilson Branch1261 Harding Street(309) 876-2300
IllinoisGirardGirard Township Library201 West Madison Street62640(217) 627-2414
IllinoisGlen CarbonGlen Carbon Centennial Library198 South Main Street62034(618) 288-1212
IllinoisGlen EllynGlen Ellyn Public Library400 Duane Street60137(630) 469-0879
IllinoisGlencoeGlencoe Public Library320 Park Avenue60022(847) 835-5056
IllinoisGlendale HeightsGlenside Public Library District25 East Fullerton Avenue60139(630) 260-1550
IllinoisGlenviewGlenview Public Library1930 Glenview Road60025(847) 729-7500
IllinoisGlenwoodGlenwood-Lynwood Public Library District320 East Glenwood Lansing Road60425(708) 758-0090
IllinoisGolcondaGolconda Public Library126 West Main Street62938(618) 683-6531
IllinoisGoldenGolden Branch309 Quincy(217) 696-2428
IllinoisGrand TowerGrand Tower Public Library111 Walnut Street62942(618) 565-2181
IllinoisGranite CityGranite City Branch2145 Johnson Road
IllinoisGranite CitySix Mile Regional Library District2001 Delmar Avenue62040(618) 452-6238
IllinoisGrant ParkGrant Park Public Library107 West Taylor Street60940(815) 465-6047
IllinoisGranvilleGranville Branch Library212 S. Mccoy Street(815) 339-2480
IllinoisGrayslakeGrayslake Area Public Library District100 Library Lane60030(847) 223-5313
IllinoisGrayvilleGrayville Carnegie Public Library110 West Mill Street62844(618) 375-7121
IllinoisGreenfieldGreenfield Public Library515 Chestnut Street62044(217) 368-2613
IllinoisGreenupGreenup Township Public Library101 North Franklin Street62428(217) 923-3616
IllinoisGreenvilleGreenville Public Library414 West Main Street62246(618) 664-3115
IllinoisGridleyGridley Public Library District320 Center Street61744(309) 747-2284
IllinoisGriggsvilleGriggsville Public Library119 South Corey Street62340(217) 833-2633
IllinoisGurneeWarren-Newport Public Library District224 North Oplaine Road60031(847) 244-5150
IllinoisHamiltonHamilton Public Library861 Broadway62341(217) 847-2219
IllinoisHammondHammond Branch1st Don Ryan Street(217) 262-3323
IllinoisHampshireElla Johnson Memorial Public Library District109 South State Street60140(847) 683-4490
IllinoisHanoverHanover Township Library204 Jefferson Street61041(815) 591-3517
IllinoisHanover ParkHanover Park Branch Library1570 Irving Park Road(630) 372-7800
IllinoisHanover ParkPoplar Creek Hanover Park4300 Audrey Lane(630) 372-0052
IllinoisHarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street(618) 253-7455
IllinoisHarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street62946(618) 253-7455
IllinoisHartfordHartford Public Library District143 West Hawthorne Street62048(618) 254-9394
IllinoisHarvardHarvard Diggins Library900 East Mckinley Street60033(815) 943-4671
IllinoisHarveyHarvey Public Library District15441 Turlington Avenue60426(708) 331-0757
IllinoisHarwood HeightsEisenhower Public Library District4613 North Oketo Avenue60706(708) 867-7828
IllinoisHavanaHavana Public Library District201 West Adams Street62644(309) 543-4701
IllinoisHazel CrestGrande Prairie Public Library District3479 West 183rd Street60429(708) 798-5563
IllinoisHeckerHecker Public Library151 West Monroe Street62248(618) 473-3022
IllinoisHennepinHennepin Headquarters214 N. Fourth Street(815) 925-7020
IllinoisHennepinPutnam County Public Library District214 North Fourth Street61327(815) 925-7020
IllinoisHenryHenry Public Library702 Front Street61537(309) 364-2516
IllinoisHerrickHerrick Township Public Library303 North Broadway Street62431(618) 428-5223
IllinoisHerrinHerrin City Library120 North 13th Street62948(618) 942-6109
IllinoisHeyworthHeyworth Public Library District119 East Main Street61745(309) 473-2313
IllinoisHighlandLouis Latzer Memorial Public Library1001 Ninth Street62249(618) 654-5066
IllinoisHighland ParkHighland Park Public Library494 Laurel Avenue60035(847) 432-0216
IllinoisHighwoodHighwood Public Library102 Highwood Avenue60040(847) 432-5404
IllinoisHillsboroHillsboro Public Library214 School Street62049(217) 532-3055
IllinoisHillsdaleMoore Memorial Library District509 Main Street61257(309) 658-2666
IllinoisHillsideHillside Public Library405 North Hillside Avenue60162(708) 449-7510
IllinoisHinckleyHinckley Public Library District100 North Maple Street60520(815) 286-3220
IllinoisHinsdaleHinsdale Public Library20 East Maple Street60521(630) 986-1976
IllinoisHodgkinsHodgkins Public Library District6500 Wenz Avenue60525(708) 579-1844
IllinoisHoffmanHoffman Area Branch Library100 N. Broadway(618) 495-9955
IllinoisHoffman EstatesHoffman Estates Branch Library1550 Hassell Road(847) 885-3511
IllinoisHomerHomer Community Library500 East Second Street61849(217) 896-2121
IllinoisHomer GlenHomer Township Public Library District14320 West 151st Street60491(708) 301-7908
IllinoisHometownHometown Public Library4331 Southwest Highway60456(708) 636-0997
IllinoisHomewoodHomewood Public Library District17917 Dixie Highway60430(708) 798-0121
IllinoisHoopestonHoopeston Public Library District110 North Fourth Street60942(217) 283-6711
IllinoisHopkins ParkPembroke Public Library District13795 East Central Street60944(815) 944-8609
IllinoisHudsonHudson Area Public Library District104 Pearl Street61748(309) 726-1103
IllinoisHullKinderhook Township Public Library District665 Southwest Lee Evans Drive62343(217) 432-1030
IllinoisHuntleyHuntley Area Public Library District11000 Ruth Road60142(847) 669-5386
IllinoisHutsonvilleHutsonville Public Library104 South Main,(618) 563-9603
IllinoisIlliopolisIlliopolis-Niantic Public Library District401 Sixth And Mary Street62539(217) 486-5561
IllinoisIrvingtonIrvington Branch Library500 Superior(618) 249-8243
IllinoisItascaItasca Community Library500 West Irving Park Road60143(630) 773-1699
IllinoisJacksonvilleJacksonville Public Library201 West College Avenue62650(217) 243-5435
IllinoisJerseyvilleJerseyville Public Library105 North Liberty Street62052(618) 498-9514
IllinoisJohnsburgJohnsburg Public Library District3000 North Johnsburg Road60051(815) 344-0077
IllinoisJohnston CityJohnston City Public Library506 Washington Avenue62951(618) 983-6359
IllinoisJolietBlack Road Branch3395 W. Black Road(815) 740-2660
IllinoisJolietJoliet Public Library150 North Ottawa Street60432(815) 740-2660
IllinoisJolietJpl West Outlet1244 Louis Joliet Mall(815) 439-7279
IllinoisJonesboroJonesboro Public Library412 South Main Street62952(618) 833-8121
IllinoisJusticeJustice Public Library District7641 South Oak Grove Avenue60458(708) 496-1790
IllinoisKanevilleKaneville Public Library District2 South 101 Harter Road60144(630) 557-2441
IllinoisKankakeeKankakee Public Library201 East Merchant Street60901(815) 939-4564
IllinoisKankakeeLimestone Township Library2701 West Tower Road60901(815) 939-1696
IllinoisKansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 North Front Street61933(217) 948-5484
IllinoisKansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 N. Front St.(217) 948-5484
IllinoisKewaneeKewanee Public Library District102 South Tremont Street61443(309) 852-4505
IllinoisKinmundyKinmundy Public Library111 South Monroe Street62854(618) 547-3250
IllinoisKirklandKirkland Public Library513 West Main Street60146(815) 522-6260
IllinoisKirkwoodKirkwood Branch Library134 South Kirk(309) 768-2173
IllinoisKnoxvilleKnoxville Public Library200 East Main Street61448(309) 289-2113
IllinoisLa SalleLasalle Public Library305 Marquette Street61301(815) 223-2341
IllinoisLaconLacon Public Library District205 Sixth Street61540(309) 246-2855
IllinoisLaddLadd Public Library District125 North Main Street61329(815) 894-3254
IllinoisLaddLadd Public Library District125 N. Main St.(815) 894-3254
IllinoisLafayetteIra C. Reed Public Library302 Commercial Street61449(309) 995-3042
IllinoisLagrangeLagrange Public Library10 West Cossitt Avenue60525(708) 352-0576
IllinoisLagrange ParkLagrange Park Public Library District555 North La Grange Road60526(708) 352-0100
IllinoisLaharpeLaharpe Carnegie Public Library District209 East Main Street61450(217) 659-7729
IllinoisLake BluffLake Bluff Public Library123 East Scranton Avenue60044(847) 234-2540
IllinoisLake ForestLake Forest Library360 East Deerpath Road60045(847) 234-0636
IllinoisLake VillaLake Villa Public Library District1001 East Grand Avenue60046(847) 356-7711
IllinoisLake ZurichEla Area Public Library District275 Mohawk Trail60047(847) 438-3433
IllinoisLamoilleLamoille-Clarion Public Library District81 Main Street61330(815) 638-2356
IllinoisLanarkLanark Public Library110 West Carroll Street61046(815) 493-2166
IllinoisLanarkLanark Public Library110 W Carroll St(815) 493-2166
IllinoisLansingLansing Public Library2750 Indiana Avenue60438(708) 474-2447
IllinoisLawrencevilleLawrence Public Library District814 Twelfth Street62439(618) 943-3016
IllinoisLeaf RiverBertolet Memorial Library District705 Main Street61047(815) 738-2742
IllinoisLebanonLebanon Public Library314 West Saint Louis Street62254(618) 537-4504
IllinoisLemontLemont Public Library District50 East Wend Street60439(630) 257-6541
IllinoisLenaLena Community District Library300 West Mason Street61048(815) 369-3180
IllinoisLewistownLewistown Carnegie Public Library District321 West Lincoln Avenue61542(309) 547-2860
IllinoisLexingtonLexington Public Library District207 South Cedar Street61753(309) 365-7801
IllinoisLibertyvilleCook Memorial Public Library District413 North Milwaukee Avenue60048(847) 362-2330
IllinoisLincolnLincoln Public Library725 Pekin St.(217) 732-8878
IllinoisLincolnLincoln Public Library District725 Pekin Street62656(217) 732-8878
IllinoisLincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road60069(847) 634-3650
IllinoisLincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road(847) 634-3650
IllinoisLincolnwoodLincolnwood Public Library District4000 West Pratt Avenue60712(847) 677-5277
IllinoisLisleLisle Library District777 Front Street60532(630) 971-1675
IllinoisLitchfieldLitchfield Carnegie Public Library400 North State Street62056(217) 324-3866
IllinoisLittletonLittleton Branch110 Center St(309) 257-2202
IllinoisLockportLockport Branch Library121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
IllinoisLockportWhite Oak Library District121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
IllinoisLodaA. Herr Smith E.E. Smith Library105 East Adams60948(217) 386-2783
IllinoisLoganLogan Reading Center6342 Main Street(618) 435-4234
IllinoisLombardHelen M. Plum Memorial Library110 West Maple Street60148(630) 627-0316
IllinoisLostantLostant Community Library102 West Third Street61334(815) 368-3530
IllinoisLoves ParkNorth Suburban Public Library District6340 North Second Street61111(815) 633-4247
IllinoisLovingtonLovington Public Library District110 West State Street61937(217) 873-4468
IllinoisLyonsLyons Public Library4209 Joliet Avenue60534(708) 447-3577
IllinoisMackinawMackinaw District Public Library117 South Main Street61755(309) 359-8022
IllinoisMacombMacomb Public Library District235 South Lafayette Street61455(309) 833-2714
IllinoisMaconSouth Macon Public Library District451 West Glenn Street62544(217) 764-3356
IllinoisMadisonMadison Public Library1700 Fifth Street62060(618) 876-8448
IllinoisMagnoliaMagnolia Branch114 N. Chicago Street(815) 869-3038
IllinoisMahometMahomet Public Library District512 East Main Street61853(217) 586-2611
IllinoisMaltaMalta Township Public Library203 East Adams60150(815) 825-2525
IllinoisManhattanManhattan Public Library District240 Whitson Street60442(815) 478-3987
IllinoisManitoForman Valley Public Library District404 1-2 South Harrison Street61546(309) 968-6093
IllinoisManitoManito Public Library District404 1-2 S. Harrison(309) 968-6093
IllinoisMansfieldBlue Ridge Township Public Library101 West Oliver Street61854(217) 489-9033
IllinoisMantenoManteno Public Library District50 West Division Street60950(815) 468-3323
IllinoisMaple ParkMaple Park Public Library District302 Willow Street60151(815) 827-3362
IllinoisMaquonMaquon Public Library District210 Main Street61458(309) 875-3573
IllinoisMarengoMarengo Public Library District200 South State Street60152(815) 568-8236
IllinoisMarionCrab Orchard Public Library District20012 Crab Orchard Road62959(618) 982-2141
IllinoisMarionMarion Carnegie Library206 South Market Street62959(618) 993-5935
IllinoisMarissaMarissa Area Public Library District212 North Main Street62257(618) 295-2825
IllinoisMarkhamBradford Anderson Oglesby Public Library16640 South Kedzie Avenue60428(708) 331-0130
IllinoisMaroaMaroa Public Library District305 East Garfield Street61756(217) 794-5111
IllinoisMarquette HeightsMarquette Heights Public Library715 Lincoln Road61554(309) 382-3778
IllinoisMarseillesMarseilles Public Library155 East Bluff Street61341(815) 795-4437
IllinoisMarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue62441(217) 826-2535
IllinoisMarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue(217) 826-2535
IllinoisMartinsvilleMartinsville Public Library District120 East Cumberland Street62442(217) 382-4113
IllinoisMaryvilleMaryville Community Library District8 Schiber Court62062(618) 288-3801
IllinoisMascoutahMascoutah Public Library3 West Church Street62258(618) 566-2562
IllinoisMason CityMason City Public Library District820 West Chestnut Street62664(217) 482-3799
IllinoisMathervilleMatherville Branch1376 252nd Street(309) 754-8244
IllinoisMattesonMatteson Public Library801 South School Avenue60443(708) 748-4431
IllinoisMattoonMattoon Public Library1600 Charleston Avenue61938(217) 234-2621
IllinoisMaywoodMaywood Public Library District121 South Fifth Avenue60153(708) 343-1847
IllinoisMccookMccook Public Library District8419 West 50th Street60525(708) 442-1242
IllinoisMchenryMchenry Nunda Public Library District813 West Il Route 12060051(815) 385-6303
IllinoisMchenryMchenry Public Library District809 North Front Street60050(815) 385-0036
IllinoisMcleanMount Hope-Funks Grove Townships Public Library District111 South Hamilton Street61754(309) 874-2291
IllinoisMcleansboroMccoy Memorial Library118 South Washington Street62859(618) 643-2125
IllinoisMcnabbMcnabb Branch Library322. W. Main(815) 882-2378
IllinoisMelrose ParkMelrose Park Public Library801 North Broadway Street60160(708) 343-3391
IllinoisMelvinMelvin Public Library102 South Center Street60952(217) 388-2421
IllinoisMendonFour Star Public Library District132 West South Street62351(217) 936-2131
IllinoisMendotaGraves-Hume Public Library District1401 West Main Street61342(815) 538-5142
IllinoisMeredosiaM-C River Valley Public Library District304 Main Street62665(217) 584-1571
IllinoisMetamoraGermantown Hills Branch101 Warrior Way(309) 383-2263
IllinoisMetamoraIllinois Prairie District Public Library208 East Partridge Street61548(309) 367-4594
IllinoisMetropolisMetropolis Public Library317 Metropolis Street62960(618) 524-4312
IllinoisMidlothianMidlothian Public Library14701 South Kenton Avenue60445(708) 535-2027
IllinoisMilanCoyne Center Branch11310 16th Street(309) 787-1512
IllinoisMilfordMilford District Library2 South Grant Avenue60953(815) 889-4722
IllinoisMilledgevilleWysox Township Public Library18 West Fifth Street61051(815) 225-7572
IllinoisMillstadtMillstadt Library115 West Laurel Street62260(618) 476-1887
IllinoisMineralMineral-Gold Public Library District120 East Main Street61344(309) 288-3971
IllinoisMinierH.A. Peine District Library202 North Main Street61759(309) 392-3220
IllinoisMinonkFilger Public Library261 East Fifth Street61760(309) 432-2929
IllinoisMinookaMinooka Branch109 N Wabena St(815) 467-1600
IllinoisMokenaMokena Community Public Library District11327 West 195th Street60448(708) 479-9663
IllinoisMolineMoline Public Library3210 41st Street61265(309) 762-6883
IllinoisMolineSoutheast Library504 - 17th Street(309) 762-6883
IllinoisMomenceEdward Chipman Public Library126 North Locust Street60954(815) 472-2581
IllinoisMonmouthWarren County Public Library District62 Public Square61462(309) 734-3166
IllinoisMonticelloAllerton Public Library201 N. State Street(217) 762-4676
IllinoisMonticelloMonticello Township Library201 North State Street61856(217) 762-4676
IllinoisMorrisMorris Area Public Library District604 Liberty Street60450(815) 942-6880
IllinoisMorrisonOdell Public Library307 South Madison Street61270(815) 772-7323
IllinoisMorrisonvilleKitchell Memorial Library300 South East 5th Street62546(217) 526-4553
IllinoisMortonMorton Public Library District315 West Pershing Street61550(309) 263-2200
IllinoisMorton GroveMorton Grove Public Library6140 Lincoln Avenue60053(847) 965-4220
IllinoisMound CityMound City Public Library224 High Street62963(618) 748-9427
IllinoisMoundsMounds Public Library418 First Street62964(618) 745-6610
IllinoisMount CarmelMount Carmel Public Library727 North Mulberry Street62863(618) 263-3531
IllinoisMount CarrollMount Carroll Township Public Library208 North Main Street61053(815) 244-1751
IllinoisMount MorrisMount Morris Public Library105 South Mckendrie Avenue61054(815) 734-4927
IllinoisMount OliveMount Olive Public Library100 North Plum Street62069(217) 999-7311
IllinoisMount ProspectMount Prospect Public Library10 South Emerson Street60056(847) 253-5675
IllinoisMount PulaskiMount Pulaski Public Library District320 North Washington Street62548(217) 792-5919
IllinoisMount SterlingBrown County Public Library District143 West Main Street62353(217) 773-2013
IllinoisMount VernonC.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District101 South Seventh Street62864(618) 242-6322
IllinoisMount ZionMount Zion Public Library District115 West Main Street62549(217) 864-3622
IllinoisMoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District600 North Putnam Street62550(217) 768-4700
IllinoisMoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District122 North Main St(217) 768-4700
IllinoisMundeleinFremont Public Library District1170 North Midlothian Road60060(847) 566-8702
IllinoisMurphysboroSallie Logan Public Library1808 Walnut Street62966(618) 684-3271
IllinoisNaperville95th Street Library (Nsl)3015 Cedar Glade Dr.(630) 961-4100
IllinoisNapervilleNaper Boulevard Library2035 S. Naper Blvd.(630) 961-4100
IllinoisNapervilleNaperville Public Library200 West Jefferson Avenue60540(630) 961-4100
IllinoisNapervilleNichols Library200 W. Jefferson Ave.(630) 961-4100
IllinoisNashvilleNashville Public Library219 East Elm Street62263(618) 327-3827
IllinoisNauvooNauvoo Public Library1270 Mulholland Street62354(217) 453-2707
IllinoisNeogaNeoga Public Library District550 Chestnut Avenue62447(217) 895-3944
IllinoisNeponsetNeponset Public Library201 West Commerical Street61345(309) 594-2204
IllinoisNew AthensNew Athens District Library201 North Van Buren Street62264(618) 475-3255
IllinoisNew BadenNew Baden Public Library210 North First Street62265(618) 588-4554
IllinoisNew BerlinWest Sangamon Public Library District103 East Illinois Street62670(217) 488-7733
IllinoisNew LenoxNew Lenox Public Library District120 Veterans Parkway60451(815) 485-2605
IllinoisNew WindsorNew Windsor Public Library District412 Main Street61465(309) 667-2515
IllinoisNewarkCharles B. Phillips Public Library District6 North Jackson Street60541(815) 695-5851
IllinoisNewmanNewman Regional Library District108 West Yates Street61942(217) 837-2412
IllinoisNewtonNewton Public Library District100 South Van Buren Street62448(618) 783-8141
IllinoisNilesNiles Public Library District6960 Oakton Street60714(847) 663-1234
IllinoisNokomisNokomis Public Library22 South Cedar Street62075(217) 563-2734
IllinoisNormalNormal Public Library206 West College Avenue61761(309) 452-1757
IllinoisNorris CityNorris City Memorial Public Library District603 South Division Street62869(618) 378-3713
IllinoisNorth AuroraMessenger Public Library Of North Aurora113 Oak Street60542(630) 896-0240
IllinoisNorth ChicagoNorth Chicago Public Library2100 Argonne Drive60064(847) 689-0125
IllinoisNorth RiversideNorth Riverside Public Library District2400 South Des Plaines Avenue60546(708) 447-0869
IllinoisNorthbrookNorthbrook Public Library1201 Cedar Lane60062(847) 272-6224
IllinoisNorthfieldNorthfield Branch1785 Orchard Lane(847) 446-5990
IllinoisNorthlakeNorthlake Public Library District231 North Wolf Road60164(708) 562-2301
IllinoisOak BrookOak Brook Public Library600 Oak Brook Road60523(630) 368-7700
IllinoisOak ForestAcorn Public Library District15624 South Central Avenue60452(708) 687-3700
IllinoisOak LawnOak Lawn Public Library9427 South Raymond Avenue60453(708) 422-4990
IllinoisOak ParkDole Branch Library255 Augusta(708) 386-9032
IllinoisOak ParkMaze Branch Library845 South Gunderson(708) 386-4751
IllinoisOak ParkOak Park Public Library834 Lake Street60301(708) 383-8200
IllinoisOakwoodOakwood Public Library District110 East Finley Street61858(217) 354-4777
IllinoisOblongOblong Public Library110 East Main Street(618) 592-3001
IllinoisOdellOdell Public Library District301 East Richard Street60460(815) 998-2012
IllinoisOfallonOfallon Public Library120 Civic Plaza62269(618) 632-3783
IllinoisOgdenOgden Rose Public Library103 West Main Street61859(217) 582-2411
IllinoisOglesbyOglesby Public Library District111 South Woodland Avenue61348(815) 883-3619
IllinoisOhioOhio Public Library District112 North Main Street61349(815) 376-5422
IllinoisOlive BranchDodge Memorial Public Library District22440 Railroad Street62969(618) 776-5115
IllinoisOlmstedOlmsted Public Library160 North Front Street62970(618) 742-8296
IllinoisOlneyOlney Public Library400 West Main Street62450(618) 392-3711
IllinoisOnargaOnarga Community Public Library District209 West Seminary Avenue60955(815) 268-7626
IllinoisOneidaGreig Memorial Library110 South Joy Street61467(309) 483-3482
IllinoisOneidaOneida Greig Memorial Library110 S. Joy Street(309) 483-3482
IllinoisOreanaOreana Public Library100 South Route 4862554(217) 468-2340
IllinoisOregonOregon Public Library District300 Jefferson Street61061(815) 732-2724
IllinoisOrionWestern District Library1111 Fourth Street61273(309) 526-8375
IllinoisOrland ParkOrland Park Public Library14921 South Ravinia Avenue60462(708) 428-5100
IllinoisOswegoOswego Public Library District32 West Jefferson Street60543(630) 554-3150
IllinoisOttawaReddick Public Library District1010 Canal Street61350(815) 434-0509
IllinoisPalatinePalatine Public Library District700 North North Court60067(847) 358-5881
IllinoisPalatineRand Road Branch1585 Rand Road(847) 202-1194
IllinoisPalestinePalestine Public Library District116 South Main Street62451(618) 586-5317
IllinoisPalos HeightsPalos Heights Public Library12501 South 71st Avenue60463(708) 448-1473
IllinoisPalos HillsGreen Hills Public Library District8611 West 103rd Street60465(708) 598-8446
IllinoisPalos ParkPalos Park Public Library12330 South Forest Glen Boulevard60464(708) 448-1530
IllinoisPanaCarnegie-Schuyler Library303 East Second Street62557(217) 562-2326
IllinoisParisParis Carnegie Public Library207 South Main Street61944(217) 463-3950
IllinoisPark ForestPark Forest Public Library400 Lakewood Boulevard60466(708) 748-3731
IllinoisPark RidgePark Ridge Public Library20 South Prospect Avenue60068(847) 825-3123
IllinoisPatokaPatoka Public Library210 West Bond Street62875(618) 432-5019
IllinoisPaw PawPaw Paw Public Library District362 Chicago Road61353(815) 627-9396
IllinoisPawneePawnee Public Library613 Douglas Street62558(217) 625-7716
IllinoisPaxtonPaxton Carnegie Library254 South Market Street60957(217) 379-3431
IllinoisPearl CityPearl City Public Library District221 South Main Street61062(815) 443-2832
IllinoisPecatonicaPecatonica Public Library District400 West Eleventh Street61063(815) 239-2616
IllinoisPekinPekin Public Library301 South Fourth Street61554(309) 347-7111
IllinoisPeoriaLakeview Branch Library1137 W. Lake Ave.(309) 497-2200
IllinoisPeoriaLincoln Branch Library1312 W. Lincoln Ave(309) 497-2600
IllinoisPeoriaMcclure Branch Library315 W. Mcclure Ave.(309) 497-2700
IllinoisPeoriaPeoria Public Library107 Northeast Monroe Street61602(309) 497-2000
IllinoisPeoriaRiverwest Library312 S. Merriman(309) 497-2080
IllinoisPeoriaSouth Side Library2605 W. Krause Ave.(309) 497-2300
IllinoisPeoria HeightsPeoria Heights Public Library816 East Glen Avenue61616(309) 682-5578
IllinoisPeotonePeotone Public Library District515 North First Street60468(708) 258-3436
IllinoisPercyPercy Reading Center307 West Pine(618) 497-8414
IllinoisPeruPeru Public Library1409 Eleventh Street61354(815) 223-0229
IllinoisPetersburgPetersburg Public Library220 South Sixth Street62675(217) 632-2807
IllinoisPhiloPhilo Public Library District115 East Washington Street61864(217) 684-2896
IllinoisPinckneyvillePinckneyville Public Library312 South Walnut Street62274(618) 357-2410
IllinoisPiper CityPiper City Public Library District39 West Main Street60959(815) 686-9234
IllinoisPittsburgPittsburg Branch Library302 W. Avery St.(618) 997-8111
IllinoisPittsfieldPittsfield Public Library205 North Memorial Street62363(217) 285-2200
IllinoisPlainfieldPlainfield Public Library District15025 South Illinois Street60544(815) 436-6639
IllinoisPlanoPlano Community Library District15 West North Street60545(630) 552-2009
IllinoisPleasant PlainsPleasant Plains Branch555 Buckeye Rd(217) 626-1553
IllinoisPlymouthPlymouth Branch103 Main(309) 458-6616
IllinoisPoloPolo Public Library District302 West Mason Street61064(815) 946-2713
IllinoisPontiacPontiac Public Library211 East Madison Street61764(815) 844-7229
IllinoisPort ByronRiver Valley District Library214 South Main Street61275(309) 523-3440
IllinoisPrincetonMatson Public Library15 Park Avenue West(815) 875-1331
IllinoisPrincetonPrinceton Public Library698 East Peru Street61356(815) 875-1331
IllinoisPrincevilleLillie M. Evans Library District207 North Walnut Avenue61559(309) 385-4540
IllinoisProphetstownHenry C. Adams Memorial Library209 West Third Street61277(815) 537-5462
IllinoisProspect HeightsProspect Heights Public Library District12 North Elm Street60070(847) 259-3500
IllinoisPutnamPutnam (Condit) Branch105 W. Center Street(815) 437-2811
IllinoisQuincyQuincy Public Library526 Jersey Street62301(217) 223-1309
IllinoisQuincyYork Street Branch639 York Street(217) 592-3679
IllinoisRamseyRamsey Public Library401 South Superior Street62080(618) 423-2019
IllinoisRantoulRantoul Public Library106 West Flessner Avenue61866(217) 893-3955
IllinoisRaymondDoyle Public Library District109 South Obannon Street62560(217) 229-4471
IllinoisRed BudRed Bud Public Library925 South Main Street62278(618) 282-2255
IllinoisRichmondNippersink Public Library District5418 Hill Road60071(815) 678-4014
IllinoisRichton ParkRichton Park Public Library District4045 Sauk Trail60471(708) 481-5333
IllinoisRidge FarmElwood Township Carnegie Library104 North State Street61870(217) 247-2820
IllinoisRiver ForestRiver Forest Public Library735 Lathrop Avenue60305(708) 366-5205
IllinoisRiver GroveRiver Grove Public Library District8638 West Grand Avenue60171(708) 453-4484
IllinoisRiverdaleRiverdale Public Library District208 West 144th Street60827(708) 841-3311
IllinoisRiversideRiverside Public Library1 Burling Road60546(708) 442-6366
IllinoisRivertonRiverton Village Library1200 East Riverton Road62561(217) 629-6353
IllinoisRoanokeRoanoke Branch123 East Broad Street(309) 923-7686
IllinoisRobbinsWilliam Leonard Public Library District13820 Central Park Avenue60472(708) 597-2760
IllinoisRobinsonRobinson Public Library District606 North Jefferson Street62454(618) 544-2917
IllinoisRochelleFlagg-Rochelle Public Library District619 Fourth Avenue61068(815) 562-3431
IllinoisRochesterRochester Public Library District1 Community Drive62563(217) 498-8454
IllinoisRock FallsRock Falls Public Library District1007 Seventh Avenue61071(815) 626-3958
IllinoisRock IslandRock Island 30-31 Branch3059 30th Street(309) 732-7369
IllinoisRock IslandRock Island Public Library401 Nineteenth Street61201(309) 732-7323
IllinoisRock IslandRock Island Southwest Branch9010 Ridgewood Road(309) 732-7338
IllinoisRockfordLewis Lemon Branch1988 West Jefferson Street(815) 962-4767
IllinoisRockfordMontague Branch1238 South Winnebago Street(815) 965-1912
IllinoisRockfordNortheast Branch320 North Alpine Road(815) 226-1533
IllinoisRockfordRock River Branch3128 11th Street(815) 398-7514
IllinoisRockfordRockford Public Library215 North Wyman Street61101(815) 965-7606
IllinoisRockfordRockton Centre Branch3114 North Rockton Avenue(815) 963-5617
IllinoisRocktonTalcott Free Library District101 East Main Street61072(815) 624-7511
IllinoisRolling MeadowsBiblioteca Del Centro2268 Algonquin Road(847) 506-2060
IllinoisRolling MeadowsRolling Meadows Library3110 Martin Lane60008(847) 259-6050
IllinoisRomeovilleRomeoville Branch Library201 West Normantown Road(815) 886-2030
IllinoisRoodhouseRoodhouse Public Library220 West Franklin Street62082(217) 589-5123
IllinoisRoscoeNorth Suburban Library-Roscoe5562 Cayton Circle(815) 623-6266
IllinoisRoselleRoselle Public Library District40 South Park Street60172(630) 529-1641
IllinoisRosevilleRoseville Branch Library145 West Penn(309) 426-2336
IllinoisRosiclareRosiclare Memorial Public Librarypo box 1062982(618) 285-6213
IllinoisRound LakeRound Lake Area Public Library District906 Hart Road60073(847) 546-7060
IllinoisRoxanaRoxana Public Library District200 North Central Avenue62084(618) 254-6713
IllinoisRoyaltonRoyalton Public Library District305 South Dean Street62983(618) 984-4463
IllinoisRushvilleRushville Public Library104 North Monroe Street62681(217) 322-3030
IllinoisSaint CharlesSaint Charles Public Library District60174(630) 584-0076
IllinoisSaint ElmoSt. Elmo Public Library District311 West Cumberland Road62458(618) 829-5544
IllinoisSaint JosephSt. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library201 North Third Street61873(217) 469-2159
IllinoisSalemBryan-Bennett Library217 West Main Street62881(618) 548-7784
IllinoisSandovalSandoval Branch Library101 N. Broadway(618) 247-3873
IllinoisSandwichSandwich District Library107 East Center Street60548(815) 786-8308
IllinoisSauk VillageNancy L. Mcconathy Public Library District21737 Jeffrey Avenue60411(708) 757-4771
IllinoisSavannaSavanna Public Library District326 Third Street61074(815) 273-3714
IllinoisSaybrookCheneys Grove Township Library204 South State Street61770(309) 475-6131
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburg Township District Library130 South Roselle Road60193(847) 985-4000
IllinoisSchiller ParkSchiller Park Public Library4200 Old River Road60176(847) 678-0433
IllinoisSeatonSeaton Public Library District201 Maple Street61476(309) 586-5341
IllinoisSenecaSeneca Public Library District210 North Main Street61360(815) 357-6566
IllinoisSesserSesser Public Library303 West Franklin Street62884(618) 625-6566
IllinoisShabbonaFlewellin Memorial Library108 West Comanche60550(815) 824-2079
IllinoisShawneetownShawneetown Public Library320 North Lincoln Boulevard62984(618) 269-3761
IllinoisSheffieldSheffield Public Library136 East Cook Street61361(815) 454-2628
IllinoisShelbyvilleShelbyville Public Library154 North Broadway Street62565(217) 774-4432
IllinoisSheldonSheldon Public Library District125 North Fifth Street60966(815) 429-3521
IllinoisSheridanRobert W. Rowe Public Library District120 East Si Johnson Avenue60551(815) 496-2031
IllinoisShermanSherman Public Library District2100 East Andrew Road62684(217) 496-2496
IllinoisSherrardSherrard Public Library District200 Fifth Avenue61281(309) 593-2178
IllinoisShorewoodShorewood-Troy Public Library District650 Deerwood Drive60404(815) 725-1715
IllinoisSidellSidell District Library101 East Market Street61876(217) 288-9031
IllinoisSidneySidney Community Library221 South David Street61877(217) 688-2332
IllinoisSilvisSilvis Public Library105 Eighth Street61282(309) 755-3393
IllinoisSkokieSkokie Public Library5215 Oakton Street60077(847) 673-7774
IllinoisSmithtonSmithton Public Library District109 South Main Street62285(618) 233-8057
IllinoisSomonaukSomonauk Public Library District115 East Dekalb Street60552(815) 498-2440
IllinoisSouth BeloitSouth Beloit Public Library630 Blackhawk Boulevard61080(815) 389-2495
IllinoisSouth HollandSouth Holland Public Library16250 Wausau Avenue60473(708) 331-5262
IllinoisSouth PekinSouth Pekin Library208 Main Street61564(309) 348-2446
IllinoisSpartaSparta Public Library211 West Broadway62286(618) 443-5014
IllinoisSpring ValleyRichard A. Mautino Memorial Library215 East Cleveland Street61362(815) 663-4741
IllinoisSpringfieldLincoln Library326 South Seventh Street62701(217) 753-4900
IllinoisSt. CharlesSt. Charles Public Library District1 South Sixth Ave.(630) 584-0076
IllinoisStandardStandard Branch128 First Street(815) 339-2471
IllinoisStanfordAllin Township Library116 West Main Street61774(309) 379-4631
IllinoisStauntonStaunton Public Library306 West Main Street62088(618) 635-3852
IllinoisSteelevilleSteeleville Area Public Library District625 South Sparta Street62288(618) 965-9732
IllinoisStegerSteger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District54 East 31st Street60475(708) 755-5040
IllinoisSterlingSterling Public Library102 West Third Street61081(815) 625-1370
IllinoisStickneyStickney-Forest View Public Library District6800 West 43rd Street60402(708) 749-1050
IllinoisStillman ValleyJulia Hull District Library100 Library Lane61084(815) 645-8611
IllinoisStocktonStockton Township Public Library140 West Benton Avenue61085(815) 947-2030
IllinoisStoningtonStonington Township Public Library500 East North Street62567(217) 325-3512
IllinoisStreamwoodPoplar Creek Public Library District1405 South Park Avenue60107(630) 837-6800
IllinoisStreatorStreator Public Library130 South Park Street61364(815) 672-2729
IllinoisSugar GroveSugar Grove Public Library District54 Snow Street60554(630) 466-4686
IllinoisSullivanElizabeth Titus Memorial Library2 West Water Street61951(217) 728-7221
IllinoisSummitSummit Public Library District6233 South Archer Road60501(708) 458-1545
IllinoisSycamoreSycamore Public Library103 East State Street60178(815) 895-2500
IllinoisTaylorvilleTaylorville Public Library121 West Vine Street62568(217) 824-4736
IllinoisThomsonYork Township Public Library1005 West Main Street61285(815) 259-2480
IllinoisThorntonThornton Public Library115 East Margaret Street60476(708) 877-2579
IllinoisTildenTilden Public Library540 Pine Street62292(618) 587-2401
IllinoisTinley ParkTinley Park Public Library7851 Timber Drive60477(708) 532-0160
IllinoisTiskilwaTiskilwa Public Library119 East Main Street61368(815) 646-4511
IllinoisToledoSumpter Township Library408 Courthouse Square62468(217) 849-2072
IllinoisTolonoTolono Public Library District111 East Main Street61880(217) 485-5558
IllinoisTolucaToluca Public Library District102 North Main Street61369(815) 452-2211
IllinoisToulonToulon Public Library District306 West Jefferson Street61483(309) 286-5791
IllinoisTowandaTowanda District Library301 South Taylor Street61776(309) 728-2176
IllinoisTremontTremont District Library215 South Sampson Street61568(309) 925-5432
IllinoisTrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street62293(618) 224-7662
IllinoisTrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street(618) 224-7662
IllinoisTroyTri-Township Public Library District209 South Main Street62294(618) 667-2133
IllinoisTuscolaTuscola Public Library112 East Sale Street61953(217) 253-3812
IllinoisUniversity ParkUniversity Park Public Library District1100 Blackhawk Drive60466(708) 534-2580
IllinoisUrbanaUrbana Free Library210 West Green Street61801(217) 367-4057
IllinoisUticaUtica Public Library Districtpo box 36761373(815) 667-4509
IllinoisValmeyerValmeyer Public Library District300 South Cedar Bluff Drive62295(618) 935-2626
IllinoisVandaliaEvans Public Library District215 South Fifth Street62471(618) 283-2824
IllinoisVeniceVenice Public Library325 Broadway Avenue62090(618) 877-1330
IllinoisVermilionPotomac Public Library110 East State Street61865(217) 987-6457
IllinoisVermontVermont Public Librarypo box 19961484(309) 784-6291
IllinoisVernon HillsEvergreen Interim Library290 Evergreen Dr.(847) 362-2330
IllinoisVersaillesVersailles Branch Library112 West 2nd Street(217) 225-3102
IllinoisVictoriaVictoria Public Library District227 East Main Street61485(309) 879-2295
IllinoisViennaVienna Carnegie Public Library401 Poplar Street62995(618) 658-5051
IllinoisVilla GroveCamargo Township District Library14 North Main Street61956(217) 832-5211
IllinoisVilla ParkVilla Park Public Library305 South Ardmore Avenue60181(630) 834-1164
IllinoisViolaViola Public Library District1705 Fourteenth Street61486(309) 596-2620
IllinoisVirdenGrand Prairie Of The West Public Library District142 West Jackson Street62690(217) 965-3015
IllinoisVirginiaVirginia Memorial Public Library100 North Main Street62691(217) 452-3846
IllinoisWalnutWalnut Public Library District101 Heaton61376(815) 379-2159
IllinoisWarrenWarren Township Public Library210 Burnett Avenue61087(815) 745-2076
IllinoisWarrensburgBarclay Public Library District220 South Main Street62573(217) 672-3621
IllinoisWarrenvilleWarrenville Public Library District28w751 Stafford Place60555(630) 393-1171
IllinoisWarsawWarsaw Public Library1025 Webster Street62379(217) 256-3417
IllinoisWashburnWashburn Branch102 West Magnolia(309) 248-7429
IllinoisWashingtonSunnyland Branch1 Sunnyland Plaza(309) 745-3023
IllinoisWashingtonWashington District Library380 North Wilmor Road61571(309) 444-2241
IllinoisWashington ParkWashington Park Public Library5103 Bunkum Road 262204(618) 271-5103
IllinoisWaterlooMorrison-Talbott Library215 Park Street62298(618) 939-6232
IllinoisWatermanClinton Township Public Library110 South Elm Street60556(815) 264-3339
IllinoisWatsekaWatseka Public Library201 South 4th Street60970(815) 432-4544
IllinoisWaucondaWauconda Area Public Library District801 North Main Street60084(847) 526-6225
IllinoisWaukeganWaukegan Public Library128 North County Street60085(847) 623-2041
IllinoisWaverlyWaverly Public Library291 North Pearl Street62692(217) 435-2051
IllinoisWayne CityWayne City Public Library103 East Mill Street62895(618) 895-2661
IllinoisWaynesvilleWaynesville Township Library303 East Second Street61778(217) 949-5111
IllinoisWeldonWeldon Public Library District505 Maple Street61882(217) 736-2215
IllinoisWenonaBond Public Library208 South Chestnut Street61377(815) 853-4665
IllinoisWest ChicagoWest Chicago Public Library District118 West Washington Street60185(630) 231-1552
IllinoisWest FrankfortWest Frankfort Public Library402 East Poplar Street62896(618) 932-3313
IllinoisWest SalemWest Salem Public Library112 West South Street62476(618) 456-8970
IllinoisWest UnionWest Union District Library209 West Union Street62477(217) 279-3556
IllinoisWestchesterWestchester Public Library10700 Canterbury Street60154(708) 562-3573
IllinoisWestern SpringsThomas Ford Memorial Library800 Chestnut Street60558(708) 246-0520
IllinoisWestmontWestmont Public Library428 North Cass Avenue60559(630) 969-5625
IllinoisWestvilleWestville Public Library District233 South State Street61883(217) 267-3170
IllinoisWheatonWheaton Public Library225 North Cross Street60187(630) 668-1374
IllinoisWheelingIndian Trails Public Library District355 South Schoenbeck Road60090(847) 459-4100
IllinoisWhite HallWhite Hall Township Library119 East Sherman Street62092(217) 374-6014
IllinoisWilliamsfieldWilliamsfield Public Library District111 West Gale Street61489(309) 639-2630
IllinoisWilliamsvilleWilliamsville Public Library141 West Main Street62693(217) 566-3520
IllinoisWillisvilleWillisville Village Library803 Broadway Street62997(618) 497-2422
IllinoisWilmetteWilmette Public Library District1242 Wilmette Avenue60091(847) 256-5025
IllinoisWilmingtonWilmington Public Library District201 South Kankakee Street60481(815) 476-2834
IllinoisWinchesterWinchester Public Library215 North Main Street62694(217) 742-3150
IllinoisWindsorWindsor Storm Memorial Public Library District102 South Maple Street61957(217) 459-2498
IllinoisWinfieldWinfield Public Library60190(630) 653-7599
IllinoisWinnebagoWinnebago Public Library District210 North Elida Street61088(815) 335-7050
IllinoisWinnetkaWinnetka-Northfield Public Library District768 Oak Street60093(847) 446-7220
IllinoisWittWitt Township Memorial Library18 North Second Street62094(217) 594-7333
IllinoisWolf LakeWolf Lake Branch Library4720 State Rt. 3 North(618) 833-4923
IllinoisWood DaleWood Dale Public Library District520 North Wood Dale Road60191(630) 766-6762
IllinoisWood RiverWood River Public Library326 East Ferguson Avenue62095(618) 254-4832
IllinoisWoodhullClover Public Library District440 North Division Street61490(309) 334-2680
IllinoisWoodridgeWoodridge Public Library3 Plaza Drive60517(630) 964-7899
IllinoisWoodstockWoodstock Public Library414 West Judd Street60098(815) 338-0542
IllinoisWordenWorden Public Library District111 East Wall Street62097(618) 459-7171
IllinoisWorthWorth Public Library District6917 West 111th Street60482(708) 448-2855
IllinoisWyanetRaymond A. Sapp Memorial Township Library103 East Main Street61379(815) 699-2342
IllinoisWyomingWyoming Public Library District119 North Seventh Street61491(309) 695-2241
IllinoisYates CitySalem Township Public Library District115 West Main Street61572(309) 358-1678
IllinoisYorkvilleYorkville Public Library902 Game Farm Road60560(630) 553-4354
IllinoisZeiglerZeigler Public Library102 East Maryland Street62999(618) 596-2041
IllinoisZionZion-Benton Public Library District2400 Gabriel Avenue60099(847) 872-4680

New York Public Libraries
AdamsAdams Free Library2 North Main Street13605(315) 232-2265
Adams CenterAdams Center Free Library18267 State Route 17713606(315) 583-5501
AddisonAddison Public Library6 South Street14801(607) 359-3888
AftonAfton Free Library105 A Main Street13730(607) 639-1212
AkronNewstead Public Library33 Main Street14001(716) 542-2327
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - Arbor Hill-West Hill Branch148 Henry Johnson Boulevard12210(518) 694-0596
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - Delaware Branch331 Delaware Avenue12209(518) 463-0254
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - John A. Howe Branch105 Schuyler Street12202(518) 472-9485
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - John J. Bach Branch455 New Scotland Avenue12208(518) 482-2154
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - Main Library161 Washington Avenue12210(518) 427-4300
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - North Albany Branch616 North Pearl Street12204(518) 463-1581
AlbanyAlbany Public Library - Pine Hills Branch12208(518) 482-7911
AlbanyUpper Hudson Library System28 Essex Street12206(518) 437-9880
AlbertsonShelter Rock Public Library165 Searingtown Road11507(516) 248-7363
AlbionSwan Library4 North Main Street14411(585) 589-4246
AldenAlden Ewell Free Library13280 Broadway14004(716) 937-7082
Alexandria BayMacsherry Library112 Walton Street13607(315) 482-2241
AlfredAlfred Box Of Books Library1 West University Street14802(607) 587-9290
AlleganyAllegany Public Library90 West Main Street14706(716) 373-1056
AlmondAlmond Twentieth Century Club Libraryp o box d14804(607) 276-6311
AltamontAltamont Free Library105 Park Street12009(518) 861-7239
AltonaAltona Reading Center3124 Rt. 19112910(518) 236-7621
AmagansettAmagansett Free Library215 Main Street11930(631) 267-3810
AmeniaAmenia Free Library3309 Route 34312501(845) 373-8273
AmherstAudubon Branch350 John James Audubon Parkway14228(716) 688-4919
AmityvilleAmityville Public Library11701(631) 264-0567
AmsterdamAmsterdam Free Library28 Church Street12010(518) 842-1080
AndesAndes Public Library242 Main Street13731(845) 676-3333
AndoverAndover Free Library40 Main Street14806(607) 478-8442
AngelicaAngelica Free Library55 West Main Street14709(585) 466-7860
AngolaAngola Public Library34 North Main Street14006(716) 549-1271
AntwerpCrosby Public Library59 Main Street13608(315) 659-8564
ApalachinApalachin Library Association719 Main St13732(607) 625-3333
ArcadeArcade Free Library365 West Main Street14009(585) 492-1297
ArdsleyArdsley Public Library9 American Legion Drive10502(914) 693-6636
ArgyleArgyle Free Library21 Sheridan Street12809(518) 638-8911
ArmonkNorth Castle Public Library19 Whippoorwill Road East10504(914) 273-3887
ArverneQueens Borough Public Library - Arverne312 Beach 54 Street11692(718) 634-4784
AshvilleAshville Free Library2200 North Maple Street14710(716) 763-9906
AstoriaQueens Borough Public Library - Astoria14-01 Astoria Boulevard11102(718) 278-2220
AstoriaQueens Borough Public Library - Steinway21-45 31 Street11105(718) 728-1965
AthensD.R. Evarts Library80 Second Street12015(518) 945-1417
AtlantaE J Cottrell Memorial Library30 Main Street14808(585) 534-5030
AtticaStevens Memorial Community Library146 Main Street14011(585) 591-2733
AuburnSeymour Public Library District176-178 Genesee Street13021(315) 252-2571
AuroraAurora Free Library370 Main Street13026(315) 364-8074
Ausable ForksAusable Forks Free Library9 Church Lane12912(518) 647-5596
Averill ParkSand Lake Town Library8428 Miller Hill Road12018(518) 674-5050
AvocaAvoca Free Library18 North Main Street14809(607) 566-9279
AvonAvon Free Library143 Genesee Street14414(585) 226-8461
BabylonBabylon School District Public Library24 South Carll Avenue11702(631) 669-1624
BainbridgeBainbridge Free Library13 North Main Street13733(607) 967-5305
BaldwinBaldwin Public Library2385 Grand Avenue11510(516) 223-6228
BaldwinsvilleBaldwinsville Public Library33 East Genesee Street13027(315) 635-5631
Ballston SpaBallston Spa Public Library21 Milton Avenue12020(518) 885-5022
BarkerBarker Free Library8706 Main Street14012(716) 795-3344
BarneveldBarneveld Free Library Association118 Boon Street13304(315) 896-2096
BataviaRichmond Memorial Library19 Ross Street14020(585) 343-9550
BathDormann Library101 West Morris Street14810(607) 776-4613
BaysideQueens Borough Public Library - Bay Terrace18-36 Bell Boulevard11360(718) 423-7004
BaysideQueens Borough Public Library - Bayside214-20 Northern Boulevard11361(718) 229-1834
BaysideQueens Borough Public Library - Windsor Park79-50 Bell Boulevard11364(718) 468-8300
BayvilleBayville Free Library34 School Street11709(516) 628-2765
BeaconHowland Public Library313 Main Street12508(845) 831-1134
Beaver FallsBeaver Falls Library9607 Lewis Street13305(315) 346-6216
BedfordBedford Free Library32 Village Green10506(914) 234-3570
Bedford HillsBedford Hills Free Library26 Main Street10507(914) 666-6472
BelfastBelfast Public Library75 South Main Street14711(585) 365-2072
BelleroseQueens Borough Public Library - Bellerose250-06 Hillside Avenue11426(718) 831-8644
BellevilleBelleville Free Library8086 County Route 7513611(315) 846-5103
BellmoreBellmore Memorial Library2288 Bedford Avenue11710(516) 785-2990
BellportLong Island Library Resources Council627 N. Sunrise Service Road11713
BellportLong Island Talking Book Library627 N. Sunrise Service Road11713(631) 286-1600
BellportSouth Country Library22 Station Road11713(631) 286-0818
BelmontFree Library Of The Belmont Literary And Historical Society2 Willets Avenue14813(585) 268-5308
Bemus PointBemus Point Public Library13 Main Street14712(716) 386-2274
BergenByron-Bergen Public Library13 S. Lake Street14416(585) 494-1120
BerkshireBerkshire Free Library12519 State Route 3813736(607) 657-4418
BerlinBerlin Free Town Library47 Main Street12022(518) 658-2231
BerneBerne Public Library1656 Helderberg Trail12023(518) 872-1246
BethpageBethpage Public Library47 Powell Avenue11714(516) 931-3907
BethpageBriarcliffe College Library - Bethpage1055 Stewart Avenue11714(516) 918-3627
Big FlatsBig Flats Library78 Canal St.14814(607) 562-3300
BinghamtonBroome County Public Library185 Court Street13901(607) 778-6400
BinghamtonFenton Free Library1062 Chenango Street13901(607) 724-8649
Black RiverSally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library101 Public Works Drive13612(315) 773-5163
BlauveltBlauvelt Free Library541 Western Highway10913(845) 359-2811
BlissEagle Free Library3413 School Street14024(585) 322-7701
BloomfieldAllens Hill Free Library3818 County Road 4014469(585) 229-5636
BloomfieldBloomfield Public Library9 Church Street14469(585) 657-6264
Blue PointBayport-Blue Point Public Library203 Blue Point Avenue11715(631) 363-6133
BohemiaConnetquot Public Library760 Ocean Avenue11716(631) 567-5079
BolivarBolivar Free Library390 Main Street14715(585) 928-2015
Bolton LandingBolton Free Library4922 Lakeshore Drive12814(518) 644-2233
BoonvilleErwin Library Institute13309(315) 942-4834
BostonBoston Free Library9474 Boston State Road14025(716) 941-3516
Bovina CenterBovina Library Association33 Maple Avenue13740(607) 832-4884
BranchportModeste Bedient Memorial Library3699 Route 54a14418(315) 595-2899
Brant LakeHoricon Free Public Library6604 State Route 812815(518) 494-4189
BrentwoodBrentwood Public Library34 Second Avenue11717(631) 273-7883
BrewsterBrewster Public Library79 Main Street10509(845) 279-6421
Briarcliff ManorBriarcliff Manor Public Library1 Library Road10510(914) 941-7072
BriarwoodQueens Borough Public Library - Briarwood85-12 Main Street11435(718) 658-1680
BridgehamptonHorticultural Alliance Library843 Sag Harbor Tpke11932(631) 537-2223
BridgehamptonThe Hampton Library2478 Main Street11932(631) 537-0015
BridgeportSullivan Free Library Of Bridgeport8979 North Road13030(315) 633-2253
BridgewaterBridgewater Free Library404 Pritchard Avenue13313(315) 822-6475
BrightwatersBay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library11718(631) 665-4350
Broad ChannelQueens Borough Public Library - Broad Channel16-26 Cross Bay Boulevard11693(718) 318-4943
BrockportSeymour Library161 East Ave14420(585) 637-1050
BroctonAhira Hall Memorial Library37 West Main Street14716(716) 792-9418
BronxAllerton Library2740 Barnes Avenue10467(718) 881-4240
BronxBaychester Library2049 Asch Loop North10475(718) 379-6700
BronxBelmont Library And Enrico Fermi Cultural Center610 E. 186th Street10458(718) 933-6410
BronxBronx Library Center310 East Kingsbridge Road10458(718) 579-4244
BronxCastle Hill Library947 Castle Hill Avenue10473(718) 824-3838
BronxCity Island Library320 City Island Avenue10464(718) 885-1703
BronxClasons Point Library1215 Morrison Avenue10472(718) 842-1235
BronxEastchester Library1385 East Gun Hill Road10469(718) 653-3292
BronxEdenwald Library1255 East 233rd Street10466(718) 798-3355
BronxFrancis Martin Library2150 University Avenue10453(718) 295-5287
BronxGrand Concourse Library155 East 173rd Street10457(718) 583-6611
BronxHigh Bridge Library78 West 168th Street10452(718) 293-7800
BronxHunts Point Library877 Southern Boulevard10459(718) 617-0338
BronxJerome Park Library118 Eames Place10468(718) 549-5200
BronxKingsbridge Library291 West 231st Street10463(718) 548-5656
BronxMelrose Library910 Morris Avenue10451(718) 588-0110
BronxMorris Park Library985 Morris Park Avenue10462(718) 931-0636
BronxMorrisania Library610 East 169th Street10456(718) 589-9268
BronxMosholu Library285 East 205th Street10467(718) 882-8239
BronxMott Haven Library321 East 140th Street10454(718) 665-4878
BronxParkchester Library1985 Westchester Avenue10462(718) 829-7830
BronxPelham Bay Library3060 Middletown Road10461(718) 792-6744
BronxRiverdale Library5540 Mosholu Avenue10471(718) 549-1212
BronxSedgwick Library1701 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.10453(718) 731-2074
BronxSoundview Library660 Soundview Avenue10473(718) 589-0880
BronxSpuyten Duyvil Library650 W. 235th St.10463(718) 796-1202
BronxThrogs Neck Library3025 Cross Bronx Expressway Extension10465(718) 792-2612
BronxTremont Library1866 Washington Avenue10457(718) 299-5177
BronxVan Cortlandt Library3874 Sedgwick Avenue10463(718) 543-5150
BronxVan Nest Library2147 Barnes Avenue10462(718) 829-5864
BronxWakefield Library4100 Lowerre Place10466(718) 652-4663
BronxWest Farms Library2085 Honeywell Avenue10460(718) 367-5376
BronxWestchester Square Library2521 Glebe Avenue10461(718) 863-0436
BronxWoodlawn Heights Library4355 Katonah Avenue10470(718) 519-9627
BronxWoodstock Library761 East 160th Street10456(718) 665-6255
BronxvilleBronxville Public Library201 Pondfield Road10708(914) 337-7680
BrookhavenBrookhaven Free Library273 Beaver Dam Road11719(631) 286-1923
BrookhavenDowling College Library150 Idle Hour Blvd11769(631) 244-3280
BrooklynArlington Library203 Arlington Ave. At Warwick St.11207(718) 277-6105
BrooklynBay Ridge Library7223 Ridge Blvd. At 73rd St.11209(718) 748-5709
BrooklynBedford Learning Center496 Franklin Avenue11238(718) 623-2134
BrooklynBedford Library496 Franklin Avenue11238(718) 623-0012
BrooklynBorough Park Library1265 43rd St. At 13th Ave.11219(718) 437-4085
BrooklynBrighton Beach Library16 Brighton First Rd. At Brighton Beach Ave.11235(718) 946-2917
BrooklynBrooklyn Heights Library280 Cadman Plaza West At Tillary St.11201(718) 623-7100
BrooklynBrooklyn Public Library10 Grand Army Plaza11238(718) 230-2403
BrooklynBrooklyn Public Library System
BrooklynBrower Park Library725 St. Marks Ave. At Nostrand Ave.11216(718) 773-7208
BrooklynBrownsville Library61 Glenmore Ave. At Watkins St.11212(718) 498-9721
BrooklynBushwick Library340 Bushwick Ave. At Seigel St.11206(718) 602-1348
BrooklynBusiness Library280 Cadman Plaza W. At Tillary St.11201(718) 623-7000
BrooklynCanarsie Library1580 Rockaway Pkwy. At Ave. J11236(718) 257-6547
BrooklynCarroll Gardens Library396 Clinton St. Union St.11231(718) 596-6972
BrooklynCentral Library10 Grand Army Plaza11238(718) 230-2100
BrooklynCentral Library Learning Center11238(718) 230-2191
BrooklynClarendon Library2035 Nostrand Ave.11210(718) 421-1159
BrooklynClinton Hill Library380 Washington Ave. At Lafayette Ave.11238(718) 398-8713
BrooklynConey Island Learning Center1901 Mermaid Avenue At 19th St.11224(718) 265-3880
BrooklynCortelyou Library1305 Cortelyou Rd. At Argyle Rd.11226(718) 693-7763
BrooklynCrown Heights Library560 New York Ave. At Maple St.11225(718) 773-1180
BrooklynCypress Hills Library1197 Sutter Ave. At Crystal St.11208(718) 277-6004
BrooklynDekalb Library790 Bushwick Ave. At Dekalb Ave.11221(718) 455-3898
BrooklynDyker Library8202 13th Ave. ( 82nd St.)11228(718) 748-6261
BrooklynEast Flatbush Library9612 Church Ave. At. Rockaway Pkwy.11212(718) 922-0927
BrooklynEastern Parkway Learning Center1044 Eastern Parkway11213(718) 778-9330
BrooklynEastern Parkway Library1044 Eastern Pkwy. At Schenectady Ave.11213(718) 953-4225
BrooklynFlatbush Library22 Linden Blvd. At Flatbush Ave.11226(718) 856-0813
BrooklynFlatlands Library2065 Flatbush Ave. At Ave. P11234(718) 253-4409
BrooklynFort Hamilton Library9424 Fourth Ave.11209(718) 748-6919
BrooklynGerritsen Beach Library2808 Gerritsen Ave. ( Bartlett Place)11229(718) 368-1435
BrooklynGravesend Library303 Ave. X At West. 2nd St.11223(718) 382-5792
BrooklynGreenpoint Library107 Norman Ave. At Leonard St.11222(718) 349-8504
BrooklynHighlawn Library1664 W. 13th St. At Kings Highway11223(718) 234-7208
BrooklynHomecrest Library2525 Coney Island Ave. At Ave. V11223(718) 382-5924
BrooklynJamaica Bay Library9727 Seaview Ave. At E. 98th St.11236(718) 241-3571
BrooklynKensington Library410 Ditmas Ave. Between East 4th East 5th St.11218(718) 435-9431
BrooklynKings Bay Library3650 Nostrand Ave. (Near Ave. W)11229(718) 368-1709
BrooklynKings Highway Library2115 Ocean Ave.11229(718) 375-3037
BrooklynLeonard Library81 Devoe St. At Leonard St.11211(718) 486-3365
BrooklynMacon Library361 Lewis Ave. At Macon St.11233(718) 573-5606
BrooklynMapleton Library1702 60th Street11204(718) 256-2117
BrooklynMarcy Library617 Dekalb Ave. At Nostrand Ave.11216(718) 935-0032
BrooklynMckinley Park Library6802 Fort Hamilton Pkwy (At 68th St.)11219(718) 748-8001
BrooklynMidwood Library975 East 16th St. At Avenue J11230(718) 252-0967
BrooklynMill Basin Library2385 Ralph Ave (Near Ave N)11234(718) 241-3973
BrooklynNew Lots Library665 New Lots Ave. At Barbey St.11207(718) 649-0311
BrooklynNew Utrecht Library1743 86th St. At Bay 17th St.11214(718) 236-4086
BrooklynPacific Library25 Fourth Ave. At Pacific St.11217(718) 638-1531
BrooklynPaerdegat Library850 E. 59th St. At Paerdegat Ave. South11234(718) 241-3994
BrooklynPark Slope Library431 6th Ave. At 9th St.11215(718) 832-1853
BrooklynRed Hook Library7 Wolcott St. At Dwight St.11231(718) 935-0203
BrooklynRugby Library1000 Utica Ave. (Near Tilden Ave.)11203(718) 566-0054
BrooklynRyder Library5902 23rd Ave. (Bet. 23rd Ave. At 59th St.)11204(718) 331-2962
BrooklynSaratoga Library8 Thomas S. Boyland St. At Macon St.11233(718) 573-5224
BrooklynSheepshead Bay Library2636 E.14th St. At Ave. Z11235(718) 368-1815
BrooklynSpring Creek Library12143 Flatlands Ave. At New Jersey Ave.11207(718) 257-6571
BrooklynStone Avenue Library581 Mother Gaston Boulevard11212(718) 485-8347
BrooklynSunset Park Library5108 4th Ave. At 51st St.11220(718) 567-2806
BrooklynUlmer Park Library2602 Bath Ave At 26th Ave11214(718) 265-3443
BrooklynWalt Whitman Library93 Saint Edwards St.11205(718) 935-0244
BrooklynWashington Irving Library360 Irving Ave.11237(718) 628-8378
BrooklynWilliamsburgh Library240 Division Ave. At Marcy Ave.11211(718) 302-3485
BrooklynWindsor Terrace Library160 E. 5th St. At Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.11218(718) 686-9707
BrownvilleBrownville-Glen Park Library216 Brown Boulevard13615(315) 788-7889
BuffaloBuffalo Erie County Public Library System1 Lafayette Square14203(716) 858-8900
BuffaloCentral Library1 Lafayette Square14203(716) 858-8900
BuffaloCrane Branch Library633 Elmwood Avenue14222(716) 883-6651
BuffaloDudley Branch Library2010 South Park Avenue14220(716) 823-1854
BuffaloEast Clinton Branch Library1929 Clinton Street14206(716) 823-5626
BuffaloEast Delavan Branch Library1187 E. Delavan Avenue14215(716) 896-4433
BuffaloFrank E. Merriweather, Jr. Library1324 Jefferson Avenue14208(716) 883-4418
BuffaloNiagara Branch Library280 Porter Avenue14201(716) 882-1537
BuffaloNorth Park Branch Library975 Hertel Avenue14216(716) 875-3748
BuffaloRiverside Branch Library820 Tonawanda Street14207(716) 875-0562
BuffaloTown Of Tonawanda Public Library Kenilworth Branch318 Montrose Avenue14223(716) 834-7657
Burnt HillsBallston Community Public Library2 Lawmar Lane12027(518) 399-8174
CairoCairo Public Library512 Main Street12413(518) 622-9864
CaledoniaCaledonia Library Association3108 Main Street14423(585) 538-4512
CallicoonWestern Sullivan Public Library - Delaware Free Branch45 Lower Main Street12723(845) 887-4040
CalvertonBaiting Hollow Free Library4 Warner Drive11933(631) 727-8765
Cambria HeightsQueens Borough Public Library - Cambria Heights218-13 Linden Boulevard11411(718) 528-3535
CambridgeCambridge Public Library21 West Main Street12816(518) 677-2443
CamdenCamden Library Association57 Second Street13316(315) 245-1980
CamdenOsceola Public Library2117 North Osceola Road13316(315) 599-7122
CamillusMaxwell Memorial Library14 Genesee Street13031(315) 672-3661
CanajoharieCanajoharie Library And Art Gallery2 Erie Boulevard13317(518) 673-2314
CanandaiguaBristol Library6750 County Road 3214424(585) 229-5862
CanandaiguaPioneer Library System2557 State Rt. 2114424(585) 394-8260
CanandaiguaWood Library Association134 North Main Street14424(585) 394-1381
CanaseragaEssential Club Free Library11 Pratt Street14822(607) 545-6443
CanastotaCanastota Public Library102 West Center Street13032(315) 697-7030
CandorCandor Free Library2 Bank Street13743(607) 659-7258
CanisteoWimodaughsian Free Library19 West Main Street14823(607) 698-4445
CantonCanton Free Library8 Park Street13617(315) 386-3712
Cape VincentCape Vincent Community Library157 North Real Street13618(315) 654-2132
CarmelReed Memorial Library1733 Route 610512(845) 225-2439
CarthageCarthage Free Library412 Budd Street13619(315) 493-2620
CastileCordelia A. Greene Library11 South Main Street14427(585) 493-5466
CastletonCastleton Public Library85 South Main Street12033(518) 732-0879
CatoStewart B. Lang Memorial Library2577 East Main Street13033(315) 626-2101
CatskillCatskill Public Library1 Franklin Street12414(518) 943-4230
CattaraugusCattaraugus Free Library21 Main Street14719(716) 257-9500
CazenoviaCazenovia Public Library Society100 Albany Street13035(315) 655-9322
Center MorichesCenter Moriches Free Public Library235 Main Street11934(631) 878-0940
CentereachMiddle Country Public Library101 Eastwood Boulevard11720(631) 585-9393
Central IslipCentral Islip Public Library33 Hawthorne Avenue11722(631) 234-9333
Central SquareCentral Square Library637 South Main Street13036(315) 668-6104
ChamplainChamplain Memorial Library148 Elm Street12919(518) 298-8620
ChappaquaChappaqua Library195 South Greeley Avenue10514(914) 238-4779
ChateaugayChateaugay Memorial Library4 John St.12920(518) 497-0400
ChathamChatham Public Library11 Woodbridge Avenue12037(518) 392-3666
ChaumontLyme Free Library12165 Main Street13622(315) 649-5454
ChautauquaSmith Memorial Library21 Miller Avenue14722(716) 357-6296
ChazyChazy Public Library9633 Route 912921(518) 846-7676
CheektowagaReinstein Memorial Library2580 Harlem Road14225(716) 892-8089
Cherry ValleyCherry Valley Memorial Library61 Main Street13320(607) 264-8214
ChesterChester Public Library1784 Kings Highway10918(845) 469-4252
ChestertownTown Of Chester Public Library6307 Main St - State Route 912817(518) 494-5384
ChittenangoSullivan Free Library Of Chittenango101 Falls Boulevard13037(315) 687-6331
ChurchvilleNewman Riga Library1 Village Park14428(585) 293-2009
CiceroNorthern Onondaga Public Library8686 Knowledge Lane13039(315) 699-2534
CincinnatusKellogg Free Library5681 Telephone Road Extension13040(607) 863-4300
ClarenceClarence Public Library14031(716) 741-2650
ClaverackClaverack Library629 Rt 23b12513(518) 851-7120
ClaytonHawn Memorial Library220 John Street13624(315) 686-3762
ClayvilleClayville Library Association2265 Oneida Street13322(315) 839-5893
Clifton ParkClifton-Park Halfmoon Public Library475 Moe Road12065(518) 371-8622
Clifton SpringsClifton Springs Library4 Railroad Avenue14432(315) 462-7371
ClintonKirkland Town Library55 1-2 College Street13323(315) 853-2038
ClydeClyde-Savannah Public Library204 Glasgow Street14433(315) 923-7767
ClymerClymer-French Creek Free Library564 Clymer - Sherman Road14724(716) 355-8823
CobleskillThe Community Library110 Union Street12043(518) 234-7897
CohoctonCohocton Public Library15 S. Main St.14826(585) 384-5170
CohoesCohoes Public Library169 Mohawk Street12047(518) 235-2570
Cold SpringJulia L. Butterfield Memorial Library10 Morris Avenue10516(845) 265-3040
Cold Spring HarborCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library And Archives1 Bungtown Rd.11724(516) 367-6872
Cold Spring HarborCold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society Library95 Harbor Rd11724(631) 692-6820
College PointQueens Borough Public Library - Poppenhusen121-23 14 Avenue11356(718) 359-1102
CollinsCollins Public Library2341 Main Street14034(716) 532-5129
ColtonHepburn Library84 Main Street13625(315) 262-2310
CommackCommack Public Library District18 Hauppauge Road11725(631) 499-0888
ConstablevilleConstableville Library3038 Main Street13325(315) 397-2801
CooperstownVillage Library Of Cooperstown22 Main Street13326(607) 547-8344
CopiagueCopiague Memorial Public Library50 Deauville Boulevard11726(631) 691-1111
CorfuCorfu Free Library7 Maple Avenue14036(585) 599-3321
CorinthCorinth Free Library89 Main Street12822(518) 654-6913
CorningSoutheast Steuben County Library300 Civic Center Plaza Suite 10114830(607) 936-3713
CornwallCornwall Public Library395 Hudson Street12518(845) 534-8282
CoronaQueens Borough Public Library - Corona38-23 104 Street11368(718) 426-2844
CoronaQueens Borough Public Library - Langston Hughes100-01 Northern Boulevard11368(718) 651-1100
CoronaQueens Borough Public Library - Lefrak City98-30 57 Avenue11368(718) 592-7677
CortlandCortland Free Library32 Church Street13045(607) 753-1042
CoxsackieHeermance Memorial Library1 Ely Street12051(518) 731-8084
CragsmoorCragsmoor Free Library355 Cragsmoor Road12420(845) 647-4611
Cranberry LakeClifton Community Library7171 State Highway 312927(315) 848-3256
CroghanCroghan Free Library9794 State Route 81213327(315) 346-6521
Croton-On-HudsonCroton Free Library171 Cleveland Drive10520(914) 271-6612
Crown PointHammond Library Of Crown Point2732 Main Street12928(518) 597-3616
CubaCuba Circulating Library Association39 East Main Street14727(585) 968-1668
CutchogueCutchogue New Suffolk Free Library27550 Main Road11935(631) 734-6360
DannemoraDannemora Free Library1168 Cook Street12929(518) 492-7005
DansvilleDansville Public Library200 Main Street14437(585) 335-6720
Deer ParkDeer Park Public Library44 Lake Avenue11729(631) 586-3000
DelansonSchenectady County Public Library - Quaker Street Branch133 Bull St.12053(518) 895-2719
DelevanDelevan-Yorkshire Public Library28 School Street14042(716) 492-1961
DelhiCannon Free Library40 Elm Street13753(607) 746-2662
DelmarBethlehem Public Library451 Delaware Avenue12054(518) 439-9314
DepauvilleDepauville Free Library32333 County Route 17913632(315) 686-3299
DepositDeposit Free Library159 Front Street13754(607) 467-2577
DeruyterDeruyter Free Library736 Utica Street13052(315) 852-6262
DewittDewitt Community Library Assoc., Inc3649 Erie Blvd East13214(315) 446-3578
DexterDexter Free Library120 East Kirby Street13634(315) 639-6785
Diamond PointHillview Free Library3717 Lake Shore Drive12824(518) 668-3012
Dix HillsHalf Hollow Hills Community Public Library55 Vanderbilt Parkway11746(631) 421-4530
Dobbs FerryDobbs Ferry Public Library55 Main Street10522(914) 693-6614
DolgevilleDolgeville-Manheim Public Library24 North Main Street13329(315) 429-3421
DrydenThe Southworth Library Association24 West Main Street13053(607) 844-4782
DundeeDundee Library32 Water Street14837(607) 243-5938
DunkirkDunkirk Free Library536 Central Avenue14048(716) 366-2511
EarlvilleEarlville Free Library6 North Main Street13332(315) 691-5931
East AuroraAurora Town Public Library550 Main Street14052(716) 652-4440
East ElmhurstQueens Borough Public Library - East Elmhurst95-06 Astoria Boulevard11363(718) 225-8414
East GreenbushEast Greenbush Community Library10 Community Way12061(518) 477-7476
East HamptonEast Hampton Library159 Main Street11937(631) 324-0222
East IslipEast Islip Public Library381 East Main Street11730(631) 581-9200
East MeadowEast Meadow Public Library1886 Front Street11554(516) 794-2570
East RochesterEast Rochester Public Library111 West Elm Street14445(585) 586-8302
East RockawayEast Rockaway Public Library477 Atlantic Avenue11518(516) 599-1664
East SyracuseEast Syracuse Free Library4990 James Street13057(315) 437-4841
East WillistonEast Williston Public Library2 Prospect Street11596(516) 741-1213
EastchesterEastchester Public Library11 Oakridge Place10709(914) 793-5055
EdenEden Library2901 East Church Street14057(716) 992-4028
EdmestonEdmeston Free Library6 West Street13335(607) 965-8208
EdwardsHepburn Library Of Edwards205 Main Street13635(315) 562-3521
ElbridgeElbridge Free Library241 East Main Street13060(315) 689-7111
EldredSunshine Hall Free Library14 Proctor Road12732(845) 557-6258
ElizabethtownElizabethtown Library Association8256 River Street12932(518) 873-2670
Ellenburg CenterEllenburg Center Reading Center12934(518) 594-7489
Ellenburg DepotEllenburg Sarah A. Munsil Free Library5139 Route 1112935(518) 594-7314
EllenvilleEllenville Public Library And Museum40 Center Street12428(845) 647-5530
EllicottvilleEllicottville Memorial Library6499 Maples Road14731(716) 699-2842
EllingtonFarman Free Library Association Of Ellington760 Thornton Road14732(716) 287-2945
EllisburgEllisburg Free Library12117 Nys Route 19313636(315) 846-5087
ElmaElma Public Library1860 Bowen Road14059(716) 652-2719
ElmhurstQueens Borough Public Library - Elmhurst86-01 Broadway11373(718) 271-1020
ElmiraChemung County Library District101 East Church Street14901(607) 733-9173
ElmiraSteele Memorial Library101 East Church Street14901(607) 733-9173
ElmiraWest Elmira Library1231 W. Water St14905(607) 733-0541
ElmontElmont Public Library700 Hempstead Turnpike11003(516) 354-5280
ElmsfordGreenburgh Public Library300 Tarrytown Road10523(914) 721-8200
ElwoodElwood Public Library3027 Jericho Turnpike11731(631) 499-3722
EndicottGeorge F. Johnson Memorial Library1001 Park Street13760(607) 757-5350
EssexBelden Noble Memorial Library Of Essex2759 Essex Rd.12936(518) 963-8079
Evans MillsEvans Mills Public Library8706 Noble Street13637(315) 629-4483
Fair HavenFair Haven Public Library14426 South Richmond Ave(315) 947-5851
Fair HavenVillage Of Fair Haven Public Library14426 South Richmond Avenue13064(315) 947-5851
FairportFairport Public Library1 Village Landing14450(585) 223-9091
FairportRochester Regional Library Council390 Packetts Landing14450(585) 223-7570
FalconerFalconer Public Library101 West Main Street14733(716) 665-3504
Far RockawayQueens Borough Public Library - Far Rockaway1637 Central Avenue11691(718) 327-2549
FarmingdaleFarmingdale Public Library116 Merritts Road11735(516) 249-9090
FayettevilleFayetteville Free Library300 Orchard Street13066(315) 637-6374
FillmoreWide Awake Club Library46 West Main St.14735(585) 567-8301
Findley LakeAlexander Findley Community Library2883 North Road14736(716) 769-6568
Findley LakeFindley Lake Community Library2883 North Road14736(716) 769-6568
Fishers IslandFishers Island Library Association988 Oriental Avenue06390(631) 788-7362
FishkillBlodgett Memorial Library District Of Fishkill37 Broad Street12524(845) 896-9215
FleischmannsSkene Memorial Library1017 Main Street12430(845) 254-4581
Floral ParkFloral Park Public Library17 Caroline Place11001(516) 326-6330
FloridaFlorida Public Library4 Cohen Circle10921(845) 651-7659
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Auburndale25-55 Francis Lewis Boulevard11358(718) 352-2027
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - East Flushing196-36 Northern Boulevard11358(718) 357-6643
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Flushing41-17 Main Street11355(718) 661-1200
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Hillcrest187-05 Union Turnpike11366(718) 454-2786
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Kew Gardens Hills72-33 Vleigh Place11367(718) 261-6654
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Mcgoldrick155-06 Roosevelt Av.11354(718) 461-1616
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Mitchell-Linden29-42 Union Street11354(718) 539-2330
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Pomonok158-21 Jewel Avenue11365(718) 591-4343
FlushingQueens Borough Public Library - Queensboro Hill60-05 Main Street11355(718) 359-8332
FondaFrothingham Free Library28 West Main Street12068(518) 853-3016
Forest HillsQueens Borough Public Library - Forest Hills108-19 71 Avenue11375(718) 268-7934
Forest HillsQueens Borough Public Library - North Forest Park98-27 Metropolitan Avenue11375(718) 261-5512
Fort EdwardFort Edward Free Library23 East Street12828(518) 747-6743
Fort HunterFort Hunter Free Library351 Main Street12069(518) 829-7248
Fort PlainFort Plain Free Library19 Willett Street13339(518) 993-4646
FrankfortFrankfort Free Library123 South Frankfort Street13340(315) 894-9611
FranklinFranklin Free Library334 Main Street13775(607) 829-2941
Franklin SquareFranklin Square Public Library19 Lincoln Road11010(516) 488-3444
FranklinvilleBlount Library5 North Main Street14737(716) 676-5715
FredoniaDarwin R. Barker Library Association7 Day Street14063(716) 672-8051
FreeportFreeport Memorial Library144 West Merrick Road11520(516) 379-3274
Fresh MeadowsQueens Borough Public Library - Fresh Meadows193-20 Horace Harding Expressway11365(718) 454-7272
FrewsburgMyers Memorial Library26 Ivory Street14738(716) 569-5515
FriendshipFriendship Free Library40 West Main Street14739(585) 973-7724
FultonFulton Public Library160 South First Street13069(315) 592-5159
GalwayGalway Public Library5264 North Street12074(518) 882-6385
Garden CityAdelphi University LibraryP.O. Box 70111530(516) 877-3574
Garden CityGarden City Public Library60 Seventh Street11530(516) 742-8405
GardinerGardiner Library133 Farmers Turnpike12525(845) 255-1255
GarnervilleHaverstraw Kings Daughters Public Library - Rosman Center10 West Ramapo Road10923(845) 786-3800
GarrisonAlice Curtis Desmond Hamilton Fish Lib472 Route 40310524(845) 424-3020
GarrisonDesmond-Fish Library472 Route 40310524(845) 424-3020
GeneseoWadsworth Library24 Center Street14454(585) 243-0440
GenevaGeneva Public Library244 Main Street14456(315) 789-5303
GermantownGermantown Library31 Palatine Park Road12526(518) 537-5800
GilbertsvilleGilbertsville Free Library19 Commercial Street13776(607) 783-2832
Glen CoveGlen Cove Public Library4 Glen Cove Avenue11542(516) 676-2130
Glen HeadGold Coast Public Library District50 Railroad Avenue11545(516) 759-8300
Glen OaksQueens Borough Public Library - Glen Oaks256-04 Union Turnpike11004(718) 831-8636
GlendaleQueens Borough Public Library - Glendale78-60 73 Place11385(718) 821-4980
Glens FallsCrandall Public Library251 Glen Street12801(518) 792-6508
GlenvilleSchenectady County Public Library - Glenville Branch20 Glenridge Road12302(518) 386-2243
GloversvilleGloversville Public Library58 East Fulton Street12078(518) 725-2819
GorhamGorham Free Library2664 Main Street14461(585) 526-6655
GoshenGoshen Public Library And Historical Society203 Main Street10924(845) 294-6606
GouverneurReading Room Association Of Gouverneur60 Church Street13642(315) 287-0191
GowandaGowanda Free Library56 West Main Street14070(716) 532-3451
GraftonGrafton Community Library2455 Ny Route 212082(518) 279-0580
GrahamsvilleDaniel Pierce Library328 Main Street12740(845) 985-7233
Grand IslandGrand Island Memorial Library1715 Bedell Road14072(716) 773-7124
GranvillePember Library Museum33 West Main Street12832(518) 642-2525
Great NeckGreat Neck Library159 Bayview Avenue11023(516) 466-8055
GreeceBarnard Crossing Branch2 Vince Tofany Boulevard14612(585) 225-8951
GreeceGreece Public Library2 Vince Tofany Boulevard14612(585) 225-8951
GreeneMoore Memorial Library59 Genesee Street13778(607) 656-9349
GreenlawnHarborfields Public Library31 Broadway11740(631) 757-4200
GreenportFloyd Memorial Library539 First Street11944(631) 477-0660
GreenvilleGreenville Public Library8 North Street12083(518) 966-8205
GreenwichEaston Library1074 State Route 4012834(518) 692-2253
GreenwichGreenwich Free Library148 Main Street12834(518) 692-7157
Greenwood LakeGreenwood Lake Public Library79 Waterstone Road10925(845) 477-8377
GrotonGroton Public Library112 East Cortland Street13073(607) 898-5055
GuilderlandGuilderland Public Library2228 Western Avenue12084(518) 456-2400
Haines FallsHaines Falls Free Library52 County Route 1812436(518) 589-5707
HamburgHamburg Library102 Buffalo Street14075(716) 649-4415
HamiltonHamilton Public Library13 Broad Street13346(315) 824-3060
HamlinHamlin Public Library422 Hamlin Clarkson Tl Rd.14464(585) 964-2320
HamlinTown Of Hamlin Library422 Clarkson Hamlin Tl Road14464(800) 662-1220
HammondHammond Free Library17 Main Street13646(315) 324-5139
HammondsportFred And Harriet Taylor Memorial Library21 William Street14840(607) 569-2045
Hampton BaysHampton Bays Public Library52 Ponquogue Avenue11946(631) 728-6241
HancockLouise Adelia Read Memorial Library104 Read Street13783(607) 637-2519
HannibalHannibal Free Library162 Oswego Street13074(315) 564-5471
HarrisonHarrison Public Library2 Bruce Avenue10528(914) 835-0324
HarrisvilleHarrisville Free Library8209 Main Street13648(315) 543-2577
HartwickKinney Memorial Library3140 County Route 1113348(607) 293-6600
Hastings-On-HudsonHastings-On-Hudson Public Library7 Maple Avenue10706(914) 478-3307
HauppaugeHauppauge Public Library601 Veterans Memorial Hwy.11788(631) 979-1600
HaverstrawHaverstraw Kings Daughters Public Library - Village Branch85 Main Street10927(845) 429-3445
HempsteadHempstead Public Library115 Nichols Court11550(516) 481-6990
HendersonHenderson Free Library8939 Nys Route 17813650(315) 938-7169
HerkimerFrank J. Basloe Library Of Herkimer, New York245 North Main Street13350(315) 866-1733
HermonHepburn Library Of Hermon105 Main Street13652(315) 347-2285
HeuveltonHeuvelton Free Library57 State Street13654(315) 344-6550
HewlettHewlett-Woodmere Public Library1125 Broadway11557(516) 374-1967
HicksvilleHicksville Free Public Library169 Jerusalem Avenue11801(516) 931-1417
HighlandHighland Public Library30 Church Street12528(845) 691-2275
Highland FallsHighland Falls Library298 Main Street10928(845) 446-3113
Highland MillsWoodbury Public Library16 County Route 10510930(845) 928-6162
HillsdaleRoeliff Jansen Community Library Association2609 Route 2312529(518) 325-4101
HiltonParma Public Library7 West Avenue14468(585) 392-8350
HogansburgAkwesasne Cultural Center, Inc.321 State Route 3713655(518) 358-2240
HolbrookSachem Public Library150 Holbrook Road11741(631) 588-5024
Holland PatentHolland Patent Free Library9580 Main Street13354(315) 865-5034
HolleyCommunity Free Library86 Public Square14470(585) 638-6987
HollisQueens Borough Public Library - Hollis202-05 Hillside Avenue11423(718) 465-7355
HomerPhillips Free Library37 South Main Street13077(607) 749-4616
HoneoyeHoneoye Public Library8708 Main St.14471(585) 229-5020
Honeoye FallsMendon Public Library22 North Main Street14472(585) 624-6067
Honeoye FallsTown Of Mendon Public Library15 Monroe Street14472(585) 624-6067
Hoosick FallsCheney Library77 Classic Street12090(518) 686-9401
Hopewell JunctionBeekman Library11town Center Blvd12533(845) 724-3414
Hopewell JunctionEast Fishkill Public Library District348 Route 37612533(845) 221-9943
HornellHornell Public Library64 Genesee Street14843(607) 324-1210
HornellHoward Public Library3607 County Route 70a14843(607) 566-2412
HorseheadsHorseheads Free Library405 S. Main St.14845(607) 739-4581
Howard BeachQueens Borough Public Library - Howard Beach92-06 156 Avenue11414(718) 641-7086
HudsonHudson Area Association Library400 State Street12534(518) 828-1792
Hudson FallsHudson Falls Free Library Association220 Main Street12839(518) 747-6406
HunterHunter Public Library6361 Main Street12442(518) 263-4655
HuntingtonHuntington Public Library338 Main Street11743(631) 427-5165
Huntington StatioSouth Huntington Public Library145 Pidgeon Hill Road11746(631) 549-4411
Huntington StationHuntington Public Library - Station Branch1335 New York Avenue11746(631) 421-5053
HurleyHurley Library District44 Main Street12443(845) 338-2092
Hyde ParkHyde Park Free Library2 Main Street12538(845) 229-7791
IlionIlion Free Public Library78 West Street13357(315) 894-5028
Indian LakeTown Of Indian Lake Public Libraryp.o. box 77812842(518) 648-5444
InletTown Of Inlet Public Library164 North Route 2813360(315) 357-6494
InterlakenInterlaken Public Library8390 Main Street14847(607) 532-4341
IrvingSeneca Nation Of Indians Library Cattaraugus Territory3 Thomas Indian School Drive14081(716) 532-9449
IrvingtonIrvington Pub Lib Guiteau Foundation12 South Astor Street10533(914) 591-7840
Island ParkIsland Park Public Library176 Long Beach Road11558(516) 432-0122
IslipIslip Public Library71 Monell Avenue11751(631) 581-5933
IthacaFinger Lakes Library System119 E. Green St.14850(607) 273-4074
IthacaTompkins County Public Library101 E Green Street14850(607) 272-4557
Jackson HeightsQueens Borough Public Library - Jackson Heights35-51 81 Street11372(718) 899-2500
JamaicaQueens Borough Public Library - Baisley Park117-11 Sutphin Boulevard11436(718) 529-1590
JamaicaQueens Borough Public Library - Central Library89-11 Merrick Boulevard11432(718) 990-0700
JamaicaQueens Borough Public Library - Rochdale Village169-09 137 Avenue11434(718) 723-4440
JamaicaQueens Borough Public Library - South Jamaica108-41 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard11433(718) 739-4088
JamestownChautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System106 West Fifth Street14701(716) 484-7135
JamestownFluvanna Free Library3532 Fluvanna Avenue Extension14701(716) 487-1773
JamestownHazeltine Public Library891 Busti-Sugar Grove Road14701(716) 487-1281
JamestownJames Prendergast Library Association509 Cherry Street14701(716) 484-7135
JasperJasper Free Library3807 Library Street14855(607) 792-3494
JeffersonvilleWestern Sullivan Public Library - Jeffersonville Branch19 Center Street12748(845) 482-4350
JerichoJericho Public Library1 Merry Lane11753(516) 935-6790
Johnson CityYour Home Public Library107 Main Street13790(607) 797-4816
JohnstownJohnstown Public Library38 South Market Street12095(518) 762-8317
JordanJordan Bramley Library15 Mechanic Street13080(315) 689-3296
JordanvilleJordanville Public Library189 Main Street13361(315) 858-2874
KatonahKatonah Village Library26 Bedford Road10536(914) 232-3508
KeeneKeene Public Libraryp.o. box 20612942(518) 576-2200
Keene ValleyKeene Valley Public Library1796 Main Street12943(518) 576-4335
KeesevilleKeeseville Free Library1721 Front Street12944(518) 834-9054
KenmoreKenmore Branch160 Delaware Road14217(716) 873-2861
KennedyKennedy Free Library3593 Church Street14747(716) 267-4265
Kent LakesKent Public Library17 Sybils Crossing10512(845) 225-8585
KinderhookKinderhook Memorial Library18 Hudson Street12106(518) 758-6192
KingstonKingston Library55 Franklin Street12401(845) 331-0507
KingstonTown Of Ulster Public Library860 Ulster Avenue12401(845) 338-7881
LackawannaLackawanna Public Library560 Ridge Road14218(716) 823-0630
LafargevilleOrleans Public Library36263 Nys Route 18013656(315) 658-2271
LafayetteLafayette Public Library2577 Route 11 North13084(315) 677-3782
Lake GeorgeCaldwell-Lake George Library336 Canada Street12845(518) 668-2528
Lake LuzerneHadley-Luzerne Public Library19 Main Street12846(518) 696-3423
Lake PlacidLake Placid Public Library2471 Main Street12946(518) 523-3200
LakewoodLakewood Memorial Library12 West Summit Street14750(716) 763-6234
LancasterLancaster Public Library5466 Broadway14086(716) 683-1120
LansingLansing Community Library27 Auburn Rd14882(607) 533-4939
LarchmontLarchmont Public Library121 Larchmont Avenue10538(914) 834-2281
LaureltonQueens Borough Public Library - Laurelton134-26 225 Street11413(718) 528-2822
LawrencePeninsula Public Library280 Central Avenue11559(516) 239-3262
LeroyWoodward Memorial Library7 Wolcott Street14482(585) 768-8300
LevittownIsland Trees Public Library38 Farmedge Road11756(516) 731-2211
LevittownLevittown Public Library1 Bluegrass Lane11756(516) 731-5728
LewistonLewiston Public Library305 South Eighth Street14092(716) 754-4720
LibertyLiberty Public Library189 North Main Street12754(845) 292-6070
LimaLima Public Library1872 Genesee Street14485(585) 582-1311
LindenhurstLindenhurst Memorial Library11757(631) 957-7755
LisbonHepburn Library Of Lisbon6899 County Route 1013658(315) 393-0111
LisleLisle Free Library8998 Main Street13797(607) 692-3115
Little FallsLittle Falls Public Library10 Waverly Place13365(315) 823-1542
Little GeneseeGenesee Library8351 Main Street14754(585) 928-1915
Little NeckQueens Borough Public Library - Douglaston-Little Neck249-01 Northern Boulevard11363(718) 225-8414
Little NeckQueens Borough Public Library - North Hills57-04 Marathon Parkway11362(718) 225-3550
Little ValleyMemorial Library Of Little Valley110 Rock City Street14755(716) 938-6301
LiverpoolLiverpool Public Library310 Tulip Street13088(315) 457-0310
LivingstonLivingston Free Library90 Old Post Road12541(518) 851-2270
Livingston ManorLivingston Manor Free Library92 Main Street12758(845) 439-5440
LivoniaLivonia Public Library2 Washington Street14487(585) 346-3450
LockportLockport Public Library23 East Avenue14094(716) 433-5935
Locust ValleyLocust Valley Library170 Buckram Road11560(516) 671-1837
LodiLodi Whittier Library2155 East Seneca Street14860(607) 582-6218
Long BeachLong Beach Public Library111 West Park Avenue11561(516) 432-7201
Long Island CityBriarcliffe College Library - Queens30-30 Thomson Ave., Suite 50211101
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Broadway40-20 Broadway11103(718) 721-2462
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Court Square25-01 Jackson Avenue11101(718) 937-2790
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Long Island City37-44 21 Street11101(718) 752-3700
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Queensbridge Family Literacy Center10-43 41 Ave11101(718) 661-1244
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Ravenswood Family Literacy Center35-32 21 St.11106
Long Island CityQueens Borough Public Library - Sunnyside43-06 Greenpoint Avenue11104(718) 728-1965
Long LakeCornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library1195 Main Street12847(518) 624-3825
LoudonvilleWilliam K Sanford Town Library629 Albany Shaker Road12211(518) 458-9274
LowvilleLowville Free Library5387 Dayan Street13367(315) 376-2131
LynbrookLynbrook Public Library56 Eldert Street11563(516) 599-8630
LyndonvilleYates Community Library15 North Main Street14098(585) 765-9041
LyonsLyons Public Library122 Broad Street14489(315) 946-9262
Lyons FallsLyons Falls Library3918 High Street13368(315) 348-6180
MacedonMacedon Public Library30 Main Street14502(315) 986-5932
MachiasKing Memorial Library9538 Rt. 1614101(716) 353-9915
MadridHepburn Library Of Madrid11 Church Street13660(315) 322-5673
MahopacMahopac Public Library668 Route 610541(845) 628-2009
MaloneThe Wead Library, The Malone Central School District Public64 Elm Street12953(518) 483-5251
MaloneWead Library, Malone64 Elm Street12953(518) 483-5251
MalverneMalverne Public Library61 St. Thomas Place11565(516) 599-0750
MamaroneckMamaroneck Public Library District102 Mamaroneck Ave.10543(914) 698-1250
ManhassetManhasset Public Library30 Onderdonk Avenue11030(516) 627-2300
ManliusManlius Library1 Arkie Albanese Avenue13104(315) 682-6400
MannsvilleMannsville Free Library108 Lilac Park Drive13661(315) 465-4049
MarathonPeck Memorial Library24 Main Street13803(607) 849-6135
MarcellusMarcellus Free Library32 Maple Street13108(315) 673-3221
MargaretvilleFairview Public Library43 Walnut Street12455(845) 586-3791
MarillaMarilla Free Library11637 Bullis Road14102(716) 652-7449
MarionMarion Public Library4036 Maple Avenue14505(315) 926-4933
MarlboroMarlboro Free Library1251 Route 9w12542(845) 236-7272
MartinsburgWilliam H. Bush Memorial Library5605 Whitaker Road13404(315) 376-7490
MaspethQueens Borough Public Library - Maspeth69-70 Grand Avenue11378(718) 639-5228
MassapequaPlainedge Public Library1060 Hicksville Road11758(516) 735-4133
Massapequa ParkMassapequa Public Library40 Harbor Lane11762(516) 799-0770
MassenaMassena Public Library41 Glenn Street13662(315) 769-9914
MattituckMattituck-Laurel Library13900 Main Road11952(631) 298-4134
MattydaleSalina Free Library100 Belmont St.13211(315) 454-4524
MayvilleMayville Library92 South Erie Street14757(716) 753-7362
McgrawLamont Memorial Free Library5 Main Street13101(607) 836-6767
MechanicvilleMechanicville District Public Library190 North Main Street12118(518) 664-4646
MedinaLee-Whedon Memorial Library620 West Avenue14103(585) 798-3430
MenandsMenands Public Library4 North Lyons Avenue12204(518) 463-4035
MerrickMerrick Library2279 Merrick Avenue11566(516) 377-6112
MexicoMexico Public Library3269 Main Street13114(315) 963-3408
Middle IslandLongwood Public Library800 Middle Country Road11953(631) 924-6400
Middle VillageQueens Borough Public Library - Middle Village72-31 Metropolitan Avenue11379(718) 326-1390
MiddleburghMiddleburgh Library323 Main Street12122(518) 827-5142
MiddleportMiddleport Free Library9 Vernon Street14105(716) 735-3281
MiddletownRamapo Catskill Library System619 Rte 17m10940(845) 343-1131
MiddletownThrall Public Library District Of Middletown And Wallkill11-19 Depot Street10940(845) 341-5454
MiddlevilleMiddleville Free Library1 South Main Street13406(315) 891-3655
MilfordMilford Free Library64 South Main Street13807(607) 286-9076
MillbrookMillbrook Free Library3 Friendly Lane12545(845) 677-3611
MillertonNorth East- Millerton Library75 Main Street12546(518) 789-3340
MiltonSarah Hull Hallock Free Library56-58 Main Street12547(845) 795-2200
MineolaMineola Memorial Library195 Marcellus Road11501(516) 746-8488
MinoaMinoa Library242 N. Main Street13116(315) 656-7401
ModenaPlattekill Public Library2047 Route 3212548(845) 883-7286
MohawkWeller Library41 West Main Street13407(315) 866-2983
MonroeMonroe Free Library44 Millpond Parkway10950(845) 783-4411
MontaukMontauk Library871 Montauk Highway11954(631) 668-3377
MontgomeryMontgomery Free Library133 Clinton Street12549(845) 457-5616
MonticelloEthelbert B. Crawford Public Library393 Broadway12701(845) 794-4660
Montour FallsMontour Falls Memorial Library406 Main Street14865(607) 535-7489
MontroseHendrick Hudson Free Library185 Kings Ferry Road10548(914) 739-5654
MooersMooers Free Library2430 Route 11, Main Street12958(518) 236-7744
MoraviaPowers Library29 Church Street13118(315) 497-1955
MorrisVillage Library Of Morris152 Main Street13808(607) 263-2080
MorristownMorristown Public Library200 Main Street13664(315) 375-8833
MorrisvilleMorrisville Public Library87 East Main Street13408(315) 684-9130
Mount KiscoMount Kisco Public Library55 Maple Avenue10549(914) 666-8041
Mount MorrisMount Morris Library121 Main Street14510(585) 658-4412
Mount VernonMount Vernon Public Library28 South First Avenue10550(914) 668-1840
MumfordMumford Branch Library883 George Street(585) 538-6124
NanuetNanuet Public Library149 Church Street10954(845) 623-4281
NaplesNaples Library118 South Main Street14512(585) 374-2757
NarrowsburgWestern Sullivan Public Library - Tusten-Cochecton Branch198 Bridge Street12764(845) 252-3360
NassauNassau Free Library18 Church Street12123(518) 766-2715
New BerlinNew Berlin Library15 South Main Street13411(607) 847-8564
New CityLibrary Association Of Rockland CountyP.O. Box 91710956(845) 268-7700
New CityNew City Free Library220 North Main Street10956(845) 634-4997
New HartfordNew Hartford Public Library2 Library Lane13413(315) 733-1535
New Hyde ParkHillside Public Library Of New Hyde Park155 Lakeville Road11040(516) 355-7850
New LebanonNew Lebanon Library550 Route 2012125(518) 794-8844
New PaltzElting Memorial Library93 Main Street12561(845) 255-5030
New RochelleNew Rochelle Public Library10801(914) 632-7878
New WoodstockNew Woodstock Free Library2106 Main Street13122(315) 662-3134
New York115th Street Library203 West 115th Street10026(212) 666-9393
New York125th Street Library224 East 125th Street10035(212) 534-5050
New York58th Street Library127 East 58th Street10022(212) 759-7358
New York67th Street Library328 East 67th Street10065(212) 734-1717
New York96th Street Library112 East 96th Street10128(212) 289-0908
New YorkAguilar Library174 East 110th Street10029(212) 534-2930
New YorkAndrew Heiskell Braille And Talking Book Library40 West 20th Street10011(212) 206-5400
New YorkBattery Park City Library175 North End Avenue10282(212) 790-3499
New YorkBloomingdale Library150 West 100th Street10025(212) 222-8030
New YorkChatham Square Library33 East Broadway10002(212) 964-6598
New YorkColumbus Library742 10th Avenue10019(212) 586-5098
New YorkCountee Cullen Library104 West 136th Street(212) 491-2070
New YorkEpiphany Library228 East 23rd Street10010(212) 679-2645
New YorkFort Washington Library535 West 179th Street10033(212) 927-3533
New YorkGeorge Bruce Library518 West 125th Street10027(212) 662-9727
New YorkGrand Central Library135 East 46th Street10017(212) 621-0670
New YorkHamilton Fish Park Library415 East Houston Street10002(212) 673-2290
New YorkHamilton Grange Library503 West 145th Street10031(212) 926-2147
New YorkHarlem Library9 West 124th Street10027(212) 348-5620
New YorkHudson Park Library66 Leroy Street10014(212) 243-6876
New YorkInwood Library4790 Broadway10034
New YorkJefferson Market Library425 Avenue Of The Americas10011(212) 243-4334
New YorkKips Bay Library446 Third Avenue10016(212) 683-2520
New YorkMacombs Bridge Library2650 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.10039(212) 281-4900
New YorkMid-Manhattan Library455 Fifth Avenue10016(212) 340-0863
New YorkMorningside Heights2900 Broadway10025(212) 864-2530
New YorkMuhlenberg Library209 West 23rd Street10011(212) 924-1585
New YorkMulberry Street Library10 Jersey Street10012(212) 966-3424
New YorkNew Amsterdam Library9 Murray Street10007(212) 732-8186
New YorkNew York Public Library For The Performing Arts, Dorothy And Lewis B. Cullman Center40 Lincoln Center Plaza10023(917) 275-6975
New YorkNew York Public Library, The Branch Libraries455 Fifth Avenue10016(212) 930-0674
New YorkOttendorfer Library135 Second Avenue10003(212) 674-0947
New YorkRiverside Library127 Amsterdam Avenue10023(212) 870-1810
New YorkRoosevelt Island Library524 Main Street10044(212) 308-6243
New YorkSchomburg Center For Research In Black Culture515 Malcolm X Boulevard10037(212) 491-2200
New YorkScience, Industry And Business Library188 Madison Avenue 34th Street10016(917) 275-6975
New YorkSeward Park Library192 East Broadway10002(212) 477-6770
New YorkSt. Agnes Library444 Amsterdam Avenue10024(212) 621-0619
New YorkStephen A. Schwarzman Building10018(917) 275-6975
New YorkTerence Cardinal Cooke-Cathedral Library560 Lexington Avenue10022(212) 752-3824
New YorkTompkins Square Library331 East 10th Street10009(212) 228-4747
New YorkWashington Heights Library1000 St. Nicholas Avenue10032(212) 923-6054
New YorkWebster Library1465 York Avenue10021(212) 288-5049
New YorkYorkville Library222 East 79th Street10021(212) 744-5824
New York MillsNew York Mills Public Library399 Main Street13417(315) 736-5391
NewarkNewark Public Library121 High Street14513(315) 331-4370
Newark ValleyTappan-Spaulding Memorial Library6 Rock Street13811(607) 642-9960
NewburghNewburgh Free Library124 Grand Street12550(845) 563-3600
NewfaneNewfane Free Library2761 Maple Avenue14108(716) 778-9344
NewfieldNewfield Public Library198 Main Street14867(607) 564-3594
NewportNewport Free Library7390 Main Street13416(315) 845-8533
Niagara FallsNiagara Falls Public Library1425 Main Street14305(716) 286-4911
NicholsGeorge P. Susan Platt Cady Library42 River Street13812(607) 699-3835
NinevehNineveh Pub Lib Of Colesville Township3029 Ny State Hwy 713813(607) 693-1858
NiskayunaSchenectady County Public Library - Niskayuna Branch2400 Nott Street East12309(518) 386-2249
NorfolkHepburn Library Of Norfolk1 Hepburn Street13667(315) 384-3052
North BabylonNorth Babylon Public Library815 Deer Park Avenue11703(631) 669-4020
North BellmoreNorth Bellmore Public Library1551 Newbridge Road11710(516) 785-6260
North ChathamNorth Chatham Free Library4286 State Route 20312132(518) 766-3211
North CollinsNorth Collins Library2095 School Street14111(716) 337-3211
North CollinsTown Of North Collins Public Library2095 School Street14111(716) 337-3211
North CreekTown Of Johnsburg Library219 Main Street12853(518) 251-4343
North MerrickNorth Merrick Public Library1691 Meadowbrook Road11566(516) 378-7474
North SalemRuth Keeler Memorial Library276 Titicus Road10560(914) 669-5161
North TonawandaNorth Tonawanda Public Library505 Meadow Drive14120(716) 693-4132
NorthportNorthport Public Library151 Laurel Avenue11768(631) 261-6930
NorthvilleNorthville Public Library341 South Third Street12134(518) 863-6922
NorwichGuernsey Memorial Library Of Norwich3 Court Street13815(607) 334-4034
NorwoodNorwood Library1 Morton Street13668(315) 353-6692
NundaBell Memorial Library16 East Street14517(585) 468-2266
NyackNyack Library59 South Broadway10960(845) 358-3370
OakfieldHaxton Memorial Library3 North Pearl Street14125(585) 948-9900
OceansideOceanside Library30 Davison Avenue11572(516) 766-2360
OdessaDutton S. Peterson Memorial Library106 First St.14869(607) 594-2791
OgdensburgOgdensburg Public Library312 Washington Street13669(315) 393-4325
Old ForgeOld Forge Library220 Crosby Boulevard13420(315) 369-6008
OleanOlean Public Library134 North Second Street14760(716) 372-0200
OneidaOneida Public Library220 Broad Street13421(315) 363-3050
OneontaHuntington Memorial Library62 Chestnut Street13820(607) 432-1980
OntarioOntario Public Library1850 Ridge Road14519(315) 524-8381
OrangeburgOrangeburg Library20 South Greenbush Road10962(845) 359-2244
Orchard ParkOrchard Park Public Library4570 South Buffalo Street14127(716) 662-9851
OriskanyOriskany Public Library621 Utica Street13424(315) 736-2532
Oriskany FallsC. W. Clark Memorial Library160 North Main Street13425(315) 821-7850
OrwellCogswell Free Library1999 County Route 213426(315) 298-5563
OssiningOssining Public Library53 Croton Avenue10562(914) 941-2416
OswegoOswego School District Public Library120 East Second Street13126(315) 341-5867
OtegoHarris Memorial Library334 Main Street13825(607) 988-6661
OvidEdith B. Ford Memorial Library7169 North Main Street14521(607) 869-3031
OwegoCoburn Free Library275 Main Street13827(607) 687-3520
OxfordOxford Memorial Library8 Fort Hill Park13830(607) 843-6146
Oyster BayOyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library89 East Main Street11771(516) 922-1212
Ozone ParkQueens Borough Public Library - Ozone Park92-24 Rockaway Boulevard11417(718) 845-3127
PalenvilleCatskill Public Library Palenville Branch3335 Route 23a12463(518) 678-3357
PalisadesPalisades Free Library19 Closter Road10964(845) 359-0136
PalmyraPalmyra Kings Daughters Free Lib.127 Cuyler Street14522(315) 597-5276
ParishParish Public Library3 Church Street13131(315) 625-7130
PatchogueBriarcliffe College Library - Patchogue225 West Main Street11772(631) 730-2006
PatchoguePatchogue-Medford Library54-60 East Main Street11772(631) 654-4700
PattersonPatterson Library1167 Route 31112563(845) 878-6121
PavilionPavilion Public Library5 Woodrow Drive14525(585) 584-8843
PawlingPawling Free Library11 Broad Street12564(845) 855-3444
Pearl RiverPearl River Public Library80 Franklin Avenue10965(845) 735-4084
PeekskillThe Field Library4 Nelson Avenue10566(914) 737-1212
PelhamTown Of Pelham Public Library530 Colonial Avenue10803(914) 738-1234
PenfieldPenfield Public Library1985 Baird Road14526(585) 340-8720
Penn YanPenn Yan Public Library214 Main Street14527(315) 536-6114
PerryPerry Public Library70 North Main Street14530(585) 237-2243
PeruPeru Free Library3024 Route 2212972(518) 643-8618
PetersburghPetersburg Public Library69 Main Street12138(518) 658-2927
PhelpsPhelps Community Memorial Library8 Banta St. Suite 20014532(315) 548-3120
PhiladelphiaBodman Memorial Library8 Aldrich Street13673(315) 642-3323
PhilmontPhilmont Public Library101 Main Street12565(518) 672-5010
PhoeniciaPhoenicia Library48 Main Street12464(845) 688-7811
PhoenixPhoenix Public Library34 Elm Street13135(315) 695-4355
PiermontPiermont Library District25 Flywheel Park West10968(845) 359-4595
PikePike Library65 West Main Street14130(585) 493-5900
Pine BushPine Bush Area Public Library District227 Maple Avenue12566(845) 744-3375
Pine HillMorton Memorial Library22 Elm Street12465(845) 254-4222
Pine PlainsPine Plains Free Library7806 South Main Street12567(518) 398-1927
PittsfordPittsford Community Library24 State Street14534(585) 248-6275
PlainviewPlainview-Old Bethpage Public Library999 Old Country Road11803(516) 938-0077
PlattsburghClinton Essex Franklin Library System33 Oak Street12901(518) 563-5190
PlattsburghPlattsburgh Public Library19 Oak Street12901(518) 563-0921
Pleasant ValleyPleasant Valley Free Library1584 Main Street12569(845) 635-8460
PleasantvilleMount Pleasant Public Library350 Bedford Road10570(914) 769-0548
PoestenkillPoestenkill Library9 Plank Road12140(518) 283-3721
PolandPoland District Public Library8849 Main Street13431(315) 826-3112
Poplar RidgeHazard LibraryPO Box 248713139(315) 364-7975
Port ByronPort Byron Library12 Sponable Drive13140(315) 776-5694
Port ChesterPort Chester Public Library1 Haseco Avenue10573(914) 939-6710
Port EwenTown Of Esopus Port Ewen Library128 Canal Street12466(845) 338-5580
Port HenrySherman Free Library20 Church Street12974(518) 546-7461
Port JeffersonPort Jefferson Free Library100 Thompson Street11777(631) 473-0022
Port Jefferson StationComsewogue Public Library170 Terryville Road11776(631) 928-1212
Port JervisPort Jervis Free Library138 Pike Street12771(845) 856-7313
Port LeydenPort Leyden Community Library3145 Canal Street13433(315) 348-6077
Port WashingtonPort Washington Public Library1 Library Drive11050(516) 883-4400
PortvillePortville Free Library2 North Main Street14770(716) 933-8441
PotsdamPotsdam Public Library2 Park Street13676(315) 265-7230
PoughkeepsieGreater Poughkeepsie Library District93 Market Street12601(845) 485-3445
PoughkeepsieLagrange Association Library488 Freedom Plains Road12603(845) 452-3141
PoughkeepsieMid-Hudson Library System103 Market Street12601(845) 471-6060
PoughkeepsiePoughkeepsie Public Library District93 Market Street12601(845) 485-3445
Pound RidgePound Ridge Library District271 Westchester Avenue10576(914) 764-5085
PrattsburghPrattsburg Free Library26 Main Street14873(607) 522-3490
ProspectProspect Free Library915 Trenton Falls Street13435(315) 896-2736
PulaskiPulaski Public Library4917 North Jefferson Street13142(315) 298-2717
PulteneyPulteney Free Library9226 Cty Rt 7414874(607) 868-3652
PurchasePurchase Free Library3093 Purchase Street10577(914) 948-0550
Putnam ValleyPutnam Valley Free Library30 Oscawana Lake Road10579(845) 528-3242
Queens VillageQueens Borough Public Library - Queens Village94-11 217 Street11428(718) 776-6800
QuogueQuogue Library90 Quogue Street11959(631) 653-4224
RandolphRandolph Free Library26 Jamestown Street14772(716) 358-3712
RansomvilleRansomville Free Library3733 Ransomville Road14131(716) 791-4073
Raquette LakeRaquette Lake Free Library1 Dillon Road13436(315) 354-4005
RavenaRCS Community Library15 Mountain Road12143(518) 756-2053
Red CreekRed Creek Free Library6817 Main Street13143(315) 754-6679
Red HookRed Hook Public Library7444 South Broadway12571(845) 758-3241
Rego ParkQueens Borough Public Library - Rego Park91-41 63 Drive11374(718) 459-5140
RemsenDidymus Thomas Library9639 Main Street13438(315) 831-5651
RensselaerRensselaer Public Library810 Broadway12144(518) 462-1193
RensselaervilleRensselaerville Public Library1459 Main Street12147(518) 797-3949
RhinebeckClinton Community Library1215 Centre Road12572(845) 266-5530
RhinebeckStarr Library68 West Market Street12572(845) 876-4030
RhinecliffMorton Memorial Library And Community House82 Kelly Street12574(845) 876-2903
RichburgColonial Library160 Main Street14774(585) 928-2694
Richfield SpringsRichfield Springs Public Library102 Main Street13439(315) 858-0230
Richmond HillQueens Borough Public Library - Lefferts103-34 Lefferts Boulevard11419(718) 843-5950
Richmond HillQueens Borough Public Library - Richmond Hill118-14 Hillside Avenue11418(718) 849-7150
RichvilleRichville Free Library87 Main Street13681(315) 287-1481
RidgewoodQueens Borough Public Library - Ridgewood20-12 Madison Street11385(718) 821-4770
RipleyRipley Free Library64 West Main Street14775(716) 736-3913
RiverheadRiverhead Free Library330 Court Street11901(631) 727-3228
RochesterArnett Branch Library310 Arnett Boulevard58542
RochesterBrighton Memorial Library2300 Elmwood Avenue14618(585) 784-5300
RochesterCentral Library Of Rochester And Monroe County115 South Avenue14604(585) 428-7300
RochesterCharlotte Branch Library3557 Lake Avenue14612(585) 428-8216
RochesterChili Public Library3333 Chili Avenue14624(585) 889-2200
RochesterGates Public Library902 Elmgrove Road14624(585) 247-6446
RochesterHenrietta Public Library455 Calkins Road14623(585) 359-7093
RochesterHighland Branch Library971 South Avenue(585) 428-8206
RochesterIrondequoit Public Library - Helen Mcgraw Branch2180 East Ridge Rd.14622(585) 336-6060
RochesterIrondequoit Public Library - Pauline Evans Branch45 Cooper Road14617(585) 336-6062
RochesterLincoln Branch Library851 Joseph Avenue14621(585) 428-8210
RochesterLyell Branch Library956 Lyell Avenue14606(585) 428-8218
RochesterMaplewood Community Library1111 Dewey Avenue14613(585) 428-8220
RochesterMonroe Branch Library809 Monroe Avenue14607(585) 428-8202
RochesterMonroe County Library System
RochesterPhillis Wheatley Community Library33 Dr. Samuel Mccree Way14608(585) 428-8212
RochesterRochester Public Library115 South Avenue14604(585) 428-7300
RochesterSully Branch Library530 Webster Avenue14609(585) 428-8208
RochesterWinton Branch Library611 Winton Road North14609(585) 428-8204
Rockaway BeachQueens Borough Public Library - Peninsula92-25 Rockaway Beach Boulevard11693(718) 634-1110
Rockaway ParkQueens Borough Public Library - Seaside116-15 Rockaway Beach Boulevard11694(718) 634-1876
Rockville CentreLakeview Public Library1120 Woodfield Road11570(516) 536-3071
Rockville CentreRockville Centre Public Library221 North Village Avenue11570(516) 766-6257
RodmanRodman Public Library12509 School Street13682(315) 232-2522
RomeThe Jervis Public Library Association, Inc.613 North Washington Street13440(315) 336-4570
RooseveltRoosevelt Public Library27 West Fulton Avenue11575(516) 378-0222
RoscoeRoscoe Free Library85 Highland Ave12776(607) 498-5574
RoseRose Free Library4069 Main Street14542(315) 587-2335
RosedaleQueens Borough Public Library - Rosedale144-20 243 Street11422(718) 528-8490
RosendaleRosendale Library264 Main Street12472(845) 658-9013
RoslynBryant Library2 Paper Mill Road11576(516) 621-2240
Round LakeWomens Round Lake Improvement Society Lib31 Wesley Avenue12151(518) 899-2285
Rouses PointRouses Point Dodge Memorial Library144 Lake Street12979(518) 297-6242
RoxburyRoxbury Library Association53742 State Highway 3012474(607) 326-7901
RushRush Public Library5977 East Henrietta Road14543(585) 533-1370
RushfordRushford Free Library9012 Main Street14777(585) 437-2533
RussellRussell Public Library24 Pestle Street13684(315) 347-2115
RyeRye Free Reading Room1061 Boston Post Road10580(914) 967-0480
Sackets HarborHay Memorial Library Of Sackets Harbor105 South Broad Street13685(315) 646-2228
Sag HarborJohn Jermain Memorial Library201 Main Street11963(631) 725-0049
SalamancaSalamanca Public Library155 Wildwood Avenue14779(716) 945-1890
SalamancaSeneca Nation Library Allegany Branch830 Broad Street Extension14779(716) 945-3157
SalemBancroft Public Library181 Main Street12865(518) 854-7463
Salisbury CenterKirby Free Library Of Salisbury105 State Route 29a13454(315) 429-9006
SanbornSanborn-Pekin Free Library5884 West Street14132(716) 731-9933
Sandy CreekAnnie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library6064 South Main Street13145(315) 387-3732
Saranac LakeSaranac Lake Free Library109 Main Street12983(518) 891-4190
Saratoga SpringsSaratoga Springs Public Library49 Henry Street12866(518) 584-7860
Saratoga SpringsSouthern Adirondack Library System22 Whitney Place12866(518) 584-7300
SaugertiesSaugerties Public Library91 Washington Avenue12477(845) 246-4317
SavonaSavona Free Library15 Mccoy Street14879(607) 583-4426
SayvilleSayville Library11 Collins Avenue11782(631) 589-4440
ScarsdaleScarsdale Public Library10583(914) 722-1300
SchaghticokeArvilla E. Diver Memorial Library136 Main Street12154(518) 753-4344
SchenectadyMohawk Valley Library Association858 Duanesburg Road12306(518) 355-2010
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library99 Clinton Street12305(518) 388-4500
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library - Duane Branch1331 State Street12304(518) 386-2242
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library - Hamilton Hill Branch700 Craig Street12307(518) 386-2244
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library - Mont Pleasant Branch1026 Crane Street12303(518) 386-2245
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library - Rotterdam Branch1100 N. Westcott Road12306(518) 356-3440
SchenectadySchenectady County Public Library - Woodlawn Branch2 Sanford Street12304(518) 386-2248
SchoharieSchoharie Free Library Assn.103 Knower Avenue12157(518) 295-7127
Schroon LakeSchroon Lake Public Library15 Leland Avenue12870(518) 532-7737
SchuylervilleSchuylerville Public Library52 Ferry Street12871(518) 695-6641
ScioScio Memorial Library3980 State Rt. 1914880(585) 593-4816
ScotiaSchenectady County Public Library - Scotia Branch14 Mohawk Avenue12302(518) 386-2247
ScottsvilleScottsville Free Library28 Main Street14546(585) 889-2023
Sea CliffSea Cliff Village Libraryp.o. box 28011579(516) 671-4290
SeafordSeaford Public Library2234 Jackson Avenue11783(516) 221-1334
Seneca FallsSeneca Falls Library47 Cayuga Street13148(315) 568-8265
SetauketEmma S. Clark Memorial Library120 Main Street11733(631) 941-4080
Sharon SpringsSharon Springs Free Library129 Main Street13459(518) 284-3126
Shelter IslandShelter Island Public Library Society37 North Ferry Road11964(631) 749-0042
SherburneSherburne Public Library2 East State Street13460(607) 674-4242
ShermanMinerva Free Library116 Miller Street14781(716) 761-6378
SherrillSherrill-Kenwood Free Library543 Sherrill Road13461(315) 363-5980
ShirleyMastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Lib407 William Floyd Parkway11967(631) 399-1511
ShorehamNorth Shore Public Library District250 Route 25a11786(631) 929-4488
ShortsvilleRed Jacket Community Library7 Lehigh Avenue14548(585) 289-3559
Shrub OakJohn C. Hart Memorial Library1130 East Main Street10588(914) 245-5262
SidneySidney Memorial Public Library8 River Street13838(607) 563-1200
Silver CreekAnderson Lee Library43 Main Street14136(716) 934-3468
Silver SpringsTown Of Gainesville Public Library10 Church Street14550(585) 493-2970
SinclairvilleSinclairville Free Library15 Main Street14782(716) 962-5885
SloatsburgSloatsburg Public Library1 Liberty Rock Road10974(845) 753-2001
SmithtownSmithtown Special Library District1 North Country Road11787(631) 265-2072
SmyrnaSmyrna Public Library7 East Main Street13464(607) 627-6271
SnyderEggertsville-Snyder Branch4622 Main Street14226(716) 839-0700
SodusSodus Free Library17 Maple Avenue14551(315) 483-9292
SolvaySolvay Public Library615 Woods Road13209(315) 468-2441
SomersSomers Libraryp.o. box 44310589(914) 232-5717
South FallsburgFallsburg Library12 Railroad Plaza12779(845) 436-6067
South HollisQueens Borough Public Library - South Hollis204-01 Hollis Avenue11412(718) 465-6779
South New BerlinSouth New Berlin Free Library3320 State Highway 813843(607) 859-2420
South Ozone ParkQueens Borough Public Library - South Ozone Park128-16 Rockaway Boulevard11420(718) 529-1660
South SalemLewisboro Library15 Main Street10590(914) 763-3857
SouthamptonRogers Memorial Library91 Coopers Farm Road11968(631) 283-0774
SoutholdSouthold Free Library53705 Main Road11971(631) 765-2077
SpeculatorTown Of Lake Pleasant Public Library2864 State Hwy 812164(518) 548-4411
SpencerSpencer Library41 North Main Street14883(607) 589-4496
SpencerportFarmers Library Company Of The Town Of Ogden269 Ogden Center Road14559(585) 617-6181
SpencerportOgden Farmers Library269 Ogden Center Road14559(585) 617-6181
Spring ValleyFinkelstein Memorial Library24 Chestnut Street10977(845) 352-5700
Springfield CenterSpringfield Library129 County Route 29a13468(315) 858-5802
SpringvilleConcord Public Library18 Chapel Street14141(716) 592-7742
St. AlbansQueens Borough Public Library - St. Albans191-05 Linden Boulevard11412(718) 528-8196
St. JohnsvilleMargaret Reaney Memorial Library19 Kingsbury Avenue13452(518) 568-7822
StaatsburgStaatsburg Library72 Old Post Road12580(845) 889-4683
StamfordStamford Village Library117 Main Street12167(607) 652-5001
StanfordvilleStanford Free Library14 Creamery Road12581(845) 868-1341
Staten IslandDongan Hills Library1617 Richmond Road10304(718) 351-1444
Staten IslandGreat Kills Library56 Giffords Lane10308(718) 984-6670
Staten IslandHuguenot Park Library830 Huguenot Avenue10312(718) 984-4636
Staten IslandNew Dorp Library309 New Dorp Lane10306(718) 351-2977
Staten IslandPort Richmond Library75 Bennett Street10302(718) 442-0158
Staten IslandRichmondtown Library200 Clarke Avenue10306(718) 668-0413
Staten IslandSouth Beach Library21-25 Robin Road10305(718) 816-5834
Staten IslandSt. George Library Center5 Central Avenue10301(718) 442-8560
Staten IslandStapleton Library132 Canal St.10304(718) 727-0427
Staten IslandTodt Hill-Westerleigh Library2550 Victory Boulevard10314(718) 494-1642
Staten IslandTottenville Library7430 Amboy Road10307(718) 984-0945
Staten IslandWest New Brighton Library976 Castleton Avenue10310(718) 442-1416
StephentownStephentown Memorial Library472 New York Route 4312168(518) 733-5750
StillwaterStillwater Free Library74 South Hudson Avenue12170(518) 664-6255
StocktonMary E. Seymour Memorial Free Library22 North Main Street14784(716) 595-3323
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Public Library3700 Main Street12484(845) 687-7023
Stony CreekStony Creek Free Library37 Harrisburg Road12878(518) 696-5911
Stony PointRose Memorial Library Association79 East Main Street10980(845) 786-2100
SuffernSuffern Free Library210 Lafayette Ave.10901(845) 357-1237
SyossetSyosset Public Library225 South Oyster Bay Road11791(516) 921-7161
SyracuseBeauchamp Branch2111 S. Salina St.13205(315) 435-3395
SyracuseBetts Branch Library4862 S. Salina St.13205(315) 435-1940
SyracuseFairmount Community Library Assoc.406 Chapel Drive13219(315) 487-8933
SyracuseHazard Branch Library1620 W. Genesee St.13204(315) 435-5326
SyracuseMundy Branch Library1204 S. Geddes St.13204(315) 435-3797
SyracuseNortheast Community Center Library716 Hawley Ave.13203(315) 472-6343
SyracuseOnondaga County Public Library447 S. Salina St.13202(315) 435-1900
SyracuseOnondaga County Public Library13202(315) 435-1800
SyracuseOnondaga Free Library4840 West Seneca Turnpike13215(315) 492-1727
SyracusePaine Branch Library113 Nichols Ave.13206(315) 435-5442
SyracusePetit Branch Library105 Victoria Pl.13210(315) 435-3636
SyracuseRobert P. Kinchen Central Library447 South Salina St.13202(315) 435-1900
SyracuseSoule Branch Library101 Springfield Rd.13214(315) 435-5320
SyracuseSouthwest Community Center Library401 South Ave.13204(315) 671-5814
SyracuseWhite Branch Library763 Butternut St.13208(315) 435-3519
TappanTappan Library93 Main Street10983(845) 359-3877
TarrytownWarner Library121 North Broadway10591(914) 631-7734
TarrytownWestchester Library System540 White Plains Road Suite 20010591(914) 674-3600
TheresaTheresa Free Library301 Main Street13691(315) 628-5972
Thousand Island ParkThousand Island Park Library42743 St. Lawrence Avenue13692(315) 482-9098
TiconderogaBlack Watch Memorial Library, Ticonderoga99 Montcalm Street12883(518) 585-7380
TiconderogaTiconderoga Public Library99 Montcalm Street12883(518) 585-7380
TivoliTivoli Free Library86 Broadway12583(845) 757-3771
Tomkins CoveTomkins Cove Public Library419 Liberty Drive North10986(845) 786-3060
TonawandaCity Of Tonawanda Public Library333 Main Street14150(716) 693-5043
TroyBrunswick Community Library605 Brunswick Road12180(518) 279-4023
TroyTroy Public Library - Lansingburgh Branch27 114th Street12182(518) 235-5310
TroyTroy Public Library - Main Library100 Second Street12180(518) 274-7071
TroyTroy Public Library - Sycaway Branch12180(518) 274-1822
TrumansburgUlysses Philomathic Library74 East Main Street14886(607) 387-5623
TuckahoeTuckahoe Public Library71 Columbus Avenue10707(914) 961-2121
TullyTully Free Library12 State Street13159(315) 696-8606
Tupper LakeGoff-Nelson Memorial Library, Tupper Lake41 Lake Street12986(518) 359-9421
Tupper LakeTupper Lake Public Library41 Lake Street12986(518) 359-9421
TurinB. Elizabeth Strong Memorial Library6312 East Main Street13473(315) 348-6433
Tuxedo ParkTuxedo Park Library227 Route 1710987(845) 351-2207
UnadillaUnadilla Public Library193 Main Street13849(607) 369-3131
Union SpringsSpringport Free Library171 Cayuga Street13160(315) 889-7766
UniondaleNassau Library System900 Jerusalem Ave.11553(516) 292-8920
UniondaleUniondale Public Library400 Uniondale Avenue11553(516) 489-2220
Upper JayWells Memorial Library12230 Nys Rte 9n12987(518) 946-2644
UptonBrookhaven National LaboratoryP.O. Box 500011973(631) 344-8000
UticaMid-York Library System1600 Lincoln Ave13502(315) 735-8328
UticaUtica Public Library303 Genesee Street13501(315) 735-2279
ValatieValatie Free Library3203 Church Street12184(518) 758-9321
Valley CottageValley Cottage Free Library110 Route 30310989(845) 268-7700
Valley FallsValley Falls Free Library42 State Street12185(518) 753-4230
Valley StreamHenry Waldinger Memorial Library60 Verona Place11582(516) 825-6422
Van EttenVan Etten Library83 Main St14889(607) 589-4755
VernonVernon Public Library4441 Peterboro Street13476(315) 829-2463
VestalFour County Library System304 Clubhouse Road13850(607) 723-8236
VestalVestal Public Library320 Vestal Parkway East13850(607) 754-4243
VictorVictor Free Library15 West Main Street14564(585) 924-2637
VoorheesvilleVoorheesville Public Library51 School Road12186(518) 765-2791
WaddingtonHepburn Library Of Waddington30 Main Street13694(315) 388-4454
WadhamsWadhams Free Library763 Nys Route 2212993(518) 962-8717
WaldenJosephine-Louise Public Library5 Scofield Street12586(845) 778-7621
WallkillWallkill Public Library7 Bona Venture12589(845) 895-3707
WaltonWilliam B. Ogden Free Library42 Gardiner Place13856(607) 865-5929
WalworthWalworth-Seely Public Library3600 Lorraine Drive14568(315) 986-1511
WantaghWantagh Public Library3285 Park Avenue11793(516) 221-1200
Wappingers FallsGrinnell Library2642 East Main Street12590(845) 297-3428
WarrensburgRichards Library36 Elm Street12885(518) 623-3011
WarsawWarsaw Public Library130 North Main Street14569(585) 786-5606
WarwickAlbert Wisner Public Library2 Colonial Avenue10990(845) 986-1047
WashingtonvilleMoffat Library Of Washingtonville6 West Main Street10992(845) 496-5483
WaterfordWaterford Public Library117 Third Street12188(518) 237-0891
WaterlooWaterloo Library And Historical Society31 East Williams Street13165(315) 539-3313
WatertownEast Hounsfield Free Library19438 Nys Route 313601(315) 788-0637
WatertownRoswell P. Flower Memorial Library229 Washington Street13601(315) 785-7705
WatervilleWaterville Public Library206 White Street13480(315) 841-4651
WatervlietWatervliet Public Library1501 Broadway12189(518) 274-4471
Watkins GlenWatkins Glen Cen Sch Dis Free Pub Lib610 South Decatur Street14891(607) 535-2346
WaverlyWaverly Free Library18 Elizabeth Street14892(607) 565-9341
WaylandWayland Free Library101 West Naples Street14572(585) 728-5380
WebsterWebster Public Library14580(585) 872-7075
WeedsportWeedsport Free Library2795 East Brutus Street13166(315) 834-6222
WellsvilleDavid A Howe Public Library155 North Main Street14895(585) 593-3410
West BabylonWest Babylon Public Library211 Route 10911704(631) 669-5445
West ChazyDodge Library9 Fiske Road12992(518) 493-6131
West HempsteadWest Hempstead Public Library500 Hempstead Avenue11552(516) 481-6591
West HurleyWest Hurley Public Library42 Clover Street12491(845) 679-6405
West IslipWest Islip Public Library3 Higbie Lane11795(631) 661-7080
West NyackWest Nyack Free Library65 Strawtown Road10994(845) 358-6081
West SenecaWest Seneca Public Library1300 Union Road14224(716) 674-2928
West ShokanOlive Free Library Association4033 Route 28a12494(845) 657-2482
West WinfieldWest Winfield Library179 South Street13491(315) 822-6394
WestburyWestbury Memorial Public Library445 Jefferson Street11590(516) 333-0176
WesterloTown Of Westerlo Public Library604 State Route 14312193(518) 797-3415
WesternvilleWestern Town Library9172 Main Street13486(315) 827-4118
WestfieldPatterson Library40 South Portage Street14787(716) 326-2154
Westhampton BeachWesthampton Free Library28 Library Avenue11978(631) 288-3335
WestportWestport Library Association6 Harris Lane12993(518) 962-8219
White PlainsWhite Plains Public Library100 Martine Avenue10601(914) 422-1400
WhitehallWhitehall Free Library12 Williams Street12887(518) 499-1366
WhitesboroDunham Public Library76 Main Street13492(315) 736-9734
WhitestoneQueens Borough Public Library - Whitestone151-10 14 Road11357(718) 767-8010
WhitesvilleWhitesville Public Library500 Main Street14897(607) 356-3645
Whitney PointMary Wilcox Memorial Library2630 Main Street13862(607) 692-3159
WilliamsonWilliamson Free Public Library6380 Route 21, Suite 114589(315) 589-2048
WilliamstownWilliamstown Library2877 County Route 17n13493(315) 964-2802
WilliamsvilleAmherst Public Library Clearfield Branch770 Hopkins Road14221(716) 688-4955
WilliamsvilleAmherst Public Library Williamsville Branch5571 Main Street14221(716) 632-6176
Williston ParkWilliston Park Public Library494 Willis Avenue11596(516) 742-1820
WillsboroPaine Memorial Free Library2 Gilliland Lane12996(518) 963-4478
WilmingtonWilmington E.M. Cooper Memorial Public Library5751 Route 8612997(518) 946-7701
WilsonWilson Free Library265 Young Street14172(716) 751-6070
WindhamWindham Public Library5379 Main Street12496(518) 734-4405
WingdaleDover Plains Library1797 Route 2212594(845) 832-6605
WolcottWolcott Civic Free Library5890 New Hartford Street14590(315) 594-2265
WoodgateWoodgate Free Library11051 Woodgate Road13494(315) 392-4814
WoodhavenQueens Borough Public Library - Woodhaven85-41 Forest Parkway11421(718) 849-1010
WoodsideQueens Borough Public Library - Woodside54-22 Skillman Avenue11377(718) 429-4700
WoodstockWoodstock Public Library District5 Library Lane12498(845) 679-2213
WorcesterWorcester Free Library168 Main Street Suite 212197(607) 397-7309
WurtsboroMamakating Library156-158 Sullivan Street12790(845) 888-8004
WurtsboroTown Of Mamakating Library District156-158 Sullivan Street12790(845) 888-8004
WyandanchWyandanch Public Library14 South 20th Street11798(631) 643-4848
WynantskillNorth Greenbush Public Library141 Main Avenue12198(518) 283-0303
WyomingWyoming Free Circulating Library Association114 South Academy Street14591(585) 495-6840
YonkersYonkers Public Library10701(914) 337-1500
YoungstownYoungstown Free Library240 Lockport Street14174(716) 745-3555

California Public Libraries
AdelantoAdelanto Branch Library11497 Bartlett92301(760) 246-5661
AdinAdin Station Library(530) 299-3502
Agoura HillsAgoura Hills Library29901 Ladyface Court91301(818) 889-2278
AlamedaAlameda Free Library2200 A Central Ave.94501(510) 748-4660
AlamedaAlameda Free Library1550 Oak St94501(510) 747-7747
AlamedaBay Farm Island Branch3221 Mecartney Rd.94502(510) 748-4668
AlamedaWest End Branch788 Santa Clara Ave.94501(510) 748-4667
AlbanyAlbany Library1247 Marin Avenue94706(510) 526-3720
AlhambraAlhambra Public Library101 S. First St.91801(626) 570-5008
Aliso ViejoAliso Viejo Branch Library1 Journey92656(949) 360-1730
AlleghanyAlleghany Station Library123 Main Street95910(530) 287-3287
AlpaughAlpaugh Branch Library3816 Ave. 5493201(559) 949-8355
AlpineAlpine Library2130 Arnold Way91901(619) 445-4221
AltadenaAltadena Library District600 E. Mariposa St.91001(626) 798-2950
AltadenaBob Lucas Memorial Library And Literacy Center2159 N. Lincoln91001(626) 798-8338
AlturasModoc County Library212 W. 3rd St.96101(530) 233-6340
AlvisoAlviso Library5050 North First St.95134(408) 263-3626
Amador CityAmador City Branch14203 Highway 49(209) 267-0682
American CanyonAmerican Canyon300 Crawford Way94503(707) 644-1136
AnaheimAnaheim Public Library500 W. Broadway92805(714) 765-1810
AnaheimCanyon Hills Library400 Scout Trail92807(714) 974-7630
AnaheimEast Anaheim Branch Library8201 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.92808(714) 765-3887
AnaheimEuclid Library1340 S. Euclid92802(714) 765-3625
AnaheimHaskett Library2650 W. Broadway92804(714) 765-5075
AnaheimSunkist Library901 S. Sunkist92806(714) 765-3576
AndersonAnderson Library3200 West Center St.96007(530) 365-7685
Angels CampAngels Camp Branch426 N. Main Street95222(209) 736-2198
AntelopeNorth Highlands-Antelope Library4235 Antelope Road95843(916) 264-2770
AntiochAntioch Library501 W. 18th St.94509(925) 757-9224
AnzaAnza Library57430 Mitchell Rd92539(909) 763-4216
Apple ValleyApple Valley Branch Library15001 Wakita Rd92307(760) 247-2022
ApplegateApplegate Library18018 Applegate Road95703(530) 878-2721
AptosAptos Branch Library7695 Soquel Dr.95003(831) 420-5309
ArbuckleArbuckle Branch610 King St.95912(530) 476-2526
ArcadiaArcadia Public Library20 W. Duarte Road91006(626) 821-5567
ArcadiaLive Oak Library4153-55 East Live Oak Ave.91006(626) 446-8803
ArcataHumboldt County Library - Arcata500 7th Street95521(707) 822-5954
ArmonaArmona Community Library11115 C Street93202(559) 583-5005
ArnoldArnold Branch1065 Blagen Road95223(209) 795-1009
AromasAromas Branch Library389-D Blohm Avenue95004(831) 726-3240
Arroyo GrandeSouth County Library800 W. Branch St.93420(805) 473-7161
ArtesiaArtesia Library18722 S. Clarkdale Ave.90701(562) 865-6614
ArvinKern County Library - Arvin201 Campus Drive93203(661) 854-5934
AtascaderoAtascadero Library6850 Morro Rd.93422(805) 461-6161
AthertonAtherton Library2 Dinkelspiel Station Lane94027(650) 328-2422
AtwaterAtwater Branch Library1600 Third St.95301(209) 358-6651
AuberryAuberry Branch Library33049 Auberry Road93602(559) 855-8523
AuburnAuburn Library350 Nevada St.95603(530) 886-4550
AuburnPlacer County Library Administration350 Nevada St.95603(530) 886-4550
AvalonAvalon Library215 Sumner Ave.90704(310) 510-1050
AvenalKings County Library - Avenal501 E. Kings St.93204(559) 386-5741
AzusaAzusa City Library729 N. Dalton Ave.91702(626) 812-5232
BakersfieldBeale Memorial Library701 Truxtun Avenue93301(661) 868-0701
BakersfieldKern County Library - Baker1400 Baker Street93305(661) 861-2390
BakersfieldKern County Library - Bryce C. Rathbun200 West China Grade Loop93308(661) 393-6431
BakersfieldKern County Library - Eleanor Wilson1901 Wilson Road93304(661) 834-4044
BakersfieldKern County Library - Holloway-Gonzales506 East Brundage Lane93307(661) 861-2083
BakersfieldKern County Library - Northeast3725 Columbus Street93306(661) 871-9017
BakersfieldKern County Library - Southwest8301 Ming Avenue93311(661) 664-7716
BakersfieldOlive Drive Fire Research Center5642 Victor Street93308(661) 391-7106
Baldwin ParkBaldwin Park Library4181 Baldwin Park Blvd.91706(626) 962-6947
BanningBanning Library District21 W. Nicolet St.92220(951) 849-3192
BarstowBarstow Branch Library304 E. Buena Vista92311(760) 256-4850
Bay PointBay Point205 Pacifica Ave.94565(925) 458-9597
Bear ValleyBear Valley Library Station367 Creekside Dr.(209) 753-6219
BeaumontBeaumont Library District125 E. Eighth St.92223(951) 845-1357
BellBell Library4411 East Gage Ave.90201(323) 560-2149
Bell GardensBell Gardens Library7110 S. Garfield Ave.90201(562) 927-1309
BellflowerClifton M. Brakensiek Library9945 E. Flower St.90706(562) 925-5543
BelmontBelmont Library1110 Alameda De Las Pulgas94002(650) 591-8286
BeniciaBenicia Public Library150 East L St.94510(707) 746-4343
BentonBenton Library25553 Highway 672015(760) 933-2542
BerkeleyBerkeley Public Library2090 Kittredge St.94704(510) 981-6100
BerkeleyClaremont Branch Library2940 Benvenue Ave.94705(510) 981-6280
BerkeleyNorth Branch Library1170 The Alameda94707(510) 981-6250
BerkeleySouth Branch Library1901 Russell St.94703(510) 981-6260
BerkeleyWest Branch Library1125 University Ave.94702(510) 981-6270
Beverly HillsBeverly Hills Public Library444 N. Rexford Dr.90210(310) 288-2220
Beverly HillsRoxbury Park Senior Adult Library401 S. Roxbury Dr.90212(310) 550-4947
Big Bear LakeBig Bear Lake Branch Library41930 Garstin Dr.92315(909) 866-5571
Big CreekBig Creek Station51190 Point Road93605(559) 893-6614
Big PineBig Pine Branch Library110 North Main93513(760) 938-2420
Big SurBig Sur Branch Library(831) 667-2537
BiggsBiggs Branch464a B St.95917(530) 868-5724
BishopBishop Branch Library210 Academy Ave.93514(760) 873-5115
BloomingtonBloomington Branch Library10145 Orchard St.92316(909) 877-1453
Blue JayLake Arrowhead Branch Library27235 Highway 189(909) 337-3118
Blue LakeHumboldt County Library - Blue Lake Library111 Greenwood Ave.95525(707) 668-4207
BlythePalo Verde Valley Library District125 West Riverside Drive92225(760) 922-5371
BolinasBolinas Library94924(415) 868-1171
BonitaBonita-Sunnyside Library5047 Central Ave.91902(619) 475-4642
BoronKern County Library - Boron26967 Twenty Mule Team Road93516(760) 762-5606
Borrego SpringsBorrego Springs Library500 Palm Canyon Rd92004(760) 767-5761
Boulder CreekBoulder Creek Branch Library13390 W. Park Ave.95006(831) 420-5319
BradleyBradley Branch Library93426(805) 472-9407
BrawleyBrawley Public Library400 Main St.92227(760) 344-1891
BreaBrea Branch Library1 Civic Center Cir.(714) 671-1722
BrentwoodBrentwood Library751 Third St.94513(925) 634-4101
BridgeportBridgeport Library94 N. School St.06605(760) 932-7482
BrisbaneBrisbane Library250 Visitacion Ave.94005(415) 467-2060
BuelltonBuellton Branch Library140 W. Hwy 24693427(805) 688-3115
Buena ParkBuena Park Library District7150 La Palma Ave.90620(714) 826-4100
BurbankBuena Vista Branch300 N. Buena Vista Street91505(818) 238-5620
BurbankBurbank Public Library110 N. Glenoaks Blvd.91502(818) 238-5551
BurbankNorthwest Branch3323 W. Victory Blvd.91505(818) 238-5640
BurlingameBurlingame Public Library480 Primrose Rd.94010(650) 558-7474
BurlingameEaston Branch1800 Easton Drive94010(650) 343-1794
BurneyBurney Library37038 Siskiyou Street96013(530) 335-4317
ButtonwillowKern County Library - Bookmobile116 Buttonwillow Drive93206(661) 764-5337
ButtonwillowKern County Library - Buttonwillow116 Buttonwillow Drive93206(661) 764-5337
CabazonCabazon Branch Library50171 Ramona92230(909) 849-4082
CalabasasCalabasas City Library200 Civic Center Way91302(818) 225-7616
CalexicoCamarena Memorial Library Station1202 Kloke Rd.92231(760) 768-3966
CalexicoCamarena Memorial Public Library850 Encinas Ave.92231(760) 768-2170
California CityKern County Library - California City9507 California City Boulevard93505(760) 373-4757
California ValleySimmler Library13080 Soda Lake Road93453(805) 475-2603
CalimesaCalimesa Library974 Calimesa Blvd92320(909) 795-9807
CalipatriaMeyer Memorial Library105 South Lake Avenue92233(760) 348-2630
CalistogaCalistoga Public Library1108 Myrtle St.94515(707) 942-4833
CamarilloCamarillo Library3100 Ponderosa Dr.93010(805) 482-1952
CambriaCambria Library900 Main St.93428(805) 927-4336
Cameron ParkCameron Park Branch2500 Country Club Dr.95682(530) 621-5500
CampbellCampbell Library77 Harrison Ave.95008(408) 866-1991
CampoCampo-Morena Village Library31466 Highway 9491906(619) 478-5945
Canoga ParkCanoga Park Branch7260 Owensmouth Ave.91303(818) 887-0320
Canyon LakeCanyon Lake Library31516 Railroad Canyon Rd.92587(909) 244-9181
CapitolaCapitola Branch Library2005 Wharf Rd95010(831) 420-5329
CarlsbadCarlsbad City Library1775 Dove Lane92011(760) 602-2011
CarlsbadCentro De Informacion3333 Harding St.92008(760) 729-6907
CarlsbadDove Library1775 Dove Lane92011(760) 602-2038
CarlsbadGeorgina Cole Library1250 Carlsbad Village Drive92008(760) 434-2870
CarmelHarrison Memorial Librarypo box 80093921(831) 624-1366
CarmelPark Branch Library - Harrison Memorial93923(831) 624-4664
Carmel ValleyCarmel Valley Branch Library65 W. Carmel Valley Rd.93924(831) 659-2377
CarmichaelCarmichael Regional Library5605 Marconi Ave.95608(916) 264-2770
CarpinteriaCarpinteria Library5141 Carpinteria Ave.93013(805) 684-4314
CarsonCarson Library151 East Carson St.90745(310) 830-0901
CarsonVictoria Park Library17906 South Avalon Blvd.90746(310) 327-4830
CaruthersCaruthers Neighborhood Library13382 South Henderson Rd.93609(559) 864-8766
Castro ValleyCastro Valley Library20055 Redwood Rd.94546(510) 670-6280
CastrovilleCastroville Branch Library11266 Merritt St.95012(831) 633-2829
Cathedral CityCathedral City Library33520 Date Palm Drive92234(760) 328-4262
CayucosCayucos Library248 S. Ocean Ave.93430(805) 995-3312
CedarvilleCedarville Library460 Main St.96104(530) 279-2614
CeresCeres Library2250 Magnolia95307(209) 537-8938
CerritosCerritos Public Library18025 Bloomfield Ave.90703(562) 916-1350
ChatsworthChatsworth Express10044 Old Depot Plaza Rd91311(818) 341-4276
ChesterChester Branch Library222 First Ave.96020(530) 258-2742
ChicoChico Branch1108 Sherman Ave.95926(530) 891-2723
ChinoChino Branch Library13180 Central Ave.91710(909) 465-5280
Chino HillsJames S. Thalman Chino Hills Branch14020 City Center Drive91709(909) 590-5380
ChowchillaChowchilla Branch Library300 Kings St.93610(559) 665-2630
Chula VistaChula Vista Public Library365 F St.91910(619) 691-5069
Chula VistaEastlake Branch1120 Eastlake Parkway91915(619) 656-0314
Chula VistaSouth Chula Vista Branch389 Orange Ave.91911(619) 585-5755
Citrus HeightsSylvan Oaks Library6700 Auburn Blvd.95621(916) 264-2770
ClaremontClaremont Library208 North Harvard Ave.91711(909) 621-4902
ClarksburgClarksburg Branch Library52915 Netherlands Ave.95612(916) 744-1755
ClaytonClayton Community Library6125 Clayton Rd94517(925) 673-0659
ClearlakeRedbud Library14785 Burns Valley Rd.95422(707) 994-5115
CloverdaleCloverdale Regional Library401 N. Cloverdale Blvd.95425(707) 894-5271
ClovisClovis Regional Library1155 Fifth St.93612(559) 299-9531
CoachellaCoachella Library1538 7th Street92236(760) 398-5148
CoalingaCoalinga - Huron Unified School District Library305 N. Fourth St.93210(559) 935-1676
ColevilleColeville Library111591 Us Highway 39596107(530) 495-2788
ColfaxColfax Library10 W. Church St95713(530) 346-8211
ColtonColton Public Library656 N. Ninth St.92324(909) 370-5083
ColtonLuque Branch Library294 E. O St.92324(909) 370-5182
ColusaColusa County Free Library738 Market St.95932(530) 458-7671
CommerceAtlantic Branch2269 S. Atlantic Blvd90040(323) 780-1176
CommerceBristow Park Library1466 S. Mcdonnell Ave.90040(323) 265-1787
CommerceCity Of Commerce Public Library5655 Jillson St.90040(323) 722-6660
CommerceGreenwood Branch6134 S. Greenwood Ave.90040(562) 927-1516
ComptonCompton Library240 West Compton Blvd.90220(310) 637-0202
ConcordConcord Library2900 Salvio St.94519(925) 646-5455
CopperopolisCopperopolis Branch Library60 Copper Cove Drive C95228(209) 785-0920
CorcoranKings County Library - Corcoran1001-A Chittenden93212(559) 992-3314
CorningCorning Branch Library740 Third St.96021(530) 824-7050
CoronaCorona Public Library650 South Main St.92882(951) 736-2381
CoronaEastvale Library7447 Scholar Way92880(951) 273-1520
CoronaEl Cerrito Library7581 Rudell Road92881(951) 270-5012
CoronaHome Gardens Library3785 Neece St.92879(951) 279-2148
Corona Del MarCorona Del Mar Library420 Marigold Ave.92625(949) 644-3075
CoronadoCoronado Public Library640 Orange Ave.92118(619) 522-7390
Corte MaderaCorte Madera Regional Library707 Meadowsweet Drive94925(415) 924-3515
Costa MesaCosta Mesa Branch Library1855 Park Ave.92627(949) 646-8845
Costa MesaCosta Mesa Technology Branch Library3033 Bristol Ave. Ste. Q92626(714) 754-4431
Costa MesaMesa Verde Branch Library2969 Mesa Verde Drive East92626(714) 546-5274
CoultervilleRed Cloud Library10304 Fiske Rd.95311(209) 878-3692
CoveloRound Valley Public Library76405 Covelo Road95428(707) 983-6736
CovinaCharter Oak Library20540-K Arrow Hwy.91724(626) 339-2151
CovinaCovina Public Library234 N. Second Ave.91723(626) 858-7297
Crescent CityDel Norte County Library District190 Price Mall95531(707) 464-9793
CresseyCressey Branch Library9257 N. Cressey Way95388(209) 394-1456
CrestlineCrestline Branch Library24105 Lake Gregory Dr.92325(909) 338-3294
CrestonCreston Library6285 Adams93432(805) 239-3010
CrockettCrockett Library991 Loring94525(510) 787-2345
CudahyCudahy Library5218 Santa Ana St.90201(323) 771-1345
Culver CityCulver City Jullian Dixon Library4975 Overland Ave.90230(310) 559-1676
CupertinoCupertino Library10441 Bandley Ave.95014(408) 446-1677
CypressCypress Branch Library5331 Orange Ave.90630(714) 826-0350
Daly CityBayshore Library2960 Geneva Ave.94014(650) 991-8074
Daly CityDaly City Public Library40 Wembley Dr.94015(650) 991-8025
Daly CityJohn D. Daly Library6351 Mission St.94014(650) 991-8073
Daly CitySerramonte Library40 Wembley Dr.94015(650) 991-8023
Daly CityWestlake Library275 Southgate Ave.94015(650) 991-8071
Dana PointDana Point Branch Library33841 Niguel Road92629(949) 496-5517
DanvilleDanville Library400 Front St.94526(925) 837-4889
DavisDavis Branch Library315 E. 14th St.95616(530) 757-5593
Davis CreekDavis Creek Library1325 County Road 133b96108(530) 233-2448
Death ValleyFurnace Creek Branch Library(760) 786-2408
Del MarDel Mar Library1309 Camino Del Mar92014(858) 755-1666
DelanoKern County Library - Delano925 Tenth Avenue93215(661) 725-1078
DelhiDelhi Educational Park Community Library16114 Schendal Road95315(209) 669-3169
DenairDenair Library4801 Kersey Rd.95316(209) 634-1283
DescansoDescanso Library9545 River Drive91916(619) 445-5279
Desert CenterLake Tamarisk Library43-880 Tamarisk Drive92239(760) 227-3273
Desert Hot SpringsDesert Hot Springs Library11691 West Drive92240(760) 329-5926
Desert ShoresDesert Shores Library801 N. Palm92274(760) 344-4364
Diamond BarDiamond Bar Library1061 S. Grand Ave.91765(909) 861-4978
DinubaDinuba Branch Library150 South I St.93618(559) 591-5828
DixonDixon Public Library230 North First St.95620(707) 678-5447
DorrisDorris Branch Library(530) 397-4932
Dos PalosDos Palos Branch Library2002 Almond93620(209) 392-2155
DowneyCounty Of Los Angeles Public Library7400 E. Imperial Highway90241(562) 940-8462
DowneyDowney City Library11121 Brookshire Ave.90241(562) 904-7360
DuarteDuarte Library1301 Buena Vista St.91010(626) 358-1865
DublinDublin Library200 Civic Plaza94568(925) 828-1315
DunsmuirDunsmuir Branch Library5714 Dunsmuir Ave.96025(530) 235-2035
DurhamDurham Branch2545 Durham Dayton Hwy95938(530) 879-3835
EarlimartEarlimart Library780 E. Washington St.93219(661) 849-2525
East Palo AltoEast Palo Alto Library2415 University Ave.94303(650) 321-7712
East Rancho DomingueEast Rancho Dominguez Library4205 East Compton Blvd.90221(310) 632-6193
EastonEaston Neighborhood Library25 E. Fantz Ave.93706(559) 237-3929
El CajonCrest Library105 Juanita Lane92021(619) 442-7083
El CajonEl Cajon Library201 E. Douglas92020(619) 588-3718
El CajonFletcher Hills Library576 Garfield Ave.92020(619) 466-1132
El CajonRancho San Diego Library11555 Via Rancho San Diego92019(619) 660-5370
El CentroEl Centro Public Library539 State St.92243(760) 337-4565
El CentroImperial County Library1331 S. Clark, Bldg 2492243(760) 339-6460
El CerritoEl Cerrito Library6510 Stockton Ave.94530(510) 526-7512
El Dorado HillsOak Ridge Joint-Use Library1120 Harvard Way95762(916) 933-6982
El MonteEl Monte Library3224 Tyler Ave.91731(626) 444-9506
El MonteNorwood Library4550 North Peck Rd.91732(626) 443-3147
El PortalMariposa County Library - El Portal9670 Rancheria Flat Road95318(209) 379-2401
El SegundoCenter Street School Branch Library700 Center St.90245(310) 615-2680
El SegundoEl Segundo Public Library111 W. Mariposa Ave.90245(310) 524-2722
El SegundoHigh School Branch Library640 Main St.90245(310) 615-2662
El SegundoMiddle School Branch Library332 Center Street90245(310) 615-2685
El SegundoRichmond Street Elementary School Library615 Richmond St.90245(310) 606-6831
El SobranteEl Sobrante Library4191 Appian Way94803(510) 374-3991
Elk CreekElk Creek Branch Library120 Church St.95939(916) 968-5238
Elk GroveElk Grove Library8962 Elk Grove Blvd.95624(916) 264-2770
Elk GroveFranklin Library10055 Franklin High Road95757(916) 264-2770
EmpireEmpire Library18 S. Abbie95357(209) 524-5505
EncinitasCardiff Library2081 Newcastle92007(760) 753-4027
EncinitasEncinitas Library540 Cornish Dr.92024(760) 753-7376
EscalonEscalon Library1540 Second St.95320(209) 838-2478
EscondidoEast Valley Branch Library2245 E. Valley Parkway92027(760) 839-4392
EscondidoEscondido Pioneer Room And Computer Center247 South Kalmia Street92025(760) 839-4315
EscondidoEscondido Public Library239 S. Kalmia St.92025(760) 839-4601
EspartoEsparto Branch Library - Esparto Union High17065 Yolo Ave.95627(530) 787-3426
EtnaEtna Branch Library96027(530) 467-3400
EurekaEureka Main Library1313 Third St.95501(707) 269-1900
EurekaHumboldt County Library1313 Third St.95501(707) 269-1900
ExeterExeter Library230 E. Chestnut93221(559) 592-5361
Fair OaksFair Oaks Library11601 Fair Oaks Blvd.95628(916) 264-2770
FairfaxFairfax Regional Library2097 Sir Francis Drake Blvd94930(415) 453-8151
FairfieldFairfield Civic Center Library1150 Kentucky St.94533(707) 421-6500
FairfieldFairfield Cordelia Library5050 Business Center Drive94534(866) 572-7587
FairfieldLaw Library600 Union Avenue94533(707) 421-6520
FairfieldSolano County Library1150 Kentucky St.94533(707) 784-1500
FallbrookFallbrook Library124 S. Mission Rd.92028(760) 728-2373
FeltonFelton Branch Library6299 Gushee St.95018(831) 420-5339
FerndaleHumboldt County Library - Ferndale807 Main Street95536(707) 786-9559
FillmoreFillmore Library502 Second St.93015(805) 524-3355
FirebaughFirebaugh Neighborhood Library1315 O St.93622(559) 659-2820
FolsomFolsom Public Library411 Stafford St95630(916) 355-7374
FontanaFontana Branch Library8334 Emerald St.92335(909) 822-2321
FontanaKaiser Branch Library11155 Almond Ave.92337(909) 357-5900
Foothill RanchFoothill Ranch Branch Library27002 Cabriole92610(949) 855-8072
ForesthillForesthill Library24580 Main St.95631(530) 367-2785
ForestvilleForestville Library7050 Covey Rd.95436(707) 887-7654
Fort JonesFort Jones Branch Library11960 East St.96032(530) 468-2383
FortunaHumboldt County Library - Fortuna775 14th St.95540(707) 725-3460
Foster CityFoster City Library1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd.94404(650) 574-4842
Fountain ValleyFountain Valley Branch Library17635 Los Alamos St.92708(714) 962-1324
FowlerFowler Neighborhood Library119 E. Merced St.93625(559) 834-3114
Frazier ParkKern County Library - Frazier Park3015 Mt. Pinos Way93225(661) 245-1267
FreedomFreedom Branch Library2021 Freedom Blvd.95019(831) 763-4141
FremontAlameda County Library2450 Stevenson Blvd.94538(510) 745-1500
FremontCenterville Library3801 Nicolet Ave.94536(510) 795-2629
FremontFremont Main Library2400 Stevenson Blvd.94538(510) 745-1401
FremontIrvington Library41825 Greenpark Dr.94538(510) 795-2631
FremontNiles Library150 I St.94536(510) 795-2626
FresnoCedar Clinton Neighborhood Library4150 E. Clinton Ave.93703(559) 442-1770
FresnoCentral Library2420 Mariposa St.93721(559) 488-3195
FresnoFig Garden Regional Library3071 W. Bullard93711(559) 438-4071
FresnoFresno County Public Library2420 Mariposa St.93721(559) 488-3185
FresnoGillis Neighborhood Library629 W. Dakota93705(559) 225-0140
FresnoIvy Center Neighborhood Library1350 E. Annadale93706(559) 264-6119
FresnoLiteracy Services Center321 W. Dakota93705(559) 224-7094
FresnoMosqueda Neighborhood Library4670 E. Butler93727(559) 453-4072
FresnoPoliti Neighborhood Library5771 N. First St.93710(559) 431-6450
FresnoSunnyside Neighborhood Library5566 E. Kings Canyon Road93727(559) 255-6594
FresnoTalking Book Library For The Blind770 N. San Pablo Ave.93728(559) 488-3217
Ft BraggFort Bragg Branch Library499 Laurel St.95437(707) 964-2020
FullertonFullerton Public Library353 W. Commonwealth Ave.92832(714) 738-6380
FullertonHunt Branch201 S. Basque Ave.92833(714) 738-3121
GaltMarian O. Lawrence (Galt) Library1000 Caroline Ave.95632(916) 264-2770
GarbervilleHumboldt County Library - Garberville715 Cedar St.95542(707) 923-2230
Garden GroveChapman Branch Library9182 Chapman Ave.92841(714) 539-2115
Garden GroveGarden Grove Regional Library11200 Stanford Ave.92840(714) 530-0711
Garden GroveWest Garden Grove Branch Library11962 Bailey St.92845(714) 897-2594
GardenaGardena Mayme Dear Library1731 West Gardena Blvd.90247(310) 323-6363
GardenaMasao W. Satow Library14433 South Crenshaw Blvd.90249(310) 679-0638
GeorgetownGeorgetown Library6680 Orleans Street95634(530) 333-4724
GilroyGilroy Library7387 Rosanna St.95020(408) 842-8208
GlendaleBrand Library1601 W. Mountain St.91207(818) 548-2051
GlendaleCasa Verdugo Branch Library1151 N. Brand Blvd.91202(818) 548-2047
GlendaleChevy Chase Branch Library3301 E. Chevy Chase Dr.91206(818) 548-2046
GlendaleGlendale Public Library222 E. Harvard St.91205(818) 548-2030
GlendaleGrandview Branch Library1535 Fifth St.91201(818) 548-2049
GlendoraGlendora Library Cultural Center140 South Glendora Ave.91741(626) 852-4891
GlennBayliss Branch Library7830 Road 3995943(916) 934-2287
GoletaGoleta Library500 N. Fairview Ave.93117(805) 964-7878
GonzalesGonzales Branch Library851 V 5th St.93926(831) 675-2209
Granada HillsGranada Hills Branch10640 Petit Ave.91344(818) 368-5687
Grand TerraceGrand Terrace Branch Library22795 Barton Rd.92313(909) 783-0147
Granite BayGranite Bay Library6475 Douglas Blvd95746(916) 791-5590
Grass ValleyBear River High School Library Station11130 Magnolia Road95602(530) 271-4147
Grass ValleyGrass Valley Library207 Mill Street95945(530) 273-4117
Grass ValleyLibrary Literacy Services714 W. Main Street95945(530) 274-8428
Greeley HillMariposa County Library - Greeley Hill10332 C Fiske Road95311(209) 878-3692
GreenfieldGreenfield Branch Library315 El Camino Real93927(831) 674-2614
GreenvilleGreenville Branch Library204 Ann St.95947(530) 284-7416
GridleyGridley Branch299 Spruce St.95948(530) 846-3323
GrimesGrimes Branch240 Main95950(530) 437-2428
GrovelandGroveland Library18990 Hwy 12095321(209) 962-6144
GuadalupeGuadalupe Library4719 W. Main St. Unit D93434(805) 343-1405
GuernevilleGuerneville Regional Library14107 Armstrong Woods Rd.95446(707) 869-9004
GustineGustine Branch Library205 Sixth St.95322(209) 854-3013
GustineSanta Nella Branch Library29188 W. Centinella Ave.95322(209) 826-6059
Hacienda HeightsHacienda Heights Library16010 La Monde St.91745(626) 968-9356
Half Moon BayHalf Moon Bay Library620 Correas St.94019(650) 726-2316
HanfordKings County Library401 N. Douty St.93230(559) 582-0261
HanfordKings County Library - Hanford401 N. Douty St.93230(559) 582-0261
Happy CampHappy Camp Branch Library143 Buckhorn Rd.96039(530) 463-2964
Hawaiian GardensHawaiian Gardens Library12100 E. Carson Street E90716(562) 496-1212
HawthorneHawthorne Library12700 South Grevillea Ave.90250(310) 679-8193
HawthorneWiseburn Library5335 West 135th St.90250(310) 643-8880
HayforkHayfork Branch Library(530) 628-5427
HaywardHayward Public Library835 C St.94541(510) 881-7954
HaywardWeekes Library27300 Patrick Ave.94544(510) 782-2155
HealdsburgHealdsburg Regional Library139 Piper St.95448(707) 433-3772
HeberHeber Branch Library1136 Heber Avenue92249(760) 336-0737
HemetHemet Public Library300 E. Latham Ave92543(951) 765-2440
HemetValle Vista Library25757 Fairview Ave.92544(909) 927-2611
Hermosa BeachHermosa Beach Library550 Pier Ave.90254(310) 379-8475
HesperiaHesperia Branch Library9565 Seventh Ave.92345(760) 244-4898
HighgroveHighgrove Library530 W Center St92507(909) 682-1507
HighlandHighland Sam J. Racadio Library Environmental Learning Center7863 Central Ave.92346(909) 425-4700
HilmarIrwin-Hilmar Branch Library20041 W. Falke St.95324(209) 632-0746
HollisterSan Benito County Free Library470 Fifth St.95023(831) 636-4107
HoltvilleHoltville Branch Library101 E. Sixth92250(760) 356-2385
HoopaHumboldt County Library - Hoopa95546(530) 625-5082
HughsonHughson Library2412 3rd St.95326(209) 883-2293
Huntington BeachBanning Library9281 Banning Ave.92646(714) 375-5005
Huntington BeachHelen Murphy Branch15882 Graham St.92649(714) 375-5006
Huntington BeachHuntington Beach Library7111 Talbert Ave.92648(714) 960-8836
Huntington BeachMain Street Library525 Main St.92648(714) 375-5071
Huntington BeachOak View Branch17251 Oak Lane92647(714) 375-5068
Huntington ParkHuntington Park Library6518 Miles Ave.90255(323) 583-1461
HuronHuron Branch Library93234(209) 945-2284
IdyllwildIdyllwild Library54185 Pinecrest Rd.92549(909) 659-2300
ImperialImperial Public Library200 W. Ninth St.92251(760) 355-1332
Imperial BeachImperial Beach Library810 Imperial Beach Blvd.91932(619) 424-6981
IndependenceInyo County Free Library168 N. Edwards93526(760) 878-0359
IndioIndio Library200 Civic Center Mall92201(760) 347-2383
InglewoodCrenshaw-Imperial Library11141 Crenshaw Blvd90303(310) 412-5403
InglewoodInglewood Public Library101 W. Manchester Blvd.90301(310) 412-5397
InglewoodMorningside Park Library3202 W. 85th St.90305(310) 412-5400
InvernessInverness Library15 Park Ave.94937(415) 669-1288
IoneIone Branch25 E. Main St95640(209) 274-2560
IrvineHeritage Park Branch Library14361 Yale Ave.92604(949) 936-4040
IrvineUniversity Park Branch Library4512 Sandburg Way92612(949) 786-4001
IrwindaleIrwindale Public Library5050 N. Irwindale Ave.91706(626) 430-2228
IsletonIsleton Branch Library401 Union Street95641(916) 264-2770
IvanhoeIvanhoe Library15964 Heather93235(559) 798-1264
JacksonAmador County Library530 Sutter St.95642(209) 223-6400
JacumbaJacumba Library44605 Old Highway 8091934(619) 766-4608
JamestownJamestown Library18299 5th Ave.95327(209) 984-0371
Joshua TreeJoshua Tree Branch Library6465 Park Blvd.92252(760) 366-8615
JulianJulian Library2133 Fourth St.92036(760) 765-0370
June LakeJune Lake Library90 W. Granite Ave.93529(760) 648-7284
KensingtonKensington Library61 Arlington Ave.94707(510) 524-3043
KermanKerman Neighborhood Library15081 W. Kearney Plaza93630(559) 846-8804
KernvilleKern County Library - Kernville48 Tobias Street93238(760) 376-6180
Kettleman CityKings County Library - Kettleman City105 Becky Pease St.93239(559) 386-9804
KeyesKeyes Library4420 Maud Ave.95328(209) 664-8006
King CityKing City Branch Library402 Broadway93930(831) 385-3677
Kings BeachKings Beach Library301 Secline Dr.96143(530) 546-2021
KingsburgKingsburg Neighborhood Library1399 Draper93631(559) 897-3710
Knights LandingKnights Landing Branch Library42351 Third St.95645(530) 735-6593
La Canada FlintridgeLa Canada Flintridge Library4545 North Oakwood Ave.91011(818) 790-3330
La CrescentaLa Crescenta Library4521 La Crescenta Ave.91214(818) 248-5313
La HabraLa Habra Branch Library221 E. La Habra Blvd.90631(562) 694-0078
La JollaLa Jolla-Riford Branch Library7555 Draper Avenue92037(858) 552-1657
La MesaLa Mesa Library8055 University Ave.91942(619) 469-2151
La MiradaLa Mirada Library13800 La Mirada Blvd.90638(562) 943-0277
La PalmaLa Palma Branch Library7842 Walker St.90623(714) 523-8585
La PorteLa Porte Station Library1861 Cedar Lane95981
La PuenteLa Puente Library15920 East Central Ave.91744(626) 968-4613
La PuenteSunkist Library840 North Puente Ave.91746(626) 960-2707
La QuintaLa Quinta Library78-275 Calle Tampico92253(760) 564-4767
La Selva BeachLa Selva Beach Branch Library314 Estrella95076(831) 420-5349
La VerneLa Verne Library3640 D. St.91750(909) 596-1934
LafayetteLafayette Library952 Moraga Rd.94549(925) 283-3872
Laguna BeachLaguna Beach Branch Library363 Glenneyre St.92651(949) 497-1733
Laguna HillsLaguna Hills Technology Branch25555 Alicia Parkway92653(949) 707-2699
Laguna NiguelLaguna Niguel Branch Library30341 Crown Valley Parkway92677(949) 249-5252
Lake ElsinoreLake Elsinore Library600 W. Graham92530(909) 674-4517
Lake ElsinoreLakeside Library32593 Riverside Dr.92530(951) 678-7083
Lake ForestEl Toro Branch Library24672 Raymond Way92630(949) 855-8173
Lake IsabellaKern County Library - Kern River Valley7054 Lake Isabella Blvd.93240(760) 549-2083
Lake IsabellaKern County Library - Kern River Valley Bookmobile7054 Lake Isabella Blvd.93240(760) 549-2083
Lake View TerraceLake View Terrace12002 Osborne St.91342(818) 890-7404
LakeportLake County Library1425 N. High St95453(707) 263-8816
LakesideLakeside Library9839 Vine St.92040(619) 443-1811
LakewoodAngelo M. Iacoboni Library4990 Clark Ave.90712(562) 866-1777
LakewoodGeorge Nye Jr. Library6600 Del Amo Blvd.90713(562) 421-8497
LamontKern County Library - Lamont8304 Segrue Road93241(661) 845-3471
LancasterLancaster Library601 W. Lancaster Blvd93534(661) 948-5029
LarkspurLarkspur Public Library400 Magnolia Ave.94939(415) 927-5005
LatonLaton Station6313 Dewoody St.93242(559) 923-4554
LawndaleLawndale Library14615 Burin Ave.90260(310) 676-0177
Le GrandLe Grand Branch Library12949 Le Grand Road95333(209) 389-4541
Lee ViningLee Vining Library51710 Hwy. 39593541(760) 647-6123
Lemon GroveLemon Grove Library3001 School Ln91945(619) 463-9819
LemooreKings County Library - Lemoore457 C St.93245(559) 924-2188
LennoxLennox Library4359 Lennox Blvd90304(310) 674-0385
LincolnLincoln Public Library485 Twelve Bridges Drive95648(916) 434-2403
LincolnLincoln Public Library590 Fifth St.95648(916) 645-3607
LindenLinden Library19012 E. Main St.95236(209) 887-3370
LindsayLindsay Library165 N. Gale Hill St.93247(559) 562-3021
LittlerockLittlerock Library35119 80th Street East93543(661) 944-4138
Live OakBarber Branch Library10321 Live Oak Blvd.95953(530) 695-2021
LivermoreCivic Center Library1188 South Livermore Ave.94550(925) 373-5500
LivermoreLivermore Public Library1188 S. Livermore Ave.94550(925) 373-5500
LivermoreRincon Branch Library725 Rincon Ave.94551(925) 373-5540
LivermoreSpringtown Branch Library998 Bluebell Dr.94551(925) 373-5517
LivingstonLivingston Branch Library1212 Main St.95334(209) 394-7330
LodiLodi Public Library201 W. Locust Street95240(209) 333-5534
Loma LindaLoma Linda Branch Library25581 Barton Road92354(909) 796-8621
LomitaLomita Library24200 Narbonne Ave.90717(310) 539-4515
LompocLompoc Public Library501 E. North Ave.93436(805) 875-8787
LompocVillage Branch Library3755 Constellation Road93436(805) 733-3323
Lone PineLone Pine Branch Library93545(760) 876-5031
Long BeachAlamitos Branch Library1836 E. Third St.90802(562) 570-1037
Long BeachBach Branch Library4055 Bellflower Blvd.90808(562) 570-1038
Long BeachBay Shore Branch Library195 Bay Shore Ave.90803(562) 570-1039
Long BeachBret Harte Branch Library1595 W. Willow St.90810(562) 570-1044
Long BeachBrewitt Branch Library4036 E. Anaheim St.90804(562) 570-1040
Long BeachBurnett Branch Library560 E. Hill St.90806(562) 570-1041
Long BeachDana Branch Library3680 Atlantic Ave.90807(562) 570-1042
Long BeachEl Dorado Branch Library2900 Studebaker Rd.90815(562) 570-3136
Long BeachLong Beach Public Library101 Pacific Ave.90822(562) 570-6291
Long BeachLos Altos Branch Library5614 Britton Dr.90815(562) 570-1045
Long BeachMark Twain Branch Library1325 E. Anaheim St.90813(562) 570-1046
Long BeachNorth Branch Library5571 Orange Ave.90805(562) 570-1047
LookoutLookout Library119 Main Street96054(530) 294-5776
LoomisLoomis Library6050 Library Dr.95650(916) 652-7061
Los AltosLos Altos Library13 S. San Antonio Rd.94022(650) 948-7683
Los AltosWoodland Library1975 Grant Rd.94024(650) 969-6030
Los AngelesA C Bilbrew Library150 East El Segundo Blvd.90061(310) 538-3350
Los AngelesAlma Reaves Woods Watts Branch10205 Compton Ave.90002(323) 789-2850
Los AngelesAngeles Mesa Branch2700 W. 52nd St.90043(323) 292-4328
Los AngelesAnthony Quinn Library3965 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.90063(323) 264-7715
Los AngelesArroyo Secco Regional Branch6145 N. Figueroa St.90042(323) 255-0537
Los AngelesAscot Branch256 W. 70th St.90003(323) 759-4817
Los AngelesAtwater Village Branch3379 Glendale Blvd.90039(323) 664-1353
Los AngelesBaldwin Hills Branch2906 S. La Brea90016(323) 733-1196
Los AngelesBenjamin Franklin Branch2200 E. First St.90033(323) 263-6901
Los AngelesCahuenga Branch4591 Santa Monica Blvd.90029(323) 664-6418
Los AngelesCentral Library630 West Fifth St.90071(213) 228-7571
Los AngelesChinatown Branch639 N. Hill St.90012(213) 620-0925
Los AngelesCity Terrace Library4025 East City Terrace Dr.90063(323) 261-0295
Los AngelesCypress Park Branch1150 Cypress Ave.90065(323) 224-0039
Los AngelesDonald Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch11820 San Vicente Blvd.90049(310) 575-8273
Los AngelesEagle Rock Branch5027 Caspar Ave.90041(323) 250-7808
Los AngelesEast Los Angeles Library4801 East Third St.90022(323) 264-0155
Los AngelesEcho Park Library1410 W. Temple St.90026(213) 250-7808
Los AngelesEl Camino Real Library4264 East Whittier Blvd.90023(323) 269-8102
Los AngelesEl Sereno Branch4990 Huntington Dr. South90032(323) 225-9201
Los AngelesExposition Park Regional Branch3665 S. Vermont Ave.90007(323) 732-0169
Los AngelesFairfax Express161 S. Gardner St.90036(323) 936-6191
Los AngelesFelipe De Neve Branch2820 W. Sixth St.90005(213) 384-7676
Los AngelesFlorence Library1610 East Florence Ave.90001(323) 581-8028
Los AngelesGoldwyn Hollywood Regional Branch1623 Ivar Ave.90028(323) 856-8260
Los AngelesGraham Library1900 East Firestone Blvd.90002(323) 582-2903
Los AngelesHarbor Gateway-Harbor City Branch1555 W. Sepulveda Blvd.90501(310) 548-7791
Los AngelesHyde Park Branch6527 Crenshaw Blvd.90043(323) 750-7241
Los AngelesJefferson Branch2211 W. Jefferson Blvd.90018(323) 734-8573
Los AngelesJohn C. Fremont Branch6121 Melrose Ave.90004(323) 962-3521
Los AngelesJohn Muir Branch1005 W. 64th St.90044(323) 789-4800
Los AngelesJunipero Serra Branch4607 S. Main St.90037(323) 234-1685
Los AngelesLincoln Heights Branch2530 Workman St.90031(323) 226-1692
Los AngelesLittle Tokyo Branch Library244 S. Alameda St.90013(213) 612-0525
Los AngelesLos Angeles Public Library630 W. Fifth St.90071(213) 228-7515
Los AngelesLos Feliz Branch1874 Hillhurst Ave.90027(323) 913-4710
Los AngelesMalabar Branch2801 Wabash Ave.90063(323) 263-1497
Los AngelesMar Vista Branch12006 Venice Blvd.90066(310) 390-3454
Los AngelesMark Twain Branch9621 S. Figueroa St.90044(323) 755-4088
Los AngelesMemorial Branch4625 W. Olympic Blvd.90019(323) 938-2732
Los AngelesPalms-Rancho Park Branch2920 Overland Ave.90064(310) 840-2142
Los AngelesPio Pico Koreatown Branch694 S. Oxford90010(213) 368-7647
Los AngelesPlatt Branch23600 Victory Blvd.91367(818) 340-9386
Los AngelesPorter Ranch Branch11371 Tampa Ave.91326(818) 360-5706
Los AngelesR. L. Stevenson Branch803 Spence St.90023(323) 268-4710
Los AngelesRobertson Branch1719 S. Robertson Blvd.90035(310) 840-2147
Los AngelesVermont Square Branch1201 W. 48th St.90037(323) 290-7405
Los AngelesVernon Branch4504 S. Central Ave.90011(323) 234-9106
Los AngelesView Park Library3854 West 54th St.90043(323) 293-5371
Los AngelesWashington Irving Branch4117 W. Washington Blvd.90018(323) 734-6303
Los AngelesWest Los Angeles Regional Branch11360 Santa Monica Blvd.90025(310) 575-8323
Los AngelesWestchester -Loyola Village Branch7114 W. Manchester Av.90045(310) 348-1096
Los AngelesWill And Ariel Durant Branch1403 N. Gardner St.90046(323) 876-2741
Los AngelesWillowbrook Library11838 Wilmington Ave.90059(323) 564-5698
Los AngelesWilshire Branch149 N. St. Andrews Pl.90004(323) 957-4550
Los AngelesWoodcrest Library1340 West 106th St.90044(323) 757-9373
Los BanosLos Banos Branch Library1312 Seventh St.93635(209) 826-5254
Los GatosLos Gatos Public Library110 E. Main St.95030(408) 354-6898
Los GatosSanta Clara County Library14600 Winchester Blvd.95032(408) 293-2326
Los MolinosLos Molinos Branch Library7881 Highway 99e96055(530) 384-2772
Los OlivosLos Olivos Library2374 Alamo Pintado Avenue Rd-Grange
Los OsosLos Osos Library2075 Palisades Ave.93402(805) 528-1862
LoyaltonLoyalton Station Library511 Main St.96118(530) 993-1105
Lucerne ValleyLucerne Valley Branch Library33103 Old Woman Springs Rd.92356(760) 248-7521
LynwoodLynwood Library11320 Bullis Rd.90262(310) 635-7121
MaderaMadera County Library121 N. G St.93637(559) 675-7871
MaderaRanchos Branch Library37167 Ave. 12 Suite 4c93636(559) 645-1214
MalibuMalibu Library23519 West Civic Center Way90265(310) 456-6438
Mammoth LakesMammoth Lakes Library960 Forest Trail93546(760) 934-4777
Mammoth LakesMono County Free Library400 Sierra Park Rd.93546(760) 934-8670
Manhattan BeachManhattan Beach Library1320 Highland Ave.90266(310) 545-8595
MantecaManteca Library320 W. Center St.95336(209) 825-2380
Marin CityMarin City Library164 Donahue St.94965(415) 332-6158
MarinaMarina Branch Library266 Reservation Rd.93933(831) 384-6971
MarinaMonterey County Free Libraries188 Seaside Circle93933(831) 883-7573
Marina Del ReyLloyd Taber-Marina Del Rey Library4533 Admiralty Way90292(310) 821-3415
MariposaMariposa County Library4978 10th St.95338(209) 966-2140
MarkleevilleAlpine County Library-Archives270 Laramie St.96120(530) 694-2120
MartinezMartinez Library740 Court St.94553(925) 646-2898
MarysvilleYuba County Library303 Second St.95901(530) 749-7380
MaxwellMaxwell Branch34 Oak St.95955(530) 438-2250
MaywoodMaywood Cesar Chavez Library4323 East Slauson Ave.90270(323) 771-8600
MccloudMccloud Branch Library300 Columbero Dr.96057(530) 964-2169
McfarlandKern County Library - Clara M. Jackson (Mcfarland)500 West Kern Avenue93250(661) 792-2318
MckinleyvilleHumboldt County Library - Mckinleyville1606 Picket Rd.95519(707) 839-4459
Meadow VistaMeadow Vista Library16981 Placer Hills Rd. Suite B-695722(530) 878-4983
MeccaMecca-North Shore Branch Library91-260 Ave 6692254(760) 396-2363
Meiners OaksMeiners Oaks Library114 N. Padre Juan93023(805) 646-4804
MendotaMendota Neighborhood Library667 Quince St.93640(559) 655-3391
MenifeePaloma Valley Library31375 Bradley Road92584(909) 301-3682
MenifeeSun City Library26982 Cherry Hills92586(951) 679-3534
Menlo ParkBelle Haven Branch413 Ivy Dr.94025(650) 329-0145
Menlo ParkMenlo Park Public Library800 Alma St.94025(650) 330-2500
MentoneMentone Branch Library1870 Mentone Blvd.92359(909) 794-2657
MercedGeorge South Merced Branch401 Lesher Drive95341(209) 725-3909
MercedMerced County Library2100 O St.95340(209) 385-7484
MiddletownMiddletown Library95461(707) 987-3674
Mill ValleyMill Valley Public Library375 Throckmorton Ave.94941(415) 389-4292
MillbraeMillbrae Library1 Library Ave.94030(650) 697-7607
MilpitasMilpitas Community Library40 N. Milpitas Blvd.95035(408) 262-1171
Mission ViejoMission Viejo Library100 Civic Center92691(949) 830-7100
Miwuk VillageMiwuk Library24411 Sierra Park Dr(209) 586-6251
ModestoStanislaus County Library1500 I St.95354(209) 558-7801
MojaveKern County Library - Mojave16916 1-2 Highway 14, Space D293501(661) 824-2243
Mokelumne HillMokelumne Hill Branch Library8328 Main St.95245(209) 286-0507
MonroviaMonrovia Public Library321 S. Myrtle Ave.91016(626) 256-8274
MontagueMontague Branch Library1030 13th St.96064(530) 459-5473
MontclairMontclair Branch Library9955 Fremont Ave.91763(909) 624-4671
MontebelloChet Holifield Library1060 South Greenwood Ave.90640(323) 728-0421
MontebelloMontebello Library1550 West Beverly Blvd.90640(323) 722-6551
MontecitoMontecito Library1469 E. Valley Rd93108(805) 969-5063
MontereyMonterey Public Library625 Pacific St.93940(831) 646-3932
Monterey ParkBruggemeyer Memorial Library318 S. Ramona Ave.91754(626) 307-1418
Monterey ParkMonterey Park Bruggemeyer Library318 S. Ramona Avenue91754(626) 307-1418
MontroseMontrose Branch Library2465 Honolulu Ave.91020(818) 548-2048
MoorparkMoorpark City Library699 Moorpark Ave.93021(805) 517-6370
MoorparkMoorpark City Library699 Moorpark Avenue93021(805) 517-6370
MoragaMoraga Library1500 St. Marys Rd.94556(925) 376-6852
Moreno ValleyMoreno Valley Public Library25480 Alessandro Blvd92553(951) 413-3880
Morgan HillMorgan Hill Library17575 Peak Ave.95037(408) 779-3196
Morro BayMorro Bay Library625 Harbor St.93442(805) 772-6394
Mountain ViewMountain View Public Library585 Franklin St.94041(650) 903-6335
Mt. ShastaMt. Shasta Branch Library515 Alma St.96067(530) 926-2031
MurphysMurphys Branch480 Park Lane95247(209) 728-3036
MurrietaMurrieta Public Library8 Town Square92562(951) 304-2665
NapaNapa County Library -Napa Main Library580 Coombs St.94559(707) 253-4241
NapaNapa Valley College Library2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy.94558(707) 256-7400
National CityLincoln Acres Library2725 Granger Avenue91950(619) 475-9880
National CityNational City Public Library1401 National City Blvd.91950(619) 470-5800
NeedlesNeedles Branch Library1111 Bailey92363(760) 326-9255
Nevada CityDoris Foley Library For Historical Research211 N. Pine St.95959(530) 265-4606
Nevada CityMadelyn Helling Branch980 Helling Way Government Cen95959(530) 265-7050
Nevada CityNevada County Library980 Helling Way95959(530) 265-1407
New CuyamaCuyama Library60 Newsome Street93254(661) 766-2490
NewarkNewark Library6300 Civic Terrace Ave.94560(510) 795-2627
Newbury ParkNewbury Park Branch Library2331 Borchard Road91320(805) 498-2139
NewmanNewman Library1305 Kern St.95360(209) 862-2010
Newport BeachBalboa Library100 E. Balboa Blvd.92661(949) 644-3076
Newport BeachCentral Library1000 Avocado Ave.92660(949) 717-3800
Newport BeachMariners Branch Library2005 Dover Dr.92660(949) 644-3078
Newport BeachNewport Beach Public Library1000 Avocado Ave.92660(949) 717-3800
NilandNiland Library8205 Hwy 111(760) 359-2443
NipomoNipomo Library918 W. Tefft93444(805) 929-3994
NorcoNorco Library3954 Old Hamner92860(909) 735-5329
North ForkNorth Fork Branch Library32908 Rd. 22293643(559) 877-2387
North HillsMid-Valley Regional Branch Library And Bookmo16244 Nordhoff St.91343(818) 895-3650
North HollywoodNorth Hollywood Regional Branch5211 Tujunga Ave.91601(818) 766-7185
North HollywoodValley Plaza Branch12311 Vanowen St.91605(818) 765-0805
NorthridgeNorthridge Branch9051 Darby Ave.91325(818) 886-3640
NorwalkAlondra Library11949 Alondra Blvd.90650(562) 868-7771
NorwalkNorwalk Library12350 Imperial Hwy.90650(562) 868-0775
NovatoNovato Regional Library1720 Novato Blvd.94947(415) 897-1141
NovatoSouth Novato Library476 Ignacio Blvd94949(415) 506-3164
NuevoNuview Library29990 Lakeview Rd.92567(909) 928-0769
Oak ParkOak Park Library899 N. Kanan Rd.91377(818) 889-2239
Oak ViewOak View Library469 N. Ventura Ave.93022(805) 649-1523
OakdaleOakdale Library151 S. First Ave.95361(209) 847-4204
OakhurstOakhurst Branch Library49044 Civic Circle93644(559) 683-4838
OaklandAfrican American Museum Library At Oakland659 - 14th St.94612(510) 637-0200
OaklandAsian Branch Library388 - 9th St. Suite 19094607(510) 273-3400
OaklandBrookfield Village Library9255 Edes Ave.94603(510) 615-5725
OaklandCesar E. Chavez Branch Library1900 Fruitvale Ave.94601(510) 535-5620
OaklandDimond Branch Library3565 Fruitvale Ave.94602(510) 482-7844
OaklandEastmont Branch Library7200 Bancroft Ave. Suite 21194605(510) 615-5726
OaklandElmhurst Branch Library1427 - 88th Ave.94621(510) 615-5727
OaklandGolden Gate Branch Library5606 San Pablo Ave.94608(510) 597-5023
OaklandLakeview Branch Library550 El Embarcadero94610(510) 238-7344
OaklandMartin Luther King Jr. Branch Library6833 International Blvd.94621(510) 615-5728
OaklandMelrose Branch Library4805 Foothill Blvd.94601(510) 535-5623
OaklandMontclair Branch Library1687 Mountain Blvd.94611(510) 482-7810
OaklandOakland Public Library125 - 14th St.94612(510) 238-3281
OaklandPiedmont Avenue Branch Library160 - 41st St.94611(510) 597-5011
OaklandRockridge Branch Library5366 College Ave.94618(510) 597-5017
OaklandTemescal Branch Library5205 Telegraph Ave.94609(510) 597-5049
OaklandWest Oakland Branch Library1801 Adeline St.94607(510) 238-7352
OakleyOakley Library1050 Neroly Road94561(925) 625-2400
OccidentalOccidental Library73 Main St.95472(707) 874-3080
OceansideCommunity Computer Center321 N. Nevada St.92054(760) 966-4110
OceansideLiteracy Learning Center321 N. Nevada St92054(760) 435-5680
OceansideMission Branch Library3861-B Mission Ave.92058(760) 435-5630
OceansideOceanside Public Library330 N. Coast Highway92054(760) 435-5560
OcotilloOcotillo Branch Library1159 N. Imperial Hwy.92259(760) 358-7526
OjaiOjai Library111 E. Ojai Ave.93023(805) 646-1639
OntarioColony High Branch Library3850 East Riverside Drive91761(909) 395-2014
OntarioOntario City Library215 East C Street91764(909) 395-2004
OrangeEl Modena Branch Library380 S. Hewes St.92869(714) 288-2451
OrangeOrange Public Library407 E Chapman Ave92866(714) 288-2471
OrangeTaft Branch Library740 E. Taft Ave.92865(714) 288-2433
Orange CoveOrange Cove Neighborhood Library523 Park Blvd.93646(559) 626-7942
OrangevaleOrangevale Library8820 Greenback Lane L95662(916) 264-2770
OrindaOrinda Library24 Orinda Way94563(925) 254-2184
OrlandOrland Free Library333 Mill St.95963(530) 865-1640
OrosiOrosi-Cutler Branch Library12646 Ave. 41693647(559) 591-5830
OrovilleButte County Library1820 Mitchell Avenue95966(530) 538-7525
OxnardColonia Center Library1500 Camino Del Sol 2693030(805) 385-8108
OxnardOxnard Public Library251 South A St.93030(805) 385-7527
OxnardSoliz Library2820 Jourdan St.93036(805) 485-4515
OxnardSouth Oxnard Center Branch Library200 East Bard Road93033(805) 385-8129
Pacific GrovePacific Grove Public Library550 Central Ave.93950(831) 648-5760
Pacific PalisadesPalisades Branch861 Alma Real Dr.90272(310) 459-2754
PacificaPacifica Library104 Hilton Way94044(650) 355-5196
PacificaSanchez Library1111 Terra Nova Blvd.94044(650) 359-3397
PacoimaPacoima Branch13605 Van Nuys Blvd.91331(818) 899-5203
PajaroPajaro Branch Library29 Bishop St.95076(831) 761-2545
Palm DesertPalm Desert Library73300 Fred Waring Drive92260(760) 346-6552
Palm SpringsPalm Springs Public Library300 S. Sunrise Way92262(760) 322-7323
PalmdaleLake Los Angeles Library16921 East Ave. O A93591(661) 264-0593
PalmdalePalmdale City Library700 E. Palmdale Blvd.93550(661) 267-5600
PalmdaleYouth Library38510 N. Sierra Hwy38510(661) 267-5600
Palo AltoChildrens Library1276 Harriet St.94301(650) 329-2134
Palo AltoCollege Terrace Library2300 Wellesley St.94306(650) 329-2298
Palo AltoDowntown Branch270 Forest Ave.94301(650) 329-2641
Palo AltoMitchell Park Branch3700 Middlefield Rd.94306(650) 329-2586
Palo AltoPalo Alto City Library1213 Newell Rd94303(650) 329-2516
Palo AltoTerman Park Branch661 Arastradero94306(650) 329-2606
Palos Verdes EstatesMalaga Cove Plaza Library2400 Via Campesina90274(310) 377-9584
Panorama CityPanorama City Branch14345 Roscoe Blvd.91402(818) 894-4071
ParadiseParadise Branch5922 Clark Rd.95969(530) 872-6320
ParamountParamount Library16254 Colorado Ave.90723(562) 630-3171
ParlierParlier Neighborhood Library1130 E. Parlier Ave.93648(559) 646-3835
PasadenaAllendale Branch Library1130 S. Marengo Ave.91106(626) 744-7260
PasadenaHastings Branch Library3325 E. Orange Grove Blvd.91107(626) 744-7262
PasadenaHill Ave. Branch Library55 S. Hill Ave.91106(626) 744-7264
PasadenaLa Pintoresca Branch Library1355 N. Raymond Ave.91103(626) 744-7268
PasadenaLamanda Park Branch Library140 S. Altadena Dr.91107(626) 744-7266
PasadenaLinda Vista Branch Library1281 Bryant St.91103(626) 744-7278
PasadenaPasadena Public Library285 E. Walnut St.91101(626) 744-4066
PasadenaSan Rafael Branch Library1240 Nithsdale91105(626) 744-7270
PasadenaSanta Catalina Branch Library999 E. Washington Blvd.91104(626) 744-7272
PasadenaVilla Parke Community Center Library363 E. Villa91101(626) 744-6510
Paso RoblesLibrary Study Center3201 Spring Street93446(805) 237-4743
Paso RoblesPaso Robles Public Library1000 Spring St.93446(805) 237-3870
PattersonPatterson Library46 N. Salado95363(209) 892-6473
Penn ValleyPenn Valley Library Station11336 Pleasant Valley Road95946(530) 432-5764
PenrynPenryn Library2215 Rippey Road.95650(916) 663-3621
PerrisPerris Library163 E. San Jacinto92570(909) 657-2358
PetalumaPetaluma Regional Library100 Fairgrounds Dr.94952(707) 763-9801
Pico RiveraPico Rivera Library9001 Mines Ave.(562) 942-7394
Pico RiveraRivera Library7828 S. Serapis Ave.(562) 949-5485
PiedraPiedra Station25385 Trimmer Springs Road(559) 787-3266
Pine GrovePine Grove Branch19889 Hwy 88(209) 296-3111
Pine ValleyPine Valley Library28804 Old Highway 80(619) 473-8022
PinecrestPinecrest Library(209) 965-4225
PinedalePinedale Neighborhood Library7170 N. San Pablo(559) 439-0486
PinolePinole Library2935 Pinole Valley Rd.(510) 758-2741
PioneerPioneer Branch25100 Buckhorn Ridge Road(209) 295-7330
PiruPiru Library3811 Center St.(805) 521-1753
PittsburgPittsburg Library80 Power Ave.(925) 427-8390
PixleyPixley Library300 N. School(559) 757-3880
PlacentiaPlacentia Library District411 E. Chapman Ave.92870(714) 528-1925
PlacervilleEl Dorado County Library345 Fair Lane95667(530) 621-5540
Pleasant GrovePleasant Grove Branch Library3075 Howsley Rd.(916) 655-3484
Pleasant HillContra Costa County Library1750 Oak Park Boulevard94523(925) 646-6423
PleasantonPleasanton Public Library400 Old Bernal Ave.94566(925) 931-3400
PlymouthPlymouth Branch9375 Main St.(209) 245-6476
Point ArenaCoast Community Library280 Main St.(707) 882-3114
Point Reyes StationPoint Reyes Station Library11431 State Route 1(415) 663-8375
Pollock PinesPollock Pines Library6210 Pony Express Trail(530) 644-2498
PomonaPomona Public Library625 S. Garey Ave.91766(909) 620-2473
Port HuenemeRay D. Prueter - Port Hueneme Library510 Park Ave.(805) 486-5460
PortervillePorterville Public Library41 West Thurman Avenue93257(559) 784-0177
PortolaPortola Branch Library34 3rd Ave.(530) 832-4241
Portola ValleyPortola Valley Library4575 Alpine Rd.(650) 851-0560
PotreroPotrero Library24883 Potrero Valley Road(619) 478-5978
PowayPoway Library13137 Poway Road(858) 513-2900
PrincetonPrinceton Branch232 Prince St.(530) 439-2235
Quartz HillQuartz Hill Library42018 N. 50th St. W.(661) 943-2454
QuincyPlumas County Library445 Jackson St.95971(530) 283-6310
RamonaRamona Library1406 Montecito Rd.(760) 738-2434
Rancho CucamongaRancho Cucamonga Public Library7368 Archibald Avenue91730(909) 477-2720
Rancho MirageRancho Mirage Public Library71-100 Highway 11192270(760) 341-7323
Rancho Palos VerdesMiraleste Library29089 Palos Verdes Dr. E.(310) 377-9584
Rancho Santa FeRancho Santa Fe Library17040 Avenida De Acacias(858) 756-2512
Rancho Santa MargariRancho Santa Margarita Branch Library30902 La Promesa(949) 459-6094
Red BluffTehama County Library645 Madison St.96080(530) 527-0604
ReddingRedding Library1100 Parkview Ave.(530) 245-7250
ReddingShasta Public Libraries1100 Parkview96001(530) 245-7255
RedlandsA. K. Smiley Public Library125 W. Vine St.92373(909) 798-7565
Redondo BeachNorth Branch Library2000 Artesia Blvd.(310) 318-0677
Redondo BeachRedondo Beach Public Library303 N. Pacific Coast Hwy90277(310) 318-0676
Redwood CityFair Oaks Branch Library2510 Middlefield Rd(650) 780-7261
Redwood CityRedwood City Public Library1044 Middlefield Rd94063(650) 780-7061
Redwood CitySchaberg Branch Library2140 Euclid Ave.(650) 780-7010
ReedleyReedley Branch Library1027 E St.(559) 638-2818
ResedaWest Valley Regional Branch19036 Vanowen St.(818) 345-9806
RialtoRialto Branch Library251 W. First St.(909) 875-0144
RichmondBayview Branch Library5100 Hartnett Ave.(510) 620-6566
RichmondRichmond Public Library325 Civic Center Plaza94804(510) 620-6555
RichmondWest Side Branch Library135 Washington Ave.(510) 620-6567
RidgecrestKern County Library - Ridgecrest131 East Las Flores Avenue(760) 384-5870
Rio DellHumboldt County Library - Rio Dell715 Wildwood Ave.(707) 764-3333
Rio LindaRio Linda Library902 Oak Lane(916) 264-2770
Rio OsoBrowns Branch Library1248 Pacific Ave.(530) 633-2170
Rio VistaRio Vista Library44 S. Second St.94571(866) 572-7587
RiponRipon Library430 W. Main St.(209) 599-3326
RiverbankRiverbank Library3442 Santa Fe Ave.(209) 869-7008
RiverdaleRiverdale Neighborhood Library20975 Malsbary(559) 867-3381
RiversideArlington Branch Library9556 Magnolia Ave.(909) 689-6612
RiversideCasa Blanca Branch Library2985 Madison St.(909) 826-2120
RiversideEastside Cybrary Connection4016 Chicago Avenue(909) 684-8347
RiversideGlen Avon Library9244 Galena92509(909) 685-8121
RiversideLa Sierra Branch Library4600 La Sierra(909) 688-7740
RiversideLouis Robidoux Library5840 Mission Blvd.92509(909) 682-5485
RiversideMarcy Branch Library3711 Central Ave.(909) 682-5524
RiversideRiverside County Library System4080 Lemon St, 4th Floor92501(909) 955-1111
RiversideRiverside Public Library3581 Mission Inn Ave.92501(951) 826-5213
RiversideWoodcrest Library16625 Krameria92504(951) 789-7324
RocklinRocklin Library4890 Granite Drive95677(916) 624-3133
RodeoRodeo Library220 Pacific Ave.(510) 799-2606
Rohnert ParkRohnert Park-Cotati Regional Library6250 Lynne Conde Way94928(707) 584-9121
Rolling Hills EstatePalos Verdes Library District701 Silver Spur Rd.90274(310) 377-9584
Rolling Hills EstatePeninsula Center Library701 Silver Spur Rd.(310) 377-9584
RomolandRomoland Library26000 Briggs Road92585(951) 325-2090
RosamondKern County Library - Wanda Kirk (Rosamond)3611 Rosamond Blvd.(661) 256-3236
RosemeadRosemead Library8800 Valley Blvd.(626) 573-5220
RosevilleMaidu Branch Library1530 Maidu Drive(916) 774-5900
RosevilleRoseville Public Library225 Taylor St.95678(916) 774-5221
Rowland HeightsRowland Heights Library1850 Nogales St.(626) 912-5348
Running SpringsRunning Springs Branch Library31976 Hill Top Blvd.(909) 867-2554
S San FranciscoSouth San Francisco Public Library840 W. Orange Ave.94080(650) 829-3860
SacramentoArcade Community Library2443 Marconi Ave.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoArden-Dimick Library891 Watt Ave.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoBelle Cooledge Library5600 South Land Park Dr.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoCentral Library828 I Street(916) 264-2770
SacramentoColonial Heights Library4799 Stockton Blvd.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoDel Paso Heights Library920 Grand Ave.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoElla K. Mcclatchy Library2112 - 22nd St.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoMartin Luther King Jr. Regional Library7340 - 24th St. Bypass(916) 264-2770
SacramentoMckinley Library601 Alhambra Blvd.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoNorth Sacramento-Hagginwood Library2109 Del Paso Blvd.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoRancho Cordova Library9845 Folsom Blvd.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoSacramento Public Library828 I St.95814(916) 264-2770
SacramentoSouth Natomas Library2901 Truxel Road(916) 264-2770
SacramentoSouthgate Library6132 - 66th Ave.(916) 264-2770
SacramentoValley-Hi North Laguna Library6351 Mack Road(916) 264-2770
SalidaSalida Library4835 Sisk Rd.(209) 543-7353
SalinasBuena Vista Branch Library18250 Tara Dr.(831) 455-9699
SalinasCesar Chavez Library615 Williams Rd.(408) 758-7345
SalinasEl Gabilan Library1400 N. Main St.(408) 758-7302
SalinasPrunedale Branch Library17822 Moro Rd.(831) 663-2292
SalinasSalinas Public Library350 Lincoln Ave.93901(831) 758-7458
SalinasSteinbeck Library350 Lincoln Ave.(408) 758-7311
Salton CitySalton City Library2098 Frontage Rd Hwy 86(760) 394-5503
San AndreasCalaveras County Library1299 Gold Hunter Road95249(209) 754-6510
San AndreasCalaveras County Library891 Mountain Ranch Rd(209) 754-6700
San AnselmoSan Anselmo Public Library110 Tunstead Ave.(415) 258-4656
San AnselmoSan Anselmo Public Library110 Tunstead Ave.94960(415) 258-4656
San ArdoSan Ardo Branch Library62350 College(831) 627-2503
San BernardinoDorothy Inghram Branch Library1505 W. Highland Ave.(909) 887-4494
San BernardinoHoward M. Rowe Branch Library108 E. Marshall Blvd.(909) 883-3411
San BernardinoNorman F. Feldheym Library555 W. Sixth St.(909) 381-8201
San BernardinoPaul Villasenor Branch Library525 N. Mt. Vernon Ave.(909) 383-5156
San BernardinoSan Bernardino County Library104 W. Fourth St.92415(909) 387-5720
San BernardinoSan Bernardino Public Library555 W. Sixth St.92410(909) 381-8215
San BrunoSan Bruno Public Library701 Angus Ave. W.94066(650) 616-7078
San CarlosSan Carlos Library610 Elm St.(650) 591-0341
San ClementeSan Clemente Branch Library242 Avenida Del Mar(949) 492-3493
San DiegoAllied Gardens-Benjamin Branch Library5188 Zion Ave.(619) 533-3970
San DiegoBalboa Branch Library4255 Mt. Abernathy Ave.(858) 573-1390
San DiegoCarmel Mountain Ranch Branch Library12095 World Trade Dr.(858) 538-8181
San DiegoCarmel Valley Branch Library3919 Townsgate Dr.(858) 552-1668
San DiegoCity Heights-Weingart Branch Library Performance Annex3795 Fairmount Ave.(619) 641-6100
San DiegoClairemont Branch Library2920 Burgener Blvd.(858) 581-9935
San DiegoCollege-Rolando Branch Library6600 Montezuma Road(619) 533-3902
San DiegoKensington-Normal Heights Branch Library4121 Adams Ave.(619) 533-3974
San DiegoLinda Vista Branch Library2160 Ulric St.(858) 573-1399
San DiegoLogan Heights Branch Library811 S. 28th St.(619) 533-3968
San DiegoMalcolm X Library Performing Arts Center, V5148 Market St.(619) 527-3405
San DiegoMira Mesa Branch Library8405 New Salem St.(858) 538-8165
San DiegoMission Hills Branch Library925 W. Washington Street(619) 692-4910
San DiegoMission Valley Branch Library2123 Fenton Parkway(858) 573-5007
San DiegoMountain View-Beckwourth Branch Library721 San Pasqual St.(619) 527-3404
San DiegoNorth Clairemont Branch Library4616 Clairemont Dr.(858) 581-9931
San DiegoNorth Park Branch Library3795 31st St.(619) 533-3972
San DiegoOak Park Branch Library2802 54th St.(619) 527-3406
San DiegoOcean Beach Branch Library4801 Santa Monica Ave.(619) 531-1532
San DiegoOtay Mesa Branch Library3003 Coronado Ave.(619) 424-0474
San DiegoPacific Beach-Taylor Branch Library4275 Cass St.(858) 581-9934
San DiegoParadise Hills Branch Library5922 Rancho Hills Dr.(619) 527-3461
San DiegoPoint Loma-Hervey Branch Library3701 Voltaire St.(619) 531-1539
San DiegoRancho Bernardo Branch Library17110 Bernardo Center Dr.(858) 538-8163
San DiegoRancho Penasquitos Branch Library13330 Salmon River Road(858) 538-8159
San DiegoSan Carlos Branch Library7265 Jackson Dr.(619) 527-3430
San DiegoSan Diego County Library5555 Overland Ave., Building 1592123(858) 694-2415
San DiegoSan Diego Public Library820 E St.92101(619) 236-5870
San DiegoSan Diego Public Library - Central Library820 E Street(619) 236-5800
San DiegoSan Ysidro Branch Library101 W. San Ysidro Blvd.(619) 424-0475
San DiegoScripps Miramar Ranch Branch Library10301 Scripps Lake Drive(858) 538-8158
San DiegoSerra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library9005 Aero Drive(858) 573-1396
San DiegoSkyline Hills Branch Library480 S. Meadowbrook Dr.(619) 527-3485
San DiegoTierrasanta Branch Library4985 La Cuenta Dr.(858) 573-1384
San DiegoUniversity Community Branch Library4155 Governor Dr.(858) 552-1655
San DiegoUniversity Heights Branch Library4193 Park Blvd.(619) 692-4912
San DiegoValencia Park-Malcolm X Branch Library Performing Arts Center5148 Market St.(619) 527-3405
San DimasSan Dimas Library145 North Walnut Ave.(909) 599-6738
San FernandoSan Fernando Library217 N. Maclay Ave.(818) 365-6928
San FranciscoAnza Branch Library550 37th Ave.(415) 355-5717
San FranciscoBayview - A. E. Waden Branch Library5075 Third St.(415) 335-5757
San FranciscoBernal Heights Branch Library500 Cortland Ave.(415) 335-2810
San FranciscoChinatown Branch Library1135 Powell St.(415) 355-2888
San FranciscoEureka Valley Harvey Milk Memorial Branch Lib3555 16th St.(415) 355-5616
San FranciscoExcelsior Branch Library4400 Mission St.(415) 557-4353
San FranciscoGlen Park Branch Library653 Chenery St.(415) 337-4740
San FranciscoGolden Gate Valley Branch Library1801 Green St.(415) 355-5666
San FranciscoIngleside Branch Library1649 Ocean Avenue(415) 355-2898
San FranciscoMarina Branch Library1890 Chestnut St.(415) 292-2150
San FranciscoMerced Branch Library155 Winston Dr.(415) 355-2825
San FranciscoMission Branch Library300 Bartlett St.(415) 355-2800
San FranciscoNoe Valley - Sally Brunn Branch Library451 Jersey St.(415) 695-5095
San FranciscoNorth Beach Branch Library2000 Mason St.(415) 274-0270
San FranciscoOcean View Branch Library345 Randolph St.(415) 335-5615
San FranciscoOrtega Branch Library3223 Ortega St.(415) 355-5700
San FranciscoPark Branch Library1833 Page St.(415) 355-5656
San FranciscoParkside Branch Library1200 Taraval St.(415) 753-7125
San FranciscoPortola Branch Library2450 San Bruno Ave.(415) 715-4090
San FranciscoPotrero Branch Library1616 20th St.(415) 355-2822
San FranciscoPresidio Branch Library3150 Sacramento St.(415) 355-2880
San FranciscoRichmond Branch Library351 Ninth Ave.(415) 666-7165
San FranciscoSan Francisco Public Library100 Larkin St94102(415) 557-4400
San FranciscoSunset Branch Library1305 18th Ave.(415) 355-2808
San FranciscoVisitacion Valley Branch Library45 Leland Ave.(415) 337-4790
San FranciscoWest Portal Branch Library190 Lenox Way(415) 355-2886
San FranciscoWestern Addition Branch Library1550 Scott St.(415) 355-5727
San GabrielSan Gabriel Library500 South Del Mar Ave.(626) 287-0761
San GeronimoSan Geronimo Valley Library7282 Sir Francis Drake(415) 488-0430
San JacintoSan Jacinto Library500 Idyllwild Dr.92583(909) 654-8635
San JoaquinSan Joaquin Neighborhood Library8781 Main St.(559) 693-2171
San JoseAlmaden Branch Library6455 Camden Ave.(408) 808-3040
San JoseAlum Rock Library75 S. White Rd.(408) 251-1280
San JoseBerryessa Branch Library3311 Noble Ave.(408) 808-3050
San JoseBiblioteca Latinoamericana Branch921 S. 1st St.(408) 294-1237
San JoseCambrian Branch Library1780 Hillsdale Ave.(408) 808-3080
San JoseDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library150 E San Fernando Street(408) 808-2000
San JoseDr.Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Branch Library3090 Alum Rock Ave.(408) 808-3090
San JoseEast San Jose Carnegie Branch Library(Closed)1102 E. Santa Clara St.(408) 998-2069
San JoseEdenvale Branch Library101 Branham Ln. East(408) 808-3036
San JoseEducational Park Branch Library1770 Educational Park Dr.(408) 272-3663
San JoseEvergreen Branch Library2635 Aborn Rd.(408) 808-3060
San JoseHillview Branch Library1600 Hopkins Dr.(408) 808-3033
San JoseJoyce Ellington Branch Library(Closed)491 E. Empire St.(408) 286-5627
San JosePearl Avenue Branch Library(Closed)4270 Pearl Ave.(408) 265-7834
San JoseRose Garden Branch Library1580 Naglee Ave.(408) 808-3070
San JoseSan Jose Public Library150 E San Fernando Street95112(408) 808-2000
San JoseSanta Teresa Branch Library(Closed)290 International Circle(408) 281-1879
San JoseSeventrees Branch Library3597 Cas Dr.(408) 629-4536
San JoseTully Community Branch Library880 Tully Rd.(408) 808-3030
San JoseVineland Branch Library1450 Blossom Hill Rd.(408) 808-3000
San JoseWest Valley Branch Library1243 San Tomas Aquino Rd.(408) 244-4766
San JoseWillow Glen Branch Library(Closed)1157 Minnesota Ave.(408) 998-2022
San Juan BautistaSan Juan Bautista City Library801 Second St.95045(831) 623-4687
San Juan CapistranoSan Juan Capistrano Regional Library31495 El Camino Real(949) 493-1752
San LeandroManor Branch Library1307 Manor Blvd.(510) 357-6252
San LeandroMulford-Marina Branch Library13699 Aurora Dr.(510) 357-3850
San LeandroSan Leandro Public Library300 Estudillo Ave.94577(510) 577-3980
San LeandroSouth Branch Library14799 E. 14th St.(510) 357-5464
San LorenzoSan Lorenzo Library395 Paseo Grande(510) 670-6283
San LucasSan Lucas Branch Library54692 Teresa St.(831) 382-4382
San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo City-County Library995 Palm St.93401(805) 781-5784
San MarcosSan Marcos Library2 Civic Center Drive(760) 891-3000
San MarinoCrowell Public Library1890 Huntington Dr.91108(626) 300-0779
San MarinoSan Marino Public Library1890 Huntington Dr.(626) 300-0777
San MateoHillsdale Branch Library205 W. Hillsdale Blvd.(650) 522-7880
San MateoMarina Branch Library1530 Susan Court(650) 522-7890
San MateoSan Mateo County Library125 Lessingia Court94402(650) 312-5258
San MateoSan Mateo Public Library55 West Third Ave94402(650) 522-7802
San MiguelParkfield Branch Library70643 Parkfield-Coalinga Rd.(805) 463-2347
San MiguelSan Miguel Library254 13th St.(805) 467-3224
San PabloSan Pablo Library2300 El Portal Dr. Suite D(510) 374-3998
San PedroSan Pedro Regional Branch931 S. Gaffey St.(310) 548-7779
San RafaelCivic Center Library3501 Civic Center Dr 427(415) 499-6057
San RafaelMarin County Free Library3501 Civic Center Dr, Rm 41494903(415) 499-3220
San RafaelPickleweed Library50 Canal St.(415) 485-3483
San RafaelSan Rafael Public Library1100 E St.94901(415) 485-3323
San RamonSan Ramon Branch Library100 Montgomery St.(925) 973-2850
SangerSanger Branch Library1812 Seventh St.(559) 875-2435
Santa AnaMcfadden Library Learning Center2627 W. Mcfadden(714) 647-6591
Santa AnaNewhope Library Learning Center122 N. Newhope(714) 647-6992
Santa AnaOrange County Public Library1501 E. St. Andrew Place92705(714) 566-3000
Santa AnaSanta Ana Public Library26 Civic Center Plaza92701(714) 647-5251
Santa BarbaraEastside Library1102 E. Montecito St.(805) 963-3727
Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Public Library40 E. Anapamu St.93101(805) 962-7653
Santa ClaraMission Library Family Reading Center1098 Lexington(408) 615-2964
Santa ClaraSanta Clara City Library2635 Homestead Road95051(408) 615-2930
Santa ClaritaCanyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library18601 Soledad Canyon Road(661) 251-2720
Santa ClaritaNewhall Library22704 West Ninth St.(661) 259-0750
Santa ClaritaValencia Library23743 West Valencia Blvd.(661) 259-8942
Santa CruzBranciforte Branch Library230 Gault St.(831) 420-6330
Santa CruzCentral Branch Library224 Church St.(831) 420-5700
Santa CruzGarfield Park Branch Library705 Woodrow Ave.(831) 420-6344
Santa CruzLive Oak Branch Library2380 Portola Dr.(831) 420-5359
Santa CruzSanta Cruz Libraries117 Union Street95060(831) 420-5600
Santa Fe SpringsBetty Wilson Center Library Station11641 Florence Ave.(213) 868-0511
Santa Fe SpringsSanta Fe Springs City Library11700 E. Telegraph Rd.90670(562) 868-7738
Santa Fe SpringsSanta Fe Springs Neighborhood Center9255 Pioneer Blvd(562) 692-0261
Santa MargaritaSanta Margarita Library9630 Murphy St.(805) 438-5622
Santa MariaOrcutt Library1157 East Clark Ave. Suite K(805) 937-6483
Santa MariaSanta Maria Public Library421 S. Mcclelland St.93454(805) 925-0994
Santa MonicaFairview Branch Library2101 Ocean Park Blvd.(310) 450-0443
Santa MonicaMontana Avenue Branch Library1704 Montana Ave.(310) 829-7081
Santa MonicaOcean Park Branch Library2601 Main St.(310) 392-3804
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Public Library601 Santa Monica Blvd90401(310) 458-8600
Santa PaulaBlanchard-Santa Paula Public Library District119 N. Eighth St.93060(805) 525-2394
Santa RosaNorthwest Santa Rosa Library150 Coddingtown Center95401(707) 546-2265
Santa RosaRincon Valley Regional Library6959 Montecito Blvd95409(707) 537-0162
Santa RosaSanta Rosa Central Library211 E St.95404(707) 545-0831
Santa RosaSonoma County Library95404(707) 545-0831
Santa YnezSanta Ynez Branch Library
SanteeSantee Library9225 Carlton Hills Blvd. 17(619) 448-1863
SaratogaSaratoga Community Library13650 Saratoga Ave.(408) 867-6126
SaticoySaticoy Library11426 Violeta St.(805) 647-5736
SausalitoSausalito Public Library420 Litho St.94965(415) 289-4121
Scotts ValleyScotts Valley Branch Library230-D Mount Hermon Rd.(831) 420-5369
Seal BeachLos Alamitos-Rossmoor Branch Library12700 Montecito Rd.(562) 430-1048
Seal BeachMary Wilson Branch Library707 Electric Ave.(562) 431-3584
SeasideSeaside Branch Library550 Harcourt Ave.(831) 899-2055
SebastopolSebastopol Regional Library7140 Bodega Ave.95472(707) 823-7691
SelmaSelma Branch Library2200 Selma St.(559) 896-3393
ShafterKern County Library - Shafter236 James Street(661) 746-2156
ShandonShandon Library240 East Centre Street(805) 237-3009
Shaver LakeShaver Lake Station41344 Tollhouse Rd.(559) 841-3330
Shell BeachShell Beach Library230 Leeward Avenue(805) 773-2263
Sherman OaksSherman Oaks Branch14245 Moorpark St.(818) 205-9716
Sierra CitySierra City Station Library(530) 862-0210
Sierra MadreSierra Madre Public Library440 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.91024(626) 355-7186
Signal HillSignal Hill Public Library1770 E. Hill St.90755(562) 989-7323
SilveradoSilverado Branch Library28192 Silverado Canyon Rd.(714) 649-2216
Simi ValleySimi Valley Library2969 Tapo Canyon Rd.(805) 526-1735
SnellingSnelling Branch Library15916 N. Hwy. 59(209) 563-6616
SoledadSoledad Branch Library401 Gabilan Dr.(831) 678-2430
SolvangSolvang Library1745 Mission Drive(805) 688-4214
SonomaSonoma Valley Regional Library755 W. Napa St.95476(707) 996-5217
SonoraTuolumne County Library480 Greenley Rd.95370(209) 533-5507
South Dos PalosSouth Dos Palos Branch Library21961 S. Reynolds Ave.(209) 392-6354
South El MonteSouth El Monte Library1430 N. Central Ave.(626) 443-4158
South GateHollydale Library12000 South Garfield Ave.(562) 634-0156
South GateLeland R. Weaver Library4035 Tweedy Blvd.(323) 567-8853
South Lake TahoeSouth Lake Tahoe Library1000 Rufus Allen Blvd.(530) 573-3185
South PasadenaSouth Pasadena Public Library1100 Oxley St.91030(626) 403-7330
South San FranciscoCommunity Learning Center520 Tamarack Lane(650) 877-8540
South San FranciscoGrand Avenue Library306 Walnut Ave.(650) 877-8530
Spring ValleyCasa De Oro Library9805 Campo Rd. 145(619) 463-3236
Spring ValleySpring Valley Library836 Kempton Street(619) 463-3006
SpringvilleSpringville Library35800 Hwy 190 (Sequoia Dawn)(559) 539-2624
Squaw ValleyBear Mountain Station30733 E. Kings Canyon Road(559) 332-2528
St. HelenaSt. Helena Public Library1492 Library Lane94574(707) 963-5244
StantonStanton Branch Library7850 Katella Ave.(714) 898-3302
StevinsonStevinson Branch Library20314 W. Third Ave.(209) 634-5796
Stinson BeachStinson Beach Library3521 Shoreline Hwy(415) 868-0252
StocktonCesar Chavez Central Library605 N. El Dorado St.(209) 937-8362
StocktonFair Oaks Library2370 E. Main St.(209) 937-7100
StocktonMaya Angelou Library2324 Pock Lane(209) 937-7700
StocktonStockton-San Joaquin County Public Library605 N. El Dorado St.95202(209) 937-8362
StocktonTroke Library502 W. Benjamin Holt Dr.(209) 937-7000
StonyfordStonyford Branch5080 Stonyford-Indian Valley School(916) 963-3027
StratfordKings County Library - Stratford20300 Main St.(559) 947-3003
StrathmoreStrathmore Library19646 Road 230(559) 568-1087
Studio CityStudio City Branch12511 Moorpark St.(818) 755-7873
SuisunSolano Community College Library4000 Suisun Valley Road94534(707) 864-7132
Suisun CitySuisun City Library601 Pintail Drive94585(866) 572-7587
Sun CitySun City Branch Library26982 Cherry Hills Blvd.(909) 679-3534
Sun ValleySun Valley Branch7935 Vineland Ave.(818) 764-7907
SunnyvaleSunnyvale Public Library665 W. Olive Ave.94086(408) 730-7314
SusanvilleLassen Library District1618 Main St.96130(530) 251-8127
SusanvilleSusanville Library1618 Main St.(530) 251-8127
SutterSutter Branch Library2147 California St.(530) 755-0485
Sutter CreekSutter Creek Branch35 Main St.(209) 267-5489
SylmarSylmar Express14430 Polk St.(818) 367-6102
TaftKern County Library - Taft27 Emmons Park Drive(661) 763-3294
Tahoe CityTahoe City Library740 N. Lake Blvd.(530) 583-3382
TarzanaEncino-Tarzana Library18231 Ventura Blvd.(818) 343-1983
TecopaTecopa Branch Library(760) 852-4171
TehachapiKern County Library - Tehachapi1001 West Tehachapi Boulevard, Suite A-40093561(661) 822-4938
TemeculaGrace Mellman Community Library41000 County Center Dr.92591(951) 296-3893
TemeculaTemecula Public Library30600 Pauba Road92592(909) 600-6262
Temple CityTemple City Library5939 Golden West Ave.(626) 285-2136
Terra BellaTerra Bella Library23825 Ave. 92(559) 535-5583
ThorntonThornton Library26341 N. Thornton Rd.(209) 794-2621
Thousand OaksThousand Oaks Library1401 E. Janss Rd.91362(805) 449-2660
Thousand PalmsThousand Palms Library31189 Robert Rd.92276(760) 343-1556
Three RiversThree Rivers Library42052 Eggers Dr.(559) 561-4564
TiburonBelvedere-Tiburon Library1501 Tiburon Blvd94920(415) 789-2665
TiptonTipton Library301 E. Woods Ave.(559) 752-4236
TorranceEl Retiro Branch Library126 Vista Del Parque(310) 375-0922
TorranceHenderson Branch Library4805 Emerald St.(310) 371-2075
TorranceKaty Geissert Civic Center Library3301 Torrance Blvd.(310) 618-5950
TorranceNorth Torrance Branch Library3604 W. Artesia Blvd.(310) 323-7200
TorranceSoutheast Branch Library23115 S. Arlington(310) 530-5044
TorranceTorrance Public Library3301 Torrance Blvd.90503(310) 618-5950
TorranceWalteria Branch Library3815 W. 242nd St.(310) 375-8418
TracyTracy Library20 E. Eaton Ave.(209) 831-4250
TranquillityTranquillity Station5831 S. Juanche Ave.(559) 698-5158
TrinidadHumboldt County Library - Trinidad(707) 677-0227
Trinity CenterTrinity Center Branch Library(530) 266-3242
TronaTrona Branch Library82805 Mt. View St.(760) 372-5847
TruckeeTruckee Library10031 Levon Avenue(530) 582-7846
TujungaSunland-Tujunga Branch7771 Foothill Blvd.(818) 352-4481
TulareTulare Public Library113 North F St93274(559) 685-2341
TulelakeTulelake Branch Library451 Main Street(530) 667-2291
TuolumneTuolumne City Library18880 Birch St.(209) 928-3612
TurlockTurlock Library550 Minaret Ave.(209) 664-8100
TustinTustin Branch Library345 E. Main St.(714) 544-7725
Twain HarteTwain Harte Library18701 Tiffeni Suite 1f(209) 586-4501
Twentynine PalmsTwentynine Palms Branch Library6078 Adobe Rd.(760) 367-9519
UkiahMendocino County Library105 N. Main St.95482(707) 467-2590
UkiahUkiah Branch Library105 N. Main St.(707) 463-4490
Union CityUnion City Library34007 Alvarado-Niles Rd.(510) 745-1464
UplandUpland Public Library450 N. Euclid Ave.91786(909) 931-4200
Upper LakeUpper Lake Library310 Second St.(707) 275-2049
VacavilleVacaville Public Library - Cultural Center1020 Ulatis Dr.95688(866) 572-7587
VacavilleVacaville Public Library - Town Square1 Town Square Place95688(866) 572-7587
VallejoJohn F. Kennedy Library505 Santa Clara St.94590(866) 572-7587
VallejoSpringstowne Library1003 Oakwood Ave.94591(866) 572-7587
Valley CenterValley Center Library29200 Cole Grade Road(760) 749-1305
Valley SpringsValley Springs Branch240 Pine St.(209) 772-1318
Van NuysVan Nuys Branch6250 Sylmar Ave. Mall(818) 756-8453
VeniceVenice Branch501 S. Venice Blvd.(310) 821-1769
VenturaAvenue Library606 N. Ventura Ave.(805) 643-6393
VenturaE. P. Foster Library651 E. Main St.(805) 648-2715
VenturaH. P. Wright Library57 Day Rd.(805) 642-0336
VenturaVentura County Library646 County Square Dr., Ste. 15093003(805) 477-7331
VenturaVentura County Mus. Of Hist. Art Lib.100 E. Main St.(805) 653-0323
VernonVernon Public Library4305 Santa Fe Ave.90058(323) 583-8811
VictorvilleVictorville City Library15011 Circle Drive92395(760) 245-4222
Villa ParkVilla Park Branch Library17865 Santiago Blvd.(714) 998-0861
VisaliaTulare County Free Library200 W. Oak Ave.93291(559) 733-6954
VisaliaVisalia Branch Library200 W. Oak(559) 733-6954
VistaVista Library700 Eucalyptus Ave.(760) 643-5100
WalnutWalnut Library21155 La Puente Rd.(909) 595-0757
Walnut CreekWalnut Creek Library1644 N. Broadway(925) 646-6773
Walnut CreekYgnacio Valley Library2661 Oak Grove Rd.(925) 938-1481
Walnut GroveWalnut Grove Library14177 Market St.(916) 264-2770
WascoKern County Library - Wasco102 7th Street93280(661) 758-2114
WaterfordWaterford Library324 E St.(209) 874-2191
WatsonvilleWatsonville Public Library275 Main St., Suite 10095076(831) 768-3406
WawonaMariposa County Library - Wawona7971 Chilnualna Falls Road95389(209) 375-6510
WeavervilleTrinity County Free Library351 Main St.96093(530) 623-1373
WeedWeed Branch Library780 S. Davis St.(530) 938-4769
West CovinaWest Covina Library1601 West Covina Pkwy.(626) 962-3541
West HollywoodWest Hollywood Library715 North San Vicente Blvd.(310) 652-5340
West PointWest Point Branch Library291 Main Street(209) 293-7020
West SacramentoA. F. Turner Branch Library1212 Merkley Ave.(916) 375-6465
Westlake VillageWestlake Village Library31220 W. Oak Crest Drive(818) 865-9230
WestminsterWestminster Branch Library8180 13th St.(714) 893-5057
WestmorlandWestmorland Branch Library200 S. C St(760) 344-4364
WhittierLos Nietos Library11644 East Slauson Ave.(562) 695-0708
WhittierSorensen Library11405 E. Rose Hedge Dr.(562) 695-3979
WhittierSouth Whittier Library14433 Leffingwell Rd.(562) 946-4415
WhittierWhittier Public Library7344 S. Washington Ave.90602(562) 464-3452
WhittierWhittwood Branch Library10537 Santa Gertrudes Ave.(562) 464-3470
WildomarMission Trail Library34303 Mission Trail92595(909) 471-3855
WilliamsWilliams Branch901 E St.(530) 473-5955
WillitsWillits Branch Library390 E. Commercial St.(707) 459-5908
Willow CreekHumboldt County Library - Willow Creek(530) 629-2146
WillowsWillows Public Library201 N. Lassen St.95988(530) 934-5156
WilmingtonWilmington Branch1300 North Avalon Blvd.(310) 834-1082
WindsorWindsor Regional Library9291 Old Redwood Highway 10095492(707) 838-1020
WintersWinters Branch Library201 First St.(530) 795-4955
WintonWinton Branch Library7057 W. Walnut(209) 358-3651
Wofford HeightsWofford Heights Branch Library6400-B Wofford Boulevard93285(760) 376-6160
WoodlakeWoodlake Library400 W. Whitney(559) 564-4824
WoodlandWoodland Public Library250 First St.95695(530) 661-5980
WoodlandYolo County Library226 Buckeye St.95695(530) 666-8005
Woodland HillsWoodland Hills Branch22200 Ventura Blvd.(818) 226-0017
WoodsideWoodside Library3140 Woodside Rd.(650) 851-0147
WrightwoodWrightwood Branch Library6014 Park Dr.(760) 249-4577
Yorba LindaYorba Linda Public Library18181 Imperial Highway92886(714) 777-2466
Yosemite ValleyMariposa County Library - Yosemite Valley9000 Cedar Court95389(209) 372-4552
YountvilleYountville Library6548 Yount St.(707) 944-1888
YrekaSiskiyou County Free Library719 Fourth St.96097(530) 841-4176
Yuba CitySutter County Library750 Forbes Ave.95991(530) 822-7137
YucaipaYucaipa Branch Library12040 Fifth St.(909) 790-3146
Yucca ValleyYucca Valley Branch Library57098 Twentynine Palms Hwy.(760) 228-5455
Last Updated: February 5, 2018