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Komplex Leipziger Straße buildings

Leipziger Strasse today

Komplex Leipziger Straße buildings

Large sections of Leipziger Strasse were destroyed in World War II. Upon the erection of the Berlin Wall, the east-west connection at Potsdamer Platz was closed. Despite the low traffic volume, the eastern half of the road between Spittelmarkt and Charlottenstrasse from 1969 onwards was broadened and rebuilt as a prestigious street of a Socialist capital with four car lanes in each direction, a median and broad pavements including an underpass for pedestrians. On both sides large housing estates of the Komplex Leipziger Straße were erected. Dönhoffplatz was rebuilt as a green area and decorated with the reconstructed 18th century colonnades by Carl von Gontard, installed roughly at the historic site.

The western half of the road retained its historic dimensions and has been newly built-up almost completely since German reunification. A tram line from Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz along Leipziger Strasse is planned, tracks are already installed on some sections. Other buildings along Leipziger Straße include the Bulgarian and New Zealand _________.