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Alphabetical listing of physics topics
    What is an alphabetical listing of physics topics?
Physics for high school students
    What should high school students know about physics?
Physics for engineers
    What should an engineer know about physics?
Electrostatic Charge
Magnets and Electromagnetism
Forces and Motion
The Earth and Beyond
Energy Transfer
Here are further guidelines.

Light Quiz
What is light?
A: what we see with our eyes
B: a form of energy that travels in waves
C: a form of work that reflects

Which tool can be used to separate white light into different colors?
A: mirror
B: camera
C: prism
D: hammer

The colors that make up white light are called what?
A: prism
B: visible spectrum
C: energy waves

What do light rays do as they pass from one transparent material to another?
A: bend
B: disappear
C: reflect

What does a lens do?
A: refracts light
B: magnifies light
C: takes pictures

Reflection happens when light strikes and then __________________ a surface.
A: breaks
B: bounces off
C: reflects

Which of the following would reflect the most light?
A: wood table
B: ceramic cup
C: mirror

The law of reflection involves two light rays. What are they?
A: light and dark
B: incoming and outgoing
C: soft and hard

What three things can light rays travel through?
A: solids, liquids, gases
B: air, water, outer space
C: humans, plants, animals

What is a material through which light can pass but will be scattered in different directions?
A: translucent
B: refraction
C: reflection
D: transparent

Number Actual Your Answer(s)

Review - 1 B
Review - 2 C
Review - 3 B
Review - 4 A
Review - 5 A
Review - 6 B
Review - 7 C
Review - 8 B
Review - 9 B
Review - 10 A

Last Updated: April 21, 2017