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I can guide 33 specific types of lawyers.

What types of lawyers can Dr. Asif Qureshi guide?
1. Criminal Lawyer / State's Attorney
2. Civil Litigation Lawyer
3. Contract Lawyer
4. Criminal Defense Lawyer
5. Digital Media & Internet Lawyer
6. Employment Lawyer
7. Entertainment Lawyer
8. Estate Planning Lawyer (Housing Planning and Development Lawyer)
9. Family Lawyer
10. Finance & Securities Lawyer
11. General Practice Lawyer
12. Housing Lawyer
13. Human Rights Lawyer
14. Immigration Lawyer (connected to international law)
15. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer
16. International Lawyer
17. Legal Malpractice or Professional Responsibility Lawyer
18. Medical Malpractice Lawyer
19. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Lawyer
20. Personal Injury Lawyer
21. Political Lawyer (election issues)
22. Public Guardian in the State https://qureshiuniversity.com/publicguardian.html
23. Public Defender in the State
24. Social Security Disability Lawyer
25. Tax Lawyer
26. Traffic Lawyer
27. Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
28. Professional Licensing and Discipline Lawyer
29. Administrative Specialist for Economy of the State or Nation
30. Juvenile Court Lawyer
31. Antitrust Lawyer
32. Bankruptcy Lawyer
33. Business Lawyer (also called Corporate Lawyer)

Attorney or Lawyer License
Accreditation issues related to these guidelines.
How is the educational resource published at https://qureshiuniversity.com/lawyers.html better than other law schools in the United States?
1. Individuals who were educated at other educational facilities in the United States, including Harvard University, on or before January 15, 2022, have resented going to such institutions and wished they never did. They have circulated video presentations through the Internet.
2. Other law education facilities did not offer relevant guidelines similar to or better than the resources available through the Internet at https://qureshiuniversity.com/lawyers.html.
3. Other resources have not made the required questions and answers available through the Internet the way Dr. Asif Qureshi has authored resources relevant to specific lawyers over the last 23 years, from 1999 to 2022, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, which he has published at https://qureshiuniversity.com/lawyers.html.

Who received these facts?
1. Illinois State Bar Association
2. American Bar Association

What do you have to do?
A letter or a document with a membership number pointing to the facts published at https://qureshiuniversity.com/lawyers.html should be kept on record at your facility.
My address: Dr. Asif Qureshi, 5042 N. Winthrop Ave., Unit 237, Chicago, Illinois 60640
Date of birth: March 30, 1967
I have conducted research relevant to lawyers for more than 23 years, from 1999 to 2022, in Chicago Illinois, United States, and the results have been published at https://qureshiuniversity.com/lawyers.html.
No other educational facilities publicly displayed similar guidelines in the United States on or before January 26, 2022.

State's attorney
State's attorney
This is my favorite type of legal profession.

Legal case evaluation

What type of case is this?
What type of lawyer or lawyers are required?

Communicating with a lawyer

I have an upcoming telephone appointment with you.
I have a few questions.

What has been communicated to you?
What did you understand?
What are the issues?

Antitrust Lawyer


What were the findings in America on or before September 1, 2021?
Apple, Google, Microsoft, and similar entities are involved in unfair practices and competition.
Take a look at this.
There are better search engines and similar or better entities.
Even emails of others are being intentionally and willfully blocked.
This is not justified.

Cyber Security

What is cyber security?
Who is responsible for enhancing cyber security?
How do you enhance cyber security?
How do you monitor and fix unfair email blocks?
Here are further guidelines.
Last Updated: January 29, 2022