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Word processor
Text Editors for Programmeres - Programming Tools
What is a text editor?
A text editor is used to edit plain text files. Text editors differ from word processors, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, in that they do not add additional formatting information to documents. You might write a paper in Word, because it contains tools to change fonts, margins, and layout, but Word by default puts that formatting and layout information directly into the file, which will confuse the compiler. If you open a .doc file in a text editor, you will notice that most of the file is formatting codes. Text editors, however, do not add formatting codes, which makes it easier to compile your code.

Why should I use a text editor?
Text editors have a feature set different from that of a traditional word processing program. For example, most won't let you include pictures, or include tables, or double-space your writing. The features of text editors vary from implementation to implementation, but there are several kinds of features that most editors have. Below are listed some of the most common and useful features.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is a very useful feature. It means that the editor will highlight certain words or types or syntax specific to a language. For example, if you have C++ highlighting turned on, the editor might make all C++ control flow keywords appear green. This makes it much easier to follow the flow of your program. As another example, the editor might have all quoted text show up as light blue. This way, if you forget to include an opening or closing quotation mark, you will quickly realize it because of the color of the text on your screen. A text editor might also indicate mismatched parentheses or brackets by turning them red; if you have a closing brace with no corresponding opening one, the color will tell you that you made a syntax error somewhere.


How does the editor know which words to highlight? Good question. The editor knows what language you are programming in. It does this by either having you tell it, or, like Vim, detecting the suffix of the file. If you are working on a file named code.cc, it will see the .cc and know to use C++ rules, but if you are working on one called code.html, it will apply HTML rules instead. Some editors know hundreds of languages, ranging from the commonplace (C, Java, Perl) to the truly obscure (TADS, ABAQUS). This means that you can use the same editor to program in practically any language you can think of and still enjoy the same feature and command set that you've become accustomed to.

Automatic indenting

automatic indenting is probably the most useful feature of a text editor. would you rather deal with code that looks like this (taken from a fifteen-puzzle):

Which text editor should I use? What's the difference between them? How do I get one? How much do they cost?
There are many, many different editors available, with Vim and Emacs being two of the most popular, portable, and powerful. Another popular editor is Notepad++, a vastly improved version of Notepad. Most editors (Vim and Emacs included) are free, but some are shareware. I use Vim, but each editor has its adherents. For a good listing of some of the best editors available for your platform, check out this FAQ on text editors. (It's aimed at STATA users, but all the editors listed are just fine for writing C++ code.)

What’s the best free word processor alternative to Microsoft Word?
Apache OpenOffice
Google Docs
IBM Lotus Symphony
LibreOffice Writer
Microsoft WordPad
OpenOffice Writer
Neo Office

Online Microsoft Word Alternatives
Office Online
Google Docs

English language editing (grammar) software
How do you create a word processor with C++ programming or any other programming language?
What type of software needs to be created?
English language editing (grammar) software

How do you create English language editing (grammar) software?
This can be done in a visual basic compiler.
Take a visual basic compiler.
Create a new project.
Save the new project.
Add objects to the interface.
Enter relevant code to compare existing English language grammar document to new typed text.
Lock all objects.
Save the application.
The application is programmed.

What can be interface features of this software application?
Check English spelling
Check English grammar
Count words
Insert page numbers
Key for license
Page setup
Save as
Select all
Sort A to Z
Sort Z to A
Text alignment

What should be features of this software application at this point?
At this point, only grammar checker is required.

Other features can be added later during modification.

What do you have to do?
I will give you a file of English language.
This file has been edited, perused, and standardized for English language.
Any new written document typed in the software should be compared to this file on click grammar.
On click grammar, the new typed document should be compared with existing file I provided: options, check grammar, ignore once, ignore all, add to dictionary, change, change all, autocorrect, undo, cancel, close.

This is the requirement at this point.
The software should include the option to be modified later to add many more features. Decompile and add objects later.

Here are further guidelines.
word processor