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What type of proposals should you forward?
A proposal to be an academic guide.
Here are further guidelines.

Academic Guide


A proposal to develop specific products, services, abilities/skills, professions, or subjects.

Here are further guidelines.











Make sure the proposal is forwarded by head of the department from the state while being truthful, well behaved, and able to understand and communicate properly in the English language.

Identify with at least one state.
You must first understand the extent and level of intellectual property at this resource, www.qureshiuniversity.com, and then forward the proposals.

Why was there a need to elaborate on these issues?
Various individuals repeatedly forwarded proposals relevant to web design, web development, and search engine listings without understanding, abilities/skills, professions, products, subjects, and services. This resource, www.qureshiuniversity.com, has guidelines and instructions.

There also is a search engine www.globe.bz.

What type of proposals should not be forwarded?

Do not forward proposals/communications like website development providing web design, web development, and search engine listing.

Do not forward any proposal that harms others.

Do not forward any proposal whose solutions are already elaborated at www.qureshiuniversity and will lead to a waste of time and resources in going through by others.

Whom should you involve during forwarding of proposals from the state?
Make sure essential departments are involved in the proposals.

Here are further guidelines.