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English Editing Service
English language editing services are available.

What will usually be displayed here?
English language editing services are available.
English language editing services are not available.

Why might the English language editing services not be available?
Documents from others are being edited.
Disruption in services.

In various situations, an editor may need to consult with another English language editor.

If an editor needs to consult on a document, forward an email to admin@qureshiuniversity.com

What should you know before you submit a document for editing?
Not all documents can be edited.

Why cannot all written documents submitted be edited?
What should you expect during the process of editing?

1. The written document does not fulfill the purpose of the document.
2. The written document has more words than displayed for the document.
3. The written document cannot be edited due to the fact that it is not written in English.
4. The written document needs to be rewritten to come up to the standards of editing.
5. The written document’s editing has been completed while keeping the purpose of the document in mind.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, I am willing to edit your documents.

If your document cannot be edited, do not worry; you will get guidelines to improve your written document.

English language editing team

If you know anyone interested in joining the English language editing team, let me know.

If you would like to be included in my editing team, forward your profile. If you do not have enough skills in writing or editing, you will be trained.

Where should you submit your English language document for editing?

Email is preferred, but you can also fax or send it via postal mail. Verify from other sources if the document was received.

What can an English language editing service do?
Using expertise and technological resources such as the Internet, an English language editing service will standardize spelling, capitalization, and occasional word order of sentences.

This can be done manually as well; however, it takes considerable time, resources, and effort.
It is recommended to keep questions as well as declarative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences as short as possible.

What can an English language editing service not do?
An English language editing service cannot teach you how to write various English language tenses.

If you do not know how to write interrogative, declarative, exclamatory, or imperative sentences or English language tenses, there are English language courses for you at Qureshi University.

How should you submit answers to these questions?

Copy and paste in email the answers to the questions and submit them to admin@qureshiuniversity.com

Send in a fax or by postal mail.

Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

If there is change of postal address, it will be displayed.

We need to have e-mail communication.

Verify from other sources if the document was received.

Do you need your document to be edited?
Do you need your book to be edited?

You need to answer the following.
What is the purpose of the document?
Write the purpose of the written document on the line provided after verifying the purpose of your written document from the drop-down menu.
Take a look at this.
What best describes your needs?


Who has written this document?


What is the profile of the person submitting the document?


You can be located anywhere in the world.
You need to establish an initial profile with contact details so that later transactions will be efficient.

Did anyone help you write the document?


Is the person who wrote the document the same as the person submitting the document for editing?


Where will you use this written document?



Is it a book?
How many total pages will it be?


Do you need it in question-and-answer format?


Does it have any other purpose?


What is your location?


What is the audience of the document?


How much will it cost?


In America, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia,
15 dollars per page.
How is one page calculated?
It is equal to 300 words.
What is the exact date you need this document?