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Professional license issues
Administrative law of professional Licensing
How has Internet presence, for example www.qureshiuniversity.com, changed the administrative law of professional licensing?
Internet presence like www.qureshiuniversity.com/professionsworld.html relevant to various professions does not need verification of competence. Every competence is displayed publicly.

What questions should be asked in professional licensing?

Does the individual have Internet presence of a specific profession?
Are the Internet guidelines available 24 hours a day seven days a week?
Does the individual guide one profession or many professions?
What profession does the individual identify with?
How many professions can the individual guide?

What should you generally know about license issues relevant to specific professions?
A professional license relevant to a specific profession does not mean an individual is competent relevant to the specific profession.

Experience has shown that doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals having a license or certification in their specific profession are not able to answer relevant questions specific to their profession.

Internet presence like www.qureshiuniversity.com/professionsworld.html relevant to various professions does not need verification of competence. Every competence is displayed publicly.

What should an individual know about licensing relevant to a profession?
Abilities and competence relevant to a profession is essential.
A license for a specific profession can be issued if an individual has abilities and competence relevant to the profession.
You must prove your competence in the real world.
You should be able to answer relevant questions.
Experience in America has proved that an individual is verified to be a doctor in a state department of health database; however, in the real world, the doctor is not able to answer relevant questions.

What is on the list of all professions?
There are at least 921 professions.

What types of physicians can Doctor Asif Qureshi guide?
Doctor Asif Qureshi can guide 19 types of physicians.
Doctor Asif Qureshi can also guide 921 types of other professionals, including teachers, lawyers, engineers, state police officers, and state military officers. Here are further guidelines.
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What abilities/skills are essential for a highly skilled profession?
General abilities.
Profession-specific abilities.

General abilities.

English language understanding, reading, writing, and speaking.
Credibility (you should never lie).
Politeness (speech, manners, behavior).
Desire for public service.

Profession-specific abilities.

You should be able to answer relevant questions relevant to the specific profession.
Law Careers
How are professional/job titles elaborated?
What did you understand after reading these facts?
Last Updated: June 1, 2018