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What is a course?
A course in the context of education contains guidelines and instructions either in text on the Internet or other format in the English language in question-and-answer format relevant to abilities/skills, professions, products, subjects, and/or services.

A course is not one guideline. A course involves many guidelines and instructions. Many questions and answers relevant to abilities/skills, professions, products, subjects, and/or services can make a course.

What is a courseware?
Courseware is a term that combines the words 'course' with 'software.'

What are the types of courseware?
Customized Courseware

What is OpenCourseWare?
OpenCourseWare (OCW) comprises course lessons created at universities and published via the Internet.

OpenCourseWare does not typically provide certification or access to faculty.
OpenCourseWare can be free to the public with remuneration to the author or creator of OpenCourseWare.

How do you evaluate the quality of OpenCourseWare in the English language?
Here are further guidelines.

Customized Courseware

What is customized courseware?
An instructor (teacher or professor) leads learning materials.
A textbook is created specifically for your course.

What is available at this www.qureshiuniversity.com resource?
Customized Courseware

What are the drawbacks of customized courseware?
Customized courseware usually gets challenged for its usefulness. The abilities of individuals educated with customized courseware are challenged in the real world.
Every courseware in the English language must have public scrutiny for usefulness with answers to relevant questions before being recommended as educational material for school, college, or university education.
This was discovered when teachers and professors did not know how to communicate via email in the English language due to lack of abilities from substandard customized courseware.

What are the advantages of customized courseware?
If an individual or individuals has specific deficiency of abilities, skills, professional knowledge, product specification requirements, subject knowledge, or service, customized courseware can help such situations.

What are examples of various courses?
How have educational programs been organized?


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for more then 611 professions required in essential ingredients of the economy of every state.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for manufacturing of more than 1,222 essential products.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for instruction of more than 158 subjects that are available, ranging from English language, math, science, and social studies to public health, law, engineering, and education.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for thousands of skills ranging from general purpose skills to work-specific skills.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for more than 22 essential services.
Q: Who may take an English language refresher course?
A: If you studied in an English language or medium school, college, or university and find your skills and knowledge deficient, you may take an English language refresher course.

Q: Who may take English as second language course?
A: If you studied in a non-English language or English medium school, college, or university, you may take English as second language.

Q: Who may take English teacher education?
A: If you plan to be an English language teacher, you need to take English teacher education. It is essential that teachers of other subjects know the English language.

Q: How are English courses enlisted?
Elementary school English language (PK-5)
Middle school English language (6-8)
High school English language (9-12)
English language for English as a second language learners
English refresher courses
Work specific English language courses
English Vocabulary
    English Alphabet
    English Numbers
    English Colors
    English Phrases
English Pronunciation
    What should you know about English pronunciation?
    English Sounds
    English Vowels
    English Consonants
    English Suprasegmentals
English Grammar
    Verbs be, have, do, work
    Nouns man, town, music
    Adjectives a, the, 11, big
    Adverbs loudly, well, often
    Pronouns you, ours, some
    Prepositions at, in, on, from
    Conjunctions and, but, though
    Interjections ah, dear, er, um

    English Tenses
    English Sentences
    English Sentence Patterns
English Language Tools
    English Verb Conjugation
    English Test
    English Dictionaries
    English Synonym Dictionary
    English Antonym Dictionary
English Language
    English History
    English Statistics
English Punctuation
English Teacher/Teachers Education
English Language Degree
English for Specific Purposes
    Associate's Degree in English
      Freelance writer
      Research assistant
    Bachelor's Degree in English
      Advertising copywriter
    Master's Degree in English
      Public relations executive
    Ph.D. in English
English Language Style Guide
    Call for papers
English Software

    When should teachers, editors, and lexicographers encourage students to use English editing software?
    Here are further guidelines.
English language lexicographer
    What is an English language lexicographer?
    Here are further guidelines.
English Language Reports
Expressions heard in negotiating sessions
English as a Second Language (ESL)
English Language Schools
English Editing Service
English for law
Global Consortium of English Language
High School English
Human Resources
Interactive English Language Exercises

    Listen to English
    Reading Comprehension
    Spoken English
Listen to English
Learning English
    English courses Online
    English courses Abroad
English Language
Origins of English Language
Qureshi Dictionary
Reading a document in English
Social Studies
Social Skills
Statement of Purpose
Spoken English

Would you like to improve your spoken English?
Teaching English
    Tips for teachers of English
    Courses for teachers of English
Teacher Training College
Telephone answering message guidelines
Telephone Conversations
Teaching Americans how to write better English
What is The Value of the Graduate Record Examinations?
Take a look at this
Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Compliments

Writing in the English language
World University Rankings by Subject 2012
Work-specific Training
How have these questions been organized?
Questions relevant to your individual profile.
Questions relevant to the profession you plan to pursue.
Once you answer questions relevant to your individual profile, then you will get questions relevant to the profession you plan to pursue.
Are you interested in any one of these courses: Certificate Course, Refresher Course, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M. Phil, Master's Degree or a Ph.D. program?
Apply for Academic Admission
English Language Courses
Engineering College
Law College
Medical College
Police Training College
Defence College
Teacher Training College
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
College of Computer Science and Information Technology
College of Agriculture
Master of Business Administration
Master of Library and Information Science degree
College of Administrative Sciences
Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning
PhD in Counseling
PhD in English Language Learning
PhD in Criminal Justice
Veterinary College
Vocational Training College
Listed in alphabetical order
What are your duties and responsibilities if you are associated with this college?

You need to maintain a profile of the students.
You need to keep watch on the students.
You need to maintain progress of the students.

Does the student fully understand the topic?
Is the student able to answer questions during discussions?
Is the student completing his or her homework?
Is the student able to submit timely answers to questions?
What should go in a monthly progress report?
Character, behavior, hygiene, competence.
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Legal case evaluation.
Qureshi Medical College International
Political Science
Patient Profile
Teacher Education
Law College
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