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Kings and Queens around the world.
Princes and Princesses around the world.

What are the royal, noble, and chivalric ranks around the world and in various states?
Grand Duke
Grand Prince
Prince / Infante
Sovereign Prince / Fürst
Marquess / Marquis /
Margrave / Landgrave
Count / Earl
Viscount / Vidame
Hereditary Knight

Do you know any emperor, King, Queen, Prince, or Princess around the world?

What do you have to do if you know any emperor, King, Queen, Prince, or Princess around the world?
Forward their biodata and photographs.

Who is on the list of Emperor, King, Queen, Prince, and Princess around the world in various states and continents?
What do various Emperor, Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses know about resettlement programs in the state and outside the state around the world?

Does an Emperor/King of a state have an attorney general of the state?

Can an attorney general of a state be charged with criminal offenses?

What are the types of resignations from a job?
Involuntary termination (Forcible resignation resulting from action by the employee, ranging from felony to misdemeanor to incompetence)
Voluntary termination

In what situations is forced termination justified in the state and outside the state?
A person did not resign after criminal charges.
The person is accused/guilty of felonies.
Criminal complaint is filed against government executive officer.
Being forced to resign after criminal charges is justified.
Being forced to resign is not going to get another job due to criminal activities.
He or she cannot enter premises of office.
He or she cannot issue publications.
He or she cannot get involved in public issues.
Travel ban.
Depending on the type of felony or misdemeanor crime, there could be further punishments.
Perpetrators of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,and 6 felonies cannot remain in the communities. They should be sent to prison with further punishments.

What can be causes of involuntary termination /resignation from a job?
What can be causes of voluntary termination/resignation from a job?

Here are further guidelines.