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About the university
What should you know about this university?
Doctor Asif Qureshi is the founder of this university.

Who has authored the guidelines in a question-and-answer format in English language at Qureshi University (www.qureshiuniversity.org)?
Doctor Asif Qureshi has authored these guidelines, which took him 17 years—from 1999 to June 14, 2017.

Why was there a need to establish Qureshi University (www.qureshiuniversity.org) on June 15, 1999?
Other universities did not offer relevant guidelines.
Doctor Asif Qureshi had to author the various guidelines in English himself in a question-and-answer format.

Various educational resources, including the then-Kashmir University in Kashmir, University of Illinois in Illinois, North America, and other universities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and North America did not have relevant guidelines

Other universities created after June 14, 1999, (for example, Central University Kashmir, Islamic University Kashmir) have not been able to answer questions relevant to the justification of the creation of such new universities.

Comparison with other universities.

How is this university different than other universities?
Professional guidelines are available in a question-and-answer format in English language.

Questions other universities must answer.

Application form, guidelines for the submission of the form, and payment of the application fee through the Internet are not enough: Where are the guidelines and study materials for students pursuing a specific profession, as they are displayed via the Internet at Qureshi University (www.qureshiuniversity.org)?

First communication.

What is required from you for the first communication?
Answer the relevant questions and submit them via the Internet.
Verify by telephone if your facts were received at 7735616102 (Chicago, Illinois).
You can even record a message in English language.

What is your first name?

What is your last name?

Who is submitting these facts through the Internet and from what location?

What profession, course, subject, or issue do you plan to study?

Subsequent communication for specific professional education.

What questions do you need to answer?
Here are further facts.
These are meant for specific aspiring professionals.
Forensic psychiatrist, aspiring.
Director of public health of specific state, aspiring.
School teacher, aspiring.
State’s attorney, aspiring.
State superintendent of public instruction.

Here are further guidelines.

Here are further guidelines.
Application for Admission to the
Graduate college Qureshi University
Apply for Academic Admission
A press release declares: Applying to a foreign university.
What is a foreign university?

If an individual connects in Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia, to www.qureshiuniversity.com (Qureshi University) and gets educated relevant to being a teacher, lawyer, engineer, or physician, is www.qureshiuniversity.com (Qureshi University) a native or foreign university in this situation?

Why does an individual need to go abroad for education when education is available at www.qureshiuniversity.com (Qureshi University) so that an individual can learn from one’s original home?

Why is such education not available in your native state that makes you go ahead with education abroad?

Is your purpose of education to gain knowledge, abilities, or some other purpose?

If your purpose of education is to gain knowledge and abilities, you can stay at your original home and get connected to www.qureshiuniversity.com /Qureshi University through computer and the Internet and get educated.
About the University
About the Founder
Advertisement for Education Abroad
How have educational programs been organized?


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for more then 611 professions required in essential ingredients of the economy of every state.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for manufacturing of more than 1,222 essential products.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for instruction of more than 158 subjects that are available, ranging from English language, math, science, and social studies to public health, law, engineering, and education.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for thousands of skills ranging from general purpose skills to work-specific skills.


Take a look at this.
This resource has guidelines for more than 22 essential services.
A to Z Degree Fields
Classes Relevant to Education.
Counseling for existing and new students
Customized Courseware
Create New Account
Duties of a student
Degrees by Level
    High School
Degrees by Subject
Educational Resource on the Internet

What does an existing professional or a student gain from an educational resource?
Knowledge and abilities relevant to professions, products, subjects, and services.

If an educational resource tries to impress an existing professional or student with buildings and faculty without having relevant guidelines available publicly in the English language in question-and-answer format to gain knowledge and abilities relevant to professionals, products, subjects, and services, such buildings and faculty are of no use.

All educational buildings in the state or outside the state are public resources regulated by various essential departments in the state. A university building is regulated and supervised by the state department of higher education and state department of estates. Some buildings also are supervised by the state department of housing and development.

An Internet resource can have such guidelines so that existing professions or students gain knowledge and abilities relevant to professions, products, subjects, and services.
Forward remuneration from various state administrations
List of academic disciplines
Money transfer(Pay Now)
Public Universities
Request Information
    Elementary School
    Middle School
    High School
Schools, Colleges and Continuing Studies
Tuition and Fees
Work-specific Training
Work counseling
You should start the admission process to specific courses or for a specific degree at least six months to a year ahead at Qureshi University.

Have you selected specific courses or degree program?
Did you submit your application for education at Qureshi University?
Did you verify that your application was received at Qureshi University?
Do you have a computer and Internet connection?
Do you have a proper computer operating system?
Did you get notice that you have been selected for a specific course or degree?

If you have not submitted your application for education at Qureshi University and desire to get educated, you need to submit an application for education at Qureshi University now.
Academic Admission

Does submission of your application for academic course/discipline guarantee your selection to a specific course or academic discipline?

What will guarantee selection to a specific course/academic discipline?
Your desire to learn a specific profession.
Your desire to teach what you have learned.

Does your selection to a specific course/academic discipline guarantee you will learn relevant skills and gain relevant knowledge?

What will guarantee that you will learn relevant skills and gain relevant knowledge?
Your desire to learn continuously.
You have to put in efforts to learn.
You must peruse www.qureshiuniversity.com everyday.
You must peruse specific questions and answers relevant to you at www.qureshiuniversity.com everyday.

What is the advantage of selecting Internet education?
Sanctioned or approved intake of students is not applicable to Internet education.
Databases can hold millions of records of individuals.

For face-to-face, in-person discussions, many arrangements have to be made and many resources have to be mobilized, while better Internet education is available.

How is this education resource, Qureshi University(ww.qureshiuniversity.com), better and different than other education resources?

Compare their existing curriculum to the curriculum at this location www.qureshiuniversity.com relevant to their age and course of academic discipline.

If you or your state cannot afford to provide relevant resources or equivalent like tuition, education is free for you.
You have to give a declaration: My state or I cannot afford resources or tuition I need.

What should teachers, lecturers, professors, principals, head of the state department of education, head of the state department of higher education, or head of the various states encourage their students and residents?

Ask them to open account at http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/login/submit.html.

Compare their existing curriculum to the curriculum at this location www.qureshiuniversity.com relevant to their age and course of academic discipline.

Can anyone establish a school, college, or university?

How does a new school, college, or university get established?
This example will make you understand.

Take a look at this.



These resources were established due to the fact that other schools, colleges, universities, and various departments around the world, including in America, did not have relevant courses in question-and-answer format in the English language up to July 14, 2017.

What types of guidelines has Dr. Asif Qureshi established for residents and professionals inside and outside the state?
  1. Abilities/Skills: Guidelines for 650 human abilities.

  2. Departments: Guidelines for 57 essential departments inside and outside the state.

  3. Occupations: Guidelines for 1000 occupations, including teachers, lawyers, engineers, and physicians.

  4. Products: Guidelines for 130 products, including computers, road vehicles, and aircraft.

  5. States: Guidelines for 330 states in the world.

  6. Subjects: Guidelines for 150 subjects, including English, math, science, social studies, and forensic medicine.
Last Updated: July 14, 2017