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Air Force

Air Force Operations
What has happened that needs air force operation?


What are the details of the target or targets?


What best describes the target or targets?
Aircraft that are up in the air.
Aircraft that are on the ground.
Aircraft carrier with aircraft in ocean.
Building or house on ground involved in harms.
Road vehicles that are harmful.
Military Airdrop Operations
Military occupation
Pararescue - Air Force Special Operations Command
If other, specify

What is on the list of justified occupations of an area by air force (world military) operations due to various harms?


What needs to be accomplished?


How many and what types of air force aircraft are required?


How many air force aircraft are required and ready for specific air force operations?


How many air force pilots/officers, and resources are ready for specific air force operations?


What specific types of air force aircraft are required?
Attack/Multirole Aircraft Existing: A-10, AC-130
Under manufacturing process: G1
Bomber B-52H, B-1B, B-2
Tupolev Tu-160, Tupolev Tu-95, Tupolev Tu-22M, Xian H-6K
Cargo transportation of heavy and oversized battle tanks and heavy equipment
  1. Airbus A400M

  2. Antonov An-124

  3. Antonov An-22

  4. An-225 Mriya

  5. C-5 / Lockheed Martin C-5M Super Galaxy

  6. C-17 / Boeing C-17 Globemaster II

  7. C-130 / Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules

  8. CH-47 / Boeing CH-47 Chinook

  9. Ilyushin Il-76

  10. Kawasaki C-2

  11. Shaanxi Y-9

  12. Xian Y-20
Electronic warfare E-3, E-8, EC-130
Fighter aircraft Existing: F-15C, F-15E, F-16, F-22, F-35
Sukhoi Su-57, Chengdu J-20, JF-17 Thunder, Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin, Mikoyan MiG-35
Under manufacturing process: What are the specifications of the aircraft?
Helicopter Military helicopters
UH-1N, HH-60
Reconnaissance U-2, RC-135, MC-12 Liberty, RQ-1/MQ-1, RQ-4, MQ-9, RQ-170, U-28
Trainer T-6, T-38, T-1, TG-16, T-53
Tanker KC-10, KC-135
World's best passenger and cargo aircraft 2021 A320, A330, A340, A380, A300-600ST, AN-225 Myria, B737, B757, B747, B777, BQ400, Concorde, G650, MD11
Missile Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology
Surface to Air Missile Systems and Integrated Air Defence Systems
Aircraft Carriers Location Tracker


What air force stations or air force bases are required, or aircraft carriers in the ocean?


What needs to be accomplished through the air force?
  1. Aerial bombing by air force.

  2. Aerial interceptor

  3. Aerial refueling

  4. Airdrop military operation

  5. Air-to-air missile

  6. Air-to-ground missiles

  7. Air force equipment manufacture including aircraft

  8. Air force rescue operation

  9. Air battles (fighter jet going after fighter jet)

  10. Air force, Navy, Army combined operations with specific details.

  11. Coup that is justified due to various harms

  12. Destroy ground aircrafts, ground-to-air vehicle missiles due to harms.

  13. Destroy aircraft carriers at sea with aircraft due to harms.

  14. Forcible removal of a head of state who is supporting criminals.

  15. Presentation or event aerial coverage

  16. Oppressive regime replacement due to harms

  17. Sea ditching or landing

  18. Ocean coastal states inspection with airdrop operations.

  19. Surface-to-air missiles

  20. If any other air force operation, specify.

Military Airdrop Operations
What should you know about military airdrop operations?

What are military airdrop operations?
What are the types of military airdrop operations?
Where exactly is a military airdrop operation required?
How many military officers are ready for military airdrop operations?

Ocean coastal states inspection with airdrop operations.

How does ocean coastal states inspection with airdrop operations go ahead?
Helicopter drops the boat with heavily armed military officers powered by aerial support.
Military officers land by boat at coast and then advance toward the inspection locations in coastal state.
Fighter jets go ahead first; after fighter jets, helicopters go ahead.
Military officer get permanently stationed at oil refineries and airbases of coastal states.

Has all air force equipment including aircraft been verified for error-free performance?

Who is who in air forces around the world?

What questions need to be answered that have not been answered?
Here are further guidelines.

Current aircraft and weapons
Fighter Jets
Military Competencyå¹½elicopter
Military Science
Military Competency輸irplane

Air-To-Air Missiles | Command of the air.


AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammer
Propulsion Solid Propellant Rocket.

Length 12 feet
Diameter 7 inches
Wingspan AIM-120A/B 21 inches; AIM-120C/D 19 inches.
Weight AIM-120A/B/C-4 348 pounds; AIM-120C 5/6/7/D 356 pounds.
Launch Weight 335 pounds (150.75 kilograms)
Range 20+ miles (17.38+ nautical miles)
Guidance System Active radar terminal/inertial midcourse
Speed Classified/Speed Supersonic
Navy F/A-18C/D/E/F Hornet and Super Hornet.
Air Force F-15, F-16 and F-22
Warhead Blast Fragmentation; high explosive
Similar weapons

AIM-7 Sparrow
Sky Sword II

Three different color schemes for F/A-18F

Air force Aircraft Not for Sale.
Why shouldn稚 the unit cost of air force aircraft be mentioned?
Here is an example.
B1B Lancer, one mentions unit cost: $283.1 million (fiscal 98 constant dollars).

If anyone offers double the amount from any corner of world: Can this air force aircraft be sold to any entity?

There are some entities to which it cannot be sold.
These are state, continental, intercontinental air force aircraft for public service and not for sale.
If any air force aircraft have been sneaked away (make off with belongings of others) even for money, take them back.
Air force aircraft are not for sale.
Last Updated: September 9, 2021