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Electrical Emergencies

What are various emergencies for which the state department of electricity should be prepared?
Electrical Products
State department of electricity

What should the head of the state department of electricity be able to answer?
Workers in the state Department of Electricity
    Where are various workers required in the state Department of Electricity?
    What workers are required in the state Department of Electricity?
What are the locations of electricity production plants in the state?
How many workers have duty at these locations?
What are the essential daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly work activities at the plant?
What materials are utilized for electric equipments manufacturing in the state?
What are the specific duties of the workers?
How many are in electrical products manufacturing, construction and development of electric installations, maintenance, and research and development?
Does anyone among them have skills and knowledge more than electrical products manufacture, construction and development of electric installations, maintenance, and research and development?
Does anyone need to be sent outside the state in Asia or to America, Australia, or Latin America for further skills and knowledge?
Does your state face electricity problems?
What are the most common causes of these problems?

Intentional deprivation of rights as a discriminatory scheme from vested interests within the state and outside the state.
Incompetent electrical engineers.

Electricity has to be free as an essential ingredient of the economy; then people will enhance products and services.
Those who blame tariff, electricity fee, or excessive load do not have proper insight of economy, budget, and technical concepts.

How many total electrical engineers are there in the state?
Are they really electrical engineers or electricians?

You need to be truthful so that the best educational resources can be mobilized while being within the state and upgrading skills and knowledge.

What should happen if electrical engineers and associates fail to provide 24 hour-a-day seven day-a-week proper voltage, and uninterrupted free electricity as essential services in the state?
If they do not, they must be charged with violation of essential services maintenance act.
Violation of essential services is subject to imprisonment.
They must be slowly replaced.
Their remuneration should be curtailed.
They must be replaced with engineers and associates who can provide 24-hour-a-day seven day-a-week proper voltage, and uninterrupted free electricity as essential services in the state.

When can electricity be disconnected to a specific location in the state?
When the location is utilized for criminal activity in the state.
When the location does not serve essential ingredients of the economy.
Issues of fee cannot be basis for electricity disconnection.
Matters related to enhancing electricity in Kashmir with a target of twenty-four-hour a day, seven days a week electricity service without burdening consumers.

One of the chief engineers in Kashmir gives a flimsy excuse of load shedding, pilferage, and technical problems.

Why aren't these issues in America, Europe, or the Middle East?

Multistoried building, heating system, cooking ranges, hot water system, electricity for large-scale factories, outside building lights, street lights, traffic lights.
Is there twenty-four hour a day, seven-day a week electricity?

Why aren't these issues in America, Australia, Africa, Latin America?
Chief Engineer PDD Kashmir/NHPC/Commissioner/Central Electricity Regulatory Authority

Please write a report on the topic, "Why is it possible to have electricity 24/7 in America and not possible in Kashmir?"
What are the merits and demerits of having a similar system in Kashmir?

Why isn't 24/7 electricity possible now while it previously was possible?
Why isn't 24/7 electricity possible now while it was possible at other time periods?
Can you describe the existing power structure in Kashmir?
How is it connected to a central regulatory authority?
What are the existing proposals for enhancing the electricity?
Which companies or persons were involved in previous projects?
How much did each project cost?
How did they get the payments?
How was the figure calculated?
Who were involved?

Who is the head of this organization?
Who is the current chief engineer of this department?
Who were previous chief engineers?
Is the current chief engineer incompetent or corrupt, or is there intentional deprivation of rights from vested interests?
How many children does he have?
What are the assets of his children?
What are the assets of his relatives and friends?
Where are they located?
Chief Engineer
What is your answer to the above questions?

We look for working groups on Kashmir-Punjab, Kashmir-Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir-UP, Kashmir-Maharashtra, Kashmir-Karnataka, Kashmir-Bengal, Kashmir-Kerala, Kashmir-Tamil Nadu, Kashmir-Andhra, Kashmir-Pakistan, Kashmir-China, Kashmir-Illinois, Kashmir-England, Kashmir-International, etc.

Total area 360,000 square miles.
300 miles North, South, East, West of Srinagar.
Symmetrical Redistricting.
Total districts 97.
Total area of Srinagar City 1600 square miles.

What did you understand?
The Power Plant
Hydro Electric Projects
    Grid stations
    Receiving stations
Nuclear Power Plants
Guidance for Electrical Engineer
Guidance for Electrician
Electrical Lineman
Guidance for Electricity Department
    How would I nominate or select the chief engineer, Department of Electricity?
Q: Would you like to add anything?
Q: Can you make me wiser? How?
Q: Can you make us wiser? How?
Q: Do you have any recommendations?

Take a look at this

Do you want me to make them competent?
What's their contact information?
Whose compliance do I need to complete this project?
Who has the duty and responsibility to assist, to provide resources?
If he/she/they don't comply, what do I have to do?
Does education enhance the economy? Yes.
Take a look at this.

What is Energy?
What is Renewable Energy?
What are renewable energy sources?
How does Renewable Energy affect the supply of electricity?
Why use Renewable Energy?
How much Renewable Energy do we have?
Where does your electricity come from?
    What are nuclear reactors?
    What are thermal reactors?
    What does nuclear fuel look like?
    How does a nuclear power plant work?
    Can a nuclear plant explode?
Fossil Fuels
Natural Gas
What is electricity?
How is electricity produced?
How is electricity produced in a circuit?
How is electricity generated and distributed?

The chief engineer of the department of electricity has presented a graphical structure of power plants and power distribution, but it doesn't show the power structure clearly.
How would I present this differently?
Take a look at this.

When will this type of presentation be available?
Here are further guidelines.
Alternating current
Building Electrical Systems
Building Electrical Equipment
    AC power plugs and sockets
    Building Wires
    Conduit and Wire Weight Calculator
    Devices and Wallplates
    Electrical room
    Electrical rooms typically house the following equipment:
      * Electric switchboards
      * Distribution boards
      * Circuit breakers and disconnects
      * Electricity meter
      * Transformers
      * Busbars
      * Backup batteries in a Battery room
      * Fire alarm control panels
      * Distribution frames
    Electrical Junction Boxes
    Electrical Fittings
    Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings
    Electrical Box Covers
    Gender of connectors and fasteners
    A chandelier light fixture

Building Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
Electrical Units of Measure
Electrical Calculations
Electrical Calculator
Electrical Formulae for Calculating Amps, Horsepower, Kilowatts, & KVA
    Computer systems
    Electrical circuits
    Electromagnetic/electromechanical devices
    Electronic devices
    Electronic circuits
    Instrumentation, controls, and electronics
    Optical fibers
    Optoelectronic devices
Electrical Safety
High voltage
    High Voltage Electrical Safety Program
    HVEE - High Voltage Electrical Equipment
    High voltage
    Mains electricity
Mains electricity by region
Railway electrification system
    Railway Electrification
    List of current systems for electric rail traction
    Three-phase AC railway electrification