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About trees and forests.
Q: What type of trees should be planted?
A: Those that yield lots of fruit. Timber, or wood, is a by-product of all trees.

Q: What should foresters look forward to?
A: Planting fruit yielding trees.

Q: What is a forest?
Q: Why are forests important?
Q: What do we know about forests?
Q: Why do we need forests?
Q: What is the difference between primary and secondary forest?
Q: What are the different types of forest?
Q: What is meant by natural or �frontier� forests?
Q: What products are extracted from forests?
Q: What are the economic and social benefits of forests?
Q: What process is used to test soil for quality?
Q: What is the area under forest?
Q: What types of trees are there?
Q: What are the uses of these trees?
Q: What can be the uses of these trees?
Q: What makes a healthy forest?
Q: How do you know if a leaf is simple or compound?
Q: How can a twig help you to identify a tree?

Here are important guidelines.