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Paramedic College/Applied Health Sciences
Allied health workers guidelines
What are examples of allied health workers?
Anesthesia technician
Biomedical scientist
Cardiographic technician
Environmental health officer
Cardiovascular technologist
Clinical laboratory scientist
Clinical officer
Clinical psychologist
Dental hygienist
Diagnostic medical sonographist
Dietitian / Nutritionist
Electrocardiogram technician
Exercise physiologist
Health care administrator
Health coach
Health information technician
Health inspector
Licensed Practical Nurse
Massage therapist
Medical assistant
(Community Health Workers and Officers)
Medical coder
Neurophysiologist/END Technologist
Medical dosimetrist
Medical physicist
Medical laboratory scientist
Medical radiation scientist
Music therapist
Nuclear medicine technologist
Occupational therapist
Orthotist / Prosthetist
Personal trainer
Pharmacy technician
Physical therapy
Radiation therapist
Radiologic Technologist
Rehabilitation counsellor
Respiratory therapist
Social work
Speech and language pathologist
Surgical technologist
Ultrasound technologist

What are the categories of human healthcare professionals inside and outside the state?
Published specific physician
Published non-specific physician
Class IV employee

What types of physicians are required at this point within and outside the state?
  1. Career counseling physician relevant to human healthcare

  2. Critical care unit physician

  3. Director of public health physician of the state

  4. Director of health physician of the state

  5. Emergency medical room physician

  6. Emergent medical responder physician

  7. Forensic psychiatry physician

  8. Forensic pathology physician

  9. Hospitalist physician (takes care of hospital ward patients)

  10. Internet human health services physician

  11. Medical superintendent physician of a hospital in the state

  12. Physician guide for at least 18 types of physicians

  13. Primary care physician

  14. Physician surgeon medical emergency

  15. Physician surgeon elective surgery

  16. Physician anesthetist medical emergency

  17. Physician anesthetist elective surgery

  18. Physician guide to physician(s)

  19. Physical therapist physician

  20. Physician of public health in the state

If due to any reason you cannot get into a specific physician training program mentioned above, go to a human healthcare professional other than a specific physician.

Human healthcare professionals other than a specific physician

Biochemistry laboratory technician
Medical emergency room technician
Nurse critical care
Nurse emergency medical room
Nurse emergency medical responder
Nurse connected to http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/health.html physician Internet human health services
Occupational therapist
Prosthetic and orthotic engineering
Nuclear medicine technician
Rehabilitation therapist
Dental assistant/technician
Ophthalmic assistant
Allied health workers guidelines

S No.Name of CourseDurationEligibility
1 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
2 Diploma in Radiation Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
3 Diploma in Operation Theater Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
4 Diploma in Dialysis Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
5 Diploma in Orthopedic Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
6 Diploma in ECG Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
7 Diploma in Blood Bank Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
8 Diploma in Endoscopy Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
9 Diploma in EEG Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
10 Diploma in Cath Lab Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
11 Diploma in Emergency and Trauma Care Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
12 Diploma in Opthalmic Technology2 Years10 + 2 (Science subject)
This is relevant to allopathic medicine.

What is allopathic medicine?
Allopathic medicine refers to medical practice (also called Western medicine, evidence-based medicine, or modern medicine).

Last Updated: September 16, 2017