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Coroner investigations

Here are guidelines for the coroner.
What are the duties of a coroner?
Duties always include determining the cause, time, and manner of death. This uses the same investigatory skills of a police detective in most cases, because the answers are available from the circumstances, scene, and recent medical records. In many American jurisdictions, any death not certified by the person's own physician must be referred to the medical examiner. If an individual dies outside of his/her state of residence, the coroner of the state in which the death took place issues the death certificate. Only a small percentage of deaths require an autopsy to determine the time, cause and manner of death.

What questions should be answered in a death investigation?

Coroner investigations

Is this a murder case?

What facts are known about this case up to now?

What questions need to be answered about this murder case?

Do you have a murder case that needs to be investigated?
E-mail, call, fax, or forward by postal mail.

What does a murder investigation look like?
Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Are you having a difficult criminal investigation?

What do you have to do if you are having a difficult criminal investigation?

Get information from all sources.
Try to determine the truth from all information you have.
Connect various dots of crime scenes, criminals, etc.
Answer questions like what, where, when, who, why, how.

Is it a criminal investigation puzzle?

Crime investigation puzzle.
Put together all available pieces of the puzzle.
Forensic puzzles and challenges.
A hypothesis or conclusion should not be formulated until all available puzzle pieces have been gathered.
Put new corroborating facts together.
Do not disregard the pieces that do not fit; these puzzle pieces may be useful later.
Answer relevant questions applicable to a specific criminal investigation.

What is the conclusion?
What punishments do the guilty parties deserve?
Here are further guidelines.

What skills and knowledge should a coroner have?
Allocation of duties to workers at various locations

Where should coroner's workers be located?
What is the most difficult part of a coroner's work?
The most difficult part of a coroner's work is death investigations.
Here are further guidelines.

Questions that need to be answered before the autopsy.
Questions that need to be answered during the autopsy.
Questions that need to be answered after the autopsy.
Here are further guidelines.
Burial, Cremation and Funerals
Crime Scene

Is a crime scene always one specific location or area?
No, it is not.

An offender with or without associates might lure under malicious pretext, kidnap at one location (primary crime scene), transport the victim (the car, aircraft being a secondary crime scene), commit another crime at a distant location (murder, for instance) and then dispose of the body at a fourth scene.
Usually, such criminals maintain criminal silence.
Here are further guidelines.
Death Investigation

What questions should be answered in a death investigation?
Here are further guidelines.
Duties of a coroner

What are the duties of a coroner?
Here are further guidelines.
Difficult cases

What questions should a coroner circulate in any difficult case?

Can I/we have help from global/world resources on this case?
What are the details of the case?

Technologies have advanced so much worldwide with local applications that most coroners are unaware of them.
Here are further guidelines.
Forensic Science

    What is forensic science?
    What are the different areas of forensic science?
    Here are further guidelines.
Forensic Medicine Topics

    What are various forensic medicine topics?
    Here are further guidelines.
Helpful resources

Where are various helpful resources relevant to these issues?
Here are further guidelines.
International resources help.

What should a coroner do in case there is a difficult case?

Seek international help from truthful, intelligent, and competent resources.
Here are further guidelines.
Medical diagnosis and treatment expertise

A coroner should have expertise in medical diagnosis and treatment, with extra skills and knowledge of death investigations that includes forensic medicine.
Here are further guidelines.
Medical Investigator
Mortuary science

Here are further guidelines.
Resources and equipment required by office of the coroner

What resources and equipment are required by the coroner's office?
Here are further guidelines.
State medical records update.

How should the state department of health maintain electronic medical records?

A team of medical doctors with legal expertise should be entrusted with this work.
Here are further guidelines.

What is toxicology testing?
How are forensic toxicology tests done?
Who interprets forensic toxicology tests, and how?
Why do the forensic toxicology tests take so long?
How do the toxicology reports help determine cause of death?
Here are further guidelines.
Workers in a coroner's office

What workers are associated with a coroner's office?

What are other names for a coroner?
Medical examiner.

How far can a coroner's investigations extend?

How many medical doctors do you need as investigators?
What ground and air travel do you need within the state, within the continent, and outside the continent?
What other resources do you need?

There is a team of investigators.
No questions can remain unanswered.

How should details from a coroner's officer be displayed from every state as per the year?

How many total deaths were there in the state in the year 2010?
How many total deaths were investigated by the coroner's office in the state in the year 2010?
What are the details of these death investigations?
Who verified the credibility of these investigations?

Here are further guidelines.
Here are further guidelines.