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Hair Loss

What is the normal cycle of hair growth and loss?
What causes excessive hair loss?
Can certain hairstyles or treatments cause hair loss?
What is common baldness?
Can my doctor do something to stop hair loss?
Is there any treatment for hair loss?
What are causes of hair loss?
How is hair loss classified?
What is alopecia areata?
What is traction alopecia?
What is trichotillomania?
What is tinea capitis?
What vitamins are good for hair loss?
Can itchy scalp cause hair loss?
How do I prevent hair loss?
What is generalized (diffuse) hair loss?
What is telogen effluvium?
What is androgenetic alopecia?
What treatment is there for hair loss in men?
What other options do I have for hair loss?
Is hair loss in women different than men?
What about pregnancy hair loss?
What specific treatments are there for hair loss in women?
Here are further guidelines.
* Basal Cell Carcinoma
* Cryotherapy
* Eczema
* Fungal Infection of skin and nails
* Melanoma
* Molluscum Contagiosum

What treatment do you offer for psoriasis?
* Pruritus
* Solar Keratoses
* Solitary non-pigmented lesions
* Tinea (ringworm)
* Uritcaria
Viral warts

How do you treat warts?
    What is vitiligo?
    What is the incidence of vitiligo in various states?
    How long should one wait to observe in case vitiligo spreads to other parts of body of a person who has vitiligo?
    Why is it inappropriate to recommend partial thickness skin grafting to treat vitiligo?
    How is vitiligo diagnosed?
    What treatment options are available for vitiligo?
    Here are further guidelines.