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What do you have to do in case you need to be a surgeon?

You need to have skills and knowledge essential for a medical doctor (MD).

What skills and knowledge are essential for a medical doctor (MD)?
Do you have skills and knowledge essential for a medical doctor (MD)?
If no, you first need to develop skills and knowledge essential for a medical doctor (MD).

You need to verify the need for a surgeon in the state, location, or environment, availability of relevant resources, and source that provided the requirement or need in the state.

You need to be attached to an existing medical doctor (MD) with extra skills and knowledge of a surgeon.
You need to verify his or her competence by asking relevant questions.
You should know wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment means medical malpractice.
You should be ready with answers to all relevant questions. If the guide, supervisor, or senior tells you he or she cannot reach a correct diagnosis and treatment and can do an eight-inches incision and close in three layers, he or she is not a medical doctor (MD) or surgeon.

Not many surgeons are required in the state.

If a medical doctor or surgeon comes up with a new technique, he or she must give precise details of the technique and answer all relevant questions.

How is this surgical technique better than existing surgical techniques?
What resources do you need to practice this method or technique?
What medical conditions are treated or cured by this surgical technique?

All surgeons should know they are first medical doctors (MD) and should have all skills and knowledge essential for a medical doctor (MD) before becoming a surgeon.