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Snow Clearance
Does it snow in the state?

Where does it snow in the state?

Are you prepared for snow clearance?

What equipment is required for snow clearance?

What equipment does the state have?

In what months does it usually snow?

What are the details of the heaviest recorded snowfall in the state?

Who has the duty of snow clearance in the state?

The state department of mechanical engineering has the duty of snow clearance in the state.

On January 12, 2012, after heavy snow fell, it was reported that various roads in various areas of Kashmir were not immediately cleared of snow.

On January 12, 2012, electricity disruption was reported from Srinagar, Kashmir, due to snowfall.

Many areas did not have electricity for many days.

What were the causes of snow not been cleared from the roads?
Absent workers.
Improper preparation to clear snow.
Inadequate equipment to clear snow.

Roads were not cleared of snow.
Usually, it snows in the month of January.
It can snow earlier or later.

What is an avalanche?

An avalanche is a sudden, rapid flow of snow down a slope, occurring when either natural triggers, such as loading from new snow or rain, or artifical triggers, such as snowmobilers, explosives or skiers, overload the snowpack.

Avalanches are most common during winter or spring but glacier movements may cause ice avalanches during summer.

What areas are prone to avalanche?
People living in snowbound areas above the height of 7,500 feet have been advised not to venture into avalanche prone areas.