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A carpenter is a craftsperson skilled in woodwork. There are several categories of carpentry, each involving a different skill set, so this person might be adept at only one or several types of woodworking skills.

Rough carpentry: A rough carpenter performs work that does not require a finishing touch. Framing and roofing are two of the most common examples, so roofers and framers are rough carpenters. They are skilled in quickly erecting skeletal structures of buildings, including beams, rafters and other large-scale work.

Finish carpentry: The opposite of rough carpentry, a finish carpenter might be skilled at making items like fine furniture, inlays, architectural models, or finely crafted wood instruments. He or she excels at extremely fine measurements and intricate, beautiful woodwork.

Cabinetry: Many craftsmen specialize in cabinetry. A cabinetmaker will have a skill set that combines an element of rough carpentry with an element of finish carpentry, all aimed towards creating cabinets. This person can design and build a completely unique, functional and stylish set of cabinets for any kitchen, galley or office.

Trim carpentry: A trim carpenter specializes in moldings and other trims to spruce up a room. This includes baseboards, window trims, ceiling trim and mantles. It can also include cabinetry.
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