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Case Manager
Case manager of housing in the state.
What should a case manager know?
  1. Annotation or definition of a case manager.

  2. Assessment of a resident in a non-emergency situation by a case manager.

  3. Advice relevant to remaining healthy.

  4. Administrative issues.

  5. Case Manager Training Program

  6. Housing in the state.

  7. Questions every case manager must know.

  8. Resident Services Case Manager.

  9. Training program relevant to case managers.

  10. Job description of resident services case manager.

  11. Weekly discussion arrangement.

  12. Profile of residents.

  13. Supervisor of resident services of the building or area.

Annotation or definition of a case manager.
What Does a Case Manager Do?
What Kind of Work Does a Case Manager Do?

What Does a Case Manager Do?
Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote patient safety, quality of care, and cost effective outcomes.

What Kind of Work Does a Case Manager Do?
Although case managers work in a lot of environments, some common elements include:

Assessment, which is the process of identification of the condition/needs, abilities and preferences of the individual, which leads to the development of a plan of care.

Care planning, which is a kind of health care map, including goals and preferences. The care plan defines strategies and next steps towards achieving the desired outcomes. The ultimate goal is to help individuals take control of their care and be actively involved in evaluating the experience.

Alignment, which means case managers work to align all the moving parts and puts the plan into action with the individual.

Evaluation/Outcomes Measurement, which tells the individual and case manager what’s working, what’s not working and what needs to be modified (plan, goals, etc.). Finally, it identifies what progress is being/has been made toward individual goals.

Promotes Client Self-Determination, which means the individual learns the skills necessary to take control of their care with confidence. In other words, they know what’s wrong with them, what they need to do about it, and the value of doing so.

Weekly discussion arrangement.
Why is there a need for a weekly discussion arrangement at least for 60 minutes?
This is for your well-being.
This is for the well-being of residents.

Profile of Residents
Where is the profile of the resident?
What is the profile of the resident?

Supervisor of resident services of the building or area.
Questions the supervisor of resident services of the building or area should be ready to answer at any point.

How many residents have been assigned to this supervisor of resident services?
How many case managers have been assigned to this supervisor of resident services?
What is the profile of each case manager?
What is the profile of each resident?
What issues are we having at this point?
What is the plan of action to resolve these issues?

Questions every case manager must know.
What should you know about this work?
Here are the issues elaborated in question-and-answer format.
Questions you need to answer are written at the end of this document.
What profession is been described in these guidelines?
Case manager of housing in the state.

Who should ideally appoint the case manager of housing in the state?
State department of housing and development.

What are other names for case manager of housing in the state?
Resident services case manager.

    What questions should a person answer who would like to do this work?
    What is this work like?
    How many such workers are required in the state?
    What similar professions/work/jobs are like this?
    What skills and knowledge are required for this profession/work/job?
    What supplies do you need?
    What is required to enter this profession?

    Good character, good behavior, English language skills and knowledge, and desire to learn and to do public service.
    The rest of the skills and knowledge you will learn during your training.
    Here are further guidelines.
    What accomplishment are you proudest of?
    What was your greatest accomplishment at work?

    Here are further guidelines.
Activities that do not enhance the economy
    What activities do not enhance the economy?
    Here are further guidelines.
Additional information
    Where can you find more information?
    Here are further guidelines.
Continuing Education
    What do you do for continuing education?
    What resources do you utilize for continuing education?

    Here are further guidelines.
Continuing education for professionals
    What do you do for continuing education?
    What resources do you utilize for continuing education?
    Where are resources for continuing education for health care workers, including existing medical doctors?
    What is been done for their continuing education in the state?
    Should workers who are not able to answer relevant questions be asked to take continuing education courses?
    Yes, they should be.
    Do not be shy or hesitate in continuing education.
    Do they need continuing education?
    How many existing workers need continuing education?
    Who gets involved in continuing education?
    What will happen if you don't take this continuing education?
    People will get harmed because of your incompetence.

    Here are further guidelines.
    What are the duties of this work in the state?
    Who should assign duty to a medical doctor in a state?

    Here are further guidelines.
    What type of guide should you have?
    You should have a guide able to answer relevant questions correctly.
    If the guide cannot answer relevant questions correctly, do you expect him or her to educate others?
    Here are further guidelines.
Location of work
    What is the location of this work?
    Human Services Case Manager
    Resident Services Case Manager
    How often are you expected to attend meetings?
    Why do we organize a meeting?
    Here are further guidelines.
Number of such professions/workers/jobs required in a state.
    How many of such professions/workers/jobs are required in a state?
    Here are further guidelines.
Notable in this profession/work/job
    Do you know anyone notable in this profession/work/job able to answer relevant questions?
    Here are further guidelines.
Profile questions
Related occupations
    What about remuneration?
    What is the remuneration?

    Remuneration depends on the quality of the economy in the state, surrounding states, and distant states.

    Every state needs to provide remuneration as per basic needs.
    Here are further guidelines.
    What resources are required for this work?
    Here are further guidelines.
Requirement for this profession/work/job
    Who should provide requirements for this profession/work/job?
    The office of the governor of the state.
    Who should be updated that you plan to be or are being educated at Qureshi University?
    The office of the governor of the state in which you are living currently.
    Here are further guidelines.

    Requirement for human resources

    Who must circulate state requirements?
    What skills and knowledge are required for this work?
    What should be the skills, knowledge, and qualities of a case manager?

    Here are further guidelines.
State Profiles
    What should be included in a state profile?
    Here are further guidelines.
    Whose duty is it to educate case managers?
    What are the duties and responsibilities of a case manager?
    Whose duty is it to verify that case managers can perform properly before they start?
    Who is supervisor of case managers?
    Have the case managers fulfilled all their duties?
    Questions to Ask the Interviewer

    Who will I be reporting to?
    Are there formal performance reviews?
    How often will I be evaluated?
    Here are further guidelines.
Types of this profession/work/job
    What are the types of this profession/work/job?
    Here are further guidelines.
    Is there any travel associated with this work?
    What are details of the travel associated with this work?
    If you reside in same building, travel is not required.
    Here are further guidelines.
Tools and Technology

Tools and machines
    What tools and technology are required for this work?
    What tools and machines are required for this work?
    Here are further guidelines.
Work activities
Work context
Work Credits
    If a worker goes to a workplace, does that mean he or she is doing useful work?
    No, it does not.
    Has the Internet changed the way useful work is done?
    Yes, it has.
    Here are further guidelines.
    Here are further guidelines.
Work styles
Work values
Work specific questions
Work hours
    What are usual daily work hours?
    How are various work hours enumerated?

    Internet work.
    Home office work.
    Aerospace work.
    9 a.m. to 4 p.m. work.
    Occasional or part-time work, or on-call as per requirement.
    24 hour shift-based work, with each shift eight hours.
    Always have reserve enlisted.
Job description of resident services case manager.

What should be the skills, knowledge, and qualities of a case manager?

You should always be truthful and never lie or misinterpret the facts.
If you receive an e-mail, fax, or communications, never lie that it was not received.
Make sure issues are directed to the precise person for solutions and remedies.
You should understand the issues your client or resident is raising and verify with others that you understand the issues correctly.
If you have many clients or residents, you need to make a proper schedule to solve their problems.
You need to address and solve your clients' genuine needs, problems, and harms.
If your client or a resident has quality products and services, you should encourage the same.
You should properly take them over from the previous or a new case manager.
If the previous case manager did not hand them over properly, contact her or him and seek answers to relevant questions.
You cannot print one client's relevant document or advertisement and exclude another's more relevant document or advertisement; this is discrimination.
If anyone is pressuring you for inaction or intentional harms, reveal it to your client, resident, and others.
Documenting issues, problems, and harms is not your only duty; you have to make sure issues, problems, and harms are resolved.
Your duties should be clear to you before you start the work. You should bring solutions or remedies to the issues and harms.
An excuse that you are new to this work means you are a trainee.
Do not accept the duty if you are a trainee.
If you cannot manage, be honest, seek further training, and ask for a replacement so that clients' or residents' problems, issues, and harms are resolved.

What will happen if you violate these guidelines?
You client or resident will suffer harms beyond existing harms, issues, and problems.

Vicarious liability, discrimination, and others concepts of harms are involved.
Sample Screening Questions to Help Determine Need for Case Management Services and Level of Case Management Service Needed

Client Name: ID #:
Date of Screening: Staff:

1. Presenting Problem(s)/Immediate Needs (Do you or your family members need help with any urgent or pressing problem right now?)

2. Other Case Management Providers (What other agencies are you working with? What services do they provide you? Are you working with a case manager or receiving case management anywhere else? Where, and with whom? Are these services meeting your needs?)

3. Fluency in English and Ease in Navigating Care Systems (Do you have any difficulty understanding English? Filling out forms in English? Do you find it easier to talk to your doctor with someone translating for you? Do you have any trouble making your own appointments, understanding medical instructions, getting what you need from a medical or social service agency?)

4. Immigration Issues (Are you a ________ or documented resident? If not, do you need help with immigration issues?) Case Management Standards

5. Housing (Do you have any problems with your current housing? Is your housing safe and stable? Is your housing in good repair, with adequate furniture and working appliances? Do you have a working phone? Do you already have or need assistance ________?) (Do you ever feel unsafe in your current living situation? Do you ever feel you or a family member/partner would resort to force when interacting? In the past have you ever been involved in a violent relationship?)

6. Collateral Needs/Disclosure Issues (Do your children, partner(s), or other close supports have needs that affect your ability to get healthcare and stay healthy? Do you have a steady source of emotional support from family and friends? Do you need any help telling anyone (loved ones, partners, etc.) that you are _______?)

7. Medical (Card) (Are you covered for medical ________? Do you need help getting your medical care or medications ______ for? Any problems, limitations, or restrictions with your current coverage?)

8. Medical Needs (How is your health right now? Are you currently experiencing any symptoms or disabilities? Do you have any illnesses ______? How recently have you seen your medical providers? Are you able to make and get to your appointments easily? Do you need any help getting your prescriptions filled and taking your medications?)

9. Remuneration/resources(Do you have a steady source of remuneration/resources right now? Does your remuneration/resources meet your basic ______? Any serious outstanding ______? Do you need any help applying for or keeping your _________?)

10. Incarceration (Are you on parole or probation? Serving any type of sentence currently [i.e., community service hours]? Any outstanding warrants, summonses, cases pending?)

11. Mental Health (Have you ever seen a mental health counselor? Received psychiatric care? Are you currently seeing a mental health counselor? Are you currently prescribed medications for depression or other mental health concerns? Who do you speak to when you feel down?)

12. Doctor Consultation
Here are further guidelines.

13. Substance Use (Have you used drugs or alcohol in the past? Are you currently using? If so, are you currently enrolled in treatment? Do you consider yourself in recovery? If currently using, are you using harm reduction methods? Do you need a referral for substance use treatment, a harm reduction program, or other support?)

14. Do you need information about how to keep yourself healthy?

15. Supportive Service Needs (How is your diet lately? Do you have a regular source of healthy food? Are you maintaining your weight? Do you need help obtaining groceries or meals? Do you have enough clothing to keep you comfortable and protected? Can you get transportation from your home to your appointments, grocery store, easily? Do you need a referral for legal help?)

Case management recommended

Case Manager Training Program
Case Manager Training Book
What do you have to do?
Forward postal mail.
Arrange meetings to resolve issues.
Make plans of action to resolve issues.
Make justified suggestions to resolve issues.
Make genuine profiles of your clients.
Follow up.

What is a client?
Someone who uses a service that provides help or advice.
A service that gets resources from the system.

What if competent case managers are not around?
You have to find competent case managers and assign cases to them.

What if, after searching for such case managers, you do not find one?
Doctor Asif Qureshi is willing to educate new case managers.
5 individuals from each entity.
5 individuals from the Community Counseling Center of Chicago.
5 individuals from Asian Human Services at this point.

Case Manager Training Program

Procedures for Grants and Contracts
Grants Management
Grants Management Manual

What problem are you trying to solve?
Case management

What services will be provided or activities will take place?
Case management training program

Who will be served?
Residents of the state.
Residents outside the state.

What are the time constraints?
These examples will help you understand.
From October 1, 2018, until March 11, 2019, the Community Counseling Center of Chicago at C4 Clark, 4740 North Clark Street in Chicago, IL 60640 could not provide competent case managers.
From October 1, 2018, until March 11, 2019, Asian Human Services at 4753 North Broadway, Suite 700, in Chicago, IL 60640 could not provide competent case managers. Some of them even did not know what the duties of a case manager are.
Doctor Asif Qureshi is willing to provide the necessary guidance.

Who will provide the service?
Doctor Asif Qureshi, Program Director
Mailing address as of March 11, 2019:
5042 N. Winthrop Ave #237
Chicago, IL 60640

Why is the service needed?
As of March 11, 2019, no competent case managers were available.
Only Britney Shaw was seen trying her best to resolve issues, but she is not affiliated with C4 or Asian Human Services.
Britney Shaw deserves a salary raise effective on or after March 12, 2019.

Approximately how much will it cost?
1 million dollars are required for grants.

What should be considered before developing the idea into a proposal?
19 years of research in Chicago, Illinois, has revealed these facts.

What is the need?
Competent case managers.

How will this program benefit Chicago, Illinois, United States or states in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia?
Doctor Asif Qureshi has 7 years of hospital experience as a physician and 19 years of research experience in Chicago, Illinois.
Competent case managers are required in every state to address issues before they get to primary care physicians, medical emergency doctors, or similar entities, including state attorneys or similar entities.

How many people will be served?
10-13 million residents of every state, directly or indirectly.

What is the benefit to every state’s residents?
Case managers aid and advocate for clients in the medical, legal, and/or social services fields.
At least 60 residents are assigned to every case manager.

What would the funds be used for?
Uses of funds for 1 year:
Researching the issues relevant to case management: $75,000
Purchase of items and services: $50,000
Transportation costs: $10,000
Equipment: $50,000
Event costs/meeting arrangements: $10,000
Supplies and Advertising: $49,000
Pay bills depending on situation: $19,000
Rent: $6,000
Quantities of supplies, equipment: $15,000
Furniture needed: $10,000
Advertising: $10,000
Total Funds Used: $304,000

Sources of funds:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Any entity nominated by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Illinois Department of Human Services.
Any entity nominated by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Does the project appear to be more appropriate for public or private funding?
Public government entities.

Are the outcomes transferable to other populations?
Yes. Similar guidelines are transferable to California, New York, and similar locations.

Can the project be a prototype for other projects?
Yes. After this, we have to consider primary care physicians, ER physicians, aviation, and public services, which includes at least 1000 professions, such as teachers, lawyers, engineers, and specific physicians.

How will the project continue at the end of the award period?
Similar guidelines can be circulated for more than 1000 different professions.

What did you understand?
What are the issues?
What is your answer?

Last Updated: May 30, 2019