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Teaching methods
How many methods of teaching are there?

There are more than 150 methods of teaching.

What are other terms for teaching methods?
Teaching techniques.

What are common methods of teaching?
Internet education, discussion, demonstration, and lecture, are the common methods of teaching.

What are the best methods of teaching?
Internet education is one of the best methods of teaching.

Discussion relevant to the topic is another good method of teaching.

Why is Internet education one of the best methods of teaching?
If the resource like www.qureshiuniversity.com is available, research has revealed that better learning occurs than the best classroom education.

Why is discussion relevant to a topic one of the best methods of teaching?
Research has revealed that discussion helps in learning quickly.
The answer would take 45 minutes of discussion.

When should you encourage discussion?

You should encourage discussion in every class.
You should encourage discussion in case of any problem.

What methods of teaching should we focus on?

It is impossible to elaborate on all methods of teaching. We should focus on lecture, demonstration, and discussion methods of teaching. Other methods of teaching can be additional. Teaching the English language should be followed by other subjects.

How long will it take?

This is going to take 10 minutes.

You need to explore various methods of teaching.
One person may learn from one method of teaching, but the same method of teaching may not work for others.
You need to find the method of teaching most helpful to you.

What should you be able to answer after going through the list of methods of teaching?

It is a lecture method of teaching.
It is a demonstration method of teaching.
It is a discussion method of teaching.

What are various discussion scenarios?

Spontaneous discussion.
Planned discussion.
Classroom discussion.
Lecture with discussion.
Round table discussion.
Debate forum.
Small group discussion.
Two person face-to-face discussion.
Telephone discussion.
Electronic communication discussion.
Meeting with specific topic discussion.
Stress discussion.

What are various types of discussion?
Depending on the topic, there can be discussions on number of issues.

Questions you need to answer.
What are the questions?

What do you know about various methods of teaching?
What has been the best method of teaching for you?
What has been best method of learning for you?
What is learning?
What is the difference between teaching and learning?
How many advantages of topic-specific discussion do you know?
Can you list various advantages of topic-specific discussion?
How does discussion influence hypothalamus of the human brain?
What did you learn in this discussion?
What issues were clear in this discussion?
What types of teaching methods do you like?
How does discussion relevant to the topic help in teaching?
Ideally, where should a discussion be held?

What are various methods of teaching?
There are more than 150 methods of teaching.
Here are the most common methods of teaching.

1. Lecture (also called explaining).
2. Demonstrating (teaching through examples or experiments. Internet teaching is a method of demonstrating. Experiments in labs are methods of demonstrating).
3. Discussion (also called collaborating).
4. Learning by teaching (students assume the role of teacher and teach their peers).

Lecture, demonstrating, and discussion are the most common methods of teaching.
Discussion is the best method of teaching.
Methods of teaching are also called instructions skills.

Is there a difference between a lecture and a discussion?
Yes, there is.


What is discussion?
What does discussion mean?

A discussion is spoken communication between two or more people to explore an issue or issues.

The issue can be a topic, problem, object, concept, or experience.

In discussion, you ask and answer specific questions.
Discussion helps to clarify the issue.
Discussion helps to understand the issue.
Discussion is a method of teaching.
Discussion is the best method of teaching.
Discussion is the best method of learning.
Discussion is also called conversation.
Discussion should remain relevant to the topic.
Discussion should be in the English language.
Discussion on stress helps prevent and cope with stress.
Discussion releases hormones from the hypothalamus of human brain.
We need to discuss a specific issue.
We need to have regular discussion.

How will a class discussion look?

I will give you brief introduction about myself.
I am your teacher for this class.
I will elaborate on the topic of stress.

You are here to learn.

If you already know about the topic, there is no need for a lecture or discussion.

Let me first verify if you know about this topic.

What is the topic?

Discussion of stress.
Do you know anything about this topic?
What do you know about this topic?

Everyone in the class will first introduce him or herself one by one.
Everyone in the class will answer this question one by one.
What do you know about this topic?

You need to be seated while discussing.
You do not need to get up.

If you do not know, say I do not know.
If you cannot answer questions relevant to the topic, you need a lecture or discussion for this topic.

Do you already know about this topic?

Is a lecture or discussion required for this topic?

What should you know about this topic?
Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies
150 Teaching Methods
In the future, if you would like to discuss any issues, e-mail, call, fax, or write a postal mail.
Here are further guidelines.
Here are further guidelines.
Here are further guidelines.
Here are further guidelines.