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Engineers A-Z
What are various types of engineers?
  1. Aerospace engineer.

  2. Agriculture engineer.

  3. Biomedical engineer.

  4. Computer Engineer
    1. Computer Hardware Engineer

    2. Computer Software Engineer

    3. Computer Network Engineer

    4. Computer support specialists

    5. Computer scientists

    6. Computer Systems Analysts

    7. Database administrators

    8. Here are further guidelines.

  5. Chemical engineer.

  6. Civil engineer.

  7. Electronics engineer.

  8. Environmental engineers.

  9. Electrical engineer.

  10. Facilities Maintenance Engineer (Building Services Engineering)

  11. Hydraulic Engineer

  12. Mechanical engineer.

  13. Marine engineer.

  14. Materials engineer.

  15. Mining and geological engineer.

  16. Network engineer.

  17. Nuclear engineer.

  18. Product Engineer

  19. Petroleum engineer.

  20. Railway engineer.

  21. Ship engineer.

  22. Telecommunications engineer.

Engineering College

What type of engineer would you like to be?
Why do you want to be this type of engineer?
In what state do you plan to work after completion?
In certain situations, you can get educated while you work.
Why are there so many branches of engineering in the state?

There are more than 850 products that need engineering expertise.
There are more than 22 essential services in every state that need engineering expertise.

One individual cannot know all products and services that need engineering expertise.

That is the reason specific questions are asked while gaining skills and knowledge.

What skills and knowledge do you have?
What skills and knowledge would you like to learn?

If you have skills and knowledge of a few products and services, you will fit in one of the branches of engineering.
Only the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party knows all of them.

Engineering College Admissions
    Questions you need to answer
    How should you select an engineering college?
    What are various types of engineers?
    How should schools and coaching centers prepare students for engineering education?
    How should an engineering college be ranked?
    What are the guidelines for engineers and subordinates?
State department of engineering
    What are the duties of state department of engineering?
    Here are further guidelines.
What is the curriculum?
English Language (Communication Skills)
Economy and budget
Engineering Tools
Management Concepts Training
Systems Engineering
Planning and Development
    Q: What should be the initial lessons in every Engineering college?
    A: Planning and Development.
    What questions should you answer if any product needs to be made?
    Here are further guidelines.

Engineering Branches
    What are the main branches of engineering?
    Here are further guidelines.
    Aerospace engineering
    Automation/Control Systems/Mechatronics/Robotics
    Agricultural engineers
      Agricultural Equipment Technology
      Aquaculture engineering
      Food Engineering
      Environmental & Natural Resource Engineering
      Bioprocess Engineering
      Biomaterials Science
      Weather and Agriculture
      Machine & Energy Systems
      Systems Analysis
      Food engineering
      Biomechanical Systems
      Food manufacturing
      Bioprocessing and Biotechnology
    Building Services Engineering
      Here are further guidelines.
    Biological engineering
    Biomedical engineers
      Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
      Scientific research and development services
    Chemical engineering
      Q. What is a Chemical Engineer?
      Q. What products do Chemical Engineers make?
    Ceramic sciences
    Communications engineering
    Civil engineering
      Q. What is Civil Engineering?
      Q. What does a Civil Engineer do?
    Computer hardware engineers
      Computer and electronic product manufacturing
    Electrical engineers
      Electrical engineering
    Electronics engineers and Computer science
      Electronics engineers and Computer science
      Computer programmers
      Computer scientists and database administrators
      Computer software engineers
      Computer support specialists and systems administrators
      Computer systems analysts
      Operations research analysts
    Electronics engineers
    Environmental engineers
      Environmental engineers
    Hydraulic engineering
    Health and safety engineers, except mining safety engineers and inspectors
      Health and safety engineers
    Information Science and Information Systems
    Industrial engineering
      Machinery manufacturing
    Marine engineers and naval architects
      Marine engineers and naval architects
    Materials Engineering
      What is Materials Technology?
    Manufacturing engineering
    Mechanical engineering
      Do you plan to be a mechanical engineer?
    Military engineering
    Metallurgical engineering
    Mining and geological engineers, including mining safety engineers
    Nuclear engineers
      Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences
      Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
    Ocean engineering
    Operations Research
    Planetary engineering / Geoengineering
    Petroleum engineering
      Oil and gas extraction
    Polymer & Plastics engineering
    Railway Engineering
    Systems engineering
    Software engineering
    Ship Engineers
    Telecommunications engineering
    Textile Engineering

Vocational Training College

What is Vocational Training?

Vocational training is training for specific skills or knowledge, excluding professional training.
Vocational training includes:
1. Plumber and fitter training
2. Electrician
3. Welder
The Experienced Engineers Program

There are existing engineers and engineering degree holders who would like to enhance their skills and knowledge. There are some diploma holders or persons who studied at polytechnic would like to be engineers.

What courses or lessons have you completed?
Have you done anything in planning and development of the state?
If yes, you will have to answer relevant questions.
If no, you will have to start with courses of state planning and development.
If you have any deficiency in English language skills and knowledge, you will need an English language refresher course.
Engineering mathematics
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Physics
Engineering Science

Last Updated: September 5, 2021