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Qualitative Research Methods Overview
What is qualitative research?
What can we learn from qualitative research?
What are some qualitative research methods?
What forms do qualitative data take?
What are the basic differences between quantitative and qualitative research methods?
What is the most important difference between quantitative and qualitative methods?
What are the advantages of qualitative methods for exploratory research?
Is my quantitative experience applicable to qualitative research?

Sampling in Qualitative Research

What is purposive sampling?
What is quota sampling?
How do purposive and quota sampling differ?
What is snowball sampling?

Recruitment in Qualitative Research

How are recruitment strategies decided?
What if we disagree with recommendations from local leaders’?
What should we say to people when we try to recruit them?
Can we recruit people who are legally under the care of a parent or guardian?
Do we always need to obtain informed consent? If so, oral or written?
What if the recruitment strategy is not working?

Ethical Guidelines in Qualitative Research

Why is research ethics important in qualitative research?
What are the fundamental research ethics principles?
What is informed consent?
How do we achieve informed consent for qualitative research?
How do we protect confidentiality?
How do I get research ethics training and certification?
Here are further guidelines.