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Art Therapist
What profession is been described in these guidelines?
Art therapist.

What are other names for this profession?
Creative arts therapist.
Professional or mental health counselor.

How does art therapy work?
Research has revealed that discussion about stress is most useful for residents because it reduces stress.

Methods in art therapy like drawing, painting, and sculpture are not very useful in reducing stress.
An art therapist must know everything about stress.

Researching and selecting specific music with useful lyrics in a specific language is useful in decreasing stress.

How does one become an art therapist?
You need to learn everything about stress.
Here are further guidelines.

What activities do residents find not helpful or useful?
Digital art
Gardening (Nonagricultural)
Working with clay

These activities do not help residents.

When is art therapy used?
If you feel stressed, art therapist can be helpful.
Discussions about stress are most useful.

Some situations in which art therapy might be utilized include:
Children with learning disabilities
Adults experiencing severe stress
Children suffering from behavioral or social problems at school or at home
People experiencing mental health problems
Individuals suffering from a brain injury
Children or adults who have experienced a traumatic event

Is there a difference between an art therapy session and art class?

What is the difference between an art therapy session and art class?
Art therapy is a distinct treatment program particularly for stress.
An art class will teach the student how to create art.

If an art therapist goes ahead with stress discussions, then art therapy is useful.

Research has revealed that discussion is required to decrease stress.

Here are further guidelines.