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State Chief Justice
Why was there a need to elaborate on state chief justice?
On September 27, 2014, discovery revealed that an individual had been declared chief justice of the state. The individual who has been declared chief justice in the state had no abilities relevant to criminal law in the state, civil law in the state, state constitution, administrative law in the state, or international law.

Discovery revealed that the chief justice of the state had been placed by financial, banking, tourism, and company criminals without knowing anything about essential departments in the state.

What should you know about a state chief justice?
State chief justice means the chief justice of the state of Illinois, New York, California, Yukon, in North America.

State Chief Justice means chief justice of the state of Kashmir, Karnataka, Jiangsu, Magadan Oblast in Asia.

What knowledge and abilities should a state chief justice have?
A state chief justice must be able to answer questions elaborated below.

How would you rate your English language ability on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best?
Have you written any book or books in the English language useful to school, college, or university education?
How many books have you authored in English language up to now?
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?
How do you define state economy?
How do you define a state budget?
What are the essential ingredients of an economy?
What aren't essential ingredients of the economy?
What is the Essential Commodities Act?
What is the Essential Services Maintenance Act?
What are the basic human rights?
What are the five categories of law in the state?
What are the elements of effective case management?
How do you define justice?
How do you evaluate quality of the judicial system in the state?
Do you know about state planning and development?
What do you know about state planning and development?
Where is it displayed?
Do you understand english language?
What standard and reference of the English language do you follow?
Where is this standard and reference of the English language displayed?
What is your political affiliation?
What is economy?
What is budget?
What are the rights of a civilized human being?
Who is a civilized human being?
Where did you go to high school?
Where did you go to college?
What subjects did you study?
How old are you?
What is your mailing address?

Questions relevant to assets.

What are your assets?
What are the locations of his assets?
Did you have these assets in 1980?
What were your assets in 1980?
What are your assets in 2013?
How did you accumulate your assets after 1980?
What are the assets of his relatives and friends?
Where are they located?

Questions relevant to legal competence.

What legal skills should a lawyer have?
What are the essential departments in every state?
How many criminal offenses are there?
What are various criminal offenses?

These are basic essential questions.
There are many more.

How should the chief justice of the state be nominated?
Bring the nominated individual on TV.
Ask him relevant questions.
All questions must be preserved on the record.

Who must verify if the chief justice in the state and subordinates know the answers to these questions and practice answers to these questions?
State department of law.
State department of defense.
State department of agriculture and food sciences.
State department of food and supplies.
State department of health.
Other essential departments in the state and around the world.

What should happen if the state chief justice has no answers to listed questions?
If the chief justice in the state is not able to answer these questions, or has answers to these questions but does not practice answers to these questions, recommendations for replacement of the chief justice must go ahead.