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Web developer
What is a Web Developer?
A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Type of work performed

Modern web applications often contain three or more tiers,[1] and depending on the size of the team a developer works on, he or she may specialize in one or more of these tiers - or may take a more interdisciplinary role. For example, in a two person team, one developer may focus on the technologies sent to the client such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and on the server-side frameworks (such as Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, .NET MVC) used to deliver content and scripts to the client. Meanwhile the other developer might focus on the interaction between server-side frameworks, the web server, and a database system. Further, depending on the size of their organization, the aforementioned developers might work closely with a content creator/copy writer, marketing advisor, web designer, web producer, project manager, software architect, or database administrator - or they may be responsible for such tasks as web design and project management themselves.

How to become a Web Developer

Patience is likely the most valuable skill a front-end developer can develop. Customers can have extravagant, unrealistic expectations for the practical design of a web site. End users, such as customers, clients or _______ personnel, may accidentally insert code, or a simple design might be too complicated for end users. At times, dealing with clients and end users can be far more difficult than designing the required computer programming.

Knowledge in Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the essence to web development. HTML is the main language used to display a web site or to appear in a web browser. JS provides user interfaces and enhances interactivity to a website. CSS is used for the look and design of the website in spreadsheets written in HTML. These computer programming skills are essential to building and maintaining a web site.

The ability to design and use a database is also important. Databases are used to determine accuracy and performance in web site maintenance and design. A database avoids repetition of code in a web site or design. ______, Structured Query Language (SQL) or MySQL are common database management systems utilized for web development. Oracle is a costly database management program and may not be appropriate for ________ educations. ______ is largely reserved for large corporations, government, or institutional intranets. SQL and MySQL are open-source platforms and are free to the public. The database enables an end user to access the items available through a web site, such as order forms, to access information or to capture credit card data.

A front-end developer needs to know how to provide web content in a user-friendly environment. This task provides a challenging aspect to web site development and maintenance. The web site should not be so simple that it does not appeal to advanced users, nor should it be so complicated that the beginner is easily lost in the process. In a very real sense, a front-end developer is in a position to educate others in the use of the web site or platform.

Experience is highly desirable in a developer, and a front-end developer can be self-taught. However, certification is required by many employers, and if one works as an independent, some customers may ask for a certificate. There are online courses that offer free web development certification courses, or a person may wish to gain an associateís degree in web development.

What is the workplace of a Web Developer like? The workplace of a developer varies depending on the type of assignment the front-end developer chooses. A designer may work full or part-time in an office Information Technology (IT) department or may choose to conduct business at home. Travel may be involved if a developer freelances or moves from one ______ site to another. This flexibility in workplace or the ability to work independently enhances the career of a front-end developer. For example, a ______ may go _______, but a person skilled as a web content developer has the option to move to another ______ or start an independent business.

Whatís the Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer?

Who really is a designer or developer? Can you be both?

While this can be a topic of hot debate, we help break down the terms, what they mean and how they relate to each other.

A web designer uses graphics and graphic design software (think Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) to create a look for the web.

The designer may not always be the person writing the code and in some cases can work independently of the team who will take a website design live.

Much of a designerís job is creative and uses both intuition and imagination, often characteristics of people who are considered right-brained. People in this field may continue their educations in a variety of fields but are most commonly drawn to graphic design and the arts. Designers collect work portfolios to showcase their projects for potential employers.

The best designers have a strong grasp on a variety of concepts including color and typography, spacial relationships, audience and user experience.

While aspects of a developerís job may resemble that of a designer, it can be quite different as well.

A web developer builds the backbone of websites, typically from the ground up, and knows languages specific to the web. HTML, Javascript, JQuery and CSS are among the tools in their kit. Developers, historically, donít focus on making something look visually appealing but create websites with clean code and that are technically sound.

Web developers are often thought of as left-brained workers. Skills from technical ability and thinking to logic are an essential part of their repertoires. Web developers may have degrees in a variety of fields such as computer science or programming.

  1. A database administrator (DBA) maintains a database system, and is responsible for the integrity of the data and the efficiency and performance of the system.
  2. A network administrator maintains network infrastructure such as switches and routers, and diagnoses problems with these or with the behavior of network-attached computers.
  3. A security administrator is a specialist in computer and network security, including the administration of security devices such as firewalls, as well as consulting on general security measures.
  4. A web administrator maintains web server services (such as Apache or IIS) that allow for internal or external access to web sites. Tasks include managing multiple sites, administering security, and configuring necessary components and software. Responsibilities may also include software change management.
  5. A computer operator performs routine maintenance and upkeep, such as changing backup tapes or replacing failed drives in a RAID. Such tasks usually require physical presence in the room with the computer; and while less skilled than sysadmin tasks require a similar level of trust, since the operator has access to possibly sensitive data.
  6. A postmaster administers a mail server.
  7. A Storage (SAN) Administrator. Create, Provision, Add or Remove Storage to/from Computer systems. Storage can be attached local to the system or from a Storage Area Network

Here are further guidelines.