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Aviation Maintenance Management
  1. Aviation Safety Inspectors

  2. Avionics Technician

  3. Aviation Maintenance Technician - AAS

  4. Airframe Mechanic - Certificate of Technical Studies

  5. Powerplant Mechanic - Certificate of Technical Studies

  6. Aviation Jobs

Aviation Safety Inspectors
What is an Aviation Inspector?
What does an Aviation Inspector do?
What is the workplace of an Aviation Inspector like?
What is an Aviation Inspector?
Also known as: Aviation Maintenance Inspector, Aircraft Quality Assurance Inspector, Avionics Safety Inspector, Aviation Safety Inspector, Airworthiness Safety Inspector, Aircraft Quality Control Inspector, Aircraft Inspector.

An aviation inspector, or an aviation safety inspector, is someone who keeps the world's air transportation system safe, and is responsible for the safety of everyone who boards an airplane, as well as those remaining on the ground.

Aviation inspectors confirm that an aircraft is safe for flight by conducting preflight inspections to ensure the safety of an aircraft. They have a mechanical aptitude and are able to diagnose and resolve complex problems.

Often working for the ___ (__________), they understand that following all safety guidelines is an important responsibility; therefore, an aviation inspector can mandate changes to maintenance schedules and suggest repairs as needed. Being superbly trained, they examine all the components that can affect an individual flight to ensure the safety of it's crew and passengers.

What does an Aviation Inspector do?
An aviation inspector performs many functions to ensure the safe transportation of airline passengers. He or she investigates accidents and equipment failures, examines aircraft, air traffic controls, navigational aids and communications equipment, and suggests repairs when necessary. He or she analyzes safety procedures and reviews maintenance procedures to make sure that airports and aircrafts are in compliance with federal safety regulations.

An aviation inspector's duties:

inspect aircraft doors for safety and security
evaluate the work of aircraft mechanics to ensure adherence to standards and procedures
test aircraft meters, gauges, and other instruments for evidence of problems
check the tires, landing gear, wings, fuselage, and engines for wear, damage or the need for repairs
review flight logs and maintenance records to ensure that servicing was performed at the necessary intervals
suggest the repair or replacement of aircraft equipment
responsible for approving or denying certificates of airworthiness
can recommend changes to policies, standards, rules and regulations
maintain detailed records regarding inspections, repairs, investigations, and reports in order to issue certifications
attempt to determine the causes of air accidents
conduct flight test programs under a variety of conditions to test instruments, equipment, and systems
responsible for issuing pilot's licenses

Aviation inspectors make sure mechanics, pilots, technicians, planes and other equipment properly function. When a craft passes this evaluation, it is issued a certificate of worth.

What is the workplace of an Aviation Inspector like?
An aviation inspector can work either inside an airplane hangar, or outside, depending on the situation. Their job can be physically challenging, requiring climbing, being in uncomfortable positions to reach some of the equipment, and does involve heights. It can also be extremely stressful since their life or death decisions directly affect the safety of passengers and flight crews.

Would you make a good Aviation Inspector?

Alternate Title(s) Transportation Inspectors


Enforce the regulations of the __________ Aviation Administration by inspecting maintenance, manufacturing, repair, and operations procedures and also certifying pilots, flight instructors, flight examiners, repair facilities, and aviation schools



Evaluate avionics technicians, training programs and repair facilities; investigate incidents; inspect aircraft and related equipment.


Air carrier avionics inspectors must have experience in maintenance and repair of avionics systems on aircraft with takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds. General aviation avionics inspectors must have similar experience for aircraft with takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less


Inspect aircraft, aircraft parts, avionics equipment and manufacturing facilities; issue production and original airworthiness certifications.


Experience in quality control/quality assurance systems, methods and techniques in aircraft manufacturing, aircraft engines, propellers or class II products; must be able to determine if aircraft and related products meet the approved design criteria, or design criteria pending approval, and are in condition for safe operation. Experience in issuing, or managing programs leading to issuing, original airworthiness certificates or original expert airworthiness approvals for aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, or class II products.


Evaluate aviation mechanics, facilities and training programs; inspect aircraft and related equipment for airworthiness.


Air carrier maintenance inspectors must have experience in maintenance and repair of airframes, powerplants and systems of aircraft with takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds. General aviation airworthiness inspectors must have similar experience for aircraft with takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less.


Evaluate airmen, training programs, equipment and facilities; investigate accidents and violations of major carriers.


Air carrier operations inspectors must have a minimum of 1,500 total flight hours in multi-engine aircraft with takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds. General aviation operations inspectors must meet the same flight hours and experience requirements. All operations inspectors must have pilot experience and required certificates and ratings, such as airline transport and commercial pilot certificates.

Career Ladder
    Section/Branch Chief
    Avionics Technician

Here are further guidelines.

Aviation maintenance around the world.
Aircraft Inspections in various states around the world.

What is an aircraft Inspection system?
An inspection system is designed to maintain an aircraft in the best possible condition.

What is GAA relevant to aviation world?
GAA means Global Aviation Administration.

Questions to ask before aircraft inspection.

At what locations in various states in various continents around the world is an aircraft inspection done?
What should an aerospace engineer, aircraft inspector, aircraft incident investigator, and pilot know about aircraft inspection?
What is airworthiness of an aircraft?
When is an aircraft considered to be airworthy?
How does a pilot verify that proper inspection and maintenance of aircraft has been done?
How should a pilot go ahead for preflight inspection?
What is an aircraft logbook?
Where is the aircraft logbook?
Where in California are aircraft inspections done?
Where in New York are aircraft inspections done?
Where in Illinois are aircraft inspections done?
How do you go ahead with aircraft inspection?
What are the specifications of the aircraft?
When was the aircraft inspection done?
Who has done the aircraft inspection?
What is the location of aircraft inspection?
Is the aircraft with specifications elaborated airworthy, or not airworthy?
What do you know about the Global Aviation Administration?
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Last Updated: October 17, 2017