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Aviation laws inside and outside the state
What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

What should aviation executive government employees inside and outside the state know?
  1. Annotation or definition of aviation laws inside and outside the state.

  2. Airport regulations in the state.

  3. Aviation criminal matters.

  4. Interview with aviation executive government employees at LAX in California.

  5. 10 longest flights in the world 2018: Who has verified the safety?

  6. Aircraft aging

  7. Annual aircraft inspection A, B, C, and D to check inspections per state regulations.

  8. The pilot in command (PIC) of an aircraft is responsible for determining that the aircraft is in a condition safe for flight or airworthy.

  9. Public service-focused aviation

  10. Questions that every pilot must be able to answer.

Aviation criminal matters.
How do you proceed with aviation criminal matters?
Start with facts about the complaint http://www.nazianazirqazi.org/.
Give the complaint document to officers who can understand the complaint.
Get answers to relevant questions.

What did the recipient of the complaint understand from the mentioned complaint?
What aircraft manufacturers are involved?
What airlines are involved?
What airports are involved?
Who was the previous manager of the airport?
Who is the manager of the airport at this point?
Which individual is involved?
Who else is involved?
Who has the answer?
Who is willing to answer?
Who has the responsibility to answer?

What punishments do they deserve?
Go after military and non-military criminals with punishments.

Criminal activities involving aircraft: Why should aircraft manufacturers be punished?
This is essential before giving aircraft to operators. Aircraft manufacturers should verify that the operator of the aircraft knows criminal activities are not allowed relevant to aircraft. Aircraft cannot be given to any entity or operator involved in criminal matters.

What resources of aviation need to be reformed?

What types of airlines need to be enhanced?
Global airlines.
Public service-oriented airlines.
Global North American, South American, African, Asian, Australian, Latin American airlines.
Global airlines refer to international aircrafts that take cargo and passengers from North America to Asian, Australian, African, and Latin American destinations.
Here are further guidelines.
Last Updated: May 9, 2018