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Road Transport Police Inside and Outside the State
Road Transport Office (RTO)
Road Transport Office (RTO) Inside and Outside the State
What do others not know about road traffic violations?
Some of the traffic violations like parking violations are infractions, not misdemeanors or felonies.
If the owner of the vehicle gets a violation ticket due to the owner’s fault, a person cannot redirect the ticket to someone else.
Every state must reform the secretary of state office and have a separate Road Transport Office (RTO) inside and outside the state.

State Traffic Laws

How are road traffic violations classified inside and outside the state?
Road traffic infractions, such as parking tickets.
Road traffic misdemeanors.
Road traffic felonies.

What are examples of the road traffic criminal felonies inside and outside the state?
Vehicular class 1 felony. Second-degree Murder.
Vehicular class 2 felony. Manslaughter.
Vehicular class 3 felony. Negligent homicide.
Vehicular class 4 felony. Aggravated Assault is a class 4 felony. (If you intentionally slam into a vehicle, harming a person or property without a homicide, depending on the situation).

How do you investigate and prosecute road traffic felonies inside and outside the state?

Where is the incident report?

Who compiled the incident report?

Was there any vehicular homicide death?

If there was any vehicular homicide death situation, it is a class l, 2, or 3 felony depending on the situation. No questions can remain unanswered.

Road Transport Police Inside and Outside the State

What are the duties of the road transport police inside and outside the state?
Directing road traffic inside and outside the state.
Serving in a traffic or roads policing unit to enforce the rules of the road inside and outside the state.

Should there be a worldwide directive keep to the right inside and outside the state?

What are the rules of the road inside and outside the state?

Where is the annual report of this government department in the state from this year and the 4 previous years?

Road Traffic Sabotage

What are examples of road traffic sabotage in the state or outside the state?
These examples will make you understand.
In 1985, in Lalbazar Srinagar, Kashmir, Asif Qureshi was asked to take an ambassador’s vehicle.
The vehicle was sabotaged in such a manner that when the vehicle is driven half a mile, the clutch, steering block, and steering will disassemble in such a manner that the driver will be hit on the chest.
This is what happened. Asif Qureshi was traumatized, but survived.
This criminal conspiracy was done while arranging a specific mechanic who does this type of sabotage with others.

In Medina in 1998, Doctor Asif Qureshi was asked to take a vehicle with some individuals for spiritual prayers at a Medina mosque.
Behind the scenes, an oil tanker was kept ready to bang Doctor Asif Qureshi and others in the vehicle.
It was discovered later on that such sabotage has been planned while asking him to go to a mosque at Medina, behind which the oil tanker was placed to do harm.
Harms occurred; however, Doctor Asif Qureshi survived.

What was the motive of saboteurs and criminal conspirators in these situations?
They were politically motivated criminal conspiracies.

Questions that remain unanswered.

Were the saboteurs arrested and punished?
Did the system make other aware such sabotage occurred and how to prevent such sabotage harms?
What did the system do to prevent, punish such sabotage and harms, and give relief to victims?

What are the recommendations?
Every road traffic crash is a criminal investigation unless proven otherwise.
Punishments to saboteurs and conspirators must go ahead.
Relief to victims must go ahead.

Aircraft incident or crash due to criminal activity by others.

If you survived road traffic sabotage, an air crash can happen due to sabotage, criminal activities.

What are examples of aircraft incidents, air crash, due to sabotage, criminal activities by others?
Here are further facts.

Prevention of trauma due to road traffic crashes.

Take public transportation.
Identify high risk locations for public transportation and fix the issues in the state and outside the state.
Identify high risk vehicles for public transportation and fix them.

Fix the underlying cause of trauma.
There are more than 12 causes of trauma.

Road traffic crashes and harms in Kashmir.

How could these be prevented?
Road conditions should be improved.
Road safety issues should be cleared ahead of travel.
Vehicle inspections should be conducted every year.
Aircraft operators should be reminded about their responsibility for the safety of others.
Road vehicle operators should be appropriately trained.
Preventative measures should be taken to prevent any sabotage.
Last Updated: March 2, 2018