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Journalist of the English Language.
Broadcaster of the English Language.
Journalist of the English language and broadcaster of the English language.
Is there a difference between a journalist of the English language and a broadcaster of the English language?

What is the difference between a journalist of the English Language and a broadcaster of English language?
A journalist of the English language is an individual whose job is to report the news for a newspaper, magazine, radio program, television program, or the Internet in the English language.
A broadcaster of the English language is an individual whose job is to speak on radio or television programs in the English language.

If the English language documents are text documents being circulated through and displayed via television, Internet/television, this becomes broadcasting. If you add audio and video, this becomes broadcasting with an audio-video presentation.

Why should you know about a journalist of the English language and a broadcaster of the English language?
A journalist of the English language and a broadcaster of the English language are both necessary due to fact that English is the official language.
A journalist of the English Language and a broadcaster of the English language are entirely different from a journalist and a broadcaster of other languages.

What do you have to do to be an effective journalist in the English language and a broadcaster in the English language?
You have to be very good at speaking, writing, reading, and understanding the English language.
Here are further guidelines: http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/mediaworld.html
Here are further guidelines: http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/mediareports.html

English Language Guidelines.

Here are further guidelines:http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/english.html

Appreciation of Journalists’ English Language and Broadcasters’ English Language.

What are the profiles of an individual journalist in the English language and a broadcaster in the English language who deserve appreciation?

All journalists and broadcasters from every state must be reminded that English is the official language. This means television news has to be in the English language in every state and at other locations.

Here is a sample of the news you must read on television news.

News read by (your name) on behalf of King Asif Qureshi.
English is the official language for all states, declares King Asif Qureshi.

For those who do not have free English language textbooks, here are further facts: www.qureshiuniversity.com/booksworld.html

What states must display a media employees list in the English language with their biodata on the Internet?
Take a look at this: www.qureshiuniversity.com/states.html
This has become necessary due to various harmful issues.

What is broadcasting?
Broadcasting is the simultaneous transmission of the same message to multiple recipients.

What is a broadcaster?
I am a broadcaster. I’m broadcasting right now by posting this article on the net. I’ve just broadcasted a text document. I can attach sounds to this page and I can also attach moving pictures. I can electronically disseminate audio and visual material to the general public. Does that make me a broadcaster?
Famous News Anchors

Radio/Television Announcer

Radio and Television Broadcasting


When it comes to the news or sports, audiences turn to announcers to give them up-to-date information. Radio and Television Announcers provide news and sports commentary and sometimes interview experts and other guests on a topic related to their broadcast. Announcers generally have a Bachelor's degree in communications, journalism or broadcasting as well as relevant work experience.

Typical Duties

Radio and Television Announcers present the news, sports, weather, music and other forms of entertainment. They must be knowledgeable in their field and often conduct supplemental research. They interview guests, present and moderate panels on their shows. Announcers may either work on live or recorded programs.

Some Announcers are responsible for selecting content or writing their own scripts in advance. Others will provide commentary on a given subject. They may also introduce commercials and other promotional segments as well as provide commentary on special events and parades.

As work experience is gained in the field, Radio/Television Announcer have a chance to advance their career to fill roles similar to:

Broadcast News Analyst
Professor of Communication

What is a News Anchor?
What does a News Anchor do?
What is the workplace of a News Anchor like?

Here are further guidelines.
What is difference between Publising a message and broadcasting message?
Internet Publishing, Broadcasting and Search 
State department of media.
Media Reports

Media department code or regulations of the state
Media law in the state and outside the state.
What are other terms for Media Department Code or regulations of the state?
Media law in the state and outside the state

Which media are helpful and harmful in the state and outside the state?
Media contacts and addresses that are truthful and public service-oriented in and outside the state.
Media contacts and addresses that need to be closed due to reinforcing criminals.

Who should replace these media resources in the state and outside the state and is forcible closure essential?
Media in every state endorsed and approved by state department for media.
For example, California Department of Media, North America.
Kashmir Department of Media, Asia.
Karnataka Department of Media, Asia.

What are examples of various media in the state and outside the state?
Internet media around the world is the most important media at this point.
Television and radio with their old technologies are obsolete.
Print media is less important than Internet media.

What is media self-regulation in the state and outside the state?
Do not reinforce criminals even if installed fraudulently as administrators.
Verify truthfulness, character, good behavior, and public service orientation of the administrators before circulating their press releases.
By promoting standards, self-regulation helps maintain the media’s credibility with the public.

Media self-regulation is one of the directives for media in the state and outside the state.
Freedom of media does not mean the media can support criminals, including fraudulently placed criminals in administrative positions.

What should media in the state and outside the state know?
Freedom of expression does not mean you can get involved in criminal activities.
English language media has to be engaged due to the fact that English is first language worldwide.
Impartiality and diversity of opinion
Fairness, contributors’ credit
Privacy and public interest
See specific departments in every state that media in the state should focus on.

Media Department of the World.

What is Media Department of the World?
Various directors of media departments in various states are required to forward issues they are having.
State media department directors will be the media department of the world.
Here are further guidelines.
Administrative law in the state/codes or regulations of the state.
Last Updated: April 23, 2016